Cup remembers something PT 4

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Finally! I got a promotion from my job and getting a good salary. It been months since I visited Filip motel and I wanted a short vacation. I phone Filip motel, to my sad surprised they don’t offer that service anymore. “No problem”, I told myself. I opened my laptop and log in into the dark web. This time I couldn’t find anything on it for hours. I decided to try on reddit and found something interesting.

A post that said “come play with me and my hair.” and a picture of a girl hold her braid up high showing it off. My guess her hair is somewhere at butt length. I was skeptical about it, but still I give a try. I contacted her, and we agreed to meet each other. I pack my bag and off I went to meet her.

After 2 hours drive, I finally reach my destination. I was supposed to pick her up here but didn’t see her. Well, like I said I was skeptical about it. I waited for 30 minutes and was about to leave. Suddenly, a girl came knocking on my window. It is that reddit girl! She actually came. She apologize for being late, and hop in the car. We introduced to each other, and I finally get to know her name “Cup”. Cup is a good looking woman, she have nice blue eyes, and her long dark brown braid ending below her butt.

We stop at a nice restaurant to eat. Cup is open-minded girl. She talks about finally gotten someone to play with her hair. She love the feeling of wanting her hair being pull, shampoo, blow dry, and brush by a man. When I contacted her, she thought I was good-looking guy, and speak kindly to her, that’s the reason why she’s willing to meet up. Other guys contacted her was old and ugly. Some said nasty things about her, which she don’t liked.

Cup loves hair play. Her friends and ex used to played with her hair, and she enjoys it when her ex play with her hair. One day, she caught her ex cheating on her, so she dump him. Its been months since then, and she misses all the hair play she had with her ex. She desire for someone to play with her hair, somehow it turns her on. I was sitting there just listening to her as she happily chatted away.

After we ate, Cup and I went to her rented apartment. She quickly sat on the chair and push her braid behind the chair and waited for me to unbraid her hair. I quickly started to work on her hair, removing the band, and slowly unbraid her hair using my fingers. After I’m done unbraiding her wavy dark brown hair, Cup took a hair brush and gave it to me. I brush each section of her hair carefully, until her wavy hair become shiny straight.

Cup was enjoying it and felt relax. I put the brush aside and massage her scalped with my fingers. I can hear her moaned as a sign of delight. I asked her if she enjoys it. Cup nodded her head up and down. I gathered her hair into a ponytail and started pulling it. I pulled her head from left to right and down. As I’m done, I went back into massaging her scalped.

I asked Cup if she ever thinking about cutting her hair. All of sudden, Cup remembered her last haircut when she was a little girl. Her father took her to the barber shop to trim her mid back length hair. Instead, she gotten a pixie cut because her dad thought it was a good idea to beat the heat during summer. She remembered the sound of the scissor sniping away beautiful hair, hair all over the cape and on the floor. The warm feeling of the clipper buzzed her neck and on the side of her head. She enjoys experience and the feeling of her head being light. Her mum and dad got into a fight over her haircut. That was the last time she recalled having her haircut short.

Cup looked turned and look at me with a smile. Cup said was thinking about it. I told her that my haircutting equipment are in the car,. I went to my car quickly and grab my things for her haircut. When I came back, I massage her head again. I asked Cup again about cutting her hair? Cup jokingly said maybe or maybe not. She turned around and massaging my dick, while I was massaging her scalped. I took off my clothes, and undress Cup. We started making love.

When I about to hit my peak, Cup stop all her action. She grab the chair and sat on it facing towards me. She asked me to braid her hair, and so I did. She grab my scissor from my bag and gave it to me. She happily said its time to cut her hair and starting giving me a blowjob. I carefully place the scissor on her braid and begin cutting. Schick…schick..schick the sound of the scissor cutting through her thick braid. Schick.. schick..schick and schick and finally it came off. Then Cup handed my the clippers from my bag and told me buzz her head 1 inch. She took the braid from hand and wrapped it around my dick and started blowing me again. I turn on the clippers and buzz her. While buzzing her, I could hear a lot moaned from her. She’s enjoying moment and so did I. When I’m finish buzzing her head, I let it all out.

Cup and I were laying on the bed. She looked at me with her blue eyes and said she enjoys it and will never forget this moment. I told her I enjoy it too. She stood up shaking her head violently, happy on what she got and looking at the hair on the floor. She smile and said lets do it again when her hair grows back. I said happily I will wait for her long hair of hers.



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