Curing Neha

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Hello everyone this is my first ever attempt in writing a story i hope you guys can forgive my flaws. Please don’t forget to include ur feedbacks.

This story is completely a fictional work and does not involve any real life characters.

From my childhood i am in love with long hair girls. In my school days i used to imagine playing with the hairs of the long hair beauties in my school. Later i found out that i am a hair fetish who’s in fond of long hair. But that’s not the only thing i was fond of i wanted to cut those long hairs too. The shorter the better. In fact i would be extremely happy if i see a long hair beauty is completely shaved off of her hair.But all these were just my fantasies i never thought i could enjoy it in real life especially living in Kerala, India. In kerala long hair for woman is considered the most beautiful feature for them.I was born in Calicut a city in northern part of Kerala. I had a friend Nimisha who was my neighbor and classmate. Our family was also very close. We were almost like same family. Her parents considered me as their son since they had 2 daughters. Neha was the sister of Nimisha. I had studied Btech in civil engineering in the southern district and capital city of kerala, Trivandrum. After completing my studies i started to work in Trivandrum and decided to settle there. One day i got a call from Nimisha. She was asking me to take her sister (our sister according to us as we are closer) with me to Trivandrum since she’s also preparing for entrance exams for engineering and i could help her. They were also interested to complete her Btech in Trivandrum. I told her i am happy to help Neha in her preparation and make sure she’s going to get admission in the top college in Trivandrum.So this is how the story starts.

Neha is a 18 year old shy girl. She’s good looking and has a great body which can turn the eyes of men towards her. But what made her attractive was her thick straight black hair upto her hips. It was so if she keeps her hair in a single braid the ends of the braid will be more than 3″ in diameter. 3 days after Nimisha’s phone call Nimisha and her husband dropped Neha at my home in Trivandrum(i have a small home in Trivandrum and staying alone).Nimisha and me were so close that she and her family did not have any problem to Neha staying with me. I know Neha since her birth im her big brother so she’s also little bit comfortable staying with me than in a hostel. I welcome Neha and hugged her. I showed her the room i prepared for her and helped her settle down. Nimisha and me started to prepare dinner in kitchen. “She’s still very shy for her age it’s time for her to come out of her shell” she said. “Yes i agree. But it may take some time since you and ur parents pampered her a lot as the younger child in the family.”i told her. “Yes we did and so did u” she said punching me in the shoulders. “She’ll definitely change i assure you that but first im gonna help her crack her entrance exams then I’ll help her to overcome her shyness.” I told.

All of us had dinner together and Nimisha and her husband left the next morning.

2 days later

I come back after work and saw Neha watching tv and combing her hair. I always liked her hair but since shes was like my little sister i always tried to not think about it too much. “How’s your studies going Neha”i asked her. She suddenly get up seeing me.”yes it’s good i was just relaxing a bit since i got bored of studying a lot” She said. I know she’s lying since she’s becoming a little lazy in her studies. “Oh you studied all day? it’s a good thing because i wanted conduct some mock revision tests for you” i told her. She became little terrified but said ok. Even though me and Neha are very friendly she never disrespects me. After having a shower i conducted the mock tests for Neha and she didn’t do well. “Neha you know very well that i don’t like when you lie to me. If you are not preparing for your exams we can stop your studies. You can go back” I told her. She knows she can’t go back. Her family is poor. Getting good education and a proper job is kind of a necessity for her. I raised my voice and scolded her for not concentrating on her studies. I scolded her for taking too much time for hair care. She spends hours taking care of her hair. I told her i won’t tolerate her incompetence any more and she should only focus on her studies from now on. She started to cry and she promised me she will study better. True to her word she started to focus better on her studies. Like i said she never disrespects me.

After 4 months

Neha studied very hard and got good scores in her entrance exams. After her exams i slowly tried to change her daily routine. I made her join a dance school, began to take her to gym with me regularly to exercise, taught her to ride two wheelers. She was slowly becoming more active and overcoming her shyness. She even started to go for dance programs.Her parent’s now gone to Dubai to take care of Nimisha since she got pregnant. So i became her only guardian at present. Since Neha scored good in her entrance she got admission in the top college in Trivandrum. Her classes are going to start from tomorrow onwards.I came home from work and saw Neha sitting frustrated and scratching her head.”you look very frustrated Neha what happened”I asked. “Oh it’s just my hair it’s itching for a week on my scalp. And i think i may have dandruff too. I used to take care of my hair very well now it’s becoming messy since i am not caring it much” She said. “Have a shower clean ur head well and use some shampoos. It’ll be alright” i told her. From the next day onwards she started college. A week later her hair dandruff problem was getting too much for her. Itching on her head intensified a lot and she became too much frustrated by this. She was afraid that dandruff will cause hairfall. Now i also become concerned so i take her to a dermatologist.”This is not dandruff it is seborrheic dermatitis”doctor explained. “This condition is caused by an overgrowth of yeast of on her scalp and causing itching. It starts like this as a mild dandruff problem then cause lot of troubles later as you are experiencing now”the doctor said.”what’s the cure for this” i asked the doctor. “I am afraid there’s no permanent cure for this but we can suppress the symptoms and reduce it’s further progressing. In some cases it won’t come back after we try to treat the symptoms”doctor said.”So what are the methods i can’t bear this constant itching anymore”Neha said scratching her head.” So the most basic method is using sunlight to kill the fungi”said the doctor.”So how can we do that”i asked the doctor. “Seeing Neha’s attachment to her hair i think this may seem little difficult for her but it should be done “doctor said. “What should be done doctor i don’t understand” said Neha. “You have to shave your head Neha.Allow the natural sunlight to kills the fungi that causing problems on your scalp” doctor said. Neha couldn’t believe what she’s hearing she was terrified hearing the word SHAVE. Neha started to cry. “Is there no other solution”Neha asked crying.”I believe there isn’t Neha i prescribe an oil to use on ur scalp which helps to prevent further growth of the fungi but you should shave your head as soon as possible”doctor explained.

Neha was very sad and crying on the way back. Meanwhile i was very confused. Neha is like my own little sister i feel sad for her at the same time the hair fetish in me was very happy thinking about this long hair girl shaving her thick hair.Atlast i made my decision. I stopped in front of my usual barbershop. I could have opted any beauty saloons but my inner hair fetish wanted to do this. “Why did we shopped “asked Neha. “Come out of the car Neha we have something to taken care of” i told her. She got out and saw the barbershop, suddenly she understood what i was going to do and started to protest. “Please no don’t make me do it. I can’t i have college I love my hair i can’t lose it” she started pleading. “This is for your own good” i told her and took her hand and dragged her inside. It was a sunday and a little crowded. I made her sit on the waiting are with other men. She protested at first but after a stern look and scolding from me she obediently went and sat on the waiting chair. I explained to the barber why we are here. He understand the situation well and seemed to be a bit happy to shave her. Finally her turn came. Barber told her to come and sit on the barber chair. She was hesitant. Her eyes are filled with tears. I took her by her arm and made her sit on the chair. Her hair was in high ponytail which comes all the way to her hips very thick. Everyone in the barbershop amazed at her hair. They began to wonder what’s a long hair girl like her doing in a men’s barbershop. They are soon going to find out.Barber caped her and took her ponytail out from under her. It was hanging all the way down the chair. Neha can’t believe her fate she wanted to get up and run but she knew that i won’t allow her. She was looking down and tears started to flow from her eyes.Barber turned her chair away from the mirror and towards the waiting area saying she will be more sad seeing her hair shaved off. In fact he was secretly enjoying this and wanted to embarrass her a little. Now Neha was facing the men in the waiting area. She was aware that every one of them is watching her now. Her cheeks became red from embarassment. Barber took water sprayer and began to spray the water all around her head. He then took the straight razor and inserted new blade. Neha is sobbing now. She understand that she’s going to lose her precious hair. The barber stood behind her and with one hand he forced her to look straight and started to shave from her forehead without any warning. Neha can see all eyes are watching her headshave and humiliated. White patch appeared on her head showing her smooth skin behind all that hair. The only sound that can be heard in the shop is the scratching of razor on her head and Neha’s sobbing. Barber continued to shave the top of her head without any mercy he was clearly enjoy shaving this long hair beauty. Now her top of the head is completely hairless with hairs on back and sides. I was taking video of the complete process. I took pictures too. She now look like an old man with baldness. The barber rubbed her shaved part with his hands to make sure he didn’t miss anything and shave it again. Then he turned her head towards left and started to shave her right side. He folded her ears and shaved. He shaved her side burns and her cheeks. Then he turned her head right and started shaving the left side. He was not gentle. He was showing his dominance as a barber to the submissive girl. All the severed hair hangs on her ponytail which is attached to her back of her head.After completing the shaving on her left side barber pushed her head down so that her chin is touching her breasts and then shaved the backside. The ponytail became loose and fallen down from her head. The barber took it and placed it on the desk. It was absolutely amazing to watch the thick hair in a ponytail that had been severed from her head. Neha stopped crying and was only sobbing very little as she knows she lost her hair. Now the barber took shaving cream and started to rub it all over her head with his hands. He even applied the shaving cream on her cheeks. He inserted a new blade in his straight razor and started shaving her head again. This time the shaving was much smoother and quicker. Barber cleared the shaving cream on her head by the stroke of his razor revealing her smooth skin. It took less than 2 minutes for him to shave her entire head. The barber rubbed his hands all over her head to check the smoothness. Even though it was smooth as a cue ball he seemed not satisfied and started to rub the shaving cream again on her head. He took a safety razor this time. He started to shave her head with the safety razor for a 3rd time.Her head is so smoother now. Skin in her head looks paler than on her face . She is not having that special attraction on her without all her precious hair. But she doesn’t look bad too. I am sure she will be teased a lot when she goes to college tomorrow and that was turning me on more. The barber now took after shave oil and started to apply it. She protested since it was burning her head. The barber took hold of her hands and applied the oil all over head with his other hand. She was screaming a little for 30seconds. I told her it’s okay and it helps to avoid any infection. I checked the smoothness on her head by rubbing her head. The barber did an amazing job that her head is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I was so happy. I paid the barber and left the shop. On the way home Neha was absolutely silent inside the car. We reached home. “Im not going to college for some days”she said.”why Neha,you shouldn’t miss your classes”i told her.”Why?! Can’t you see why?!i am bald how can i go to college like this!”. She said being angry and sad.”yes i know that. But it’s for your own good and you are not going to miss your classes,not on my watch. You will attend your classes and there’ll no more discussion on this matter. You will do everything exactly as you did till now. Do you understand.” I asked her in a stern voice. She knows it’s not good for her to make me angry so she simply nodded. I was in complete ecstasy. My dreams were coming true. I wanted a chance to make a long hair girl bald and now i got it. I was determined that I’ll be keeping her bald as long as possible.The next morning i woke up Neha and shaved her head again saying her scalp should need maximum amount of sunlight. I dropped her to her college myself so i can be sure that she attended her classes. I strictly prohibited her to cover her bald head since her scalp needed sunlight. I applied the oil prescribed by the doctor on her bald head so that her head was shining. Every one of her classmates was stunned seeing her with bald head. As expected she was teased a lot even by her teachers. I explained her condition to her parents and sister they was happy that i was taking care of her. Next day in her college there was a photo session for making id cards for students. Neha had no choice other than to accept that her whole 4 year college id card will be showing the photo of her bald head. I continued shaving her head daily in the name of treatment. Next week she had her driving test and she passed her test and going to get her driving license with a photo of her with a shining bald head.I shaved her head daily for a month. After 1 month she was not having any itching or irritation on her skin so she begged me to stop shaving her head. Even though i wanted to keep shaving her i let her grow her hair. After 2 weeks her hair started to grow the itching and irritation came back. We visited the doctor again and she told that she is in a chronic stage of disease so it is better to keep shaving her head for some time. She was sad but accepted her fate. Me on the other hand was very much happy to keep shaving her.

1 year later

Neha is still bald. Whenever we tried to grow her hair her dermatitis keep flaring up. She now got used to her bald head. She no longer protest her daily shaving. It’s one of her daily routine now. Her friend’s now call her baldy. I wonder if anyone even remembers her real name. Her college id, voters id, driving license, passport all of her identity cards have the photos with her bald head. The girl who was identified as the beautiful long hair girl now became identified as the bald girl. She still miss her long hair but accepted her situation. Since the disease doesn’t have a cure she accepted that she may have to keep shaving for a long time till someone finds a cure may be for the rest of her life.I became the happiest man in the world being able completely change a long hair girl into a bald lady and i am the one who have the chance to shave her daily! atleast for now!.

The end



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