Cute Aunt got convinced for a cut

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This is my 1st ever story and it could be a long one but you all will enjoy it.

So all this starts 1 year back when me and my aunt were chatting and she uploaded a cute pic with her new haircut a shoulder length type of bob she had straightened it though her hairs are curly,and I texted her that she was looking so cute and she should go for a more shorter hairs like a graduated bob and after that we chatted for a while and that conversation got stopped. But as a good news we both became best friends afterwards.

Days passed nd one day I send her my gf’s pic and she got soo excited and happy , my gf maintains short hairs nd now my aunt also wanted hers to be short so we decided a cut according to her hair type as her hairs are curly i suggested her a undercut graduated bob short and buzzed from back and graduated and long in front , but that not happened according to our plan bcoz of stylist and I got sad and after that she started growing her hairs and I was convincing her to go for a chop but she just dodging it every time and finally I got sad and stop telling her for anything.

Months passed and after 6 or 7 months her hairs grown upto bra strap length and one fine day I got a message from her ( hii kya kr rahe ho , mujhe mere baal katvane hai aur chote krdene hai tum mere sath aaoge ) hii what are you doing , I wanted to chop my hair really short .

Soo I got excited and texted her back.

( All conversation will be in Hindi hope all will understand and will enjoy it , btw my name is akash and her name is Pooja )

A : Hii kya kr rahi ho ( as we are friends so I talk to her like that only )

P : Kuch nahi but tumne mere msg padhe mujhe Baal katwane hai…..????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

A : Haa mene padha lekin abhi kyu katwane hai aur kese katwane hai…??

P : Iss month meri marriage anniversary hai aur mujhe ek Naya look chaiye bcoz I’m planning a trip…???????? Aur haircut jesa tum kaho…????????‍♀️????

A : Ohh really bohot ache so tumhi batao kese katwane hai ??

P : Mujhe short krne hai.

A : But kitne short, aur tumhi batao kitne krne hai bcoz last time tumne aur tumhare stylist ne end moment pr haircut change kr diyatha and I got sad

P : Isiliye issbar tum batao vesehi krungi

I showed her a same pic of last time a undercut short graduated bob and she got shocked and started saying no for that cut nd asking for something else so I felt sooo sad and I told her to choose by her and send me pics but she convincing me to choose so I sent her many pic upto a shoulder length and told her that she only needs such cut and just lying about to cut it real short and I got angry ???????? and stopped talking with her.

After that day she started convincing me nd kept telling sorry for what she had done nd finally after 2 days I got convinced and we made a call and….

A : Hii…( I was angry )

P : Sorry na abhi tum bolo vahi krvaungi but undercut bob nahi.

A : To phir call hi kyu Kiya jab krvana hi nahi hai kuch…

And we discussed it very much she asked me why undercut bob only and not other bobcut,so I told her that ( as I mentioned it earlier that she is having curly hairs ) if we cut your hairs short it will get puffy and will look like a birds nest and a mess so to reduce that risk will do a undercut and will reduced all that unwanted hairs which will creat a puffyness so after a hour i convinced her and she understood what I’m suggesting her and how it will look on her and how her hairs will look sexy and hot even without straightening.

But we had a bet if I failed to make it cute and sexy I’ve to pay for every session of keratine or straightening till her hair grows to a manageable length and if I passed it she will needs to keep that style till I wanted ????????.

So that day comes finally and I arrived early and talked with the stylist about the hairs and the style and told him not to suggest any other style bcoz she wanted it short but she is scared so this one will be a surprise for her but…..

As she arrived all that washing things begins and in between that I clicked many video clips nd pictures of before bcoz she wanted a edited video to upload on her social media.

Stylist examined the hairs and told me that the cut will not suit her in front of her and she started her quarrel with me and I got angry and sad ???? that it’s not gone happen today also.

Stylist : Inke Baal curly Hai aur short krenge to puffy hojayenge aur bilkul acche nahi lagenge.

P : To abhi short nahi krvane aap suggest kro kitne krvane chahiye

S : Aapko  shoulder length Tak krvane chaiye aur hum flicks krdenge side swept agar chahiyeto aapko varna layers krdenge to vo manageable rahega .

I was just standing their and listening their conversation nd they finally decided to do a style which stylist suggested…

P : Aapne Jo bola wahi krte hai shoulder length with layers, aakash vesehi ache lagenge

A : Abhi tumne decide krhidiya hai to mujhe puchneki aur btaneki jarurat nahi krvalo jo Krna hai ( i just got silent nd stood their only ) stylist went to do something

P : Bolona kya kru shoulder length krvalu ya tumne Jo bola vahi krvau kyuki me dar Rahi hu abhi ki nahi acha lagega

A : Mat karvao chalega aur next time se mat puchna ki kuch new try Krna hai to suggest kro????

P : Stylist to bulao

A : Aapko bula Rahi hai kuch baat karni hai

S : Haa mam

P : Ek kaam kro shoulder length cancel kro mujhe aap undercut bob hi krdo

S : Aap sochlo nahi acha lagega

P : Aap aakash ko bhejo aur mujhe vahi Krna hai

S : Aapko bula rahe hai aur unko undercut bob hi krvana hai aap ek baar decide krlo

A : Kya hua kyu undercut bob krvana hai

P : Bas meri Marzi me kuch bhi krvau , apna mundan krvalu abhi meri Marzi ????????

S : Kya decide Kiya ?

A&P : Undercut bob ????????

Soo stylist started his work and sectioning her hairs and after sectioning the final part he asked me to go for a clippers or with scissors , i told with clippers and she got tensed and nervous and told not do with clippers bcoz it will make her bald so I told him to start with scissors and before cutting show how much he is cutting and the cutting begins he hold a first section and cut closed to her scalp and as scissors touched her nape her eyes got wide and she understood how much her hair got cut and a lump of full 10 to 12 inches met with the floor and in just matter of time all 5inch wide section was shorn to 2inches and she raised her hand and touched the shorn section and small tear rolled down her cheeks and she thought her hairs got ruined but she didn’t know that her real nightmare is on its way and I announced to reduced it upto half inch by clippers and she was in shock ???? with all teary eyes.

The pop and a buzzz sound make terror in her ears as clippers came closer to her nape nd touched the base and the heavenly 1st passed made

Buzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzz

And a big year roll down and she closed her eyes but for a surprise when the 2nd pass was made a small mischievous smile came to her face and a vibration was giving her a sort of pleasure , every pass is now a pleasure to her.

Finally buzzing stopped and she opened her eyes with a big smile and reached to fell her buzzed nape, the moment her hands touched that portion a big satisfied smile and a moan came out and then she blushed, then a graduated bob shaping started and soon it got complete and some precious words came out of her mouth to stylist that

P : Kya aap Baal aur chote kr skte hai piche se

S : Hojayega lekin undercut reveal hoga

P : Kitna hoga ??

S : 1 ya 2 inches hoga

P : Aap 3 to 4 inches krdo reveal ???? i don’t mind , bcoz mujhe sabko dikhana hai Jo Mera real haircut hai aur jitna open rahega utna I’ll be happy sooo mujhe usse touch krne acha lagega ????????

And stylist done it how she asked a 4 inch buzzed nape short bob and she thanked me with a big smile a moment we step outside the salon she kissed me on my cheeks ????????????????????

And on our way to home she was driving a car and I was sitting beside her and just caressing her buzzed nape with my finger tips nd nails and she is just moaning , when we reach in the parking I gave her a watery kiss on her buzzed nape and a cool breeze she felt and shivered , she hold my hand and put it on her buzzed nape and asked me to caressed her and after she was satisfied we went to home.

Next day she called me and told me that uncle got angry on her and was scolding her for this cut but the moment she kept his hand on her buzzed nape he just got silent nd started caressing her nd kiss her sooo hard that she didn’t got in last so many years and then he started kissing her buzzed nape nd asked her to keep it like this only ????????????????????



I hope u all enjoyed a event which happened in my life.



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