Cutting My Own Hair

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My Reason for cutting my hair

I recently broke up with someone, cut all my (former) long hair to my shoulder. It looked like a sober version of the trending wolf cut. But that was two months ago. Hair does have the tendency to grow fast and I was not satisfied with how my hair was looking now. Hence, I decided to take things into my own hands…

The Cut

I thought I’d take an inch or two off from the bottom, make it look less raggedy than it was starting to look. I brought a pair of safety scissors, a small-toothed comb, a hairbrush and a few clips to my bathroom. After watching several ‘Hairdresser Reacts’ videos on YouTube, I was familiar with what technique to use. And more importantly, what NOT to do. I quickly stripped myself of any clothing and wet my hair. Everyone should experience hair clippings on their body once;)

After separating my hair into different sections, I finally brought the scissors to my hair, cutting almost 3 inches. But before I did cut the hair, I took a deep breath, knowing there was no going back. So it commenced, the first clipping fell right into the basement, the scrunching sound of the scissors haunting the walls of my bathroom. Slowly and steadily, I cut more and more hair, bringing delight to the devil that resides in my heart (or my core) and to my ears. I thought adding layers would help reduce the bulk. All it did was make my hair shorter, causing me to cut more while I evened out the cut.

Sooner rather than later, I finally reached the front portion of my hair, and I promised myself that I would try to save as much length as possible. I’ve realized, I’m a very scissor happy person, I ended up cutting my front layers much MUCH shorter than I wanted. The shortest touching the bottom of my noise, and the longest barely touching my chin.

The Result

Evening out the rest of the cut, I finally finished with a bob (my thoughts on it are vividly expressed in ‘The Sensuality Of Bobs’). My new bob just touched the base of my neck and still looked very much like a wolf cut.

Cutting my own hair felt so liberating, but it was quite the arm workout! I do recommend cutting your own hair once at least, you never know what your hair will end up looking like;)



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