Dad got me a ‘short’haircut

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I knew dad’s anger, he could do anything.

My dad is a teacher at a big coaching institute, people enroll there just to learn from my dad. I obviously had no choice but to opt the stream of dad’s expertise. He was cool about everything but  After having opted his stream he had become more strict about my studies and specially “grades”. I am quite a good student and get in the top 5. I also performed well in the start of the year but my dad always said I could do better next time. Until mid of the session I started hanging out with my friends after classes, alot of people from my school came to the coaching and my squad too. We were 3 girls and 2 guys my dad didn’t really like 2 of my friends hritika and shreeja as they were quite average and didn’t pay much attention to studies. My dad had warned me and said that he won’t tolerate any Detroitation in my performance. I knew I could catch up while hanging out with my friends. we were always busy gossiping in the class, I was used to sitting in the front benches, coming early to class but I now started sitting in the middle benches,came late with everyone. Hritika and shreeja were really pretty and I noticed how they spent time doing their hair and everything and I started to the same for I also had long and well maintained hair. My dad had asked me to not waste time but I was confident about my ability to learn.

It was all fine until one day my dad noticed that we had not left for home and it had been an hour since the class got over he came to us I thought I was gone but he maintained his cool an asked us to go home.

Three days after this incident was a test and we had forgotten about it,I didnt learn the topic well in the class. I also couldn’t revise the topic well and this was the worst test I ever gave in my life. I was scared of what the results would be, the results were declared and I did terrible. Dad asked me to come with We 3 were the worst performers of our batch. Dad called us to his cabin one by one I asked both of them about what he said to them, he just told them to concentrate and do better next time I knew he would be little tougher on me but little did I know. I entered his cabin, he asked me to get my answersheet from the pile and called me near his chair he took the answersheet from me and opened it in front me I knew I wrote crap in the test. He opened a drawer of his table and produced a ruler, I couldn’t figure out why he did that. Until he asked me to stand in front of him and open my hand, I was terrified and I said I am sorry dad I promise to work hard and do good in next test. He replied and said, good let me make sure you remember this lesson and bam he hit me with that wooden ruler 20 times.  My palm was red and I had tears in my eyes. He told me I will come with him and leave with him,sit in the front bench. Not be in contact wuth shreeja and hritika and study in the library of the institute till he taught his other classes, I had no option but to agree. Later he asked me to get in the car with him,I knew I was getting a big lecture again on our way home but to my surprise he took some other road and didn’t say anything to me I knew he was upset and angry with me,I was also sad about it. We then stopped in front of a hair salon I know this is owned by one of dad’s student and despite him wanting me to get my trims from her I never because few my friends were given really short haircut here no one has stepped outta here with long hair. I was shocked, I started crying,I told dad I would focus on studies do well in next test but nothing worked. He told me it would get tougher for me if I cry and make it difficult for him. Dad is stubborn he always gets his way, I couldn’t do anything. When we entered I noticed girl with hair till her mid back get a short bob till her chin,I noticed how much of her hair was being cut. Then dad’s student came they were talking to each other but my heart was screaming within but I couldn’t dare to speak dad introduced me to her I forced a smile and so did she.

He said he wanted a short haircut for me. I couldn’t believe  what was happening and in till I could she took us to some other room not where the  girl was having her hair shorn. She put a cape over me and I knew this was the last time I am seeing my hair this long. She then took me to the hairwashing station and I enjoyed this bit and it hit me when I came back to the chair it was big and black in colour. I knew I couldn’t cry or say anything because that would make dad angry and he could do anything. I just hoped she wouldn’t cut it short.She sectioned my hair and secured it ,took her scissors and placed my hair between her two fingers I felt her finger a lil below my shoulder, I had accepted my fate but atleast it was not very short. She continued snipping off my hair. I just wanted this to end as fast as possible. When she was done, I felt like I had won some war but dad said to go shorter and I froze,I gathered the courage to tell dad that it was already short but he ignored me and told her to go ahead. She sprayed my hair and I felt the cold of the scissors on my neck. She started cutting my hair shorter, I could feel that my neck is  exposed now, There was nothing I could do about it,I just thought of everyone’s reaction and the time it would take for me to grow hair back to the same length and a tear dropped I was just hoping dad didn’t see, but he did I knew I was gone for worst.  He told her,make it short,boy short. I was under shock, I was requesting him to not take me that short I told him I’ll improve and do better and that my hair was already short. He said yes you will I thought I rescued myself but he told her to continue the haircut. She picked up big clippers I told her I didn’t want those to be used and she kept those and picked up a comb and scissors but dad said “you’ll not get everything your way,use clippers.” . Tears started streaming down my face and looked down at all the hair I had lost. I felt the clippers at the base of neck and ut was a weird feeling she kept on moving those,she folded my right year as she moved to right and repeated the same on the left. She the removed the hair clip from the front and cut more and more hair. I watched as she did that and styke my hair with a hairdryer.  When she was finally done I saw my reflection in the mirror I had really short hair at the back and slightly longer on the top. She enquired dad and he said that thus length was good I was wishing for all of thhs to just be a bad dream but it wasn’t. The next day everyone was shocked and they obviously contemplated why this would’ve happened. I was just too disgusted to talk about it and obeying dad I also couldn’t talk to shreeja and hritika. I nitik and shreyash started to get along more now they both were also toppers and would tease about my hair length at times too.

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