Daddy’s Rules

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This is my first story. Hope you enjoy it.

Alex kept a tight grip on June’s throat and kept pushing in hard almost breaking her virgin pussy. June surrendered to her urges and came her pussy milking his cord hard. Alex grabbed her face looked in her eyes and said ” you’re gonna come once again for me babygirl” and started to rub her clit while thrusting chasing his own orgasm. Soon June came again shaking from the intensity and Alex filled her pussy peppering kisses all over her face. “That’s my good girl” caressing her long blonde locks. He noticed her hair has grown quite long almost reaching her ass.

One day June went out with some colleagues dropping a text saying she’ll be late. Alex agreed but told her to be back home before 9pm and strictly no alcohol. June sent her location and agreed to it.

As they went to a nearby bar she thought one drink won’t matter, she was tempted to have one. As everyone started talking and drinking she forgot about the time and her one drink turned to many.

Alex waited up but lost his patience went up the bar. He saw a guy’s arm draped across her shoulder and running his finger through her hair. He never felt such possessiveness over a small thing. He came up to them grabbed June and left from there. June kept blabbering how sorry she is and will make it up to him.

They reached home, Alex carried her up to the bed undressed her and tucked her in saying you”ll receive your punishment tomorrow when you’re sober I want you to feel every bit of it”. June kept saying “I’m sorry daddy I promise I’ll a good girl from now” and drifted off to sleep.

June woke up with a bad headache and saw Alex staring at her from the chair across her. “Morning Daddy” he widened his legs and motioned her to it. She slowly came and sat between his legs fearing what her punishment is going to be.

Alex started to massage her scalp and said “Babygirl you made a big mistake yesterday” and carried her to the shower.

“Daddy I’m really sorry it won’t happen again I promise”

“We’ll see about that, now you’re gonna take your punishment as I see fit if you’re my good girl”

“I am daddy. I’ll do anything you want”

Alex started to wash her hair thoroughly feeling it for the last time. June was starting to get anxious about his calm behaviour.

After showering, he wrapped her in a towel ordered her to go their bedroom and to take the position.

She went to their bedroom lied face down on the matress with her ass in the air and waited.

Alex came after 15 minutes and blindfolded her

“Now babygirl you’re gonna count when I spank your pretty ass”

“Yes daddy I’m ready”

Alex came up to her and spanked her right cheek hard. June cried out loud and said “one”

“Now you will never drink again infront of anyone except me *spank*

He spanked her ass so hard 20 times it was a beautiful shade of red. June kept crying from the intense spanking. Alex left to get some supplies while June was still reeling from it. He started arranging scissors comb and a clipper at the dressing table and went to get June.

“Babygirl we got one more thing to do”

“What is it now, I’m tired please daddy”

“I said get up right now”

She slowly got up, still blindfolded. Alex came carried her to the dressing table and made her sit in the chair.

“What’s happening daddy”

” I think you need a haircut, especially after your behaviour last night and how some random guy was touching your hair”

” What, i didn’t even realise or remember about it”

” Now are you gonna be a good girl and sit still for daddy and let him work on your hair.”

“I’m scared daddy”

“Don’t be babygirl, I’ll always find you pretty with or without hair”

” Ok. I trust you” June said with teary eyes. However badly she didn’t want a haircut, she didn’t have it in her to go against his wishes. Her submission ran deep.

He kissed her said “you’ll like it”

Alex opened the drawer and revealed a white classic cape. He lifted her hairs in one hand and pushed them forward and fastened the cape a little too tightly.

As her hair was already wet from the shower he started combing directly and made them uniform.

“No squirming babygirl”

June stilled as it command. She was staring to grow wet over the anticipation and his dominance.

Alex came to the front and combed all her hairs to cover her eyes. He brought the scissors close to her forehead and started to cut one inch above the eyebrows. Then he came to the back and started to cut 6 inch of her hair till it reached her boobs.

June was shocked seeing how short her hair is and looked at him through the mirror “daddy, is it enough”

“Not close baby, this is to teach you a lesson so whenever you look in the mirror you’ll remember what caused this”

Alex then started to cut her hair all round till it reached her chin. She looked like a kid with heavy bangs on her face.

He pushed her head down touching her boobs. “Stay still now”

When she heard the humming sound she jerked upwards.

” Don’t make me repeat twice. You’ll make it worse”

He forcefully pushed her head down and ran up the clippers till her ears. He made several passes to clean up the nape and switched it off.

June was sobbing uncontrollably. He came up to her hugged her from the front rubbing her buzzed nape. ” You’re doing so good my baby it’s almost over”

Alex started to cut her hair shorter taking another inch from the bangs. He cut her hair at above ear level.

Now for the final part he applied shaving foam on her buzzed area and took out a shaving knife.

“Head down baby”

June kept her head down terrified

Alex started to scrape off the buzzed hairs slowly.

” From now on you’ll get your haircut from me, no more salons”

He made the final pass and cleaned off the foam with a towel. He came infront held her face and kissed softly “shh babygirl it’s over”

After that he gave her regular trims, never allowing her to keep her hair before ear level.









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