Darcy’s housewife fantasy

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Canonically occurs after “Your girl is flavored oatmeal.”  (Search doctorverse for all stories relating to this universe.)


Darcy’s burning desire

Darcy’s been working at her professional job since college, now in her early 30’s.  Looking at Darcy, one would think she’s a pretty standard girl.  Her thick frame clothed with a wardrobe nearly entirely from H&M, and her straight brown hair has been shoulder length for over a decade. What people don’t see on the outside though is, she’s had a secret desire that she has kept completely to herself for as long as she can remember, she wants to be a housewife.  


Most of her adult life she’s been able to keep this desire under control, it’s not exactly something she can just go out and become on a whim.  However, the past couple of years this desire has been growing in intensity.  Every date she goes on she asks specific questions, probing the guy to see how receptive he’d be to this idea, with very little success.  


Darcy admits to herself that she’s been too picky in the past, there might have been a couple possible candidates, but they didn’t fit her complete fantasy of a husband.  Not to say she’s getting desperate, but she realizes as she ages she may have to tone down how picky she is with a guy.   At this point, she just wants to find someone who is receptive to the idea even a little bit, and go from there.  



One day after a particularly hard day of work, Darcy decides she needs a margarita and goes to a local Applebees.  She sits by herself at the bar, sipping at her margarita, the stress of the day drifting away with each drink.  

A man sits down at the bar a few seats away, and eyes her with confusion.  Darcy can feel his gaze, but keeps her focus on her margarita to avoid eye contact.  


“DARCY?” the man says boldly. 


Darcy’s head jerks upright as she looks over to the man who just sat down. She eyes him confusingly for a second, trying to recognize who this is when it hits her.


“MARC?” she says very loudly.

“Oh my god I haven’t seen you in so long!” she says, dropping her voice back to a normal volume that doesn’t bother the whole Applebees. 

“Yeah, not since college.  How are you?  What are you up to?”  Marc asks.

“I’m doing fine, just unwinding after a long day at work.” replies Darcy.

“I feel you, what are you doing for work these days?” Marc asks. 

“I’m a programmer, not very exciting.  How about you?  What brings you in here?”  she replies.

“I’m just coming from my office building, and felt like I also needed to unwind.”  Marc laughs as he replies.

“Which company do you work for in the area?  I probably know what office building it is, this is my stomping ground.”  she asks.

“Sorry, this happens to me frequently and I always forget to correct my language.  When I say my office building, I mean the one that I own in the area, I’m a real estate developer.” says Marc.

“… Oh” Darcy responds.

“If it makes you feel any better… it’s a small office building.” Marc says as he laughs. 

“It doesn’t!”  says Darcy, lamenting her lack of success compared to Marc’s.  


The two make small talk for another twenty minutes before Darcy decides it’s worth probing him with her usual line of questioning.  


“I bet your wife is really happy with how successful you’ve become right?” asks Darcy. 

“No wife, I’ve been single for a very long time.” Marc replies.

“Is that so?  That’s surprising.” says Darcy.

“Admittedly, I’m very particular about what I want in a woman.  Like 99% of women I meet won’t even entertain what I want.” says Marc.

“I’m afraid to ask what you want.” says Darcy.

“It’s nothing gross, if that’s what you were thinking.” Marc reassures her.

“I was in fact thinking that, so that’s good.”  says Darcy then laughs. 

“I have the money and resources so that my wife doesn’t have to work.  So I really just want a housewife who will stay home and raise the kids.”  Marc answers.


A Possible Match

Alarm bells go off in Darcy’s head, she tries to stay calm. 


“Is that so?  It’s weird but honestly I’ve kind of always wanted to do just that.”  says Darcy.   

“I would have never expected that from you Darcy.  But you’re not what I’m looking for anyways.” says Marc.

Darcy becomes annoyed and responds, “And why is that?  You want some blonde bimbo housewife?”

Marc, taken aback at Darcy’s tone, “No no, not like that at all.  You’re actually the body type I’m looking for.”  

Darcy, still annoyed, asks, “Well what is it then?”

“You’re not what I’m looking for aesthetically, like stylewise.  I know people can change, but you look exactly the same as you did in college.  It’s obvious you don’t like change.”  Marc responds. 


Darcy sits for a moment, the conversation pauses. She thinks back to college, and realizes he’s right.  Aside from personal growth, aesthetically she’s pretty much the same person.  


“What if.. I was open to changing, would you entertain me then?”  Darcy asks, desperation starting to set in to fulfill her dream. 


“Of course I’d entertain you, but I have to admit that what I want aesthetically is not common in the slightest.” Marc answers. 

“Do you want to do anything permanent to me?” asks Darcy.

“No, not like that, but the style I like is very ol-” replies Marc.

Darcy interrupts, “Then who cares, I’m willing to give it a shot.  Maybe I’ll enjoy it and things will work out for both of us” 

“Ok!  Give me your number, it’ll take me a couple days to get plans ready.  I’ll text you with more details when I have them.”  says Marc.


The two exchange numbers, and head their own ways for the night. 


Brief waiting period

A couple days later in the middle of her workday, Darcy hears the notification sound go off on her phone, it’s Marc.  Her heart flutters with anticipation of the next steps. 


“Tomorrow morning, 10 am, take an uber to my house.”  the text message read,  a follow-up text with Marc’s address came shortly thereafter.  


Darcy was unable to concentrate the rest of the day, getting barely any work done.  The rest of her work day was filled with daydreams and fantasizing about being able to quit this job for good.  


Once home, she scheduled an uber to ensure she had a ride tomorrow morning, then tried to take her mind off of the upcoming big day.  The anticipation she’s feeling is making the day move in slow motion.  Every time she looks at the clock only a few minutes have passed.  


Darcy decides there is only one way to get her mind off of this, alcohol.  She goes through two bottles of wine before passing out for the night early, certainly one way to make time go by faster.  


The ring of her doorbell wakes Darcy up, she quickly sits up in her bed and looks at the clock, 9 am.  Wearing her clothes from last night, due to passing out, she runs to the door, it’s her uber.  


She flings open the door and says, “Oh my god I’m so sorry, I overslept.”  

The uber driver looks at the disheveled Darcy and laughs before saying, “Long night huh?  It’s not a big deal, not a ton of activity this early in the morning for rides.  Just get ready quick and I’ll take you still.” 

“Thank you soooo much!” says Darcy before running back to her bedroom.  


Darcy gets ready in record time, and walks back out to the uber driver to take her to Marc’s house. 


Marc’s house

The uber pulls up to Marc’s house, Darcy thanks her driver and gets out.  


“He’s not lying about being well off.  This house is NICE.”  she thinks to herself as she walks to the front door.  


She rings the doorbell, and Marc answers shortly thereafter.  The two exchange a quick hug before Marc invites her in to survey the house.  He gives her a quick tour of the whole place minus one room, then they both settle down into the living room to discuss what’s going to happen today. 


“So first thing that I want, you need to change your outfit.  I’ll give you a whole new wardrobe if you’re cool with everything that happens today, but I’m starting off with just one outfit for right now.”  Marc explains. 

“That sounds fine to me.” Darcy responds.

“So upstairs there was one room in that long hallway I didn’t have you go into, you can go into that room now.  Change into that outfit and come back down.”  Marc requests.

“Sure, no problem.”  says Darcy as she sets off to the previously forbidden room. 


Darcy pushes open the door to the forbidden room and surveys the scene.  The room is a very neatly kept bedroom.  On the bed lay a red handbag, a pair of red sunglasses, and thick circular red earrings.  In front of the bed is a pair of red heels.  Lastly in the corner is a stand with a red polka dotted short sleeved white dress that comes down to just below the knees on a hanger.  


“This must be the unique style he was mentioning at Applebees, this really isn’t that bad.”  Darcy thinks to herself. 


She undresses and puts on the whole ensemble as requested from Marc.  The dress hugs her thick frame, accentuating every curve. Darcy looks herself over in the mirror before heading downstairs to show Marc how she looks.  As she walks down the hallway she can’t help but notice due to the tightness of the dress that her walk has become more of a waddle.  


When she hits the stairs, Marc marvels at her appearance.  


“You look absolutely incredible.” Marc says in amazement. 

“Why thank you!”  Darcy responds as she blushes. 

“This style really isn’t that big of a deal, I’m not sure why you were worried.  It’s pretty old school, but it’s not horrible.”  Darcy follows up with.  

“Well.. the aesthetic isn’t complete yet Darcy.  You don’t look like a mom yet, I want my wife to look like a mom.”  replies Marc.  

“Oh… so what’s next then?” asks Darcy.

“Follow me to the garage.”  says Marc.


Marc leads her to the garage, where he opens the door and shows her a new minivan.  


“This is yours now.”  says Marc.

“What really?”  asks Darcy. 

“Yeah it’s yours.  Admittedly I did buy this for a previous woman, but she never showed up.  So I’m giving it to you.”  says Marc. 

“Ah so this is what you mean by looking like a mom.” Darcy says, believing she understands completely.  

“This is another part, but there’s still more.” Marc replies. 


Darcy stands there looking puzzled. 


“So in that minivan, I’ve set the GPS.  It will take you to a salon, I’ve already got the appointment set up, you just have to go in and tell them your name.”  says Marc. 

“I see, so is this it?  After this the makeover is done?” asks Darcy.

“This is the last part, and if you’re not happy that’s fine, I get it, you can still keep the van.  But if you are happy, drive it back here afterwards, and we’ll go from there.”  Marc answers.  

“What’s the worst that can happen?  Gimme the van keys.”  says Darcy.


Marc hands off the keys to Darcy, who then gets in the van and follows the GPS instructions.  


The salon

Darcy is puzzled as to what Marc could want.  Her hairstyle is inadvertently like a lot of mom’s that she knows already.  


“Maybe he wants me to look like Betty Page, that’d kinda match with the rest of this outfit.  That wouldn’t be so bad.”  Darcy thinks to herself.  


Darcy follows the GPS instructions, and it leads her to the shopping plaza that her grocery store is in.  A lightbulb goes off in her head, she knows exactly where Marc is sending her.  The GPS instructions confirm her suspicions, she’s going to the outdated salon a couple storefronts away from her grocery store, Stella’s House of Beauty.  


“He wants me to go in there?  I’m pretty sure no one under the age of 50 goes to this place.”  Darcy complains to herself. 

“I’ve already gone this far, how far am I supposed to go to achieve my dream?”  she questions herself.  

“A salon can’t be that bad, I can at least go see what happens right?”  she reassures herself.  


She takes a deep breath and exits the van, then walks to the front door of the salon.  The bell on the front door rings as she pushes it open.  The lady at the front desk greets her with a big smile.


“You must be Darcy!”  she enthusiastically says. 

“Yes I am, how did you know?”  Darcy asks.

“All of our business is pretty much repeat clients these days, we don’t get many new people.  Easy to pick you out.”  she answers.

“If you want to head back to that empty seat, Ada will be with you shortly.”  she says as she gestures at an empty chair.  

“Thanks…”  Darcy replies before heading back to have a seat in the empty chair.  


Darcy sits there by herself for a minute, and looks at her surroundings.  The whole place is in a very pale blue, a color scheme she hasn’t seen used in decades.  Weathered pictures line the walls of assorted models, they clearly haven’t been updated in many years.  


Her investigation is interrupted by two hands resting on her shoulders. 


“Hi Darcy, I’m Ada, pleasure to meet you.  I love your dress, it’s so cute!”  says Ada. 


Darcy looks at Ada in the mirror, and wonders if she has somehow entered a time machine.  Ada is in her late 50’s, her blonde hair is a bubbly bouffant straight out of the 60’s.  Her attire is a yellow dress that also seems like it came directly out of the 60’s, accessorized by matching yellow heels and a yellow bow in her hair.  


Bewildered Darcy looks around at the other stylists, all of them with hair and styles directly from a decade long ago.  


“Th-thanks, nice to meet you too.”  Darcy manages to spurt out.  

“I was beginning to wonder if Marc was ever going to find someone.”  Ada says as she laughs. 

“Take off your earrings, and follow me over to the shampoo station.”  Ada says, gesturing to Darcy to come with her. 


The Makeover Begins

Darcy complies and follows Ada over, then has a seat in the shampoo chair where a towel is placed around her neck and shoulders.


“Lean your head back dear.”  Ada requests Darcy.  


Darcy leans her head back as Ada turns on the warm water.  Ada runs her hands through Darcy’s hair, making sure it’s all soaking wet before reaching for the shampoo.  The warm water is relaxing to Darcy, some of the stress of the situation eases away.  


While Ada shampoos her hair, she makes a comment,  “I can’t believe Marc finally found someone to get …”


The warm water rushes over Darcy’s ears just as Ada makes the comment about what she’s going to get, unable to make out the rest of the sentence.  


“All of us here are very excited to see how you turn out!”  Ada says excitedly.  

“Me too… “  Darcy responds nervously.  


Ada finishes shampooing Darcy’s hair, then wraps her hair with the towel on her neck.  


“Come back over to my chair.”  Ada says as she gestures to Darcy.  


Darcy’s head feels so heavy from all the water on it, but manages to get out of the chair without much of a problem.  She sits back down in the chair as she sees Ada hanging a black curtain over the mirror. 


“I know I spoiled what you’re getting, but Marc wants you to have a grand reveal at the end to see how you look.”  she says before moving back behind Darcy. 


Ada removes the towel from her hair, and pats her hair down to remove excess moisture.  She clips her hair up on top of her head before applying a cape to Darcy.  The cape snaps shut, and Ada lets Darcy’s hair down from the clip.  


“Here we go!”  Ada says excitedly.  


A Perm?

Darcy’s too nervous, she can’t bring herself to speak much.  She nods her head that she’s ok to go, and Ada starts to work on her hair.  


Ada starts by sectioning off Darcy’s hair into multiple sections.  She then pulls a cart over to her side, filled with perm rods of varying sizes.  Ada uses yellow rods on Darcy’s hair, meticulously rolling every part of her hair tightly.  


Darcy stares into the distance, unable to process what’s happening.  She hasn’t seen a perm done in ages, not since her mom got one twenty years ago.  


“So I don’t think I’m getting that Betty Page hairstyle I thought previously, but curls won’t be too bad I guess.”  she thinks to herself.  


After half an hour of rolling, Ada finishes with Darcy’s head.  She then wraps a cotton strip all the way around her head under the curlers.  Ada grabs the perm solution and begins the application.  Darcy’s face scrunches, reacting to the smell of the perming solution.


Ada laughs and says, “I can tell you’re not used to the perm solution, yeah it doesn’t smell great does it?”  


Darcy doesn’t need to answer, her face tells it all.  The entire experience is uncommon to Darcy.  Her usual visits to salons are quick and easy, only requesting to keep her hair shoulder length, nothing else needed.   


“Now just sit tight for a bit, I’ll be back to check on you in 10 minutes.”  Ada says. 


Darcy pulls out her phone and browses the internet, taking her mind off what’s happening to her.  The ten minutes goes by quickly as Ada returns. 


“Follow me back to the shampoo station.”  Ada says as she gestures.  


Darcy gets up and follows her back to the station where she has a seat, then leans her head back.


“We need to wash the perm solution out of your hair before we dry it.”  Ada mentions. 


Ada turns on the warm water and runs it all over Darcy’s head, getting out all of the perm solution.


“Alright now follow me to the dryer, didn’t think you’d be getting a workout today with all this movement did ya?”  Ada says as she laughs. 


“More involved than I expected to be at the salon.”  Darcy responds, uttering her first words in a while.  


“Have a seat here, I’ll check back on you in about 20 minutes.”  Ada says.


Curl sets in

Darcy has a seat in the hair dryer, which Ada then turns on before leaving.  She goes back to browsing the internet on her phone for a while to pass the time.  Her mind occasionally jumps to the obvious topic of what she’s going to look like by the end of this.  She tries to erase the thought as quickly as she can when it enters her mind, it’ll only make her more stressed to dwell on what she’s going to look like at the end. 


Time flies again as Ada returns to check on her.  


“Seems like your hair is pretty dry to me, that should be good.  This chair is more comfortable so I hope you don’t mind if I just apply the neutralizer here.”  says Ada. 


Darcy shakes her head to indicate she doesn’t mind, and removes her head from the dryer to allow Ada to apply it.  


Ada quickly covers Darcy’s head and says, “Ok more waiting, I’ll be back in 10 minutes or so.”  


Darcy nods as she goes back to browsing her phone.  This is easily the most involved salon visit she’s ever been to, she questions how much longer this whole thing is going to take.  The clock on her phone is telling her she’s already been here for an hour and a half.  


Ada returns and again gestures to her to come over to the shampoo station, for the third time today.  Darcy follows her, has a seat and does the familiar motion of leaning back into the shampoo bowl. 


“Let’s get those curlers out!”  Ada exclaims.  


She turns on the water, then gets to work removing the curlers from Darcy’s head.  Slowly she unrolls the curlers, dropping each one into the wash basin.  Once Darcy’s head is free of curlers, Ada quickly rinses her hair out to remove any neutralizer left in her hair.  


“It looks so good dear!”  Ada says happily. 


“Does this mean this is over soon?”  Darcy thinks to herself.

“Can’t wait to see what it looks like.”  Darcy says meekly.

“Follow me back over to the chair.”  Ada says, as she gestures to Darcy.


Darcy gets up from the shampoo station and walks back to Ada’s chair where she then has a seat.  Ada again sets her hands on Darcy’s shoulders.


“Now normally, I wouldn’t do things in this order, because it’s a waste of perm product, but Marc is paying well for this particular experience.”  she casually mentions.  


“Do things in what order?  What does she mean?”  Darcy thinks to herself puzzled.  


Finishing Touches

Ada grabs her scissors and starts to shape the haircut, little cuts here and there on the top half of Darcy’s wet curly head.  Curls drop to the cape in front of Darcy.


“Doesn’t seem like she’s cutting off that much, this isn’t that bad.  Those curls in my lap are super tight though…”  Darcy thinks to herself.   


Ada walks around Darcy, looking at her hair.  A few more precise cuts later, and she’s satisfied with what she’s done.  She then grabs her blow dryer and blows the hot air on Darcy’s head until it appears dry.  


“Phew, seems like we’re done.”  Darcy thinks to herself. 


Ada runs her hand through Darcy’s tightly permed hair, checking to see if it’s sufficiently dry.  A couple more minutes of blow drying later, and Ada sets the blow dryer back down on her counter.  


“Almost there dear, just a few more things.”  Ada says to Darcy.  


“A few more things?  Isn’t this haircut basically over?”  Darcy thinks to herself confused. 


Ada grabs her clippers from the counter and walks behind Darcy.  Darcy lifts an eyebrow in confusion at the sight of Ada’s actions.  Ada then pushes Darcy’s chin forward, and clicks on the clippers. 


The guardless clippers touch the base of Darcy’s neck, Ada pushes up her head until they hit level with the top of Darcy’s ears.  The clippers rip through Darcy’s hair, long permed locks hit the cape in front of her as her eyes widen.  Ada repeats this process on the back of Darcy’s head, until her nape is reduced to stubble.  She then moves to the left side of Darcy’s head to remove any hair in front of her ears, where her sideburns are, then repeats that on the right side.  


Ada sets the clippers down on her counter before walking to another part of the salon.  Darcy hears a whirring sound in the distance, it’s Ada getting hot shaving cream from their machine.  


Ada walks back, then covers Darcy’s nape and sideburn areas with the hot cream.  She wipes her hands off on a towel at her station before grabbing her straight razor.  


“Don’t move for this part please.”  Ada asks, as she pushes Darcy’s chin into her chest. 


She scrapes away at Darcy’s nape carefully to avoid any cuts, the sharp razor makes quick work of any stubble in its path.  After a couple of minutes of shaving, Darcy is now devoid of any hair below the top of her ears.  


Ada wipes down the areas she shaved with a towel before setting her razor back down on the counter, and grabbing her pick.  She walks behind Darcy, and moves her head back upright.  Ada picks at the hair, fluffing out the newly permed hair.  


“This looks so good Dear, I think you’re going to love it.”  says Ada happily.  


She sets the pick down and grabs a full can of hairspray.  


“Close your eyes for me, and don’t open them until I tell you to.”  says Ada. 


Darcy closes her eyes as she becomes awash with hairspray.  Ada sprays her for so long that Darcy presumed that she used the entire can of hairspray.  


“Keep your eyes closed.”  Ada says, as she finishes spraying.  


Ada walks to the mirror and takes down the black curtain she hung earlier.  The other stylists make their way to the chair to see Darcy’s reaction.  Darcy hears the stylists talking to themselves.


“This is some of your best work Ada.”  one says.

“What an incredible makeover, she’s so beautiful!”  another says.  

“If these ladies think I look good, then what the hell do I look like?”  Darcy nervously thinks to herself. 


The butterflies are completely filling Darcy, she’s incredibly nervous to see what she looks like.  Many times throughout this process she thought it wasn’t a big deal, but after this last part she now realizes that was incorrect.  


“Open your eyes!”  Ada says happily. 



Darcy’s eyes open, what greets her is a hairstyle she could never have envisioned.  The curls on her head are more than just a bowl, they form a perfect dome, and they shine from the amount of hairspray sprayed on them.  As she turns her head she can see a clear dropoff on the back of her head between the dome of curls and the shaven nape.  


Her mouth drops wide open as she reaches up to feel the parts of her new haircut.  The top feels lacquered with how much hairspray was put on, it doesn’t feel like real hair to her.  At least her nape feels as she expected it to, albeit still a very abnormal feeling.  


Darcy closes her mouth and tries to act normal.  She slowly puts the earrings back on that Marc had requested she wear.  When she had them on previously they were hidden well by her hair, but now they were out in the open, dangling free without hair to inhibit them.  


Darcy gets out of the chair, and stands in front of the mirror, inspecting herself.  She uncomfortably spins herself side to side, the red earrings swinging along with her.  The day started off with her looking totally normal, she was comfortable in her H&M outfits, and standard shoulder length brown hair.  What she sees in front of her now is completely alien to her.  Marc achieved his goal of making her look like a housewife, but Darcy did not expect it to be a housewife from a totally different era.  


“So do you love it?  Or do you love it?”  Ada asks. 


Darcy instinctively laughs, but it’s not a laughing matter to her. 


“It’s certainly unique.”  Darcy manages to squeeze out of her lips, continuing to inspect herself in the mirror. 

“We don’t get a lot of younger girls here, so I was really happy to hear you were coming in today.  I hope to see you in a couple weeks for a touch up.”  Ada says happily.  

“It was a pleasure to meet you.”  Darcy says as she gets up to leave the salon.  

“A couple weeks?  He expects me to come back here every couple weeks for this?”  she annoyedly thinks to herself. 


She puts the red sunglasses on before walking out of the salon.  While walking to her new van a rush of wind hits her head, the dome of curls doesn’t move a centimeter.  The sensation of wind going across the back of her nape makes her involuntarily put her hand on it.  


“What an odd feeling that is.”  she thinks to herself. 


Darcy looks at the large amount of people entering the grocery store.  Trying to see if she recognizes anyone so she can quickly duck out of the way.  



As she’s surveying the scene, she sees a couple emerge from a parking lot aisle, a couple she’d recognize anywhere, Ashley and George.  


Ashley looks over at Darcy walking out of the salon, and makes a comment to George.

“Look at that girl, she’s like the first person without an AARP card I’ve seen leave that place.”  she says.  

“Come on Ashley, she can probably hear you.”  says George.

“Oh please, I’m not THAT loud.”  she responds.

“You 100% ARE that loud.”  George says as he laughs. 


Darcy turns bright red as Ashley continues to look at her, she is heavily panicking.  

“Oh god she recognizes me, please just keep walking Ashley.”  she thinks to herself.


“Ok maybe she can hear me, that girl is looking back at me.”  says Ashley. 

Ashley shouts at Darcy, “You look beautiful girrrrrl!”  

“There, problem solved.”  she says as she laughs.  


Darcy’s pace picks up after that encounter, as she swiftly makes it to her van.  She fumbles with the key fob before unlocking the car and jumping into the driver’s seat.  Her breaths slow down as she comes down from the brief moments of panic.  Darcy flips the visor down to look at herself in the mirror again.  Her hand reaches up to touch the bowl of lacquered curls.  Any spot she touches with her hand springs right back to how it just was in the salon.  


She goes into deep contemplation as she sits in the van.  


“How am I supposed to face my friends looking like this?  I know we have uncommon hairstyles in our friend group already, but this is another level.”

“Did Ashley actually recognize me there?  Am I going to have a wall of text from her shortly?”

“Do I go back to Marc and continue with the life I want?”

“Is my fantasy worth THIS much compromise?”


Darcy weighs the pros and cons for a few minutes longer before she reaches a decision.  She takes a deep breath, backs the car out, and drives home.  But which home?


Authors Q/A:

If you were Darcy, what would be your decision?

How much compromise is worth it for you to accomplish your own fantasy?


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  1. This was a super fun story, and I loved Darcy’s makeover! I think that, since this was a compromise for her and not a scarifie to be permed and given a globe bowl cut, she should go back to Marc and live out her fantasy! I hope you write more stories that take place at Stella’s House of Beauty! Maybe Ashley will be coerced into visiting the salon with Darcy when she gets a touch up…

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