Dark Chocolate Gone

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Jack rolled over in bed and smiled at me. It was a smile I could never forget. “Katie, you never cease to amaze me.” We had just spent a wonderfully wild and crazy early evening. The best I could ever remember. But getting here is the story.

I am a sales rep for a large medical equipment company. I am also the number 1 sales rep for that company worldwide. Business is good and I would like to keep it that way.

I am a degreed biologist with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. So understanding the equipment we make, and how it works comes easily to me. I am constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest in technology.

Several years ago I was asked to take a tour of some research being done at a university near our company’s division headquarters. While there, I was very interested by the work being done and how it could be applied to the field of medicine.

In a break in my tour, we stopped in the faculty cafeteria for some lunch. I sat down, looked at my tray and realized I had forgotten some condiment or other. Without looking around, I hurriedly pushed my chair back so I could stand up. Unfortunately, I placed myself squarely in the path of another diner.

His tray collided with me, spilling his food on my outfit and the floor. I slipped and fell on top of the mess. He was immediately apologetic, but truthfully, it was all my fault.

He reached his hand out to help me up but all I noticed was his eyes. He had the deepest green eyes I have ever seen. I just stared at him for the longest time before his apologies and the outstretched hand to help me sank in. I finally realized that I had to do something to get off the floor and get somewhat cleaned up.

I grabbed his hand and continued to stare into those eyes.

He ran for some napkins and some help from the cafeteria staff while I stood there surveying the mess.

He came back and we sort of joked about the situation while picking up some of the mess. I then looked down at my outfit and realized it was ruined. Probably beyond the best efforts of a good dry cleaner.

While I stood there looking at myself, I began to think about what I should do for the remainder of my tour/afternoon. I was in no condition to continue my tour. I was a mess.

“Look, I think I’ve completely ruined your clothes. I need to make this right.” I turned around and noticed my assailant was talking to me. “What can I do? I feel so bad for smashing into you like that. Is there anything I can do?”

I have no idea why I said the next. It was totally out of character for me, but all I could think of was those green eyes. I also noticed he was not wearing a ring.

I took a chance.

“How about we exchange names and phone numbers, and you can take me out to dinner?”

He stood there looking at me with a slight smile on his face. Maybe he was interested in what he was seeing too.

He extended his hand again and said, “John, but everyone calls me Jack. Jack Davis.”

I took his hand and said, “Katie, Katie Wilson. Nice to meet you Jack. And really, I think it was I who backed into your path.” “Nonsense. I should be looking at where I’m going.” He looked around, “We really have created a mess here haven’t we?” We started to laugh at what had happened.

The cafeteria staff arrived and began cleanup operations so we backed off to allow them to do their work.

I found my tour guide and said I was going to have to ask for another time to finish my tour and investigations.

Jack was walking near me and said, “Katie, how about we exchange those phone numbers now while we have the chance?” Pleasantries were done. Once that was finished I honestly thought I’d never hear from him again. I was wrong.

Later that evening my phone rang. Caller ID said John Davis. Very pleasantly surprised, I picked it up.

“Katie? It’s Jack Davis, from the university. Is this a good time to chat?” “Yes, thanks for calling.”

And that was our quick introduction and the beginning of our relationship.

Jack did take me to dinner and we talked about our careers and backgrounds and where we were and planned to go.

Jack was in his mid-30s. Not exceptionally tall at 6 feet and about 170 pounds. Very slightly built, but I could tell he also worked out. Dark hair, and those eyes. Every time I looked into them I melted away.

I was also in my mid-30s. Average height at 5’6” and about 120 pounds. I also worked out regularly. I had to. With my travel schedule I was eating out more often than I should, and if I didn’t work out, I could be huge.

It turned out Jack was the lead physicist working on a number of things. None of them seemed to really be connected, but I could see where some of them might apply to medical equipment. Jack was already way ahead of me there.

Jack had his PhD in Applied Physics. I soon found out my company was already funding some of his research and by literally backing into him, I found the person I had wanted to meet all along. It was only by chance that it was also to be the person I wanted to meet in so many ways.

After our first dinner, we started dating and after a few months we moved in together. I was having the time of my life. Jack seemed to be thinking along the same lines as I.

In between travel, I started coming into the lab area where Jack was working and I met some of his graduate assistants. They were mostly females. I thought this was odd, but who am I to judge equal opportunity?

Over time, I just started to drop in on Jack and his GA team as my schedule allowed. They had some great ideas for imaging products and I was able to lend a tidbit or two from the mechanical and biological side. Afterall, it was my company’s funding on this end of the research.

One day I happened to drop in, but Jack was unable to grab a bite of lunch. Sandy, one of his GA’s, offered to come along. Over lunch we chatted and since we had known each other for a few months she and I felt we were friends.

“You know, you and Jack being together is the talk of the lab. I mean, you’re not the type of woman that we would have expected Jack to be seriously dating.” I was intrigued by this comment. “Why is that? Jack and I do have pretty common interests and we’re only a year or so apart in age.”

“Well, it’s not uncommon knowledge that Jack likes the women on his team to have a certain “look” about them. And that isn’t really you, Katie. So it’s just a bit of a round peg type of thing to us here.”

I just looked at her. Sandy was very cute. Mid 20s, average height, and slight build. Not big anywhere. The most notable feature about her was her hair. It was short. Very short, dirty blonde and it really was the one thing on her that made a person look twice. Some lucky guy was going to get quite a catch with her.

“I’m sorry, I’m missing something,” I said.

Sandy looked at me like I had not noticed the lab people before. “Katie, it’s not the best kept secret among us GA’s that Jack selects women way more than he gets any guys on his projects. And it’s also known that if you do not have short hair while in the interview process, you have no chance of being selected. We just accept it, get a short haircut, and then we at least have the chance to work with a brilliant guy who has filed more patents for this university than anyone else. His research is funded not just by companies like yours. The university gets royalties on his patents. Jack is a money making machine around here.”

I must have dropped my jaw. I had no idea this was going on. Actually, I knew about the patents and the royalties. But the “requirements” on his staff was something new.

But, now that I thought about it, the more of what Sandy was saying made sense.

Sandy was just one of 3 of his GA’s and they all had short hair. Sandy’s was by far the shortest. She had recently had her sides and back cut to a whisper of hair. It looked great on her, but that haircut had been a while back and it had grown out quite a bit. Frankly, it needed a trim unless she was growing it out.

Sandy continued with a grin, “So we all just thought that he really likes women with short hair and that does not fit with the woman I’m talking to right now.”

Sandy was right. My hair is a dark chocolate brown kind of color. I had never put any color on it either. It was also long, thick, and wavy. Down to just below my bra cups. I always parted it on one side or the other, never in the middle. Drawing the hair across or over my forehead to make long bangs. But they were not really bangs. My hair was all one length and it has been this way forever.

I enjoyed my long hair. I had never thought of cutting it short. Never. Guys I had dated seemed to like it long too. In fact, many had commented on it as a turn on.

Meeting Jack and dating had just seemed like a natural progression of men and relationships with the exception I really thought Jack was “The One.” He made me feel like no other man has ever made me feel. We bonded on so many levels and life was more interesting and entertaining than I ever felt possible.

Not once had Jack ever mentioned he liked short hair. Nor had he ever asked or hinted that I ought to think about cutting mine.

However, thinking about what Sandy said, I began to realize that Jack had seemed to stare at women while we were out that had short hair. I had always passed it off as just a glance at someone who was out of the norm. But now I had to think about it a lot more.

Sandy didn’t seem to notice my mind wandering. She continued talking as if what she had said was nothing out of the ordinary. “I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to get mine cut in a while. I am way overdue for a trim.”

I said, “Sandy, your hair always looks so nice. Did you get it cut for this position, or have you always had it short?” “As soon as the position opened up, I knew I wanted to be a part of whatever Jack was doing. As you know, his reputation is unbelievable in the field of Applied Physics. Being able to study and work with someone like him is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I knew I had to do whatever it took to be on his team.”

She continued, “I knew the rumors, and yes my hair was pretty long. About as long as yours is. But I’m a bit of a nerd. I had long hair only because it was easy and I only bothered to have it trimmed a couple of times a year. Honestly? It was just a mess. As soon as I had it cut and interviewed with Jack, it seems my dating life has gone up as well. I’m now seeing another GA and we are pretty serious. It seems he likes short hair too. Or at least he thinks it brings out the best in me. I like to think it brings out the best in him too.” She grinned mischievously.

We finished our lunch and I went back to my office and Sandy went back to the lab. I wondered if Jack would like me to cut my hair short. But how to ask him, while knowing I would probably not ever cut it in the first place? I didn’t want to give him a false hope that I was thinking about cutting it.

About a week after I met Sandy for lunch, Jack and I were in bed and we had a night to remember. He was very physical. I thought it was just a good night of passion.

The next day I had nothing on my schedule, and I decided to surprise him at lunch. I drove over to the university and went to his lab. He was busy with some presentation being made by one of his GA’s. I waited for the end of the presentation and Jack came over to give me a kiss. Then I noticed Sandy in the background.

She had cut her hair. She had mentioned at lunch she was overdue for a trim and I quickly forgot it. Until today.

It was really short. Short enough that the sides were almost shaved. Her boyfriend was also there to pick her up for lunch. She waved at me and went to meet him.

Jack and I started our walk to the cafeteria. Over lunch I casually mentioned I noticed Sandy had cut her hair again. Jack’s eyes lit up a fraction and said that yes she had come into the lab yesterday after getting it cut over the weekend.

Bingo. My mind went into overdrive. That would correspond to our night of passion last night. Was his passion being fueled by something other than me? But I did not have enough evidence yet.


I remembered a night about 2 months ago. Jack was unusually frisky. Something told me that night might have corresponded with Sandy’s original haircut that had grown out so much.

A month or so went by with things being about normal. I had been to the university cafeteria several times and saw nothing new or out of the norm. All of Jack’s female GA’s were doing their work and research. Then one day I was in the lab and noticed Sandy had cut her hair again into the same very short cut she’d had a month ago. It was just a trim, but I had to admit she carried it off well. Very well.

That night Jack was again Mr Passionate in bed. The evidence was mounting.

I knew he was not having an affair on me. But I now thought he was thinking of Sandy’s haircut while we were in bed. Her short hair seemed to be fueling our physical relationship.

I wanted to be the one that did that to Jack.

The end of the current crop of GA’s was coming to an end. All of them were about to earn their PhD’s and move on to whatever awaited them.

Sandy told me she had been offered a position with my firm and as a result would be moving onto our research facility, but she would need to maintain a close relationship with the university. Her soon to be husband was also moving on to another research area within the university.

That meant another new group of Graduate Assistants would be moving into Jack’s lab. Two of them were women and as I now expected, they sported short hair. Not as short or as stylish as Sandy’s had been but very nice. But I also knew they were just not Jack’s type of woman. No worries there.

I had sort of downplayed Jack’s apparent desire for short hair until one night we had another very good roll in bed. I wondered where this was coming from but passed it off as just a good time.

The next day I wandered into the university lab and found Jack and one of his new GA’s going over some data that was hard to explain. As I approached from the back I had thought it was one of the male GA’s.

I was wrong.

I approached and Jack got a big smile on his face and stood to kiss me and I then noticed the GA was Alice. But Alice had done a major transformation in her haircut. Her light blonde hair was almost as short as Sandy’s had been. She looked stunning.

“Alice! Sorry, I almost didn’t recognize you. You’ve had your hair done. I love it on you.” Alice blushed and thanked me for the compliment. “Thanks, I just had it cut two days ago and I’m still trying to get used to it. But so far I really do like it. And so does my boyfriend Dan.”

Whew! She had a boyfriend.

Jack stood to the side of us during this exchange and I could see the smile on his face.

But then I thought about last night. To the day, it corresponded to when Alice had walked into the lab with her new hairdo.

I had been right all along. Jack was indeed committed to me. I knew that with all my heart. But I felt his passions were being fueled by some other stimulation.

Another woman’s haircut!

I went to my regular stylist. Ashley and I have been friends since high school. I went to see her every 8 weeks like clockwork.

I tried to innocently ask her about guys and short hair. “If it wasn’t for guys who have a thing for short hair, I’d be in trouble. Who do you think makes the payments on my house? Katie, I love you but honestly, you are a stylist’s worst nightmare.”

I tried to look offended. “Seriously, women like you come in every 8 to 10 weeks and get a trim and walk out the door. Sweetie, women like you do not even pay my electric bills. I count on women coming in every 6 weeks looking for a cut and color. That’s where the money is. If I can get a woman who wants a short cut and a color then that’s where I am making my money. They are in here every 4 to 6 weeks and they pay a lot for my services.”

I said, “So are there a lot of guys out there who like short hair on their girlfriends?” Ashley looked at me like I had just come out of a coma or something. “Sweetie, those guys are my best friends. Of course there are. But they tend to lie low about it because it’s not what everyone thinks is true. But I am telling you. There are a lot of them, and they are passionate about short hair on their women.”

“Why are asking about this? Is there something you haven’t told me about Jack?”

I kind of lied. “No, Jack and I are good. He’s never said a word about me cutting this short. I just know a couple of women at work who have it short and wondered.”

Ashley looked at me again in the mirror. I think she knew something was going on. “Well, let me tell you. If you get a guy that likes it short, you’re one lucky lady. All of the gals who I cut their hair short have had the same guy for years. I can’t say that about the guys who like it long though. They tend to wander around looking for the next best thing.”

Ashley finished my trim and I made an appointment for another 8 weeks out. As I was picking up my purse to leave, Ashley gave me a hug and said, “If you ever decide to cut it, you had better make sure I am the one to do it. I think you would look great with any style. Long or short. Just find the right guy.” She winked at me and I left the store.

Jack immediately noticed I had trimmed about one and a half inches off my hair. We had a very nice evening. Nothing special. Nice.

I wanted special and I wanted more of them.

A few days later Jack was all over me again. I wondered what had happened and why the physical attention. I decided to see him at the university. I asked him if he would be free for lunch. His eyes opened wide and said that’d be a great treat.

I walked into the lab and sure enough, Alice was there doing some adjustments on a spectrometer for a test Jack had mentioned they were doing today.

She had cut her hair again.

I needed information. “Alice, good to see you. I see you got your hair cut again?” “Yes, I got it cut Saturday.” She leaned over and said in a whisper, “Dan is really all over me every time I get it cut. He really likes it, and I am loving it too.”

No kidding, I thought. Someone else is all over me when you get it cut too.

I wanted to be that someone. I wanted to show Jack I was his, that I would do anything for him.

Imaging technology is a tough science. Focusing the emissions and then reassembling the image are very difficult to do. Jack believed they were close to a breakthrough. My company waited patiently for that breakthrough they had paid so much to Jack’s team to accomplish.

It came as a result of a mistake. I won’t get technical but one of the GA’s placed the wrong emitter in the equipment. Something they had developed for the military for something completely different. Somehow or other it made all the difference. Science advances in strange ways. In fact, it usually advances because of a mistake.

Jack was all over me that night. The next morning he said they were going to throw a huge party to celebrate. It was going to happen in a month, right after the formal announcement of their success on a Thursday morning. All of Jack’s current and former team members would be there.

I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate two things here at once?”

I called Ashley for an appointment. It had to be on that Thursday. “Isn’t this a little off schedule for you Katie?”

I made up a story. I didn’t want Ashley getting any ideas here. Not until I was ready. “Jack and I are going to be busy when my regular appointment is scheduled, so I figured early is better than later.” “Okay, how about Thursday at 1 o’clock?” “Great, see you then.

Now what kind of a cut was I looking for? It had to be something Jack would be surprised at. It had to be stunning. It had to send Jack into orbit.

I began looking at hairstyles on the Internet. Pinterest, YouTube, I was really into the research. I also almost forgot that I was about to lose my hair. The one thing I had had all of my life. I knew it was worth it.

I was going to make sure I was the one who made him excited. He would have to forget about Sandy and Alice and whoever else in the lab had short hair.

His focus had to be on me and no one else. It would take a major sacrifice.

The Thursday of the announcement and party was coming up fast and finally, on Tuesday afternoon I found the cut I was looking for. It was short. Shockingly short. Not a buzz. That was too short, and it lacked the style I was looking for.

Thursday arrived and Jack was getting dressed for the big event. The announcement was at 11 and I was going to be there to represent my company. After that, I would disappear and head to Ashley’s salon. I just told Jack I had some business to attend to after the formalities were completed and that I’d be back in time for the party. I hoped he was in the dark as to what I had planned.

I had never seen Jack as nervous as he was getting dressed the morning of the announcement. He was rehearsing his speech all morning until finally he felt it was right.

I dressed in a conservative dress and let my hair flow freely down my shoulders and back. I kept telling myself this was the last time this would ever happen.

Would I miss it? I hoped not.

The university pulled out all the stops for the announcement. The press was there. At least the press that might understand the significance of what was about to be revealed. This was a huge leap forward.

I initially worried about the release of Intellectual Property. I needn’t have worried. As usual, Jack was prepared and had filed enough patents in the past. He and his team, along with the lawyers from my company, had filed the necessary paperwork with the Patent Office. We were all protected about a release of IP.

As soon as the announcement was made, Jack was deluged with requests for statements and what this meant. I waved at him and disappeared and headed to Ashley’s.

I arrived a few minutes earlier than I had planned. But the butterflies in my stomach were doing double time. I just wanted to get this over with and see the expression on Jack’s face.

Ashley came over and hugged me. She escorted me back to her chair and said “The usual trim today I assume. Just an inch off, right?”

I grinned up at her. “Not today. As you might have suspected after our last chat, Jack is quite a short hair freak. At least I believe he is. He’s never said anything, but there are signs galore that he’s into short hair. He’s having a big day today and I want to complete it with a big change.”

Ashley shrieked and jumped up and down for a few seconds. Her fists pumping like Tiger Woods sinking a putt. “I have been waiting for this for the longest time. Did you have something in mind or do you want me to pick something for you?”

My smile was huge by this time. “I do have something in mind. You tell me if you think this is going to send a guy who likes short hair into orbit or not.” I reached into my purse and pulled out a photo I had printed from my Internet searches. Unfolding it, I showed it to Ashley.

Her eyes widened, her mouth opened, big enough that a bird could have nested in it.

She almost whispered. “Katie, never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought of you even entertaining this haircut. I think your face and hair texture are perfect for this. And yes, if Jack is a short hair guy, this will send him to the moon.”

With that she pulled me from the chair and dragged me to the shampoo station. It was obvious she couldn’t wait to get started.

Coming back to the chair she threw a cape over my shoulders and began combing my hair out. For the last time in a long time. If ever again.

In all the excitement in the shop, I had almost forgotten what was about to happen to me. I was going from being a long haired lady with dark chocolate flowing hair to someone with a barely there haircut. The butterflies were flying everywhere in my stomach.

“Let’s get you ready. I’ll pin most of this up and I’ll start with the sides and back.” Ashley quickly mounded most of my hair on top of my head and held it there with several grips.

Combing out the hair that was about to be cut, Ashley gave me one last look. She seemed to be asking if I were ready for this. I nodded and then felt her scissors against my neck as they severed the better part of two feet of hair away.

I was getting excited. Yes, I was going to miss it, but the thought of what it might do to my relationship with Jack was even more exciting.

Ashley quickly chopped away. She was not exactly careful. Why should she? Most of it was coming off anyway and she wasn’t even close to being near where the final length would be.

By this time my hair had started to dry out a bit. That didn’t really matter at this point. Ashley removed the grips and the rest of my hair fell down. Hiding any evidence of any shorter hair underneath.

She combed this out too and then grabbed a handful and chopped away at the remains. A good eighteen inches of hair fell from my head. I still had at least eight inches on top. So this was clearly an intermediate step in the process.

Once Ashley had removed the vast majority of hair she more carefully began to cut away at the rest. She cut my hair down to about three inches all over. I looked like an orphan from a Dickens novel. But I wasn’t worried in the least. I knew more was about to come.

What I hoped to be the most exciting part of the whole haircut was coming up. In my investigations into a short haircut, I had read that many of the women really enjoyed the part I knew was about to happen. I hoped I would be one of them.

Ashley placed her scissors on the counter. She then picked up her clippers that had been hanging from a hook. She looked in a rack on the countertop and selected a steel attachment. Finding the one she wanted she attached them to the clippers.

“Now, these are for getting the job done. I’m going to make a couple of passes in order to get to the final length in that picture. You OK with things so far?” I could only nod my head. My mouth was dry as a desert.

Ashley, started at the back and brought her clippers to my neck. I was excited and scared all at once. My hair was essentially gone. It was just 3 inches anywhere at its longest and now these clippers were about to reduce it to almost nothing. My heart was beating out of my chest. I couldn’t wait.

She raised the clippers up and up my neck. The feeling was everything I had expected and more. The cold steel tickled and I knew my hair was being reduced to fractions of an inch.

Ashley moved to my right side and up the clippers went. I watched wide eyed. When she got to in front of my ear the clippers removed anything that could have possibly been called sideburns and left nothing in their wake. She then moved on to the left side and repeated the process there as well.

She turned the clippers off. I moved my head from side to side. The clippers had done their job well. I wasn’t sure how long my hair there was but certainly not more than 3/8”.

Ashley picked up a water bottle and sprayed the hair on top. I won’t say it was long because it was only 3 inches at this point. Sliding her fingers into it I could see she had her hand firmly on my head and then sliced off anything above her fingers. Almost 2 inches of hair rained down. Again and again she repeated the process until I had no more than an inch and a half of hair on the top.

That soon changed. Ashley carefully placed her fingers in the hair towards the front. More hair was severed. Leaving me with less than an inch and even more as it got to my forehead. The final length was a graduated 1.5” at the crown to maybe ¾” in front.

Finally, she got to my bangs. She carefully removed everything that could have been bangs and gave me the micro bangs I had showed her in the photo. I had never had bangs, and that was true now. They were too miniscule to be called bangs.

She smiled at me in the mirror. Almost no words had been spoken the entire time I sat in the chair.

“How you doing Katie?” I forced myself to speak. “Doing OK. It’s quite a change isn’t it?”

Ashley laughed and said, “This is the biggest transformation I think I’ve ever done. I am so glad you asked me to do it for you. I think you are going to look amazing. But honestly Katie, you would look fantastic in just about any style. I just think this one is a head turner. Everyone will look at you. And we’re still not done.”

With that Ashley picked up her clippers again. She removed whatever attachment originally she had on there and placed another attachment on them. Starting in front of my right ear this time she quickly moved them up, removing even more hair.

I had never been so excited in my life. Watching my hair get almost completely removed was something of a turn on for me. I never expected to feel like I was now. It was fantastic.

Watching her remove even the small amount was exhilarating. I finally asked Ashley how short she was going with this cut. “I’m taking this down with at least a number 1 cutter head. That’s an eighth of an inch. I may go shorter if that’s OK with you. That’ll give you a look that Jack will come unglued over if he’s a short hair guy. If he’s not, you’re gonna be in trouble.” She said with a grin.

I looked at what she had done. By now I was intoxicated with the experience of having those clippers run up and up my head. I told her to do whatever she felt was right.

What Ashley felt was right, was shorter.

Ashley removed the number 1 cutter head and reached for another. “This head will take you down to a sixteenth on an inch. You look great. And this will complete the look.” With that she ran the clippers up in front of my right ear one last time. I was essentially shaved now. I could easily see skin where previously I had 2 feet of hair.

I didn’t care. I just couldn’t wait to see Jack’s reaction. I glanced at my watch. The party started at 4. Ashley had taken her time with my haircut and it was already after 2 and I needed to get ready.

By now Ashley was done with the haircut itself. She put some kind of product in her hands and started rubbing it into my hair. She then gently hand combed it straight forward with a little push towards the right to give it some effect. I thought it looked great.

Ashley removed the cape and handed me a mirror. Spinning the chair around I could see just how short the back was. It matched the sides perfectly. I reached up to run my fingers through my hair. Suddenly, I realized I couldn’t run my fingers through it anymore. It was too short to run my fingers through. I was running my fingers over my hair. The sensations I was feeling were incredible.

I smiled up at Ashley and said, “Ashley, this is exactly what I was looking for. I cannot believe I like it as much as I do. Never in a thousand years would I have ever thought I would like this haircut. After all those years with it down my back I am just stunned. Thank you.”

Ashley said, “I never thought you’d do it either. I hoped one day you would, and that I would be the stylist you asked to do it. I think you look fantastic. I cannot believe how good you look with such short hair. Now get out of here and get to that party and the man you did this for.”

We hugged and I left to get ready.

When I got home, all I wanted to do was take a quick shower, but not do anything with my hair. Ashley had taken care of that. Just a few minutes in the shower and get into a new outfit I had bought just for this occasion.

I had bought a new outfit for the party. A little risqué, but tantalizing just the same. I left the house for the party.

Walking across campus to the lab I felt eyes on me the entire time. I was just a bit early. I knew Jack had stayed to supervise the preparations. I wanted to surprise him alone if at all possible.

I called to see where he was. “I’m just outside the front entrance of Campion Hall. We’re waiting for the entertainment. Should I meet you there?” “Yes, be right there.”

I figured I could take a slight detour and come around the side of the building while he would expect me to come in from the front. It worked out as planned.

I walked around the corner of the building and Jack was looking out front and not to the side where I was. He must have seen some movement out of the corner of his eye and turned. When he saw me he did a double take. I could tell he was intrigued by the lady in the outfit with such short hair.

Then recognition hit him. His face broke out into a huge smile and he came running to me. Stopping just a few feet from me I could tell he liked what he was seeing. He liked it a lot.

“Katie, you’ve cut you hair!” Now there was an observation! “I love it.” I could tell. There was already a huge bulge in his pants that gave that away. He walked completely around me to view everything. I don’t think he noticed my new outfit at all.

“Can I touch it?” “Of course, I cut it for you.”

His hands tenderly reached up to touch my head. His hands felt like electricity when they made contact with my hair and scalp. He made a “Meewp” sound and grabbed me close and kissed me like we had been away from each other for a year. I had succeeded in making Jack happy.

But now the party had to take over. There were still a few things Jack had to do to prepare. However, once that was done it was really party time.

Guests I knew were shocked at my new look. Most of them were pleased, as I could tell, even from those who didn’t say anything.

We left the party at our first opportunity and had the best of times back at our house. The first of many to come.

The new technology was going to be huge for the medical business. My company had invested a lot to get this to work. Jack’s team made it possible and my company owned the rights to his patents. We quickly rolled out the next generation of devices and I sold a lot of them.

I was getting calls back from hospitals that I had tried and tried to get into before. Now I was given premier status. Doctors I had had only limited success with before were now giving me as much time as I wanted to show them the value of the new line. It seemed some of them were calling me back more often than I really felt was necessary.

I guess some of those doctors were short hair guys too. They just wanted another look at me and my hair. At least I kept telling myself that.

Not too long after I had my hair cut, Jack asked me to marry him. Finally! I think I put him over the edge by getting it cut.

Jack did come clean with me about his thing with short hair on women. I also told him how I had come to learn of his obsession. He was genuinely impressed with my detective skills.

Jack tracks my progress between haircuts. Every 3 weeks he makes some comment about a trim. Yes, Jack there will always be a trim.

Both of us look forward to those trims. The night after a trim is usually physically exhausting.

I love this haircut. It is who I am now. People notice me a lot more now than when I had my long dark chocolate hair. Who knows? I may even spice things up at some point and do something crazy?

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  1. Great story! It’s well written, the characters are believable and feel fairly realistic, and it’s always nice to see a story end with something other than every trace of hair being removed. This one was actually pretty sweet and it seems like it plays into the fantasy of every hair fetish guy has for his long haired wife or girlfriend!

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