Darshina’s Graduation Surprise Makeover

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Darshina’s Big Day had come. She had graduated graduated from College with a Degree in Elementary Education. It was a Saturday afternoon and the family was hosting a Graduation Party for her at their church. Darshina was 23 years old 5’8″ tall and weighed 155 lbs.She wore a long beige colored dress that reached her ankles. Her hair was long to her butt and parted straight down the middle. It was dark brown at the roots but her hair graduated in color to a very pretty light brown on the top layers. She had spiral curls through out and had big curls at the ends. It was all natural as so was she coming from a very conservative family.She looked very pretty as she mingled with the numerous guest at her Graduation party. Her long soft locks flowed softly over and down the back of her beige dress.

One of those in attendance was her Uncle Steve. Uncle Steve came up and congratulated her on her achievement. He also told her how pretty her long hair looked. He stood back and gave her a good looking over from afar. She got numerous gifts and the party was a big success for all.

That night around 10pm her mom came into her room. Hi Darshina, I need to talk to you in private so I guess now is a good time. Darshina” What is it mom? Mom looked at Darshina Your Uncle Steve came up to me and your father at the party today and reminded us that you never got your ‘Graduation Haircut’ since after High School you went to College. You know Uncle Steve owns the Main Street Barbershop down town. You know the Graduation Haircut is a family tradition and the money he gives us for the makeover helps pay off bills and in this case your student loans. Me and your father both agree that you need to see him to follow the family tradition. Darshina Mom, do I have to? I really like my long hair and I know he will cut it short. I saw how he cut my older sister. When did he say he wants to do it? Mom He wants to do it tomorrow morning at 9am as his barbershop is closed on Sundays. He wants to give you a new look before you go to church.

I’m suppose to deliver you on time.There is one more item…He want to tend to your ‘ Secret Garden’ if you know what I mean at the same time. Darshina Are you serious mom? Mom Yes, he wants to tend to both ends of you. He is going to give us a nice sum of money. I’m sure he will be gentle and I’ll be with you the whole time. Now, I want you to take a good bath tonight. Shampoo and conditon your hair at both ends. I want you to wear that pretty light blue dress you wore at Easter. You shall fix your hair like you had it today. I’ll see you in the morning early.

Darshina had forgotten all about Uncle Steve’s Graduation Haircuts. She took a loving look at her long soft light brown hair. She knew she had to do what her mom and dad told her. That was the way it was in her family and culture. She reached down and felt her thick Pubic Hair or Secret Garden. How would that area feel shaved she wondered? She had never even trimned that area of herself. She took her cloths off and went into the shower to do as her mom told her to do.

The next morning Sunday she got up at by 7am. Fixed her long hair for the last time. She put on her bra and matching blue panties. Then she pulled over the to the calf length light blue dress. Down to breakfast at 8am she went. Mom,dad, sister,and brother all greeted her. Good Morning! Darshina. Her dad looked at her So, today or this morning is the big moment for you. Your mom and you are off to see Uncle Steve. I know you haven’t been to his Barbershop for a long time. He has fixed it up nice. I’ll see your new look at Church. Darshina’s sister spoke Don’t worry Darshina. You know you are one of Uncle Steve’s favorites. Just go with the flow. Your hair will grow back in time. Mom Ok, enough talk we need to eat and run. I don’t want to be late.

Darshina and mom arrived at Uncle Steves barbershop right at 8:55am. Uncle Steve opened the door. Good Morning sister. Good Morning Darshina. May I say you look very lovely this morning. He closed the door behind them. Darshina Hi Uncle Steve. Which of the Barber chairs do you want me to sit in? Steve Not so fast Darshina. This is now a unisex shop now. I do male and female customers. They walked around the corner and there were three female styling stations. Mom “I see you have added alot of new equipment. Steve Yes I had to upgrade to keep customers. Darshina Ok,Which styling chair do you want me to sit in? Steve smiled at Darshina Your going to decide that now. Here is a silver dollar. One side is heads and the other is tails. Your going to flip it . It will hit the floor and it it comes up head I’ll do your head first and tails I do your tail first. Darshina took the coin flipped it in the air and and hit the floor with a clink sound. She watched as it settled down. Steve It came up Tails. That means we will do your pubic area first. Follow me Please.

The two went down the hall a short distance. Steve opened the door. Darshina’s mouth dropped open. There in front of them was a gynecology table with adjustable leg holders and table area.A pillow had been placed on the table area. There was a miror on the ceiling and U shape area at the front. It was the real deal. Mom Where on earth did you get this? Steve I got it on line at a Auction for a good price. Darshina Mom, I thought you were kidding about my Secret Garden. Are you really going to let him shave me. Mom Yes, it is part of the deal and a deal is a deal. Steve ‘Ok, Darshina lift up your dress and sit at the age of the table. I know this is not the first time you have been on one of these. Mom, help her get situated while I get things ready. Darshina sat at the edge of the table. Her long blue dress was pulled up toward her head and her head was placed on a pillow. Her mom removed her pretty blue panties and her legs were spread and placed up and out in the stirrups. Her virgin and very hair pubic area was exposed. Darshina looked up at the mirror in the ceiling feeling very exposed. Her long brown hair tumbled off the table to the floor. Now what mom and Darshina didn’t know that when Uncle Steve modernized the shop he put in web cams though out the shop. They had sound and zoom capability. Darshina had been recorded since she entered the shop. Right now there were cams focusing not only on her face but her exposed pubic area. That is what Steve went to adjust. Steve Hi Darshina I just have to zip tie your ankles to the foot holders as I don’t want you to move during the next few minutes.I’m going to take my wahl personal clippers and remove the bulk of your over grown bush first. Then I’m going to lather you up and shave you clean with a straight razor. I will work gently and quickly. Now first I’m going to slide your rear closer to me so I can do a nice job. A lot of men like their women clean shaven in this area. You mght like it too after you get use to it. Steve pulled up a stool. He turned on the wahl clippers and began mowing through Darshina thick untended to brown mound. Mom was sittting near Darshina’ s head and didn’t notice Steve directing the hair clippings into a mason jar. A buzzing sound was heard in the quiet room and Darshina felt the vibration in the pubic area for the first time in her life. Steve, would from time to time back way and open the cabinet to adjust the web cams for close up recordings of Darshina. The clipping done Steve spread shaving cream on Darshina’s stubby area and let it soak in. Steve Ok, Darshina time to take the straight razor and make you smooth and clean.I want you to lay very still. Steve made Darshina as smooth as a newborn baby. Darshina felt uncomfortable as a stranger touched her private area. Steve worked quickly and proffesionally. He new Darshina was a virgin and he was the first to play in her “Secret Garden plus it was being recorded for later viewing pleasure. What seened like an eternity for Dashina took only 25 minutues. Steve wiped the area with a wet cloth. Steve Ok, Darshina, I’m going to undoo your ankles and you are free to feel yourself. Im done and now it is time to do your other end. Darshina reached down and felt her pubic area Oh, my I’am bald down there!. She could feel the smoothness. She got worried if Steve did that to her pube area what did he have in mind for her head. She would soon find out.Steve I want you to put yourself back together. Go into the other room and sit in the second barber chair.

Darshina went back in the room of Barber chairs. Steve was there waiting. Darshina I want you to stand by the old red barber chair and look at the mirror. I want you to brush your long pretty hair one more time. I want to take some before photos.Then she sat in the chair.

{Like in the movie O-Henry’s Gift of Magi with Jennifer Crain in the short Henry’s full House. Darshina knew what was coming next. Her long soft brown locks were going to be methodically taken from her. She knew she was selling her virgin long soft hair but Uncle Steve wouldn’t come right out and say it. She was selling her virgin hair for money to pay off family debts. }

Darshina sat in the barber chair. A pure white cape was wrapped tightly around her neck and her long soft light brown hair flowed over it and down the back of the chair. Steve spoke softly to her Darshina I’m so glad you didn’t cut your luscious long hair while you were in college. I’m going to move you from a teenage look to an adult look. I’m going to get rid of your center part and give you soft bangs. I want you to look in the mirror but you might want to close your eyes as Im going to give you a new short crop style. I’m going to start on top of your head and work my way down to your neck. Then I will clean your neck area up nice. I’ll give you a moment to look and touch your long hair one last time. Steve walked away again to check to make sure the hidden cameras were all in focus. Darshinas mom sat in the next barbershop chair and would occasional stand to watch the transformation of her long haired daughter into a short haired women. Steve would hand her the cut locks to place on the counter. She knew her daughters virgin hair was over 36 inches long and would bring a good price on the hair market as it was thick material. Steve came over and surprised Darshina by cutting her bangs first. He combed the long hair down and snipped it off. Her hair was placed on the counter next to a yard stick it measured 28 inches long. Steve looked at Darshina Ok, now it is time for me to remove your long security blanket or treasure. I’m going to take a section at a time and cut it off. Steve lowered the barber chair and then with a pointed comb seperated a 3 inch section of hair. He pulled it staight up into the air and then holding it tight he took his scissors two inches from Darshina’s scalp and with a snip, snip, he severed the soft brown hair forever from her head. The room was quiet as Steve methodically cut the soft long brown hair off. The pile on the counter got large. Darshina’s mom stepped over closer. She has a lot of thick hair. Steve Yes, she does or had. That is why I’ve had my eye on her the past few years. Her locks will bring a good price as extensions. She has great hair all the way down to the ends thanks to you for doing what I told you and giving her nice trims once a year. You also helped by encouraging her to keep her hair long and not cut it. Steve continued on snip, snip, snippping away the long mane. Darshina watched in the mirror and when it got to the point that her ears were exposed then the shearing got to her and she cried a tear. She knew there was no turning back. She cried out I’m going to look like a Missionary Boy! Finally the snipping stopped. Steve looked at Darsina Ok, the bulk of your hair is gone. Now,I’m going to wet your hair down and fine tune it. I’ll be using clippers over comb and my scissors. Don’t worry your not going to look like a Missionary Boy”. Back to work he went and as Darshina looked down she saw the floor around the chair getting covered with her severed brown hair.Her head was pushed this way and that way. Then Steve loosened the cape so that his clippers could tidy up her nape and hair line. Then Steve took a blow dryer and styling brush and continued the final styling. He pulled loose the cape and handed Darshina a hand mirror. Her hands reached up Uncle Steve it is really short! I need earings badly mom.

Steve Darshina your all done. I know you hate me now but you might change your mind later. Sister, her is an envelope with the money I promised you. Darshina you were a very good model this morning. Her is something for you for a graduation present. He gave her two $100 bills. Now it is time for you both to get to church. Darshina looked longily at her severed brown locks piled high on the counter. She looked at herself in her mirror. A young lady with short soft fluffy hair that almost touched her ears and was tappered up in back. Soft bangs covered her forehead.She could feel the air on her neck. She looked at her mom as she rushed out to the car. I’m glad I only graduate once mom.
Mom I think you don’t realize how cute you look now.

They got to church and her family was amazed at her new look. When the service was over she was the center of attention at the fellowship. Boys and young men who had paid no attention to her before flocked to her. She got several offers for dates the next week. She began thinking that maybe Uncle Steve’s Graduation Haircuts weren’t such a bad family Tradition after all.

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