Daughter’s Lice

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She had just gotten home from work when she got the call from the school.

“A boy came home from a camping trip with lice, we have not told your children but we are telling you so you can go to the pharmacy to grab the correct lotion for hair and bags for bedding, if you have any questions call 323-452-8744”

Tonight was obviously going to be a long night, Eva had a lot of hair.

Before Eva had been born she had been a hair model during this time her hair used to reach down to her waist, but due to baby stress and the new waitress job it had gotten damaged and was cut short to her neck. Luckily it still looked good but she had to be careful while brushing and had to wear a hairnet while showering or large clumps of hair would fall out, she had to cut her own hair so stylist didn’t make her bald.

She hadn’t told anyone. During sex with her boyfriends she had to tell them if they touched her hair she would hurt them. They would always complain and say “but look how soft and shiny it is I just want to run my hands through it.” Because like I said it still looked good but it wasn’t good. She had already lost so much she couldn’t lose anymore.


Some nights she cried her self to sleep thinking about the state of her hair and it didn’t help that Eva looked almost exactly like her.


Eva had blonde hair that reached her belly button and was very thick much thicker then hers had been. She had inherited her good looks as well, her straight teeth, blue eyes, straight nose, full lips, big butt and boobs.


In truth she was a little jealous all the guys who would date her would always look at her daughter with those eyes Dave had used to give her before Eva had been born.

She sat down on the couch and reached up and ran her hands through the side of her hair and jumped when a large clump of hair fell out, she ran to the bathroom and saw that the hair just above her left ear was now bald to the skin she whimpered and went to go to the pharmacy.


I walked through the aisles and I saw something clippers for girls with thick hair and an idea popped into my mind I could shave Eva’s head she would hate me but she deserved it I had the most beautiful hair now it was all falling out because of her.

I got home and put the battery’s in the clippers and waited by the door.

After a good 6 minutes of waiting the doorknob turned and in came Evas face her blonde ponytail swinging behind her I slammed the door and just as I wanted It caught her ponytail.

”Ahhhhh mom open the door my hair is stuck” she screamed

“Hey honey how was cheer”

”It was good now open the door”

”I will as soon as I’m done” I turned on the clippers and they came whirring to life.

Evas eyes widened “mom what are you doing  I’m sorry for what ever I did just don’t cut my hair” she started to cry

”Didn’t do anything oh your going to regret saying that you know I will let you go”

I grabbed a chair and rope and placed it in front of her.

“Sit” I said, she did I tied her up then opened the door her thick ponytail fell out bent at the  her boobs.

”Listen I’ll be nice and we can do this slow let start at where it’s bent, below your boobs”

”Mom please don’t do this I love my hair don’t cut it, I didn’t do anything to you” she was now balling with tears

”DIDN’T DO ANYTHING, when you were born   The doctor told me the birth had damaged some of my hair follicles. I didn’t think much until my long gorgeous hair started to lose its normal texture. The stylist cut my hair saying it was damaged from birth and this length should give you a new plate to start off with. I cried because of the loss of so much hair it was at my waist, but I said it will grow back and besides only the length changed. I went back to work and my hair was at my boobs and they said I didn’t look as sexy when my hair was at my waist. I was fired when you were 5 my hair had grown out but this time it only some hairs grew but not enough to really notice I only noticed it still wasn’t shiny I went to the salon and they cut it shorter to my neck I was devastated. This time only a few pieces grew giving a weird thick too stringy bottom look. Then I started to fit the pieces together when you were born my hairs ability to grow was damaged so I cried wishing I hadn’t let them cut my hair so short. Then it started loosening ever wonder why my fore head looks bigger then it used to I was washing my hair and I pulled on some strands and they came out then I did more and I went from a 3 head to a 5 head. I got scared at how much came out and from then on I was carful with my hair. I had to hold down my head while I brushed, I wore hair nets in the shower. I couldn’t be bald. It’s because of you I’m going through this.” I shouted as I hovered the clippers from below her boobs to above them.”

”Mom please I’m sorry your hair is falling out but don’t make me bald because your balding.”

I look at her and in range plunge the clippers into her hair “I don’t think you understand”

I walk in front of her and put my hands on my head and pull my hair line and the top of my hair.

I realize what I did to late. I run to the mirror and I had left was the back and my right side. I look at Eva.

”This is your fault”

“No it’s not please let me go”

I walk up to her and chop the rest of her ponytail. She know has the same length as me.

She looks in the mirror and cry’s while trying to get free “I’m sorry please let me go”

The ropes had loosened I saw her get out to late. She ran. I sat their and pulled all of my hair out I would never have hair or a daughter again…..





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