Daughters Revenge 4: Swati Strikes Back

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Later that night when Shobha’s husband returned from work he was surprised to see Swati in that ridiculous hair cut. He asked Shobha what was going on to which she replied it was due to some ritual at their place. “I have to leave tonight due to an urgent business trip” he informed her. She packed his suitcase while he had dinner and then left the house. Shobha went to Rahul’s room to say good night to him then returned to the lounge where Swati was sitting on the floor. Her eyes we’re fixed on the floor as if she was thinking about something, shobha slapped her on her bald scalp breaking her concentration.

Swati looked up there were tears of anger and sadness in her eyes, she wanted to eat shobha alive but was holding herself back. “Call her” She handed Swati the phone asking her to call Rani. Swati did as asked but found out Rani was away and would return in 2 days. Shobha then took her to the old store room “this is where you will sleep from now” She ordered her. Shobha left her there and locked the room from outside making sure she doesn’t run away at night.

The next morning shobha unlocked her room with her bare feet she gently kicked her bald head “wake up you are here to work not sleep” She yelled at her. Swati woke up and started with her daily chores, both Shobha and Sneha would slap her head and pull her pony every now and then laughing at her. There was a lot of anger inside her they had humiliated her, taken away her pride she was boiling from within but was holding herself back allowing them to do what they wanted.

A week later Sneha and Shobha were sitting on the dining table enjoying their evening tea while swati was moping the floor. “Mom her hair has grown out again look” Sneha pointed at Swati. Shobha asked her to come closer so she could inspect indeed the head which looked white when they shaved her was not black again with hair growing back out. Shobha rubbed her hands on the black stubble over her head “hmm we need to do something about it, go get the hair removal cream and a disposable razor it’s in my bathroom cabinet. The cream won’t allow her hair to return anytime soon” Shobha told Sneha holding Swati’s small pony I’m her hand.

“Madam please madam dont shave me again I’m really sorry for what I did please madam” Swati begged her.

“Well I will think about it if you call your friend here” Shobha said

Swati nodded then asked for her phone to call Rani, this time Rani was on the phone “come quickly I need some help” Swati said “okay I will be there in 15 minutes” Rani replied. The phone was on speaker this made Shobha very happy, as the phone for disconnected sneha returned to the lounge with the hair removal cream, a few disposable razors and some oil.

Swati thought she was saved for now but Shobha yanked at her pony, in no time sneha poured the hair removal cream on her head then rubbed it to all corners making sure it covered the whole head leaving just the pony her mom was holding tightly. It started burning badly on Swati’s head she cried out “madam you said you won’t please remove this it’s burning me” She cried. “I said I will think now sit very still or it will actually burn you” She said.

Shobha took a disposable razor and started removing her small hair on Swati’s head the cream was working she could not see the roots when the razor removed the hair. It was pale white skin, she kept moving the razor to all corners of her head making sure every single hair was shaved off from her. After completing her work she took a table cloth and wiped her head clean. Sneha didn’t waste time she brought a mirror to show swati how she looked, the mirror image brought tears to her eyes. She could see her roots had burned her head looked as bald as a baby completely white with no visible roots she started crying.

Shobha wasn’t satisfied yet she poured the oil on her head and started massaging it to make it shine even more. As she started with the oil massage the door bell rang it gave shobha a bigger smile, sneha went to open the door Rani had arrived. She saw Sneha and laughed unkown to what had happened to her own friend she casually walked in and Sneha locked the door shut behind her. She ran her fingers in Sneha’s short hair while behind her “it’s growing out so quickly little brat, I will ask Swati to shave you again today” She laughed. When she walked thru the hallway into the lounge she was dumbstruck this is the first time she had see swati since that day, her head gleaming bright like a tubelight no fossils of hair only a small pony. Shobha was holding that pony in her hand massaging swati’s bald head, Rani got scared looking at her friend she tried to make a run for it but Sneha stopped her.

Shobha got up from her chair and grabbed her braid pulling her to where Swati was kneeling on the floor. She asked her daughter to bring a scissor Sneha ran quickly as her mother held Rani by her tail. Swati meanwhile was kneeling down on the floor staring at herself thru the mirror which Sneha had left , her sadness and pain were now turning into anger.

Sneha handed her mother the scissors wasting no time she placed them on the base of the braid and started chopping it off the loud noise of Rani crying and the scissors eating her hair were all that could he heard. Her hair wasn’t as thick or beautiful as Swati they gave in to the shart blades rather quickly. She fell on the floor face first as Shobha held her now detached pony in her hand. Shobha pulled her back up and started chopping what was left over head into an uneven mess, hair flew all round as snip after snip continued reducing Rani’s hair to mere stubble at some places. Rani struggled to get away from the custody of Shobha, when shobha lost her grip Rani fell again this time a little harder.

Swati looked at her friend laying down on the floor weeping her mane all over the floor in bits, her head looked like a lawn mower had ploughed thru it. She then moved her eyes to Shobha who was holding the scissors in one hand and Rani’s chopped pony tail in the other. There was an anger in her eyes she in an instant held the bucket in her hand and smashed it on Shobha’s face. Shobha fell from her chair it shocked Sneha too who ran to her mother, Swati had endured enough she stood up grabbed a chunk of sneha’s short hair and pulled her up as Shobha layed on the floor recovering from hit. Rani looked around she saw her friend fighting back she joined her as they tamed Sneha, both of them then grabbed Shobha by her hand pushing her back into the chair. Rani ran to the balcony and returned with a rope, shobha was still in daze after the initial hit as they tied her to the chair. Sneha tried saving her mother but Swati’s slaps were too hard for her, a chair was placed opposite to Shobha’s and Sneha was tied onto it with help of Shobha’s saree.

Swati waited for shobha to return to her senses before starting her revenge, as shobha recovered she relaised her predicament she shook herself trying to get away from the boundations but was unsuccessful. She looked up to see her daughter tied to another chair crying her eyes out both Swati and Rani stood behind her. Swati walked towards Shobha who was fuming at them cursing them, without saying a word she grabbed the scissors from the floor and places it right over Shobha’s forehead. “Scrunch….. Scrunh….. Scrunch”  was all that could he heard Shobha’s glorious hair started to fall from her head Swati continued chopping them away from her forehead to the back leaving a very small stuble behind. When the top of her head was reduced to a stuble swati continued the same treatment towards the back the floor was getting filled with hair as the hip length mane of Shobha was getting reduced to bits. Swati finally stopped she had made a clear pathway from shobha’a forehead to her neck the hair had been reduced to a stubble while the hair on the sides were of the older lengths.

She stood in front of her with a grin, then showed her the same hair removal cream she had applied on her. She poured a handful over her head massaging it into her roots all over the stubble on the pathway. She took a razor from the bunch as Shobha cringed in pain, Swati paused for a moment then started shaving the stubble. She could see the white rootless skin as she removed the hair, the cream was very powerful one swipe would remove everything in the razors path with ease. She worked on her head making sure all the stubble was removed, she finally held the mirror infront of shobha who could not control her tears anymore. She looked even more ridiculous than Swati there was nothing on top of her head but long hair on her sides.

Leaving Shobha to her predicament Swati turned her attention to Sneha her hair was only a few inches long she ordered Rani to cut thum all to the scalp, Rani obliged at her friends order and started snipping away all of Sneha’s short locks to skin. When Rani was done Swati poured the cream all over Sneha’s head and removed whatever was left to skin. Shobha thought the ordeal was over but Swati poured the cream over sneha’s head for the second time this time only over the top leaving it for a few minutes as Sneha cried in pain. When she removed the cream with the razor the white part of sneha’s head turned red. Shobha looked at her daughter with fear she thought they had burned her scalp.

Swati asked Rani to grab whatever money they could find in the closet, it took them a bit more time before finally assembling again in the lounge. They both tied cloth to their head hiding their own ridiculous look before biding goodbye to Shobha and Swati.

Both Swati and Rani went straight to the bus station and left the town. Shobha after an hour of struggle finally was able to free herself from the ropes she ran to look at her daughter and untied her. They never fined a complaint against Swati Or Rani, for the first few weeks both didn’t leave their house. Sneha helped her mother in shaving off the hair on the sides, the cream actually worked but not to full extent. Shobha’s hair started to come back after the first week but it took a month for sneha’s roots to re-appear because they had used excess cream on her.

Swati left city looking for new means to survive perhaps a new victim.

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