Daughter’s Revenge : It’s time Swati!!

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Shobha, her husband and Rahul returned to their home 2 weeks after the incident took place with Sneha. Shobha was shocked to see Sneha”s hair as it was still quite short. Her sides and back that were shaved smooth grew a little more than an half n inch in this time. She asked Swati how Sneha was and why was her hair looking shorter than she had left. Swati replied she wasn’t an expert at cutting hair so Sneha felt her hair was uneven and decided to get it corrected at a salon which resulted in a shorter cut. Shobha told Swatii she could leave and should move back to her regular schedule from the next day. Swati left with all smiles finally running her hands in Sneha’s hair.
That same night Shobha went to Sneha room and asked her if there was something she was hiding. Sneha started crying and told her mother everything. She told her how scared she is of Swati and she didn’t want anything to happen to her mother so she kept it all a secret and bared the torture Swati and Rani inflicted on her. Shobha was both angry and sad listening to her daughter’s experience. Shobha decided to plot a revenge. She told Sneha to behave in the same way with Swati till she plans something.
Shobha started digging in Swati’s personal life. She found out that Swati was an orphan but she had an aunt who she had lived with since her parent’s demise. She was very arrogant and her aunt hated her. She wanted to get rid of Swati at any cost. Shobha took this opportunity and started planning her daughter’s revenge. The next day Shobha stayed home and while Swati was working she told her that she was really impressed with her and how she had kept her home while she was away. Swati was flattered and at the same time she though how big a fool this woman is I shaved her daughter and she doesn’t know about it. Shobha offered her a full time job she said you can stay here 24 hours and make you own food with ours and complete all the work. She also offered her an increment in her salary. Swati hated the place she lived in and was more than happy to move at Shobha’s because she knew till she has Sneha in her grasp it will all be easy so she agreed and went to her home to say goodbye to her aunt. Swati was now on the mercy of Shobha because she was her legal guardian.
Finally, Sneha the time has come I will take care of that bitch now Shobha said to her daughter. Swati came with her luggage Shobha asked her to open her bags in front of her so she could see if Swati needed anything extra. Shobha slowly pulled out all the hair accessories Swati had and kept it on the side. Swati was confused she had her hair in a bun that day so Shobha asked her to hand over the clips she had in her hair. Swati did as she was told. Next Shobha told Swati and Sneha that they needed to go somewhere so they should go and sit in the car. They did as they were told. Soon the car stopped in a market place filled with a number of people. Shobha asked them to get out of the car and the trio started walking through the crowd. The stopped near a barber who had deliberately faced her chair towards the people and there was a good crowd waiting for something. Swati asked Shobha what was happening to which Shobha didn’t reply. When they got near the barber’s chair Shobha asked Swati to sit in the chair. Swati was frightened she started pulling away before the barber finally held her hand and pulled her towards the chair. Swati started yelling at Sneha and Shobha she said they can’t do anything to her. Shobha slapped Swati and said “we won’t do anything its him who’ll do we want”. Swati was pushed in the chair and she felt some ropes were being tied around her arms, legs and chest. She sat there tied on a chair. She couldn’t move but all she did was shout. The barber and the crowd were laughing at the sight. He asked Shobha what had to be done she told him to cut her hair in a short boy cut. The barber brushed her hair and made a ponytail then started cutting it with scissors but Swati’s hair was so thick he couldn’t cut through the ponytail with his scissors. At that point one of the gardner who was watching provided him with his garden shears. It took the barber 15 minutes to get rid of the ponytail. He raised it in the air to show the crowd. The crowd laughed and chanted at the same time. Swati wanted to stay defiant but couldn’t control her tears. He handed the ponytail to Shobha who then pushed the chopped tail in Swati’s mouth. The crowd again laughed and chanted. Shobha had a thought and asked the barber to cut Swati’s hair in a longish boy style. He started cutting it and it took him 10 minutes to shear her hair in the required style. Shobha reached Swati and grabbed the hair on top and made a small ponytail on top of her head then tied a ribbon on both the ponytail in Swati’s mouth and the one on top. Shobha then asked the barber to shave her head in a way that the ponytail stays intact and the rest of the head is shaved. The barber worked on the sides then back and then the rest of the head. He did his work splendidly and asked Shobha if it was what she wanted. Shobha rubbed her hand on Swati’s clean scalp touching her ponytail. She said she wanted it smoother so he should shave it a couple more times. He did as he was asked till finally Shobha was happy. He then applied some wax and shined her head so well that her head was gleaming like a light bulb. Swati was crying she was really broken at this point. But Shobha wasn’t done yet. He asked the barber to shave her face and her eyebrows. Swati was now pleading to stop but the barber took less time to shave her face and her eyebrows. Shobha wasn’t yet happy he told him to grab some hair from the ground and stick it below her nose with super glue as if she had a moustache.
Shobha took her daughter and Swati home. Shobha didn’t allow Swati to cover her head and asked her to walk into the building with her head gleaming and the ponytail sitting right at the top of her head. They went home where Shobha and Sneha rubbed Swati’s scalp then grabbed her by the ponytail and pulled her with it. They held her 5 feet ponytail in her hand and compared it with what was left on her head. They then asked her to call Rani Sneha was asked to bring out some tools and they were waiting for Rani.
The next part is when Rani gets his hair done

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