Daughter’s Revenge- Part 1

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Shobha and her husband were living in a quite society in India they had 2 children their beautiful daughter sneha (16) and their son Rahul (11) . Shobha had long beautiful hair which hung to her butt and she loved it. She took care of her as well as her daughter’s hair. She urged Sneha to grow her hair since she was a child. Sneha’s hair hung to her waist. It was thick and beautiful like her mother’s. She loved her hair and so did her mother. Shobha needed a house maid who can babysit her children all day while she was out with her friends or for work so she hired Swati who was 21 and had previously worked in their society. They hired her as she had good references from her previous employers. Swati too had beautiful knee length hair it was really thick, straight and was something to look at. On her first day at work she saw how much Shobha and Sneha loved their hair and how proud they were of it. She decided to mark her territory as she also was really proud of her hair and always wanted to show it off in-front of others. So, on her 2nd day she went to work with her hair open she had shampooed and conditioned her hair so it looks more beautiful. Both Shobha and Sneha instantly looked at her hair and got jealous. Swati sensed it and was happy about it she showed off her hair. This continued for a while Swati had now worked at Shoba’s for 3 months. Both Shobha and Sneha hated her but they had no other choice because there weren’t any good maids. Swati got so comfortable working at Shobha’s that she started sneaking in her bathroom and use her expensive shampoos and equipment. She knew both her children will be stuck with their tutions and she had free liberty to what she wanted. It was one of those days got herself ready the tutor came and both children sat with him. She went to the toilet and washed her hair. Little did she know the children’s tutor came to tell them he won’t be able to teach them today and he went off so did Rahul who wanted to go and play with her friends. Sneha closed the door and looked for Swati she could hear the sound of her mother’s hair dryer and she went in her mother’s room to check where she found Swati was drying her hair and wore her mother’s new dress. Sneha started yelling she said she would tell her mother when she returns and have her punished. When Swati saw Shena she was shocked and dropped the hair dryer. It broke making Sneha angrier. She was now yelling more loudly and called Swati a fucking whore. Swati got offended she got up from the dressing table and went where sneha was standing. Sneha was still yelling at her. Sneha tried to grab Swati by her hair but Swati pushed her and slapped her quite fiercely. Sneha was shocked she never though Swati would do that. Her eyes filled with tears but she got herself up and tried pushing Swati to her surprise Swati slapped her again. Swati was quite strong and she knew the girl had no power over her. She grabbed Sneha by her ponytail and dragged her to her room. Where she slapped sneha a few more times. She asked sneha to sit on the dressing chair. It was swati’s turn to yell. She said ” you little bitch, you’ll tell your mother about this won’t you. I’ll make you beg me now.” After that she opened Sneha’s ponytail and grabbed her hairbrush. Sneha tried asking what she was doing but Swati slapped her again this slap was harder than the others. Swati said just sit still and I will do what I want. Swati brushed sneha’s hair and made two pigtails. She had full control over Sneha and she knew she can do whatever she wants with her and the girl will not say a word. Next she asked Sneha to open her mouth. Sneha hesitated but opened a mouth because she feared Swati will slap her again. Swati then grabbed a dirty sock from the toilet and pushed it into Sneha’s mouth. Sneha looked at herself with tears in her eyes. She was sitting at her own dresser where she use to sit everyday and comb her hair. Right now she was beaten up and had a dirty sock in her mouth and didn’t know what was going to happen to her.
Soon she realised Swati had a kitchen scissors in her hand and had a very wicked grin on her face. She slowly walked towards Sneha opening and closing the shears. She said I’m going to do something to you that you’ll never forget. With that she grabbed one of Sneha’s pigtails and said say good bye to this mop you call hair and threw her own hair to sneha’s face. She said this is what you call beautiful hair not what you and your whore mother have. She grabbed her hair away from Sneha. It’s time for a haircut little bitch she said and started cutting her pigtail. It took her 10 minutes as Sneha’s hair was thick but soon had detached her pigtail. She stood in-front of Sneha with her tail. She held it like a trophy swinging it in-front of her. She pulled the sock out of her mouth and asked how do you look now you little brat. Sneha was in tears and didn’t say anything Swati then asked her to open her mouth again and this time she put the chopped ponytail in a way that the chopped part was in sneha’s mouth and the other part hung from her mouth. She laughed at Sneha and asked her to chew her ponytail. While Sneha was doing this Swati took some pictures from her phone. Swati said it’s now turn for the other one. With that Swati grabbed the other tail and started cutting it. In a moment she had both her pigtails scrunched off her head. She asked sneha to open her mouth again and stuffed both ponytails in her mouth. Swati took some more pictures and then started to chop Sneha’s hair which was now a blunt bob. She chopped a parts a sneha’s sides to her scalp and stopped. Sneha now looked awful she had uneven hair all around. Both her sides were chopped to the scalp and the other parts had hair which looked like a longish pixie. Swati stood at the back looking at her work. Swati then went in-front of Sneha and slapped her again. Sneha still had both her pigtails in her mouth she was crying vigorously. Swati told Sneha when your mother returns you will tell her you were eating gum and it got stuck to your hair while you were sleeping it happened twice and on both sides and you didn’t realise until you got up. I helped you, we tried everyday to remove the gum from your hair other than cutting but with no option left you finally decided it needed to be cut and asked me to do so. She said if you say anything other than what I told you your mother will fire me and won’t be able to do anything more than that. But I will get both of you kidnapped and permanently shave your and your mother’s hair. With that she slapped Sneha again and asked her to repeat what she said. Sneha repeated it but quite slowly and Swati slapped her again. Swati knew she had 2 more hours to enjoy her slave and called another maid who was her friend and was previously working in the same house and hated both Shobha and Sneha. When Rani ( the other maid) arrived and looked at Sneha she started laughing loudly and mocked her. Sneha still had both her ponytails in her mouth and was crying. Swati and Rani stripped Sneha completely and started touching her breasts and her pussy. Rani then took off her and Swati’s pants and asked Sneha to remove the pigtails and lick them. They enjoyed tormenting her for an hour then Swati stuck chewing gum to the removed pigtails and asked Sneha to sweep the hair on the floor with her pigtails. Sneha held her pigtails in her hand and started to bend down to sweep the hair but Rani stopped her and said not with your hand but with your mouth. Sneha cleaned everything while crying. When it was all done Swati took Sneha in the bathroom and cleaned her face she did a fine work with the light makeup kit. When she was done it didn’t look like Sneha was slapped numerous times. Swati warned Sneha and told her if she opens up her mouth next time the torture will be more humiliating. With that the door bell rand and she went to see who it was. It was Rahul who had just returned. Swati left and told Rahul her sister wasn’t well and she shouldn’t disturb her. With that Swati left and said she will return at her normal time tomorrow. Shobha came home she found her daughter and was shocked to see how awful she looked. She asked what happened and Sneha told her mother the story Swati suggested. Shobha wasn’t convinced but hugged her daughter and told her don’t worry I will help you with your hair and it will grow back even stronger. Shobha still had doubts in her mind and decided she needs to investigate about what happened. She called Swati that night and asked he what had happened Swati told the same story. Sneha didn’t knew her humiliation and Swati’s triumph wasn’t over. Not knowing anything Shobha asked if you can help with Sneha’s ueven hair. Sneha was sitting in-front of her dresser while Swati started cutting her hair she deliberately cut her hair to a really short boy’s cut. Now Sneha’s hair was shorter than her brother’s. Sneha cried all night and wanted to tell her mother about what happened but was scared of Swati. But things were to go worse for her.
Hi, this story was completely fictional and a bit adult. I don’t want to offend anyone with the content but will love to read your reviews. The next part will be out soon. Thanks for reading mates!!

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