Daughter’s Revenge Part-2

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Sneha woke up the next morning hoping the events of yesterday was just a nightmare she had and reached up to feel her hair but as she touched her short hair she had tears in her eyes. She then got up and looked at the time it was 11 am and thought relived that her mother didn’t ask her to go to school but then she saw her phone and it saw it was a Sunday. She then remembered her mother trying to wake her up early in the morning for something but she didn’t remember what it really was so she decided to go to her mother;s room. As she entered she saw a note from her mother which said “Dear Sneha, Me, your father and rahul are leaving for your grandfather’s as he isn’t well. We hopefully will come back in 10 days depending on his condition. I have left you because you aren’t well and should stay. Swati will take care of you, she has agreed to stay at ours till we return. Love Mom and Dad.” Sneha was now more shocked and felt betrayed by her mother. Swati walked into Shoba’s room and started running her hands on Sneha’s short hair. She said ” you’re on my watch now and we oh wait I am going have a lot of fun in the coming days”. She then took out some nice clothes from Shoba’s wardrobe. Swati stripped Sneha completely then herself. Sneha was now asked to wear the bra and panties Swati was wearing and the dirty clothes Swati wore. Swati dressed herself in Shobha’s nice clothes. Swati then phoned Rani and asked her to meet them in the Market near Swati’s place. Swati took sneha there and they met Rani who also ran her hands through Sneha’s hair laughing at her. They walked a bit until they reached a tree in the middle of the market. Sitting next to the tree was a street barber. Swati asked Sneha to take a seat when Sneha hesitated Swati came near her gave her a stern look and told her she has to go back home with her and stay there for some days 24 hours. Sneha sat on the chair the barber had a small mirror hanging by the tree. He finally spoke and asked what had to be done. Swati said ” her hair has got a bit longer and she wanted him to give her a short haircut. She needs to look like a boy Swati added” Sneha was shocked and in tears. The barber got excited when he saw how uncomfortable Sneha was. He asked if her turn the chair to the other side so it will face the people in market. Both Rani and Swati agreed to that immediately. The barber asked Sneha to get up and turned the chair to the other side then asked her to sit. Sneha was now facing the market and some people started staring at her. The barber drapped a white cloth around her body and tied it to her neck. He started cutting on the top and then moved to the sides then back. He enjoyed cutting Sneha hair and took every chance to feel her breasts. When the barber was done he showed his work to Swati and Rani. They were impressed as Sneha’s hair was now chopped really short. There was nothing left on her sides and back apart from short stubble and the hair on top wasn’t longer than an inch. Sneha now had sort of a flattop when she the barber showed it to her in the mirror Sneha started sobbing. A few people looked at her and laughed. Swati said she is looking like a boy but there’s something that still lacks hmmm…..what’s lacking Rani she asked. Rani looked at Sneha and took her time finally grabbing Sneha the chin and said ” think she needs shave” Swati jumped with excitement hearing that and asked the barber to shave Sneha. They barber was more excited and happy now he grabbed the shaving gel he had and applied a handful on Sneha’s cheeks then used a brush to spread the foam. Sneha’s face was all lathered up Swati said wait lather the sides and back too. Hearing that Sneha went into to deep shock. The barber was really happy he thought it was the best day of his life her then lathered the sides and back of Sneha;s head. He then took out a straight razor and started on the back of Sneha’s face in a few passes he was done then he went to work on the sides then the back of Sneha’s head. in 10 miuntes he was done. Swati and Rani rubbed their hands on Sneha’s shaved sides laughing at her. Rani told the barber she didn’t feel it’s smooth enough so he should shave the sides and back a couple more times. The barber happily agreed and went to work. After shaving her twice her asked the girls to rub their hands and feel the smoothness of Sneha’s head. They were now happy but the barbed asked them to wait he then went to a shop in the market and came back with a box. He took out some sort of cream from the box and started rubbing it to her sides and back. He massaged the cream then took a towel and started rubbing it. Soon the girls realized the barber was shining Sneha’s sides and back. The barber announced he was done and he didn’t need money for his work as he really enjoyed shaving Sneha, Sneha’s sides were shinning so brightly that one could see their face in it. Swati asked the barber if she can take the cream with her and he was obliged to do that. The girls brought Sneha home they covered her head when they brought her so no one in the building could see what they did to Sneha.
When they came home Swati asked Sneha to strip down completely and to clean the house. Sneha said “I’m not a maid I wont do it you should do it” listening to that Swati slapped Sneha and teared off the clothes and her undergarments. She took Sneha to her room Rani followed them. Swati said “Rani we need to teach this brat how to be respectful, take a leave from work let’s work on her”
The rest of the day went into a blur for Sneha she finally slept the night off. Swati woke her up the next day and asked her to get ready for school. Sneha was scared how people would react but was forced anyway. Swati shined Sneha’s head then used Sneha’s scooty and dropped her to school she had covered Sneha’s head until they reached her school. Swati asked sneha to wait outside and went in to meet her Principal. She handed in a note to her principal which explained that Sneha had this haircut because she was punished as she stuck gum in a neighbour’s hair and then shaved parts of her head. It also said Shobha had sent the letter with Swati because she was away due to Sneha’s grand father’s health. The principal asked who Swati was and she told her that she was her cousin and was there because mother was away. She was wearing Shobha’s nice clothes looking like a rich girl. Shobha’s signatures on the note was assuring enough for the principal. She then asked Swati to bring Sneha inside her cabin and see what was done to her. Swati acted as is she was sympathetic of Sneha’s situation and asked if she could wear the scarf all day. The principal asked Sneha to take of the scarf. When she saw sneha’s head she smiled and said I think she deserves this punishment and shouldn’t be allowed to hide it. She ordered Sneha to go to her class. When she went into her class all the boys and girls who were jealous of Sneha’s long beautiful hair burst into laughter. The girls started rubbing their hand on Sneha’s smooth sides. Some girls pulled her ears which were now sticking out. Some mocked her by using her shining head as a mirror. They were all laughing at her and mocking her some girls even slapped slapped Sneha on the back of her head. The rest of the school day was even more traumatic for Sneha.

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