Dawn’s Barbershop Haircut

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Dawn quickly made her way to her mother’s car. She was out of breath, when she opened the door of her mother’s Mustang.

As Dawn was putting on her seat belt, she said “I’m sorry, I wasn’t out her on time”.

Her mother looked over at her, and then said “it’s fine”.

They were driving forwards the exist to the  parking lot, her mother said “we are going to the barber shop I go to”.

As they pulled onto the main road, her mother said “I’m going to have Kate give you your summer cut”.

Dawn laughed, and then said “I’m 16 years old. I don’t need a summer haircut”.

Her mother pulled the Mustang in parking space in front of Kate’s Barbershop.

When her mother put the car in park, she said “if you act up in her, you can forget about getting a car till your 18”.

As they got out of the Mustang, her mother said “I have already talked to Kate about your haircut”.

Dawn assumed that she would be trading her bob haircut for a flat top.

For as long as Dawn could remember, her mother wore her hair in a flat top.

Once they entered the shop, Kate said “please, come take a seat, Dawn”.

Dawn slowly walked towards the Kate’s barber chair.

As she walked towards the chair, Kate said “your mom has told me so much about you”.

She slowly sat down in the chair, as Dawn said “Wonderful”.

Kate pulled Dawn’s hair up in a ponytail, and then quickly cut the ponytail off.

The ponytail was handed to Dawn once the cut off.

Dawn gasped as she saw more than foot of her hair being handed to her.

Once she handed Dawn the ponytail, Kate wrapped a tissue around her neck.

Then Kate tossed a cape over Dawn.

Once the cape was secured, Dawn said “I guess more than a few inches are getting out off”.

Her mother looked over at her, and then said “Kate is cutting your hair just like mine”.

As Kate oiled her clippers, she said “don’t test my Patience, or your going to end up bald”.

Dawn looked in her mother direction, and then said “why are you doing this to me”.

Kate moved Dawn’s head, as her mother said “your going to look so much better with shorter hair”.

Right before Kate flipped on the clippers, she said “stay still”.

Dawn knew she better do what Kate said.

Once Kate said that, her clippers came to life.

Kate picked up a comb, and then used the comb and clippers on the right side of her head.

Dawn looked terrified as she saw the clippers go to work on the side of her head.

She was pretty much forced to watch her transformation thought the mirror in front of her.

Kate slowly pushed the clippers up, and she used the comb to make it easier for her to buzz it.

The clippers had a number one guard on the clippers, at this point.

large chunk of her hair fell to the floor, as Kate said “I think you too are going to look like twins”.

Kate kept clipping, as Sarah said “I think you could be right”.

Dawn wanted to believe that Kate was only going to take as short as her mom, but she was scared that  her mom was going to change her mind.

As Kate finished the right side of her head, Dawn began wondering what were her friends going to think of her.

She began crying, as Kate began working on her nape.

The clippers ate through her nape hairs, as her mother said “it’s all for the best, Dawn”.

Kate continued to run the clippers, as Dawn said “I’m going to look terrible”.

The final pass up Dawn’s nape was being made, when her mother said “you will look great. Kate is very experienced cutter”.

Kate began buzzing the left side of her head, as she she said “as long as you don’t move when I’m doing the top, you will be beautiful”.

She continued to buzz the left side of her head, as she said “you have the same facial structure, as your mom”.

When Dawn did say anything, Sarah said “are you calling me ugly”.

A few moments after that was said, Dawn felt the clippers leave her head.

Then she heard the buzzing sound stop.

Dawn looked over at Kate, as Kate was took the guard off the clippers.

Once guard was off the clippers, she picked up her comb.

Kate placed the comb flat over the top of Dawn’s head, and then turned the clippers back on.

With in seconds, Dawn felt the clippers start to buzz over the comb.

The clippers made a clicking sound as they rode over the comb.

Kate kept buzzing until the hair on the top of Dawn’s head were perfectly flat.

When she was happy with what she was able to create, she turned the clippers off.

As she hung up the clippers, she said “I think that is as good as it is going to get”.

Kate unsnapped the cape around Dawn’s neck, as Dawn said “are we done”.

She was shaking out the cape, as she said “we can be done”.

Dawn got out of the chair, as her mother said “your not going to shave her neck”.

The cape got hung up, as Kate said “she been though enough for one day”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “give her the keys, so she can get out of here”.

When Dawn hear that, she looked over at her mom.

They had eye to eye contact, when Sarah tossed her Dawn a set of car keys.

Once Dawn caught the keys, her mother said “my mustang, is now your Mustang”.

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