Degrassi Girls and Surprise Barbershop Haircuts

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*No Copyrighting, Just a Fanfiction. *

It was a springtime at Degrassi, which meant warm, sunny weather and various amounts of humidity. This affected multiple girls as they constantly tried to fix their hair.


Some of the girls had their concerns. 10 girls from the 11th Grade were planning to get their hair done after school, but the salons closed because of the intense humidity.

Lola, Zoe, Frankie, Fiona, Maya, Mia, Anya, Becky, Holly J. and Claire had no choice but to ask someone for a good hairdresser.


Luckily, an 11th Grader named Jake Parker was asked and told them he worked in a barbershop; but it closed, due to the heat. Fortunately, he turned his spare den into a makeshift barbershop.


The group of girls were a bit concerned having a handsome guy, despite him being a barber; fix their humidified hair.

However, they heard that he’d do them for free and does a great job with both the boys and the girls from Degrassi. They said they would swing by after school around 4:00PM


After school, Jake picked them up in his van and drove to his house in the downtown district. He parked the black Chevrolet Express next to his GMC Savana in his garage and everyone got out.

Jake’s house was nice and looked like a house out of a TV Sitcom.


He said he lives with two of his work friends to pay the bills and his girlfriend live there, too.

After walking through the living room. Jake opened the door to his den and the girls noticed three chairs with grey-colored leather on them. Jake took off his leather jacket and put on a white barber’s jacket that had a pair of scissors and comb in its left breast pocket. The jacket complimented his dark-blue jeans and black combat boots.


Jake asked who wanted to go first.

Claire stepped towards the chair next and sat in it. Her hair was almost waist-length, wavy and light brown. Jake asked what she wanted as a strip of tissue came around her neck. Claire wanted a professional look for job applications. Jake suggested an Almost Shoulder-Length Bob with an Undercut. Claire nodded and Jake pointed her away from the mirror as he put a dark blue-and-silver pinstriped cape on her body.

Jake sectioned and pinned up her hair, then took his Wahl clippers and used slow, upwards motions to get the Undercut ready before he started working on the top. Claire felt the tickling of the clippers as Jake carefully finished up. He then took a small set of clippers to clean her back and around her ears.

Jake then unclipped Claire’s hair up top, sprayed and combed her hair to make the cut even and easier to figure out. He then put a plastic bucket with a large chunk taken out of the side and put it on her head, which freaked Claire out a bit. Jake took the chair and slowly turned it to cut the hair to the length he wanted.

He took the bucket off and used the Wahl clippers and a comb to even out the Bob with the Clipper-Over-Comb technique. Jake then used the same method on Claire’s forehead to create a Crisp Fringe that ended just above her eyebrows.

After the haircut was finished, he asked if she was ready to see it. Claire was nervous, but she said yes. Claire was turned and saw a Mia Wallace look-alike! She was then uncapped, thanked him with a kiss and went out to show the rest of the girls.


Jake then asked for Fiona and she quickly went in, as Jake closed the doors.

He wanted Fiona to be unique, exquisite and sexy, as he put her hair up. Jake took a strip, and it went around her neck nice and snug. He put on the same cape he did for Claire and used his foot to thrust the hydraulic chair upwards. He also handed her a magazine as he turned her away from the mirror.

Jake asked if he should surprise her with his choice. She said yes.

Jake started on the side of Fiona’s head and used his largest pair of shears to freely cut the sides and back to an inch in length. He then cut off the large pieces up top and took a comb to use the Scissor-Over-Comb technique to reduce the length to about a three-quarters of an inch.

Jake then put down the shears, he then used the small clippers to clean around Fiona’s ears, the fuzz on her neck and her temples. Lastly, he took a bit of wax and put it in her hair.

Jake lowered the chair, brushed Fiona off and turned her around.

She was stunned and Jake told her she looked a bit like Anne Hathaway, which led to the Les Misérables Long Butch Cut. Fiona surprisingly liked it and showed the other once she was uncapped.


Jake’s friend, Ben came in and started helping out. Ben took Becky, while Jake took Zoe.

Becky wanted something drastic, so Ben mentioned a Short Pompadour. She never heard of a Pompadour, but she decided to for it.

Zoe asked for a Flattop, which stunned everyone. Both barbers put the strip and cape around their necks.


Becky had her hair up top pinned, while Ben used the Oster 76 Clipper with the #4 guard to shave the top part of Becky’s back and sides. Ben removed the #4 guard and put the #3 guard on to get rid of the length below the half-inch shaved portion to create a three-eighths shaved portion, which he did the same for using the #2 guard to make the quarter-inch shaved portion. Ben used a smaller set of clippers to clean around her ears and shape-up around the back of her neck.

He unclipped her hair, and then used a pair of shears and a comb to take off about 14 inches of hair to start creating the Pompadour. Ben worked very fast as small tufts of her strawberry-blonde mane fell down as he evened up the ends. He finally took some styling cream and wax, put it on the comb and incorporated it into her hair. He then turned her around and she cried happily. She loved it and hugged him.


Zoe was caped and Jake used the Oster clippers to shave her sides, back and around her ears. He then used the Clipper-Over-Comb technique to start to shape the sides and create the Flattop. Jake then took out his Flattop Comb and used it to even out the top as short, bristly strands and clumps fell to the ground below.

He used his straight razor to clean the naked portions of Zoe’s head. Jake finally used quick-hardening hair wax and a thin, fine-toothed comb to keep the hair nice and neat. Luckily, he didn’t tug; but the stiffness and resilience of the wax made Zoe’s hair almost stationary. Jake turned the chair and showed her the back, she kept a firm face and nodded.

With Claire, Fiona, Zoe and Becky’s hair finished, Jake asked Anya and Ben asked Mia to come.


Anya saw a sign with a man that had a long patch of hair in the center of his head, almost a mix of a Mohawk, Flattop and a High ‘n’ Tight. Anya chose that style, because it would, and Jake said men in the military call it the “Recon Haircut”. She stood by her answer and Jake caped her.

He started to shave the right-side of the top of Anya’s skull using the Oster clippers and quickly started shaving the rest of her long, raven-black mane until only the strip up top remained. Jake then used the Clipper-Over-Comb technique on the remaining hair until it was about a half an inch in length. Lastly, he used the straight razor to clean the back, around her ears and near the remaining strip of hair. He spun her around to show her, she laughed and said she looked like a badass military general.


Mia’s long and wavy hair kept her in the way of everything, she asked Ben to give her a short haircut.

He caped her and forewarned her that it would be very short. She kept her word.

Ben sectioned the middle of Mia’s hair and used the Oster Clippers to shave almost every hair on Mia’s head down the middle of her head to the neckline.

Ben had unclipped the remaining hair and combed the 30 inches upwards, which he shortened to about 5 inches in length. He then used the quick-hardening wax and combed it thoroughly into her hair. Ben turned her to the mirror and called her “Roxy ‘Mia’-Moor”!



Lola and Maya were next and then Holly J. and Frankie.

Lola was with Jake and Maya was with Ben.

Maya wanted exactly what Mia got, while Lola and her Pink and purple-colored K-Pop look made Jake ask if she wanted the BTS bowl-cut. She said yes.

Jake caped Lola and sprayed down her hair with some water, then he used a pair of shears, a comb and put a small bowl on her head to create the correct shape. He then turned the chair in a full circle to cut the semi-long tresses and held the bowl in place to get rid of stray hairs.

Jake grabbed his Oster clippers and shaved some of the uneven clusters of hair off her nape and neck.

He took his straight razor to fade the nape, clean Lola’s neck and behind her ears.

Jake took some wax and combed it into her hair. After being turned around, Lola took a selfie and shared it with every friend at Degrassi.


Ben sectioned off Maya’s hair at the center of the crown. He then shaved off the remaining hair that was not sectioned and had the strip of hair that Mia had.

After combing up the long blonde hair, Ben made Maya’s Mohawk length a bit longer at 8 inches long, instead of Mia’s 5-inch-long Mohawk.

Ben used the wax again and used it on Maya’s hair to create the style she wants. She was turned around and call herself “The Queen of the Blonde Rock-Goddesses”.



Jake and Ben took Holly J. and Frankie into their chairs.


They turned the two girls away and took the Oster clippers to shear them to an eighth of inch in length in under a minute. They took fast, short strokes to take off their ringlet-like brunette and stick-straight strawberry blonde manes as they were looking at their already-shorn tufts of hair on the capes.

After two minutes, they were almost bald and scratched their heads.


After they left Jake’s house, Anya, Zoe, Becky and Claire asked if they could stay the next few nights.


Jake was cool with it and the five of them slept in Jake’s room with each of them paying “a tip” to him.



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