Degrassi Girls Visit Anya In the Army

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*Another New Degrassi Fanfiction, No Copyright Infringement. *


During their two-week long Spring Break in their Junior Year of College, 10 Former-Degrassi students were on their way to the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec to see their friend Anya.

Her besties, Holly J. and Mia were excited to see their friend after 4 years. Her good friends Imogen and Fiona came too. Other Degrassi grads came too: Claire, Zoe, Katie, Maya, Lola and Grace.


After arriving at the military base, they parked about 50 yards from the gate and got out with their luggage for the next three days.


A few guards came out and asked if they could do an inspection for the safety of the soldiers. The girls complied and the officers made sure they didn’t have anything dangerous on them, while using as little physical contact as possible.

After about ten minutes, everyone was inspected, and the girls were given keycards to enter and exit almost every building in the compound.


After entering, they saw Anya finishing up the morning training routine with her batch of recruits. She looked different with the camouflage uniform on and with her hair cropped short. She turned around when the General told her she had guests. Anya smiled and went to them.


She was looking much more responsible and incredibly fit.

They all asked how she was doing as Anya tried to answer all their questions. She then took off her cap to reveal her black cropped hair.

Imogen asked why she got her hair cut so short. Anya actually asked for a shorter-than women’s-regulation haircut.


They were a bit shocked by it, but it looked good on her.


Luckily, Anya had the rest of the afternoon off. She spent it helping her friends unpack and talking about how basic training was.


At about 4PM, Anya said the announcements would be up. The speaker sounded and told everyone about dinner, tomorrow’s schedule and the weather conditions. It was supposed to go up to 93 degrees with lots of humidity and all under the blazing sun! Also, midnight tonight; the mandatory 2-day lockdown would commence!


Anya forgot to tell them about that, but rest assured that everything would be okay.

After dinner, the girls quickly went to sleep at 8PM.


When the bugle horn started to blare loudly over the speakers, the girls all woke up and noticed it was 6AM, so they went back to sleep and didn’t get up until 9AM. After they all woke up, the humidity had made the air almost swamp-like, causing the girls to be hot, sweaty and sticky from their long hair attaching to their faces and bodies.


They knew the lockdown was mandatory, but they couldn’t survive the intense heat.


A few minutes later, Anya came back and noticed the girls covered in sweat. She told them to put their hair up in a bun or a ponytail, but none of them brought any.

Anya then sighed and told them to get dressed in very light clothing. Grace, Maya and Fiona asked why. Anya is taking them to the Military Barbershop to give them suitable hair in the heat. She told them to be outside in five minutes or she brings the barber to them!

They quickly got ready and walked for about three minutes, before entering a small building with a red-and-white spinning pole on the outside.


The girls noticed six metal chairs, covered with red leather pointed away from the mirrors. The three barbers that were stationed heard the door open and greeted the Captain. Anya explained that her friends needed suitable haircuts for the heat that will stay for the next couple days.

The three barbers obliged and asked one of them, named Oliver asked Anya if she needed to be cleaned up. She said yes and asked for a Crewcut.


Lola noticed that that the 8 Men’s haircuts were also part of the 12- or 13-Women’s haircuts! She touched her Pink-and Purple hair nervously.


Anya was caped and Oliver used the Oster 76 clippers to take her 3-inch-long hair to about 1.25-inch long, which he then made the back about .25-inches long. Within 2 minutes, Anya was done.


Oliver asked who would be next, no one looked at him until Imogen, Fiona and Katie went into the three chairs. Before Oliver and his colleague Jim could ask, Imogen and Fiona said buzzcut at the same time. Katie went ahead and said Chin-Length, just to be safe.


Imogen and Fiona both held hands as they were caped clippers were fired up. They both felt the cold, metal go into their crowns of dark brown hair. Oliver and his first associate Jim used short and fast strokes to quickly shave them clean in under 2 minutes. The two ladies then felt the very short stubble on their heads as they looked in the mirrors behind them and were uncapped after.


Katie had been capped by Oliver’s other associate, Peter and had the chair turned and cut her hair until it was just barely touching her chin. She was shown the finished look in a small mirror and was uncapped just before Imogen and Fiona were done.


Mia, Zoe and Grace went next. Mia asked Jim what the longest men’s haircut was. He said a Medium-Length High- ‘n’-Tight.

Grace asked if was possible to have a Bob. Oliver said yes, because it was the longest hair a female recruit could have and showed her three pictures:

The first picture showed a Mid-Neck-Length Bob with Hair tucked behind the Ears. The second picture showed a Slightly-Longer than Collar-Length Bob. The last one was a Tucked-In Chin-Length Bob w/A Shorter, Layered Back. Zoe chose the closely cropped haircut and Grace asked for Collar-Length Bob.


Mia had been caped, and Jim started using the #4 guarded Oster clippers to shave the sides and back of Mia’s head. Large amounts of curly, dark brown tresses fell onto the cape as he shaved the final strands on Mia’s left side. Jim then used a different set of clippers and a comb to make the sides and back into a High-Top Fade using the Clipper-Over-Comb technique.

Mia knew it would be short, but she didn’t care. Looking at Anya, she had been spared of near baldness.

Jim used the Clipper-Over-Comb technique for the top. He used a Flattop Comb, but he used the comb at an angle. Mia thought the angling of the comb made the hair a bit neater.

After putting down the comb and clippers, Mia was uncapped and looked into the small mirror that also reflected onto the big mirror behind her.


Zoe was caped and Oliver held her hair held above her head. He then used the Oster Clippers to take off the bulk of her 18-inch ponytail. Zoe was given the ponytail, since she wanted to donate it.

Oliver took the clippers and a comb, he put the #2 on the clippers and used it to shave the bottom third of Zoe’s hair. He then used the #3 guard to shave the middle portion of her hair, which he then switched to the #4 guard for the top.

While starting on the sides, small clumps fell onto the floor below. As the pieces of hair being shorn got bigger and bigger, Oliver made the top portion of the back a bit longer for Zoe.

Oliver put the clippers down and took out a pair of shears and a fine-toothed comb to even out the ends of Zoe’s hair.

She was brushed off, uncapped and was shown her hair. Zoe’s could almost see her skin but felt weirdly satisfying.


When Grace got caped, she had been turned a full circle so Peter could get an even amount of hair on each side. Peter took out a small pair of clippers and a comb to make the Bob even and a little shorter.

After Grace was uncapped, she got up and saw Zoe and Mia with almost no hair.


Lola, Maya and Holly J. came into the chairs.

Lola told Peter she wanted a Butch Cut. He paused and said if she wanted it, as he was caping her. She said yes. Peter put the #6 guard on the Oster’s, while Lola heard the clippers turn on and closed her eyes, as Peter went into sides extremely fast. Her natural blonde roots could be seen. After shaving the sides and back, Peter went into her crown with the clippers and shaved her all over her head to make sure he got every hair.

Lola was turned around and saw less than an inch of hair on her head and chuckled.


Maya was capped and asked for the Pixie Cut and Jim nodded.
Her hair was cut using the Scissor-Over-Comb technique and took a bit of time. After about 15 minutes, he put the shears down and took out a small pair of clippers to clean around her ears.

Maya then turned around and looked into the mirror to see her hair about 1.5 inches long.


Holly J. said Chin-Length Bob to Oliver as he capped her. He picked up his clippers and used them to create the Bob as he turned the chair. Within a couple minutes, he was done, and Holly J. was happy.


Claire stepped into one of the chairs and asked Peter for a Pixie cut.

Peter used the Scissors-Over-Comb technique all over Claire’s hair to create a Pixie for her out-grown hair. After evening out the hair, he used the small pair of clippers to clean the back of the neck and around the ears.


After finishing with the girls, they all thanked Oliver, Jim and Peter.


They soon left the barbershop with their new haircuts.


Imogen asked to Anya, why did she go first?

She said that hair is just hair, and being a military cadet means cutting it a certain length to go from being a citizen to a soldier during basic training.




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  1. I don’t think the military would allow civilian to sleep at the barracks. That kind of what the story implies. It would have been better, if she was in base housing. Topically, they aren’t searching you at base housing. If would have been better, if they got searched at the gate trying to get on the base. It would have been even better, if the AC in car was blowing hot air. Then they had to stand in the heat, as their car was searched at the base entrance check point. When they saw their friend, she suggested they got haircuts at the PX barbershop.

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