Denise and I get clipped

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Well if you are not going to even talk to me about letting me cut your hair shorter again, then just go somewhere else!” Denise said to me as I sat in her salon chair. The next thing she did was pull the cape off me in disgust and said, “go somewhere else.”

Wow, she was mad. I said, “ok Denise, let’s do something a little bit shorter today and talk about an even shorter cut later down the line.”

she put the cape back on me.

I’m sorry she said.” “Let’s trim it up for today and talk about a shorter cut for the future.”

6 months ago I had hair almost to my mid back. I found Denise as a stylist. She began cutting my hair and inch or two shorter than I asked for each time over those months. Now my hair was what I considered short! It was at the bottom of my ears, and in the back it was a long neck length.

Today she wanted to cut the neck super short! I wasn’t ready for it, and she got mad.

She knew I liked getting my haircut by her, by anyone for that matter. But she knew I had a fetish. I believe she had a cutting fetish as well, as each time she cut it shorter than I asked for. And, she started doing ‘games’ about my haircut. Cutting the cards, and whoever cut higher could decide how much hair to cut off today, or if it’d be a free haircut, or if it was a time when she could cut my hair to her specifications but she paid me 3 times the cost of a haircut. I dared doing that once, but I won and cut higher in the deck of cards. She looked dejected.

Now that my hair was at my neck, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go shorter. And so the ruckus today. She wanted to cut the cards and hope to cut it shorter, but I told her I just wanted a slight trim as I’d gone as short as I thought I could.

She offered 5 free haircuts if I’d let her use the clippers on my neck, but I was not ready, so I declined. That’s when she got mad and pulled the cape off.

I told her to trim it today, and make an appointment for two weeks and I’d think about it. It seemed to save our friendship.

After the trim, over the next two weeks, I began to think of ways to let her know that going shorter was a big dare for me. So, I came up with a game of my own.

Her hair remained somewhat long. It was shoulder length, as it had been since I met her six months ago. I wanted to let her know the feeling of cutting your hair shorter than you really wanted to. So my plan was to tell her that if she cut her hair the same length my hair was now, long at the nape, that I’d let her clipper my nape.

When I arrived for my haircut appointment I was ready for her. She said, “so cut the cards, and if I win I clipper your hair at the nape, and if you win you get 6 free haircuts?”

I said, “I have another proposal for you to think about. How about if I let you clipper my hair at the nape, then you cut your hair to what my length is now first, and then we do only one free haircut from you. Then, if you get your hair clippered at the nape, I pay double for a haircut for the next three cuts?”

I surprised her. I could tell by the look on her face. She said, “I don’t know if I can cut my hair that short.”

Well that’s what I’m trying to tell you Denise,” I said. I feel the same way!

In an instant she said, “OK.” But, I get to cut your hair right here, right now, and I cut my hair next week.

I didn’t know what to say to that. I said, “MY offer is that you get your haircut first, then you cut my hair.”

She said, “I know, but my counter offer is that I cut your hair now, and I cut mine later.”

How do I know you won’t chicken out,” I said.

Well, I guess you don’t, other that you have my word,” she said.

OK, let’s do it I said.” “But, just clipper the nape, leave the length at the top and sides.”

Ok,” she said. “How about that if I clipper your nape now, and then I get my haircut, then the next time you are in I get to clipper up over your ears too?”

Well, that can be a deal, but there’s a catch,” I said.

What,” she said,

You have to go as short as you cut mine after you do that.”

Lots of hesitation on her part. I stared at myself in the mirror, already caped with a striped cape, tight at the neck. And I thought, and said, “But when you get your haircut short I get to watch,” I said

She thought about it, then went and picked up the clippers. “You’ve got a deal,” she said.

The clippers hummed up my nape, much higher than I thought she would. The clippers had a life of their own, and seemed to know I was a scared, chicken, doing what I hated to do, but liking it just the same. She did the sides too, though. They were supposed to wait until next time. I had very little hair left, and as I stared at the hair on my lap, on the cape, I thought, she’s gonna get the same, and her hair is longer! It will be harder for her.

The cut ended. Denise was not mad at me anymore. She’d cut my hair clipper short! She began running her fingers over my hair, and along my hairline at the nape, which made me shiver. I saw her face smile in the mirror at that.

Four days later, I sat in the waiting chair as Denise was called to the hair salon cutting chair. She said, “I’d like mine cut like hers,” as she pointed to me.

The deal had been closed. Her hair was even a bit shorter than mine! I think the stylist used a number one guard, and Denise used a number two on me. I could see skin in places where it’d been cut especially short.

After her cut, we went to lunch. I reached out to caress her hair. She loved it. “Shall we go to my place and compare cuts?” I asked. She said, “I cant believe you talked me into this.” I said, “I can’t believe you cut my hair this short.” She said, “I am cutting your hair a guard number shorter tomorrow! So it will match mine. You need some skin showing in places on your own head.” I simply said, “OK.”

We went to my place and rubbed each other’s hair.  We shaved each other down there, and both enjoyed our short haircuts.

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