Deprived: Four of Five Senses

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The story revolves around my wonderful life partner. I love him more than anything. We’re both 32 years old and have been in a relationship for 6 years now. One day, we realized that our sex life had become monotonous, so my partner suggested introducing role-playing into our relationship. The rules were simple – on two Saturdays each month, he would take full control, and I had to do whatever he instructed, with the option to say “no” at any time, ending the game for that day. I liked the idea of power dynamics, and he became quite dominant, making me feel like his obedient partner. Our role-playing Saturdays were amazing. He planned everything meticulously, even deciding what underwear and clothes I should wear and what I could eat. He never before had a man emphasized my femininity as a gentleman did. Sexually, the game brought new excitement to our relationship. He tied me up frequently, and I found pleasure in his BDSM games, which were sometimes painful. He often teased me for half the day before giving me intense orgasms. Although I often thought about ending the games, I let them continue. He enjoyed my moaning, which paradoxically aroused me even more.Now, onto the climax that inspired me to write this story. On a beautiful Saturday, I knelt on a cushion in front of the couch, as I had done many times before. Usually, he would request a blowjob while lounging comfortably. But this time was different – he had a golden box in hand and expressed a desire to heighten our game by depriving four of my five senses. I couldn’t imagine much beyond the fact that blindfolded games always led to the most intense orgasms, so I agreed to the “game.” He first brought out a type of clamp and two small plastic containers from his box. He explained that he would insert two black contact lenses to deprive me of sight. Our usual blindfold wouldn’t work this time. I had to promise not to move as he spread my eyelids apart with the clamp, rendering me unable to blink. Once he gently inserted the contact lenses, I was “blind.” I had no idea how to remove them since I’d never worn contact lenses before. Next, he forcefully sprayed a nasal spray into each of my nostrils, causing a tingling sensation. I wasn’t allowed to scratch, as my arms remained restrained. Then, he sprayed something into my mouth and rubbed it around with his fingers, from my gums to my tongue. The spray tasted initially bitter and then became tasteless. Now, I had lost my sight, sense of smell, and apparently taste. I was nervous but also curious about what he had planned.Before proceeding, he stood behind me as I knelt and reiterated that I could say “no” at any time, ending our Saturday. I laughed and said, “never in a million years – I want my orgasm from you.” He chuckled and replied, “quite cheeky in your situation. That deserves a punishment before our sex.” The mood was very relaxed. Next, he placed in-ear headphones in my ears, emitting white noise. I often used these sounds to relax when falling asleep. After putting the headphones in, he filled the remaining space in my ears with a molding material, blocking out all other sounds. The sensation of hearing, smelling, tasting, and seeing nothing became increasingly uncomfortable, but I managed to relax with the music and deep breathing. He then lifted me under my arms, and we moved to another room. Walking felt awkward due to my limitations. Being unable to hear or see can be truly terrifying. I didn’t even know which room we entered. Inside, he undressed me, leaving me lying down with my legs secured upwards, resembling a gynecologist’s chair. Nothing happened for a minute or two. I wasn’t even sure if he was still in the room. Then, he touched me intimately, startling me. Quickly, I realized he was shaving my vagina. The numerous small touches became increasingly intense, as they were my only sensory input at the moment. I begged him to fuck me, but instead, he released the restraints and dressed me again. My panties were soaked with arousal. He then tied my hair into a high ponytail without warning and dragged me by the hair into another room. I stumbled after him, feeling roughly handled. Perhaps he was angry? I didn’t know. He made me sit on a chair and tied my entire upper body, including my arms, to the backrest. Then, he combed my hair in different directions, but I couldn’t perceive much. I only felt tugging on my hair. Although I cherished my shoulder-length brunette hair, I tried repeatedly to ask what he had in mind. I’m not sure if he answered, as I couldn’t hear anything. When I felt something vibrating against my neck, many thoughts raced through my mind. I was overwhelmed in that moment and couldn’t utter a word. I was both perplexed and eager for the orgasm I craved. Rationality urged me to call it off, but I couldn’t bring myself to say “no.” Instead, my sexual desire intensified. For a brief moment, I even forgot that he had taken away four of my senses because I was so lost in thought. After a few minutes, he finally turned off the vibrator, and there was a brief pause before he applied something cooling to the back of my neck. I had never felt anything so cool against my skin. Then, he spent quite some time using a razor blade. Finally, he tied up the rest of my hair tightly, causing discomfort on my scalp.When we were finally done, and he released me, I had the most intense orgasm of my life and thanked him for the entire day.The next day, I noticed that I could easily hide the undercut in my everyday life when I wore my hair down. From that moment on, every gust of air against my bare neck reminded me of my submission, arousing a desire for more.

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