Desire for a Bald Husband

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I had desired a bald husband, but things resulted in whole families having only beautiful boy cut females!

Kala tonsures her head

My mom Vinuta came to my dad’s Mysuru house from Bangalore after marriage while Kala came to Mysuru from Hyderabad after marrying a CFTRI scientist Satyanarayana who was from Guntur. My mom and Kala joined a Mysuru college as lecturers (my mom for Chemistry and Kala for Mathematics) on the same day in April 1984 and became bosom friends quickly. Kala aunty and Satya uncle became close to our family which at that time consisted of Grandpa, Grandma, my dad and my mom.

Since there was a six yearly family tonsure practice in Kala’s parental family, she somehow got permission from her in-laws to get temple tonsure for herself once in a while but not to cut her hair outside temples. But they barred her female children from doing it except once before three years of age. So within one month of joining the college she and Satya uncle gleefully tonsured their heads in Tirumala and came to our house to give prasad. Grandma really appreciated her beauty in bald head. She told my mom at that time that if we also had that kind of a tradition, how nice it would have been. Mom did not like Grandma’s comments at that time. But Grandpa strictly said that tonsuring of females’ heads is bad.

Vinuta attracted by Kala’s bald head

My brother Mahesh and Kala’s son Madhu were born in Feb 1985 with a few days of difference while I (Meghana) and Kala’s daughter Sandhya were born in Feb 1987 and March 1987 respectively. Barring the first time gundu in the childhood, Sandhya’s hair was never allowed to be cut by Kala’s in-laws. However, the gents got gundu every year while Kala got her gundu once in six or seven years. In our house, my hair was never cut, not even in childhood. But every time Kala came to our house a fresh baldy, Grandma became more and more attracted to a female bald head. Mom got repulsed the first time, was ok the second time but started getting attracted by its beauty the third time. Kala aunty used to suggest to Grandma once in a while that mom and I should be tonsured at least once. Though Grandma agreed with her, none in our house had the guts to broach the subject with Grandpa.

Madhu got his head shaved smooth in Tirumala every year along with his dad. He looked very cute with his smooth and round head. In High School I saw many other boys coming with round tonsured heads once in a while. For my eyes, a bald boy looked very attractive. I was imagining a handsome and cute bald Mahesh. But except during his upanayana (when he was 11) I never saw him bald till then. I was eagerly waiting for a chance when he would again be made bald.

Grandpa passed away in 2001. Grandma wanted to shave her head as some scriptures recommend for widows but my parents vetoed it. By then I and Sandhya had completed 8th standard while Mahesh and Madhu completed 10th.

Proposal for Tirumala visit

In March 2003, elders had decided that after Mahesh joins BE and I join PUC, we all should go to Tirumala for a darshan but had not informed us. No tonsure, only darshan, had been planned at that time. In May, sometime after CET exams, Kala aunty got her next Tirumala gundu along with Satya uncle and Madhu. Oh! Madhu looked so cute with his bald head! This time also Kala aunty suggested a Tirumala tonsure for mom and myself for which everybody just smiled.

In early June the CET results came and Mahesh got BE seat through CET. He would join the college in a week’s time after counselling.   I also got very good marks in SSLC and had already joined a college for PUC different from the one where mom taught. During dinner on that day, mom announced our scheduled Tirumala trip. For pulling Mahesh’s leg I suggested to mom in jest to make Mahesh a baldy and he would get lot of blessings from Lord Venkateshwara. Mahesh retorted in jest “You monkey, why do you give such ‘dabba’ ideas to mom? I am okay with my hair as it is. Mom, rather make this monkey’s head bald and later make her a boy cut girl. She will look really nice and get a lot of time to study.” We pulled each other legs a bit more with laughter all around.

Decision of Family Tonsure

Two days later, mom announced that my, Mahesh’s and Kala aunty’s suggestions were thought over and it had been decided that all the five (grandma, dad, mom, Mahesh and myself) would come back baldies from Tirumala. Grandma will keep her head bald regularly, while I and mom will be having boy cuts till I finish my PUC. I was aghast to say the least.

While I was very happy to hear that my dream of seeing Mahesh a baldy would shortly come true, I became nervous imagining myself a baldy. But I know my parents. Once they take a considered decision, they do not go back. Any plea or arguments will make things really messy. So I thought it best to accept it with happiness. But I asked mom why she had capitulated from a hater of bald heads to this level.

Mom said “Kala’s six yearly tonsures gradually made me appreciate the beauty of a bald female generating a desire in me also to go bald once. Your grandma anyway was supporting Kala’s suggestion of making me a baldy and later a boy cut lady. Kala wanted me to enjoy a bald head and boy cut for some time. Her going about in the college with her bald head exposed happily gave me confidence. Your dad also wanted me to have a boy cut for a while. Finally, your grandpa is not there to put a brake on these thoughts. And so this is the decision”.

Family tonsure at Tirumala

Mahesh’s BE admission was over in the next week. My PUC classes had started. Mom’s college also had started. A week later, we all went to Tirumala and in Kalyanakatta, all the five were rendered bald. I had decided to enjoy the experience and I really enjoyed the 4 minute tonsuring of my head. The experience was a really thrilling one. Why did I ever oppose it rather than jumping at it? If mom and dad agree I will have this gundu every year like Madhu, I thought. And to me everyone appeared cute with the bald heads including my own reflection in the mirror.

We all came back to Mysuru with our bald heads in full display to everyone. I told Mahesh that he looked so good with his bald head that he can keep it regularly bald. But the elders shot it down. Dad bought a set of electric clippers for grandma. Either mom or myself buzzed her head once a week. She really looked fine with her bald head.

Mom happily went to her college with her bald head exposed. First day there were catcalls, whistles. On day 2, there were only a few giggles. From day 3 onwards, everything was normal. For me the first day was a very difficult one to manage. Almost all my classmates took a swipe on my nice round head. A few lady teachers also smiled broadly, came to me and caressed my bald head which also I enjoyed. But since it was an all-girls college, things came to normal in one day. I really enjoyed going bald to college.

Vinuta and Meghana get boy cuts

Three months later, mom took me to barbershop very early on a Sunday morning. She told the barber ‘boy cut for both, scissor cut for me, machine cut for this girl’. Mom really looked cute with her scissor boy cut. When the barber cut my back and sides with electric clippers close to skin and gave me a cut similar to what dad and Mahesh get, it was another heavenly experience for me. I happily got it done every month and it became my favourite hair style. Classmates and Sandhya giggled at my machine cut but I also giggled with them! Which better way to handle it?

Meghana wants a bald husband

The beautiful bald heads of Madhu and later Mahesh was imprinted in my mind. I hoped that when I marry, my husband also will be a regular baldy and look as handsome as Mahesh with a nice tonsured head. And this craving firmly got established in my mind.

About a year passed. In the summer, I pleaded with parents to allow me Tirumala tonsure this year also. A smiling mom agreed. So the entire gang went to Tirumala again. Again all the five became baldies. Three months later mom and I went to barbershop for our boy cuts. This time, mom also got a clipper boy cut like me, with back and sides clippered close to skin making it sandpapery. She looked very good in that style. She enjoyed the feel and look. Most of her colleagues and many students commended her clipper boy cut look while others giggled a lot.   Mom and dad decided that we would go to Tirumala every year where Grandma and the gents would get tonsured and at least once in two years mom would shave her head and maintain a clipper boy cut only.  Grandma, Mahesh, I and even Kala aunty were very happy with this decision. For my mom, long hair is gone for good.

A year later, June 2005, I also got good CET ranking and got MBBS seat in Mysore Medical College. Sandhya chose to study B.Sc. and later B.Ed. As decided we went to Tirumala for the annual trip. All the five became baldies again a month after my MBBS classes started. After that I wanted to continue the boy cut but on mom’s insistence I started growing it long. Mom gleefully continued keeping her clipper boy cut in between biennial gundu. We went to Tirumala every year in May or June. As decided, grandma, dad and Mahesh shaved every year. Mom shaved her head in 2007 and 2009.

Sandhya is finally bald

By the time I completed my fourth year MBBS in Nov 2009, Kala aunty had her next round of tonsure. She had become Vice-Principal and my mom HOD-Chemistry. Sandhya joined a school in Mysuru as a Maths teacher. In July 2010, she was married off to a Vizag boy, Venkat. So she shifted to a Vizag school. Her in-laws visit Tirumala once in two years when the males mandatorily tonsure. The females have option. Sandhya’s m-i-l tonsures once in a four years while Venkat’s elder brother’s wife, married three years before, does not cut her hair at all and keeps bum long hair. Sandhya happily tonsured off her hair three days after her marriage along with her m-i-l and the males. She joyfully got deflowered when bald. She gets an annual tonsure along with her husband and happily keeps a scissor boy cut at other times. Since at the time of school opening in June every year she comes to the school with a fresh bald head, she is known as ‘bodi Sandhya’ and she is very happy with that epithet.

By the time I finished MBBS internship in May 2011 and applied for PG diploma my hair had grown to my lower back in 6 years. Around that time my parents forced me to agree for marriage.   My desire for getting a bald husband surfaced again. In fact, I was dreaming of having my first night with both being bald like Sandhya. When I said this to my mom in graphic naughty language she chided me with mock anger ‘Meghana, is this what you have learnt in MBBS?’

Meghana gets her dream boy

One alliance with very good horoscope matching progressed to the level of ‘bride seeing’. When the groom Pratap’s party came to our house in July, they were surprised seeing my bald grandma and mom with just two months hair growth. Even we were surprised to see the groom’s married elder sister, Asha, having a scissor boy cut hair.   Pratap was a Bangalore based PSU engineer and very handsome. His sister, Asha, elder to him by 2 years, was married 4 years before and is now a mom of 2 kids. Pratap’s dad was working in a senior position in State Government and his mom Veena was a housewife.

Veena appreciated the boy cut of my mom. She said that Asha forced them before marriage and her in-laws after marriage to allow her a biennial Tirumala tonsure and later a boy cut. Now she (Veena) also has realised the beauty and benefits of short hair and will get a nice Tirumala gundu immediately after Pratap’s marriage and later keep a boy cut. Though she would not insist, she would be very happy if her d-i-l also keeps a nice and short boy cut and occasional gundu. She giggled saying this.

I was very happy to hear it. In my personal talk with Pratap, I expressed the wish to have a bald first night and honeymoon and later only boy cut for me while Pratap could always be bald. He giggled hearing this. Their family happily agreed for it with lots of giggles all round. His parents agreed for me to continue PG studies also.

Meghana’s dream first night is realised

The marriage was held in Feb 2012. Two days after my marriage, both the families went to Tirumala together. My m-i-l (Veena) was very eager to get her head tonsured. So ALL returned bald – my in-laws, Pratap, myself, Mahesh (working in a top construction company in Bangalore), dad, mom and grandma – 4 males and 4 females. Pratap looked very handsome with his bald head fulfilling my dream of having a bald and handsome husband.

And my other dream of getting my first fuck with both of us bald also became a reality. Back in Bangalore, a bald Pratap rammed his 6 inch pole into the virgin cunt of a bald me. Both of us were happily caressing each other’s gundu head for about fifteen minutes while his pecker was pistoning in and out of my love hole. Finally he pumped his baby making fluid into my womb. Oh! What an experience! The next day we left for a 3-day honeymoon in Munnar. No surprise that my son popped out nine months later. By that time, both I and my m-i-l were clipper boy cut ladies.

Meghana revels in keeping Pratap a baldy

Now it is almost seven years since my marriage. I completed my PG diploma in orthopaedics and is now a sought after doctor in a renowned hospital in Bangalore. I have produced three kids – a boy and two girls. In the seven years, I shaved my head four times – Feb 12, May 14, May 16 and June 18. I keep my head a barbershop clipper boy cut similar to what my mom keeps. Asha keeps a scissor boy cut. My m-i-l also is now a clipper boy cut lady, shaving her head once in two years with me. I clipper the head of Pratap twice a week keeping it bald regularly. When I am not around, my m-i-l shaves her son’s head. On the rare occasions when Asha stays over, she does that job. Kala aunty became the principal of her college in May 2013. So she got tonsured in that May as vow and the college staff giggled a lot having a new bald female Principal. She again got tonsured two years later to restore her six year tonsure cycle.

Prema toes Meghana’s path

My folks continued with their annual Tirumala visit and tonsure in May or June every year except in 2012 when they all had gundu in Feb itself. My mom also shaved her head in May-June of 2011, 13, 15 and 17. The Feb 12 tonsure was additional for her. Rajani also accompanied the family as the new daughter-in-law in all the Tirumala visits after March 2013. However, she started her biennial tonsures only in May 2015. Unfortunately, my Grandma passed away in Oct 2016. She was 82.

In May 2012, Madhu married Prema, a localite Kannada Brahmin, with blessings from both families – a love marriage. Prema learnt to speak Telugu very well within three months of marriage – a condition from Kala for agreeing for the marriage. Madhu did MA, M.Phil. in English and joined as English lecturer in a college while Prema is a high school teacher in Science. Kala wanted Prema to follow in the footsteps of me – a tonsure immediately after marriage and once in two years and boy cut in between. Madhu happily said ok for this proposal. After some hesitation, Prema reluctantly agreed to Kala’s proposal. Her parents did not mind it as long as she was happy.

So Prema went my way – a clean and smooth Tirumala tonsure three days after the marriage. But the moment the barber’s razor scraped off a big patch, she had the sweetest of sensations and by the time she rose up as a baldy she had lost all doubts on it. Her first head shave was one of her happiest moments. She had a barbershop scissor boy cut four months later. A month later she got a clipper boy cut which she liked very much. She happily declared that her long hair is gone for good and she would be a ‘baldy every other year and a clipper boy cut girl in between – like Meghanakka and Vinuta maami’.

Rajani toes Prema’s path

Mahesh married Rajani in March 2013 and they stay in Bangalore with kids while mom and dad will be in Mysuru till mom retires in 2021. Both mom and I advised her to follow in my and Prema’s footsteps on the hair thing. Initially she said a firm no. We did not press it. In May 2013 both my parental family and Kala’s family went to Tirumala for the annual pilgrimage together. In our family Rajani did not shave. In Kala’s family except Prema’s two month old kid everyone, including Prema, shaved their heads.

The happy and beautiful face of Prema (by now a close friend of Rajani) made Rajani also think positively on the gundu head. She got a baby girl in Jan 2014. In November, the family went to Tirumala for the baby’s first head shave. At that time only the kid got tonsured. By then Prema’s beautiful scissor boy cut also made a positive impact on Rajani. So one fine day she happily told mom that she also would become a baldy and later a shorty. In the annual Tirumala visit in the following May, Rajani happily and voluntarily shaved off her head along with mom and decided biennial tonsure and clipper boy cut like her m-i-l.

And the best part for me is that Pratap’s head is kept closely clippered twice a week and it is me who does the honours most of the times and his mom at other times. I crop his head with a zero grade clippers and my experience of shaving my grandma’s head has come in handy. It takes about 4 to 5 minutes. He is happily accustomed to a gundu head. Finally my dream has come true of owning a handsome bald husband. And I am fully enjoying my own status as a boy cut doctor with bald head once in two years. More joyful thing is my mom, m-i-l and my two sisters-in-law are all boy cut females. So nice to look at when we are all together – 5 beautiful boy cut ladies! And whenever, Sandhya drops in Mysuru, I make it a point to go there with my m-i-l, Pratap and the kids. A group photo having m-i-l, mom, myself, Sandhya, Prema, Rajani – all boycut ladies looks so nice!

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