Desperate Pleasures

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It seemed like a good idea at the time…

JJ was desperate. Desperate for CASH.

Her rent was past due. Her car payment was past due. Her insurance, College loan payment, taxes and even the cable bill were past due.

Since losing her job at the bar things had been tough

Each day she dreaded the mail’s arrival. Nothing but bills with PAST DUE and FINAL NOTICE stamped across them in bright red accompanied by the ironic YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY WON! of the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes notices. She sent in every one.

She was about to lose her house, her car and everything she owned. She needed money…YESTERDAY.

And so it was that she found herself answering an add in a local street publication.

“Make an old guy happy” it began.

“My friends and I are successful local businessmen in search of a pretty young lady for fun and games. We promise to make it VERY worth your wile!”

JJ was rather disgusted at the thought as she had no illusions about what “fun and games” meant but, the “VERY worth your while” part did strike interest in her heart. After all, desperate times called for desperate measures.

“It’s not really prostitution if the money is a gift.” she told herself quietly.

And so, she sent an email to the address in the add and waited.

Two days later…

JJ looked nervously around as she exited the luxury Limo. If it was any indication of the promised compensation she was sure her problems were solved.

The building itself was an unassuming and moderately sized warehouse located in a commercial district near the shore. The ground floor had been converted into a series of small retail shops in order to serve the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. So far, the only business to open was a Marcy’s Hair and Beauty, a salon located just to the right of the large steel door that led down to the private “Gentleman’s Club” where she was to meet her…her…Sugar Daddies? Rescuers? She shook her head clear and pressed the button marked “Private”.

The door buzzed open and she entered. Down the dimly lit stairs and to the right. Just as she’d been instructed to do.

She reached a massive wooden door that looked as though it belonged is a castle and banged the knocker.

Slowly, the door creaked open and revealed…

The most beautiful room she’d ever seen.

Oak tables, winged easy chairs with side tables, crystal chandlers, oil paintings on the walls punctuated with rich tapestries. It looked like a scene right out of a Rudyard Kipling tale.

A half dozen men in their late 50s to early 60s stood grouped by a very elaborate fireplace mantle.

The older yet very handsome gentleman who opened the door introduced himself as John Smith with a wink.

“May I take your coat?” he asked in slightly accented English.

She turned slightly and shrugged off her overcoat as he reached to take it from her. As requested, she wore nothing under it.

JJ turned toward the small knot of men and smiled demurely. “John Smith” inhaled softly and said quietly “Oh my”

The others clapped their hands gently in gentlemanly appreciation (one said “Bravo!”) and she curtsied like a maiden ought to. Teasing men of any age was a game she knew well and played even better.

John offered her his arm and led her toward the other men. Each of them introduced himself and bowed deeply to kiss her hand (they were all named Smith). Once the introductions were made, she was offered a brandy and the “Fellows” as the referred to themselves Used the moment to “Get acquainted” with her. This essentially consisted of them surrounding her and gently stroking her skin, touching her breasts and ass or stroking her lovely red pubic hair.

In time, things got more and more sexual and, by the end of the night, each of them had made gentlemanly love to their new paramour.

Around midnight the limo came and took her home. They hadn’t paid her a red cent but, John assured her she would be happy with the “arrangement”.

The very next morning JJ awoke to an email from her Auto lender. She spent most of the day pretending it wasn’t there. Even doing yesterday’s dishes suddenly became more important.

Finally, just before her dinner of Ramen and sliced hot dogs (yes, things were getting THAT bad), she screwed up the courage to open the mail.

It was a note from her lender congratulating her on paying off her car loan! $3,750.00 in debt gone…just like that!

Three Months Later

JJ hopped out of the Limo and crossed to the door. She quickly pushed the buzzer and shivered slightly. For the past month she had foregone the long coat and taken the trip stark naked. The driver ignored it but, the fellows LOVED it. John literally dropped the cigar out of his gaping mouth the first time he opened the door to see her standing there in nothing but what nature had given her.

“Come on Boys, let’s get the party started!” she said as she sashayed into the room.

Sometimes they’d get right to it and have rip roaring sex all night long. Other times they’d drink brandy by the fire and dance the night away.

But, the best part for her was always the next morning. Each time, she’d wake to some wonderful surprise in her email. The second time, she woke to find her student loans all paid off ($25,000.00 gone in an instant). Another morning she found her house had been purchased from her landlord and she no longer needed to pay rent or utilities. Still another time she arrived home to find her ratty old furniture replaced by new and elegant pieces.

She never knew when they’d send a car around. She’d suddenly get a text saying “Get ready” or an email invitation and 2 hours later, she’d be showered, made up and naked in the back seat of the limo with a snifter of fine brandy in her hand.

All in all, it was a pretty nice living.

Of course, good things never last.

One Year Later…

Things were GREAT.

She’d awoken one morning a couple of months age to an email telling her Get Ready. She showered, made up and, since it was mid day, got dressed. The car arrived like clockwork only this time, it didn’t head for the warehouse. Instead, she was driven to a recently renovated building where the driver handed her an envelope. Inside was a set of keys and instructions to take the private elevator up the the penthouse loft. The elevator required one of the keys to access the top floor and when the doors opened she was greeted with a banner stating “Welcome To Your New Home!”

JJ squealed with delight and stepped out into the posh loft. It was everything she’d always dreamed of in a living space. No expense had been spared. Everything was glass and fine woods, stainless steel and beautiful stone. There was a fountain in the foyer and the view of the waterfront was exquisite. On the kitchen counter was a note reading:



“The Fellows”

Atop the note was a Black credit card, a key card and a set of BMW keys.

Five minutes later she was tooling down the road in her brand new, top of the line BMW convertible.

That night she got a text: “Get ready”

She got all dolled up and stepped into the elevator naked as a jaybird.

Down in the garage, the limo was waiting. She got in and, as she sipped her brandy, reminisced about how answering that silly ad had so completely changed her life.

The limo pulled up to the door and JJ hopped out. She no longer scampered to the door or even hurried to push the button. Instead, she took her time and enjoyed the warm night air on her naked body as she looked at her reflection and slightly adjusted her beautiful red hair.

“Perfect!” she said out loud as she pushed the button. The door buzzed and down she went.

This night the Fellows were in fine spirits. As a surprise, they too were naked when the door opened and after a bit brandy and of friendly banter, it was time for the fun and games to begin.

This time she thought she’d showcase her oral skills. She took John by the hand and guided him to a wing chair she’d set up in front of the fire. sitting him down, she slowly stroked him to erection before announcing to the room that it was time for her to administer an “Oral Exam”.

The fellows yelled “Here! Here!” and, as she opened her mouth and bent to take his swollen member into it, they cheered heartily.

But, as she ran her tongue up and down its length, the room suddenly went silent. JJ, glanced at the fellows. Though still naked, they were standing awkwardly and covering their crotches with whatever they could find.

Looking up at John she saw his mouth opened in surprise, eyes blinking in disbelief.

His cock shriveled in her hand as she slowly turned to see…

A very tall, very angry looking woman, hands on hips looking down at her ass as it hung in the air.

“Oops!” she said quietly as she released his member and straightened up.

“Oops indeed” she said with a scowl.

“Care to explain yourself Archie?” she said.

All eyes turned to “John Smith” including JJ’s

The argument went on for what seemed like hours. Archie/John Smith complained bitterly about his sexless marriage while the Fellows begged Archie’s wife not to rat them out. She went on about loyalty and what her friends would say. nor did she forget to use every opportunity to degrade JJ as “That little red haired whore” or “that ginger slut”. Mostly however, she went on about the money he spent on her and how if he thought for one minute he was going to leave her for JJ he had another thing coming.

He went on about what did it matter if he got some on the side. “You don’t even like sex!”

The Fellows just pleaded with her not to tell their wives.

JJ just knelt passively in front of the chair (she hadn’t moved an inch since John’s wife arrived) and thought about how her perfect life was about to end.

Finally, the yelling stopped. About a half an hour later Archie and his wife Marcy approached. Her looking a bit satisfied as she approached the beautiful young red head on her knees.

“Tell her” she said, shoving him forward.

Still naked, Archie began nervously.

“Um…Well… My lovely wife Marcy and I have hit upon a…ahhh… solution.

“A solution?”

“Ah, yes…a solution.”


“You’ll be allowed to keep everything we’ve given you and, you’ll even be given a generous stipend for spending money. Marcy agrees to let me and the Fellows keep seeing you and won’t breathe a word of this to their wives (the Fellows let out their collective breath at this). We can even continue with tonight’s um…activities providing…um…

“Tell her!” she growled as she slapped him on the shoulder.

“Tell me what?”

“Well, um…this is sort of awkward…provided you…um…

“Spit it out Archie…NOW!”

JJ looked up at him quizzically.

“Well, um…PROVIDEDYOULETHERSHAVEYOUBALDFIRST.” He sputtered almost nonsensically

“I’m sorry…what did you say?”

Calmer now, Archie repeated “Provided you let her shave you bald first”

“Are you fucking insane?” answered JJ looking shocked with her hand running to her hair.

Marcy shoved her husband aside and gripping JJ’s face tightly in her large hand said with her left hand playing with one of JJ’s long red curls. “Either you say yes Ma’am right now or I will throw your lily white ass butt naked into the street and change the lock codes on everything before you can say boo.

JJ knew when she was defeated. She also knew that Marcy meant business.

“Well?” asked Marcy

Closing her eyes and bowing her head in defeat, JJ said “Yes Ma’am.”

Marcy smiled and looked at the men who were clearly a bit surprised by all this. “Good news you idiots, you get to keep playing with your toy and don’t get divorced by your women once this little petite beauty makes a small sacrifice for the good of all”. She roughly pulled her to her feet and marched her up the stairs. They exited the club and took a quick left to Marcy’s Salon.

Standing cold and defeated on the busy street as Marcy slowly unlocked the door, JJ had never felt so naked.

Cars honked as they passed, young men wolf whistled and women made obscene gestures but at last, the doors were opened.

Marcy marched her in and sat her down hard at the first station. The one right in front of the large plate glass window facing the street.

“I’m going to make you bald as a cue ball young lady. Teach you the most basic law of being a woman: Never mess with another woman’s husband.”

Marcy spun the chair so it faces the window for all to see. Passers by stopped and stared. As Marcy snicked the scissors opened and closed, JJ lost heart realizing her fate and tried to bolt for the door only to find it securely locked. Marcy guided her back to the chair and said “Try that again and I’ll tie you down.”

JJ closed her eyes, defeated. Marcy began to hum a jaunty little tune and JJ began to sob as she savagely attacked her beautiful red locks with the shears.

“Oh my GOD!” exclaimed Marcy as she chopped away at JJ’s crowning glory, “I NEVER thought destroying another woman’s beauty would be so fun!”

A quarter hour later, JJ’s once flowing locks had been reduced to a rat’s nest of uneven curls and nearly bald spots. She swung the chair to face the mirror and said “Take a last look at it whore. In a few more minutes it’ll shine like a new bowling ball!”

JJ shook her head no.

“I SAID LOOK WHORE!” she said as she grabbed what remained of JJ’s hair and pulled her face up.

Through the blur of her tears JJ saw that her once beautiful red hair had been destroyed. She looked like a patient from a Victorian asylum.

“Pretty damn ugly, ain’t it?” Marcy said with glee. Swinging her back to the window she added “But don’t you worry, I can even it out for you!”

The guard-less clippers buzzed to life and seconds later, Marcy had cleared a line right down the middle of JJ’s head.

Time and again Marcy ran the clippers across JJ’s poor scalp until at last, her once gorgeous mane was reduced to an eighth of an inch of fine, red stubble.

It was getting late now and the streets were nearly empty. As Marcy tosseled JJ’s stubble a lone drunk paused before the window, bottle in hand. At first, he seemed confused by what he saw and tried to focus his eyes as though he couldn’t believe what he was seeing but, soon enough, he realized the sight before him was real and carefully setting his bottle down, opened his fly and began to masturbate.

“All right, you’ve had your fun. Can I go now?” asked JJ in an annoyed voice.

“Awww…you thought we were done! That’s so cute. As I told you, I’m going to shave you completely BALD. So, sit back and enjoy the show your little friend is putting on for you.”

The hot towel surprised her. The shaving cream didn’t. Marcy stropped a cutthroat razor to gleaming keenness and methodically began to scrape away what little remained of JJ’s Beautiful red hair. The drunk’s efforts increased.

The rhythmic scraping lulled her into a strangely calm state and she closed her eyes to avoid her fan club at the window. And so it was she didn’t notice as Marcy gently rubbed shaving cream across JJ’s perfect red brows and began shaving them away. As the razor completed its first stroke her eyes flew open and she looked to the mirror. Too late. her right brow was almost gone.

“You NEVER said anything about my eye brows!” she exclaimed.

“I said TOTALLY bald didn’t I? Just like a clearance sale…EVERYTHING GOES!”

Pulling her head back once again, Marcy swiftly remover JJ’s perfect eyebrows.

Outside the window the drunk redoubled his efforts.

“And now for the piece de resistance. Spread ’em”.

JJ was totally defeated. Marcy scooted her forward on the chair then grabbed her legs and one at a time and flung them over the arm rests, spreading her lips wide.

The drunk nearly fell over.

A small set of hair clippers made quick work of JJ’s bush but, rather than shave her, Marcy chose to use a more effective method of hair removal. JJ had never had a full Brazilian, she was in for a BIG surprise. The first strip came off and JJ nearly fainted. The second was worse. By the time Marcy was done, JJ’s crotch was bright red but, as smooth and hairless as the day she was born. As the last bit of hair was removed, the drunk groaned and came all over the window in a mighty surge.

Marcy pulled JJ from the chair and told her to pick up her once beautiful locks from the floor. She then marched her outside and locked the door. As she stood naked, shivering and bald, JJ reflected upon her feelings as she had waited to enter the salon. She now knew the REAL definition of naked. Marcy spun her around and pushed her to the window where the drunk had squirted. She pointed to the glorious locks in JJ’s hand and then to the drunk’s emissions.

“Clean up the mess you made.” she ordered.

Crying and hairless, JJ knelt and sopped up the mess.


One Year Later.

The boys still enjoyed their nights with JJ and true to her word, Marcy hadn’t told the wives and JJ was still a kept woman. About three months after her first shaving Marcy had invested in a professional grade electrolysis machine. Tiring of shaving JJ before every night with the ladies, Marcy had decided to practice her hair removal technique on JJ. Over the next six months she slowly but very surely removed every single hair from JJ’s lovely white body. She told JJ it was the latest in hair removal equipment, far better than shaving and JJ did indeed feel smoother. Of course, Marcy ‘forgot” to tell JJ that the results were both permanent and irreversible but, she’d find out soon enough.

As Marcy finished hunting down and removing the few fine stray hairs that still sprouted from JJ’s body on occasion she glanced at the clock. Almost six. She’d better get ready. the other wives would begin to arrive at the Club in an hour and she didn’t want JJ to be late for Lady’s Night.

The End

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