Detention – Chapter 2

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“Poor Savi,” Sara said as we shifted our gaze to the shaved sweetheart, standing in line of lunch. Behind her, the other girls mocked and muttered as she kept her head down. Though it was only the next day, the outlines of her markings were still clearly visible after attempts to scrub them off. Despite that though, her head was shinier than before.

“That could have at least donated her hair,” I added bitterly, trying desperately to adjust my gaze as my deepest thoughts yearned to know how it felt. “All she tried to say was that she didn’t need his help. At least that’s what Felix told me.”

“Gary should have known better. He’s a smart kid but not too bright.” Jess added as she took a bite from her peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Sara chuckled, “I guess they’re not going to the prom now.”

“He was really going to ask her?” asked Jess.

I continued. “That’s what I’ve heard. Hell, I even heard the feeling was mutual.”


“Yeah. I mean, I don’t see why not. She’s a nice girl, he’s a nice guy. They’d make a cute couple.”

Sara snickered, “Yeah, that’s not going to happen now.”

I shook my head. “Love makes you do stupid things.” And I was contemplating a lot of them.

You see, I don’t mean love in its traditional sense of the word, or rather the empirical high school definition. It’s not just the puppy love someone feels towards another classmate. Sometimes, it’s loving the bizarre, the unorthodox, or something kinky. In my case, it’s all the above. As all my other friends have or have had boyfriends, I didn’t. Well, there was always Felix, but he doesn’t count. For me, there was a lot of things I loved that no one knew about. Well, except for Felix. Despite that though, I’ve never acted on any of it. I mean, surely I had my own reasons for watching the video of Savi’s hair getting shaved off again…, and again…, and again. What can I say? I loved it!

When lunch ended, I grabbed my bag and headed off into the courtyard where the ever loyal, ever faithful Felix awaited. He lumbered in the yard, being a few inches taller and always having to look down to talk to me. His hair was a dark messy mop, which always made me wonder if he had ever combed it before coming to class. Affixed on his nose were black thick rimmed glasses that always made him look as smart as he really was. In his school uniform, he always looked so dapper; outside school though, he was in graphic tees and jeans.

As I approached, I noticed a knowing smirk on his face. “Uh-oh. What did I do now?” I asked sarcastically.

“You know what you did.” Nothing I did ever got past him.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Alright, I admit it. I’m guilty. Take me away officer.”

He chuckled. “So how many does that make now?”

I pulled out my cell phone. “Let’s see. There’s Savi’s; Amy’s; Maria’s; Heather’s and Debra’s from last year, two for one special that day; Jackie’s from the year before; oh and Tricia’s. That’s my favorite one. So, seven.”

“How many times have you watched Savi’s?”

I laughed softly. “Do you even want to know?”

With a smile, he mentioned, “I’m curious.”

“Four times last night… and once this morning.”

“Before you came got school?!”

“I couldn’t help it! It was so good, and I woke up early enough so I… you know.”

Felix dropped his head, shaking it back and forth while trying to bury his laughter.

“Hey, don’t even get me started on you, mister.” I stated. “Or do I need to mention….”

“Alright, alright,” he retorted defeatedly, his face flushed feverously.

And with that, we headed off to biology. During class, I watched him from across the room, awkwardly and nervously adjusting himself in his seat. Then again, it wasn’t like I wasn’t doing the same. The ever-stern Mrs. Sanders started her lecture as her words slipped through one ear and out the other. It was perfectly normal for students to daydream about their teachers, but not in the manner that I was. No, I could only imagine her calling me to the front of the class, sitting me down in a chair, strapping me in place and then shaving all my black, bra-length hair mercilessly until there was nothing left by a barren scalp. Then, once I was good and bald, I’d be thrown onto the floor with my ass in the air, my skirt pulled down, and spanked with my face buried in my hair, counting each smack.

“Ms. Cartwright!” Mrs. Sanders bolstered from the front of the class as my head shift in her direction. “What is the mutation rate of a human cell?”

As all the eyes in the class, including Felix’s, turned towards me, I froze, a wave of embarrassment and arousal drowning me. “I… don’t know, ma’am.”

“Then perhaps you should pay more attention to me unless your intent is to fail my class.”

“Yes ma’am,” I stammered, slowing sinking into my seat. As if paying attention to her was a problem.

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