Diya’s Chop Chop

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I’m Diya and I’m working in a MNC. I have soft, straight and long hair till waist length. I will occasionally trim my hair myself, sometimes my mom or sister will trim it and I’m very careful not to cut more than two inch. I’m a strong women but afraid of haircut because of a bad experience three years ago.

Past experience
Three years ago, I’m bored of trimming my long hair by mom and wanted to have ‘U’ cut (without losing length). So i have planned a day with my friend to goto a famous beauty parlour and get it done. It was 10 A.M that day and we both reached a beauty parlour. My friend has mid back length and wanted to trim her hair. So she went first and sat on the chair. She asked for a trim and the parlor girl cut 3 to 4 inches off, which is mote than a trim. My friend looked happy and came down. Now the salon women asked me to come and sit in the chair. I asked ” akka, U cut panni vidunga” (sister, Cut my hair in U shape). She said okay and started to cover me with a white Cape. She stated to comb my hair and called my friend and spoke with her, I’m not sure what did she asked. Parlour lady asked “vettidalama? ” (shall i cut) and I nodded yes. She placed her scissors few inches below my shoulder and cut it. I was shocked to see this on backside mirror. That bitch has cut almost 18 inches of hair, that too in the middle of my hair. I asked “enna akka ivlo cut pannitinga?” (you cut way more than expected) and she took 18 inches of my hair and said “unga friend sonna length thaan mam” (as instructed by you friend mam) and had a angry look on her face like I’m accusing her for her mistake. There is no way fix from here and asked her to continue. She pushed me forward and started cutting my hair. Huge strands of hair falling in my lap. Now she turned away from mirror and started cutting my front hair. I stopped her and told her not to cut front hair too short. She told “wait mam, vettuna aprom nalla iruku nu sollvinga parunga” (u’ll appreciate after the cut) and starred cutting it off. After an hour the haircut was complete and I’ve lost almost 22 inches of my hair. It was just below the shoulder and from hair was shorted which cannot be tucked behind ears. I couldn’t stop crying on seeing this and returned to home. Both my mom and sister were making fun of me and was much embarrassed that time.

It took 3 complete years to regain the length and now i gotta boyfriend too. He loves me and very fond of my long hair. One-day he invited me to his apartment and we had fun. Following that he played with my hair. He opened it and started to run his finger through the long hair and smelled it. I too enjoyed it until he asked me a question “baby, I think you need a little trim, I’m seeing lot of split ends”. I replied “yes, amma kita sollli, this week trim pannanum” (I’ll ask mom to trim this week). He said ‘yen, nan cut panna koodatha’ ( why, Shouldn’t I cut it?) and I was shocked at the beginning but I’m okay with a trim, so allowed him to trim and he asked me to get ready by evening and went to purchase towel and scissors

The Cut…
He asked me to sit on computer chair and moved it towards the dressing table. He took my long braid above my head and told “lasta pathuko” (see this braid for last time). Immediately i stood up and told “velayadatha da, nee cut panna venam po” (don’t play, you don’t have to cut) and tried to move. He held my hands swiftly and told that he was just kidding and made me to sit on the chair. He then wrapped a white towel around me and began to unbraid my hair. I was nervous since i have never allowed a men to tocuh my hair with scissors in another hand. He showed me the length to be cut and it was around six inches and I said ‘ivlo lam vettatha da, naa pavam’ (don’t cut this much) but he convinced that split ends will be gone fully once we cut this and i nodded okay. He then started to cut my hair and showed me a photo, and it was good.

Next cut..
He then begin to comb my hair and asked, why don’t you cut your hair little stylish? And again I rose from the chair. He pulled me down and asked me to relax. He told, “baby, don’t worry, I’ll cut only few more inches in the back and little shoter in the front. I told” oru mudivoda thaan iruka, unkita iniku matikiten, seri pannu” (seems you got something in mind, carry on) and he turned me away from mirror and told me it would be a surprise. He took the scissors and started cutting few more inches, while cutting my front hair, all my black shiny hair fell in my hands, my stomach gave me a tingling sensation. It was raining of hair all over the room, seems he was trying an layer haircut. He then showed me in mirror and shocked to see that he could not cut correctly and chopped it here and there. I stared crying saying “enna da ipdi vetti vechruka, parlour polam vaa fix panna” (what have you done, let’s go to parlour and fix this”. He stopped me and apologized me and asked for a last chance to fix it. “baby, you trust me or not” was his final words and i sat down since i don’t want to ruin my relationship due to a haircut.

Let’s fix this..
Now, he turned me away from mirror and i told “dei, romba shorta vetti vitratha da” (not too short please). He nodded yes and pushed me forward and chopped all my hair above my neck! I could hear my heart beat now. He started cutting the back and made to sit against the mirror. He took my right side of my hair, placed the scissor near my chin and SNIP! Now i have long hair on left side and shored on right and back side. I was dying of shyness. He then chopped left side too and starred at my face. Within few seconds he was combing my hair to forehead and i stopped him “dei, pothum da, already semma shorta vettita, front la vename, please” (you have chopped it very short, don’t cut my front hair too), he didn’t listed and told me to stay and watch. He placed scissors above my eyebrows and snip snip snip! WTF, I look like ‘Dora’. Even dora might have longer hair than me.
He then bough his trimmer and trimmed my nape and side burns. He now kissed me in forehead and told innim konjam cut pannalama.. (shall we cut little more.. )

I told him let’s cut some other day and left the place. My sister starred laughing for an hour on seeing me and all my friends jealous of me started to call me Dora instead of Diya in office.

After a week, my boyfriend’s sister came to his apartment to stay for a week. She had long hair and when i reached his apartment she was combing her hair. When i reached, she told “can you trim my split ends’ and handed over the scissors. Little devil in me woke up.

To be Cont’d….


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