“Do whatever you want.”

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“You really don’t need all this hair.” I run my hands through her ponytail, “You would look great with short hair.”

“Really?” She asks, turning to face me.

“Yeah.” I say, smiling.

“Then make me look great,” She says turning around, “Do whatever you want.”

“Okay.” I say. I grab her hand and lead her out of the bathroom. She sits down at a kitchen chair. I grab rope out of the drawer and start tying her up.

“What’s that for?” She asks.

“Trust me.” I tie her hands together, then to the back of the chair.

I go back to the bathroom and grab a box of supplies from under the sink. I bring them back out and set the box on the counter.

I work carefully so she can’t see me. I take out a set of clippers and plug them in, taking the guard off. Standing behind her, I turn them on and push them through the front of her hair.

“Dude, how short are you going?” She asks, still calm.

“Short.” I grab her ponytail and use the clippers to cut it off. I toss it on her lap and she gasps. She tries to seem calm, but I can tell she’s freaking out.

I push the clippers through her hair again, shorts strands falling down her face and into her lap.

I keep shaving until her hair is only stubble.

“I was right. You look good.” I say.

“But not great.” She says.

“I’ll make you look great. Don’t worry about it.” I say. I get shaving cream and a razor out of the box. I spread the shaving cream all over her head and face.

“Why are you putting that on my face?” She asks.

“You want to look great.” I say. I start shaving, leaving a shiny bald spot in the center of her head.

I keep shaving, taking the stubble off her head. Sun comes through the windows and her smooth head shines.

I finish shaving her head and start on her face. I shave her forehead first, then I take off her eyebrows. I keep shaving until her face is as hairless as her head.

I grab a towel and wipe the excess shaving cream off. I touch her head and she shivers.

“Now you look great.” I say.

“I feel like I look great, even though I know I look like an alien.” She says.

“A really sexy alien.” I whisper in her ear.

“Let’s have sex.” She says.

“You don’t even like girls.” I say.

“Yeah, but I’m horny and I know you know how to fuck a girl really well.” She says.

“That’s true. I’m really good.” I say.

“Untie me so I can get naked.” She says. I untie her hands and she pulls her shirt off, tossing it aside. While I’m untying her legs, she takes off her bra, revealing big, perky boobs sitting above her toned abs. I finish untying her and she gets up, sliding her pants off, taking off her socks, then sliding down her panties. Under her panties, a hairy pussy.

“I will fuck you, if you let me take care of that first.” I gesture to her hair.

“Of course.” She says, laying down on the kitchen counter. I put shaving cream on and start shaving, until there’s no hair left in my way. I wipe off the shaving cream.

I toss the towel aside and spread her legs. My fingers brush against her lips and she gasps.

“Having no hair feels pretty great, right.” My hands explore her and she moans. I start licking her clit, and she moans. My hands explore her body, while I circle her hard clit with my tongue. She yells and tenses up and I go faster, bringing her to an intense orgasm.

“Oh my god. More. Please.” She gasps.

“I would, but I have to get ready for a date.” I say, winking at her and walking upstairs.

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