My Bob Cut

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Myself Jiya Mishra from Odisha, India. I am a housewife aged 32 years. My marriage was arranged one, when family got a government employee. After 15 days of marriage, we went to our office quarter. There I came to know the term fetish. During marriage my hair was waist long, no split 3nds, no bangs full volume.

After few days he requested me to have haircut. I agreed. He took me to a saloon there half of my hair gone. I got step cut. During these times, i got several cuts such as U cut, layered cut etc. But his wish to bob cut i didn’t took. I thought what will I look like. It will look odd on me.

These ways my tricks worked well and 10 years passed without Bob cut. Once we planned to visit Puri he said there we will get Bob cut . I said yes, but I was sure that I won’t do it. In presence of me, he used Google to find Ladies hairstylist at Puri. He got a couple of calls and WhatsApp from them. He choose one of them and shared with her our hotel details.

Appointment was fixed. We reached Puri on 28th May, it was a Sunday. Day passed moving at seabeach and temples. I had forgotten about the Bob cut. At about 8pm doorbell rang, i opened. There a girl about 25 years standing with a bag, calling my husband name. He came both introduced and she was invited to room. My husband ordered cold drink for us. There the discussion starts.

Stylist: Ma’am needs the haircut. Which haircut she needs.
Husband: Bob cut with nape shaved.
I: No shave
Stylist: Now a days, undercut is trending
Husband: Do it than
I: only bob cut
Stylist: believe me ma’am you will look great
I: Ok, carry on.

She put a chair near to bed. She caped me perfectly. She started to section my hairs. She took a clipper and buzzed around 3 inches from back. I was sad but silent because I was in trap and my tricks used since long is not working. I was sitting silently. Than she shaved back and did ear ring level bob cut. My husband was in heaven. After cutting I saw in mirror and found me new one. Thanked my husband for nice arrangements. We have a plan for fetish shave. Which is going to happen soon. I will share, if I get good likes and follow ups.

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