Do you have what it takes?

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It was a Sunday afternoon. Shruti, the small town girl with a million dreams in her eyes with her naturally black hair falling to her kneecaps when opened, but for the sake of convenience, now in a tight bun, came to the new side of the city where she had recently joined for her job and was having a cup of coffee in a restaurant. She was a bit anxious and irritated as it was nothing like she hoped for. The pay was horrible, the customers were irritable and her colleagues were extremely toxic. When she had finished her cup of coffee, she asked the waiter for her bill. The waiter came back with the bill and said, “Ma’am you don’t look so well. If you’re having any difficult time anywhere in the city, you can see the address marked on this pamphlet and visit here for a stunning change to your life.”


Shruti got up, put the pamphlet in her bag without reading it, and after buying some essentials, went home. By the time she reached home, she had forgotten all about the pamphlet. But when she opened her bag, she read the pamphlet properly for the first time.


*Come over for a one-of-a-kind gameshow where the winner gets $20000000 but there will be a few surprise punishments for the loser.

P.S.:- Participants with hair shorter than waist length will not be entertained.*


Shruti thought about the offer. “Hmm…if I win this thing, I would not need to work for the rest of my life. I can put some amount in fixed deposit and can invest the rest in some safe ventures. Not to sure what the special clause is actually for though. Let’s find out.”


Shruti read the details on the pamphlet. The date was on the following Sunday in the adjacent town. All things seemed good enough.


The week passed by and at last when Sunday came, Shruti was prepared to go for the show. She tied up her hair in a bun as usual. Put on a blue jeans and a white shirt. Sneakers were her preferred footwear.


After travelling on public transport for about 45 mins, she reached the location as was mentioned in the pamphlet. She entered the building where the shooting of this special gameshow was about to be held and was greeted there by a young receptionist who was wearing a nice pink shirt with a blue skirt. She sported a trendy A line Bob. “Good afternoon Ma’am. Could you please sign this legal document? And if you don’t mind, could you please hurry up? The taping’s about to start and we need one more contestant to start the show.” Shruti didn’t think much about it and signed the papers and was led by the receptionist through a corridor to a large hall.


“**WELCOME TO RISK IT! A UNIQUE ONE OF A KIND GAMESHOW WHERE THE WINNER WALKS OUT WITH LOADS OF CASH AND THE LOSER WALKS AWAY WITH POSSIBLY LESS THAN WHAT THEY BROUGHT**”. The 40 year old host’s voice filled the room as he beautifully delivered the opening segement of the show.


“We have 2 contestants today. On my left is Priya Sharma. A 24 year old student who is pursuing her PhD.” In walked Priya, who sported a blue t-shirt with white jeans. She tied her hair in braids which fell down below her waist.


“On my right we have 26 year old white collar worker Shruti Kumari.” In walked Shruti with her dazzling locks.


“So let me explain the rules of the game to my contestants as well as my viewers. This is basically a dart game. Each player will take turns throwing a dart to a dart board every round and the winner of each round will move one step closer to winning the grand prize of $20000000. The loser will have to give up one item from their body which they have brought today here to our studio. The game ends when the loser quits. SO WITH SO MUCH IN MIND, LET’S BEGIN RISK IT!”


Shruti walks near her designated area and takes her first shot. She hits on 7. “Hmm… Not bad.” She thinks. In walks Priya, she throws the dart and it lands on 4. “Oh, so unfortunate for you Priya, but as the rule states, you have to give something up.” Priya reluctantly gives up her shoes.


Next turn. Shruti hits an 8 while Priya hits a 6. Priya gives up her socks. Next round, Shruti scores a 5 while Priya scores a 7. Shruti gives up her shoes. Next 3-6. Shruti gives up her socks too.


Next turn, Shruti hits a 7. Priya comes in front of the dartboard and hits on 6. The host runs in and says, “Oh no missy! what are you gonna do now? Either you quit and go home or you give up your t-shirt and come one step closer to winning the grand prize.” With her face blushed red with embarassment, Priya says,” Mom didn’t raise a coward.” And she starts to pull her t-shirt from the hem near her waistline. She was doing it at a slow pace. Her bare body was being exposed at the slow pace and at last, she exposed her ample breasts to the world which were barely contained by a pink bra which looked to be punching above its own weight. It was quite obvious that there was no reason to wonder about the cleavage anymore because her nipples were the only thing that were not visible through the modesty of her bra. “Let the games continue.”, She exclaimed. Shruti was confused as well as aroused at what had happened and didn’t realise the host was calling her for the next round. At the moment she broke from her trance, she rushed to the starting zone and in her rush, hit a 2. Priya hit an 8 with ease. Realising her fate, Shruti unbuttoned her shirt, one by one. The top button came off, followed by the next, and the next, until the shirt gave way to a white bra that was large enough to hide her assets. Next round, Shruti took to the podium and landed a 7. Priya took the next shot and landed on a 6. She reluctantly gave up her jeans, which revealed a stunning white panty underneath beautifully highlighting her assets. Shruti, watching this unfold came over to the podium to take her shot. The white bra blue jeans clad girl hit a 9. She was very certain that she was safe for the time being. But in a stroke of pure genius, Priya hit the bullseye. Seeing no other choice, Shruti let go of her jeans which revealed beautiful and lusty red panties. The next shot, Shruti hit a 6 while Priya hit a 5. Awkwardly, she started undoing her bra which revealed a petite pair of breasts underneath. Shruti started at those magnificent tits in awe. When she got on the podium, ste was flabbergasted. She didn’t know what was next in the store for her. She took her position and hit a 7. Then followed Priya, trying her futile best to cover her modesty but giving it up when she took a shot anyway during which her two fleshy organs bounced a little, and hit an 8. Shruti was dumbstruck. She couldn’t believe how it was possible. “So missy, looks like you’re gonna have to do what Miss Priya did moments ago. Do you have what it takes to survive on RISK IT!?” Trying to hide her embarrassment as much as possible, Shruti replied,” Uh, sure.” And she slowly started to unhook her stunning white bra. What it paved way to were two ample breasts which looked like had not met the cruel fate of gravity. With the big nipples, she was able to arouse something in Priya too as was evident from the girl’s shivers. Now considering that she had nothing to hide since Priya met the same fate as her, Shruti took the next shot boldly without any embarrassment or hesitation and hit the bullseye. Not the one to back down, Priya took the next shot with all her might, and she too, landed on 10. “Well, well, well, sweethearts. You both won this round, but it also meant you both lost this round too. And the show has to go on. This can only mean one thing. You both have to give up on your last piece of clothing. Now before I proceed, do any of you want to quit this game?” They both looked at each others with a determined face. Both understood that the other was not ready to give up.


Shruti and Priya said at the same time,”I’m not going to quit.” “Well, then.”, The host said,”Both of you kindly let go of your panties.” Trying to hide their embarrassment as much as possible, Shruti and Priya slowly gave away their last piece of clothing, and what would be reffered to as their last bit of dignity in conservative circles, revealing the beautifully shaved and waxed pussies of both. “Now ladies. In order to have a chance at winning the grand prize, the only thing both of you can do is cut off your hair going forward. Are you ready for this?”


Both Shruti and Priya paused for some time before replying,”Yes, I’m ready. Bring it on.” “Well, let’s resume our game then.” Shruti took to the podium and hit the dart. She landed on a 7. Priya took her position and hit an 8. Shruti had a mortified look on her face. ” Babe, either you quit or your ass-length hair gets reduced to your mid back. The choice is yours.” “I choose the latter.”,said Shruti, taking a big gulp. “Bring in the scissors, then.” A barberette walked in with scissors in her hands. “Ready hun?” Shruti nodded. The barberette tied her hair into a long braid that ended past and directly through the narrow gap separating her two beautiful and round derrières. Scrunch….scrunch…..scrunch… It took 2 minutes to reduce years of hardwork to mid back length. Shruti’s eyes were red and watery. She returned to the podium heavy hearted. Shruti took another shot. The dart landed on 2. She was in disbelief. Priya easily landed on a 6. It was time for another haircut of Shruti’s. This time, her hair was going to be reduced to her shoulders. The barberette returned. This time, there was no stopping Shruti’s trail of tears. Her tears raced past her cheeks and reached her round bosoms. When it was all said and done, screench…screench…screench was the only sound accompanying her sobs that rent the air of the studio. Shruti took to the podium once again. This time, she hit a 7. Priya shot her dart and landed on a 4. Priya knew her fate. She went to the same ritual as Shruti and her hair too was reduced to the length of mid back. Shruti took her shot and hit an 8. Priya took her shot, and to everyone’s surprise, hit the bullseye. Shruti was awestruck. “Babe, this time your hair’s gonna be reduced to a Bob.” Shruti held back her tears. The barberette came back. Snip….snip….snip…and just like that, Shruti sported a Bob. She came back to the podium, and hit a 4. Priya came and shot an 8. Shruti was mortified. “Babe, the only way going forward is to have a pixie. You ready for that?” Shruti nodded yes. The barberette came back. This time she carried a pair of clippers with her. It was over in a moment. Shruti got a pixie with an undercut and sideshave. There was no holding back her tears. The teary eyed beauty completely missed her next shot while Priya landed a 6. There was no turning back. Shruti sat down on the floor devastated. The barberette came prepared with shaving foam. It took one sob of Shruti to take longer than the time it took for the barbette to make her dome shiny smooth. If that wasn’t enough, even Shruti’s eyebrows were not spared and were shaved mercilessly.


Priya just looked in awe at what happened and before she even landed her next shot, she forfeited the contest. The teary eyed baldie walked away from the competition $20000000 richer.

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