Do You Trust Me?

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Standing in the bedroom doorway. Gary just watched Katie primp and pose in the her mirror, completely unaware she had an audience. Her pouty pink lips scrunched to the side in thought as she ran her fingers through her thick, crimson waves of hair, their ends reaching just past the end of her oversized t-shirt to brush lightly against the curve of her ass. Thoughtful pouts and a wrinkled forehead usually meant she had a rough day at work, that much Gary knew. But she hadn’t mentioned anything about it earlier…

“Want to talk about it?” He asked as he stepped into the room. Katie startled, leaping into the air as she spun around and crashed against her dresser.

“Gooddamnit I’m gonna get you a bell so I can hear you coming!”

He smiled, and sat on the edge of the bed, brushing aside his plan to read for a bit before turning in for the night. “I thought you were the one who liked wearing collars…”

She rolled her eyes, cheeks turning pink. “Anyway… Talk about what?”

She walked toward him, slender hips swaying as a swath of red locks slipped forward to hide her left eye. Gary loved her sapphire blue eyes, but he’d be lying if he pretended that it didn’t send a thrill through him whenever one was hidden like that. It’d been the one good part of her decision to grow her bangs out after the wedding two years before, and probably had a a lot to do with how much of a sex kitten vibe she could put off whenever she chose now.

Their height difference was enough that once she was close enough for his hands to slide around her waist, he barely had to tilt his head up to receive her kiss. His hands played with the hem of her tee, suddenly hopeful she wouldn’t need to talk about anything and he could put his mouth to other uses.

Still, if something was bothering her… “You were pouting in the mirror,” he ventured. “Usually that means there are problems at work.”

“Nope,” she kissed him again, her soft curls brushing against his cheek as she leaned forward. “Have the day off tomorrow.”

“Oh, right. Forgot that you gave yourself a long weekend. Your ‘Me’ day–massage and all?” He paused for another kiss, letting his hand trail up under her comfy shirt to trace along the bottom of her rib cage. The other slid down a little, nonchalantly tracing her waistline in a thinly veiled attempt to verify whether she had ay panties on.


Score one for Gary.

But still. “So nothing’s bothering you? I only ask because you’re kind of in full sex kitten mode right now and I don’t want to brush anything aside to fuck you and then feel guilty about it later.”

She smiled brightly, running her hands over his clippered hair. She kissed the top of his head and ran her fingers over the fuzz that remained again, giggling softly. Then her cheeks reddened in a very non-sex-kitten way. “It’s silly. But I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning.”

He waited for more, but that seemed to be all that was coming. “Oh….kay?”

She rolled her eyes and sighed, biting her bottom lip before saying anything more. “I was just trying to decide whether tomorrow would be the day.”

His brow wrinkled, but then he finally put two and two together.

Her cute little pout crinkled to the side again. “Would you still love me if I cut my hair?”

He laughed. She looked shocked and batted at his shoulder, but he couldn’t help it. “Six years together and you think a haircut is gonna make me stop loving you?” He knew that wasn’t true, and he knew she knew, and he knew she knew he knew… but still. It made him laugh. And then he tried to picture the woman in front of him–the gorgeous, beautiful woman he’d known since grad school, the woman who’d won him over so absolutely and completely the moment he saw her–without her trademark, flowing red locks… and he couldn’t.  “The answer is 100 percent yes, absolutely and forever. That was kind of the reason we did that whole ring exchange a while back.”

She smiled and kissed him again. “Even if it was short?”

“How short? I mean, the answer is still yes, but now you have me curious.”

She started fidgeting, twirling her fingers in the sleeve of his shirt and looking down as her weight shifted from foot to foot in the most adorable way possible. Finally she made eye contact again, though he had to brush her grown-out bangs back for that to happen. “I’m not sure,” she finally admitted. “I’ve been thinking about it for years, to be honest, but never really decided. It’s just — I don’t know.”

She shook her head, causing the long waves that constantly threatened to overwhelm her petite form to ripple down their lengths. She was a magnificent mane with legs; a mass of gorgeous curls that had taken sentient form. “I’ll probably chicken out anyway. I don’t think you have anything to worry about,” she finally said, leaning into him and pressing her lips to his. “I wouldn’t look good with shorter hair, so your Rapunzel fantasies are safe for a while, I’m sure.”

Gary leaned into the kiss, but his brain listed off several problems that had just arisen.

First, he’d somehow become the reason she’d decided to keep her hair long.

Second, the claim that she wouldn’t look good with it any shorter than it was just hung in the air between them, and there was definitely a time limit if he wanted to refute that.

Third, she felt like she had to look a certain way to keep other people happy, and he kind of felt like it was his duty as a husband to stop that in its tracks.

He ran his fingers back through her hair and gently pulled her lips from his. “You know you would look gorgeous with any length of hair, right?” He asked. He’d have looked into her eyes but he was too busy attacking her neck with small, lingering kisses as she pressed her curves against him. Suddenly the timer to save her self-esteem wasn’t the only one in his head; there was only a certain amount of time left before he would lose the ability to think straight.


The vulnerability in the way she asked made him pull up short. “Of course.”

She smirked. “I’m a chicken anyway. And Rebecca will probably try to talk me out of it once I’m in her chair.. She loves my hair and is always telling me how lucky I am to have it.”

“Is you appointment first thing in the morning?”

She nodded.

“Well then… you could always not give her the chance to talk you out of it?”

Her brow furrowed. “You mean go to someone else? She’s been doing my hair for years.”

He took her hand in his. “No. Come here.” He lead he back to her dresser and mirror setup, standing behind her as they both looked at her reflection. He could smell her shampoo as he stood close, and he leaned in to nuzzle her left ear through those soft, silky tresses. Or at least he tried to — it was well hidden. Instead, he simply whispered, “So, what were you considering?”

He raised an eyebrow as her reflection hesitated.

Finally, she said, “About here.” She lifted a hand and motioned just above her breasts. “Long enough to wear in different styles, but still pretty different, you know?”

He nodded. “Do you trust me?”

She raised one eyebrow as she considered his reflection. “Yes.”

“Middle drawer on the left. Open it.”

She did, and her eyes flashed wide when she first saw his haircutting kit.

“Pass me the scissors, would you?”

She swallowed. “What are you gonna do?”

“I’ll give you two guesses.”

She hesitated.

He set his hands on her shoulders and kissed the crown off her head. “Look at it this way — you won’t be able to chicken out and Rebecca won’t be able to talk you out of it. And it’s not like you’ll have to go into work beforehand if I cut it crooked.”

Her tongue peeked out from between her lips as she kept her eyes locked on his. And then she moved, reaching out to quickly unzip the haircutting kit as if she were pulling off a Band-Aid. The scissors were nestled inside, and with quickening breath she pulled them out and held them, handle-first, over her shoulder.

When Gary took them, her eyes snapped shut.

He laughed, leaning in to hug her from behind, nuzzling against her neck as she nervously giggled. He then reached around her to pick up her comb and ran it through her crowning glory for more than a few minutes, feeling her nervousness dissipate. Heck, he was pretty sure she was beginning to purr after the first few strokes.

“You know what, I just realized something. If you want to have it cut above your breasts, we should really make sure that I know where they are.”

She was unamused. “You’ve had six years of seeing me nude, dude.”

He smiled. “And it never gets old.”

With a huff, she turned around to face him. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and popped her hips out to the right, then popped them to the left as she began to hoist the hem higher and higher. Gary had been right about the lack of panties, and after her beautiful, curly red bush was revealed, so too was her tight little stomach and then, finally, her gorgeous, perky breasts. With a sigh she pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it aside, leaving her hair to fall in a swarm of curls and waves in front of her right shoulder, baring her left ear.

Gary pounced, gently pinning his wife to the dresser as he nibbled her earlobe and then migrated down to nibble and kiss her bare neck. Hs fingers, looped through the handles of the scissors, caressed between her thighs, eliciting one of those gasps he loved to hear as they just barely slipped between her damp lips.

“You’re totally going to have to make a call here, Gary,” she moaned. “Because I’m not going to have the time to comb out all the tangles tonight if you want to fuck me first.”

It wasn’t an easy decision, but Gary did manage to pull his fingers back. His mouth found hers for a long embrace and then made their way back to her neck before he spun her around again. “What you do to me…” He whispered. He took a long look at her reflection, admiring the curves and confidence she had. And then he reached up to run his fingers down the length of her hair one more time, and saw that confidence melt away into an adorable nervousness, and she again was biting her lip as she looked at him. He knew that expression — it was the reason they had a safeword even though he was the most milquetoast fellow he knew.

“I have an idea,” he said. He pulled most of her hair back from her shoulder, combing it out again so it nearly hid her, with long swathes falling in front of each shoulder and her bangs hiding one eye as the lion’s share tumbled down her back to her cute little ass. Her right hand had slipped between her legs; she probably thought she was being subtle. “Besides your lips and that beautiful pussy of yours, what’s your favorite part of your body for me to kiss?”

Her perfectly arched eyebrows knitted together, but her right hand stayed where it was. Her left, however, slid up under her hair, past her breast, and to her neck.

Gary nodded. “And my favorite place to kiss?”

“My… my neck,” she answered softly. She was in full kitten mode now, all hushed whispers and lowered lashes, and he wasn’t sure whether keeping his pants on had been a good idea. Maybe it was, if the imagined difference in vulnerability helped get her in this mood.

He nodded again. He reached up to caress her gorgeous mane once more, twirling his fingers under a long lock and taking it in his hold. His fingers were nowhere near her breast where she had said she wanted her hair cut; instead, they were just barely beneath her chin. “If that’s the case, it seems pretty silly for us to keep it hidden, then, doesn’t it?”

“I… I don’t think I’ll look god with it that short.”

He nodded as if considering that, then lifted the scissors up over her shoulder, sliding the thick, long lock between its blades. “Well, I’m sure you’ll look amazing, and, fortunately, I’m the one with the scissors.”

Her breath stopped, her eyes locked on the reflection of the blades in the mirror. He could feel her heart racing, watched as her lips parted and her brow furrowed in silence.


Her breath came out in an abrupt, halted rushes, as if she were afraid to let it all out at once.

Gary held the lock out in front of her, let it float to the floor. He leaned in and kissed her cheek, feeling the heat of her flush on his lips. “You’re going to look amazing.” He took hold of another lock of her crowning glory, pinching it between two fingers before another long, slow crunch sounded and another lock fell free.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Katie whispered, though Gary couldn’t be sure this time whether it was panic or approaching climax. He worked slowly, gradually shearing away more and more of her treasured mane, baring her left shoulder and neck in the process. The pile on the floor grew, amassing more and more of Katie’s treasured curls as they were shorn away, years and years worth of attention and effort taken away with just a few snaps of the brutal scissor blades.

Once the left side of her magnificent mane had been shorn away, Gary leaned in to nip at her neck again. “No more hiding the bruises, I guess,” he teased. She let out a pained, desperate whimper, and her hand jerked a little. He slipped his free hand around her, teasing her tummy as he licked at her earlobe, followed by a nip.

“Please hurry,” she begged.

Gary gave into her wish, though he didn’t hurry — he just made sure not to delay. He carefully went about transforming his redheaded Rapunzel into a latter-day Bernice, leaving the formerly long, silky waves well above her shoulders. Every few snips, he’d tug a curl straight to see its full length, and it was clear she wouldn’t feel her soft locks against her naked shoulders for a while, even if she took the time to straighten them. She’d said she wanted to have it long enough to wear up, but, by the time Rebecca finished tidying it up tomorrow, there definitely wouldn’t be any ponytails, braids, or buns in his beautiful wife’s future anytime soon. Her eyes were closed again by the time he freed the right side of her neck, gathering the last few long, silky locks before shearing them away.

“So, so many people are going to kill me,” she said, only half-kidding.

He laughed, pretending to brush away her shorn hair but instead teasing every inch of her naked form he could reach with the feather-light touches of his fingertips.

When she opened her eyes, she gasped. “It’s gone. It’s all gone!”

He ran his fingers through her new bob, twisting curls around his fingers and smiling now that they stayed in place, rather than being pulled into waves by their shear weight and length. “No chickening out now.”

She shook her head a few times, watching her newly reduced mane bounce and shake around her. Its thickness and volume was almost ridiculous, with the tresses having so much of their masses removed so suddenly. It’d be interesting to see how Rebecca was going to get it under control.

But Gary decided he had waited long enough — He grabbed hold of Katie and spun her around, lifting her up onto her dresser as he pressed his way between her legs. She didn’t resist, and was back to looking up at him through her lashes again, at least through the one eye he could see. “Am I still your sex kitten?”

“At the moment,” he said as she helped him undo his belt. “But maybe we could go with something less sex kitteny.”

Her brow furrowed.

He reached for the scissors again, and rumbled her hair with his other hand, gathering her long bangs forward. “I miss seeing both of your eyes.”

She blurted out “Bananas!” And then laughed when her safeword’s overzealous use startled him. “Bananas,” she repeated, softer. “I’ve been growing them out for way too long to let an amateur at them.”

He smiled, holding both hands up before setting the scissors down. Then her left hand was at his nape, pulling him close for a kiss as her right hand pulled him free from his clothing and guided him inside her. He moved his lips from her to her neck, so easy to find and attack now, so naked and vulnerable and exposed. He pushed deep into her, clasping her body to his before lifting her and, carefully stepping over the massive piles of the shorn hair so many women envied, carried her to their bed so he could express just how fucking hot she was, even without the long, overwhelming mane she’d always been known by.


The night lasted long enough to make the morning arrive much sooner than it usually did, and Gary was none too pleased when he was awoken by the sunlight pouring into the bedroom. When he say up and was finally able to focus his eyes, he saw Katie standing at the foot of the bed, her fingers running through the short, adorable bedhead curls at the nape of her neck and looking forlornly and the piles of red tresses on the floor.

“What did I do?” She murmured quietly.

“You took a chance,” he replied. When she looked at him, shiny, soft curls coming so, so close to being even shorter than her chin, he added, “And becoming one hell of a short-haired hottie in the process.”

“Yeah, well…” She ran both hands through her hair, and made a pretend scream as she looked in the mirror.  “I can’t even…. What is Rebecca gonna say when she sees this?” There was a giggle at the end of the question, and she shook her head wildly to get the curls to bounce. She tried to pull it back into a ponytail as Gary moved behind her, and gave him an exaggerated frown in the mirror when it didn’t work out. “Butcher,” she whispered.

He smiled, and turned her around so he could kiss her forehead. “I’m sure it’ll look great after you let a pro at it.”

“It’s SO SHORT!”

“It’s adorable. You should let her give you bangs again if she wants.”

“I’m, like, terrified it’s not going to look good already, honey.”

“Nonsense. You already look great and… yeah, it’s pretty much a chop-job.” She punched his shoulder, but he replied, “It’s my work. I’m allowed to criticize it. I tell you what… feel like a bet?”

“I’m listening.”

“You let Rebecca fix this up however she wants… give her free rein. And if it doesn’t make everyone who ever told you not to cut your hair eat crow, you win. But if everyone admits how great you look, I win.”

“What are the stakes?”

“Loser gives the winner an hour of oral sex.”

She laughed. “That’s, like, two times for me and twenty for you!”

He shrugged. “Not my fault you’re so good at it.”

She punched his shoulder again and grabbed her bathrobe before heading toward the bathroom. “Winner gets two sessions, but I have to get stopped on the street for compliments at least as many times next week as I would when I wore my hair down.”

He watched her walk, amazed at how naked she looked without the red waves falling down her back. Criminy, every single curve of her was stunning. “Deal.”

She hesitated at the doorway, mussing her hair again. “What if she really goes nuts and gets rid of it all?”

“I’d still have to schedule two half-hour blocks for you.”

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    1. Thank you! A part 2 will happen at some point, I’m sure. This was just a bit of an experiment to see whether I still had it in me to focus on a story long enough to actually write it (and have it be any good).

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