Doin’ Dennis’s mom

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When I was young, a boy with an inflated ego named Dennis taunted me all junior year. He was a twat and I hated him, I would’ve liked to cut the brakes on his car and watch him drive himself of a cliff but I would’ve had to go through a lot of trouble to do that. Instead, I waited for an opportunity to present itself.

I graduated for high school and went to barber college to get my license to operate a barbershop of my very own. It was hard work but I put in the elbow grease to achieve my dream. When my education was complete, my old man retired and gave me the keys to his barbershop.

The change from him to me was slow, the regulars still came in for a cut but those geezers either died or went away from this small town.

One day, as I worked, a lady popped her head inside my shop. I didn’t really recognize her at first but then it clicked.

”You’re Dennis’s mom?”I asked.

”Why, yes”,she replied with a smile,”You went to high school with my son, I presume”

”Yes, ma’am”,I nodded as she walked up and sat in my chair,”What can I do for ya today?”

”I can’t seem to do a thing with my hair”,the lady let down her dirty blonde hair that rested on her shoulders,”I was planning on going to my usual hairdresser but she came down with a bad case of pneumonia and wasn’t in”

”Well”,I smiled, caping her up,”we’ll have you right as rain in no time. Now tell me, what are we in the market for today?”

”Oh, I don’t know”,she confessed,”Whatever you think would look best on me”

An intrusive thought came into my mind, the perfect revenge plot. I didn’t agree with it totally and there was a possibility that she would say no but there was no harm in asking so I asked,”How about we start fresh. How does going completely bald sound”

The woman thought for a minute, I hoped that she would reject the idea outright but her pause gave my nerves a good shake.

”I never had a bald head before”,she replied then shrugged,”If you think I would good with no hair then do it”

My brain told me to ask if she was positive but my being ignored my mind and told me to say,”Alright, let’s get you going”

I grabbed my clippers and switched them on with no guard attached to it. The lady just looked at herself in the mirror as I slid the clippers down the middle of her scalp. The cut strands rained down onto my shoe, leaving a strip of bare, short stubble behind. Again, the clippers entered the hairline and ate their way all the down her head. Her hair that laid just on her shoulders a minute ago were cascading off her scalp and at a faster and faster rate. I do have to admit, the woman was beginning to look hotter as more of her hair was removed by the vibrating blades.

When all her hair was shorn to a short stubbly form, I turned off my clippers and got into a cabinet just ahead of us two. I took a folded up towel, unfolded it, and tucked it into the cape. As I began to whistle a melody, I found my shaving cream canister and poured a blob of its foam on the woman’s head. She giggled as it was sprayed on and continued to smile as I massaged it all in.

I opened a dark-red, oak box and pulled from it one of its sharp razors. My hands worked with steady strokes as I began to slide the cream off my customer’s head. I put my pointer finger under her chin and lifted her head to where her eyes met mine. The razor slid down her crown as I cleared the foam away.

She was all done, her head was bald and I was satisfied. Her glossy lipstick fit well with her new look and when she bat her eyes, I could feel my heart drop with attraction.

”You’re a very talented, young man”,she remarked as I unbuttoned the cape from behind her neck,”You did a very nice job”

”Thank you, ma’am”,I could only say politely. She rose from my chair and produced her wallet from her purse. She pulled out two hundred-dollar bills and paid me handsomely. I accepted the gift with no question and she said,”I might as well come back when all this has grown out some so we can do this again sometime”

”I’ll be here”,I smiled.

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