Dominating the Indomitable

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John is the name my parents gave me, but more people would know me by the name Jaxon Strong. For five years, I co starred in some of the most popular BDSM videos on the internet. I say co-stars because the real stars were my subs. I took pride in my craft of finding new ways to dominate my willing subjects without ever so much as removing my pants. My career as a professional dom was booming… right up until the day the IRS made an unexpected visit to the studio, only to find out that the sleazebag who owned the place had drained all the corporate accounts and fucked off to some country in South America that doesn’t extradite. It’s not easy to get your foot in the door as a male in the smut business, and it’s even harder to do it twice. That’s why, six months later, I was broke and living in the guest bedroom of my best friend’s condo.

I was tending bar at a pretentious hipster place in North Hollywood when good fortune found me. It was near closing time on a slow night, Tuesday I think, and I’d made so little in tips it felt pointless to even be there. I didn’t notice him at first, even though he was the only person at the bar. He just had one of those faces you could look right past like he wasn’t even there.

He raised his hand to get my attention. “Excuse me, Jaxon”.

“John.” I responded, pointing at my nametag. “What can I get you?”

He grinned widely and responded. “Macallan 18, neat.”

I didn’t even know we had that. He had to point the bottle out to me on the top shelf. I handed him the drink and asked if he wanted to close out or keep it open. He dropped a hundred dollar bill on the bar.

“Guess I’ll close out. Keep the change.” He told me with a shrug. “I was here looking for someone named Jaxon Strong. I’m trying to offer him a job. Thought it was you, but I guess not. It’s too bad.”

Was this guy actually a potential employer or just some fan who had stalked me to my place of employment? I was desperate enough to find out.

“Huh? I mean… uh… yeah that’s my stage name. What kind of job?” I responded inelegantly, nearly choking on my words.

“Ah, so you’re not dead after all.” He chuckled before reaching out to shake my hand. “Brian Hart, pleased to meat you. I produce films for… private audiences.”

“What does that mean?” I responded skeptically.

“To be blunt: Uber-rich people who can afford to have porn specially made for them that nobody else can watch. And I’ve got a client who is a HUGE fan of yours.” he responded bluntly.

“Intriguing, but… please don’t take this the wrong way, Mr. Hart, I’ve never heard of you. How do I know this is a legit operation and I’m going to actually get paid?” I asked.

He slid an envelope to me and I opened it. It was full of hundred dollar bills.

“That’s 5 grand” He said “You’ll another 45 grand on completion. We have a studio nearby that is ready to go, as well as two professional camera operators. You’ll have a budget of 20 grand and a timeline of one month to build whatever devices you need for a four-scene shoot. And then there is the best part: the sub! This girl is the best there is. She only does private gigs; internet guys like the ones you used to work for can’t afford her. She’ll take anything you can dish out, and then ask for more. If you can manage to tame her, you’ll be the first.”

He made some bold claims but again, I was desperate. Hell, even if the 5 grand in the envelope was all I was getting, I would have said yes anyway.

“Deal!” I reached out and shook his hand again.

“Great!” He responded as he firmly shook my hand. “Looks like you’ve got a couple customers, so I’ll let you tend to them, and we can go over the paperwork tomorrow. Give me a call”.

He sipped the last of his scotch and left a business card behind.

I called him first thing the next morning and we met for lunch. Brian had me sign a contract, as well as a strict NDA. The contract had explicit clauses for what I could do during the show, and violation of any of them would result in the remainder of my pay being forfeit. Nothing that results in any permanent marks or requires hospitalization. No penetration of any of the sub’s orifices with mine, or anyone else’s penis. No stopping unless the sub says the agreed upon safe word. He reminded me that anything not forbidden by the contract is both allowed and encouraged. If I met or exceeded expectations, I could see more work in the future. I had total creative control over the shoot, and he would not be involved in the set construction so as not to risk spoiling anything to the client.

“The client loves you because of how creative you can be with you sadism”. He informed me. “So don’t hold anything back”.

“Any questions?” He asked?

“Actually, yeah… one thing” I asked “Can I have an assistant or does it have to just be me?”

Brian paused. It didn’t seem like he was prepared for that question.

“Uhh… I guess, but you’d have to pay him yourself.”

The Shoot

I spent the next month building the set in a small studio that was basically a converted warehouse. Per the contract, neither Brian, the client or the sub would be present at the studio during construction, but every time I emailed Brian that I needed supplies, they arrived the next day. I suspected that Brian was the mysterious rich guy who was paying for all of this, so I tried to be as inscrutable as I could with the material requests to avoid him figuring out what I had planned.

I met the sub for the first time half an hour before the shoot was going to start. She looked resplendent. She must have been 6 feet tall barefoot, but in her stilettos, she towered over me, yet maneuvered around the room like they had always been part of her feet. Her light brown hair with subtle blonde highlights was perfectly curled into neat ringlets which hung below her shoulders. Her skin was flawless, and her perfectly manicured brows and long eyelashes looked like something out of a movie. A tight black dress perfectly framed her body, thin but curvy in all the right places.

I introduced myself as Jaxon Strong and she responded with a simple “I know”. She did not introduce herself in return. We discussed the safe word, or the safe tune she could hum if her mouth was gagged, and she regarded it as an annoying formality, like signing paperwork. I asked her name and she smiled and shook her head as she strutted to her dressing room.

We were ready to start the shoot. I instructed her to raise her hands as I tied them together and hung them from a hook, and spread her legs as I shackled them to a spreader bar. The three masked camera operators and the masked boom mic operator took their positions.

Scene One


“Well, well, what have we here?” I menaced as I circled her, slapping her ass with an open hand.

“You hit like a little bitch!” She responded, sticking her tongue out at me.

I spanked her again, harder. “Shut up, bitch! From now on, your only words to me will be ‘yes, master'”

“Yes masturbator” she chuckled.

I grabbed her dress and ripped it off. It was a shame to destroy such a beautiful garment, but anyone familiar with my work would know that whatever clothes they wore were forfeit. I slapped her cunt with all my might, and my hand was soaked with her juices. I used her perfect hair to wipe it off.

“Yeah that’s a wet pussy” she taunted “I’m sure you’ve never seen that phenomenon before, but don’t worry, it’s not a medical condition. I just decided to get myself off in the dressing room before hand because this seems like it’s going to be boring.”

I slapped her cunt again and she yawned.

“Alright, I think I need something to shut you up.” I said calmly to her, not giving her the satisfaction of hearing anger in my voice. I motioned to one of the masked camera operators to come in for a close up.

“Oh yeah, make sure you get a close up of just how soft this little bitch hits!” The sub taunted.

In a motion which I had rehearsed beforehand, I ripped off the camera operator’s pants, which were tear-away, revealing the white cotton panties with a noticeable wet spot underneath.

I mentioned earlier that I had been living with my best friend. Leah is the name her parents gave her, but more people knew her as Cassie Catastrophe. I’d known her ever since we were in the same Dungeons & Dragons group in college. We both had a lot more interest in dungeons. She had gotten me my first gig as a professional dom years ago, and the two of us made 33 videos together. On camera, I had done unspeakable things to her, and made her cum hundreds of times. Off camera, I had never so much as given her a peck on the lips, respectful of the fact that she was a lesbian, and not even a little bit bi.

She put down the camera and slipped out of her jacket, revealing the perky A-cup breasts underneath with a silver stud in each nipple, and then tossed aside her mask. For most of her career, her signature look was the long, platinum blonde hair that stretched all the way down to her waist. In what wound up being our last live stream together, I had shaved her entire head smooth, and ever since, she hadn’t let it grow out longer than a pixie. She had her severed hair made into a whip that she and her hookups would play with from time to time. I got a lot of nasty comments from her fans about that shoot- they assumed I coerced her into it, but she was actually the one who pitched the idea. I had tried to talk her out of it for the better part of a year, and the studio said no over and over again, but I guess the boss man relented when he knew it would be the last shoot she’d do for him regardless.

“Oh look, it’s your girlfriend Cassie, what a surprise!” The sub taunted sarcastically “You were a lot prettier when you had long hair. Now you’ve got a little boy haircut to match your little boy titties!” The sub laughed at Leah while simultaneously waving her luscious locks back and forth and bouncing her pendulous breasts.

“Oh shut the fuck up!” Leah responded, as she whipped off her sopping wet panties.

“Whoa! look at sasquatch over he…” she mocked Leah, who hadn’t bothered to shave during the last month. Since she was working full time on this shoot and not filming anything else she hadn’t bothered to shave. The bush she had grown in that short time was quite impressive.

Leah interrupted her but showing the wet panties in her mouth. I sealed them in with a piece of duct tape. “Much better”

I began to whip the nameless sub with a cruel leather implement, but she only leaned into it and seemed to enjoy the whipping. Meanwhile, Leah wheeled over a metal stand with a large enema bag full of cold water and inserted it into the sub’s asshole. Once that was secured, she produced a second bag and inserted it into herself. Both girls’ stomachs began to inflate as their colons filled. When the sub’s enema bag was empty, I yanked the hose and quickly replaced it with a large metal butt plug to hold the water in. Shortly after, I did the same to Leah.

Next, I placed a bucket under Leah’s legs and used my fingers to get her off. It had been a while, but I still remembered where the spot was. I felt that familiar warmth inside of her, and she exploded in orgasm as the plug shot out of her ass and the contents of her enema filled the bucket. Slowly, I dumped the bucket over the sub’s meticulously maintained mane.

Leah slapped the sub’s still-bloated belly. She sniffed the sub’s wet hair.

“Eww! It smells like a port-o-potty at a music festival!” Leah grimaced.

I grabbed a set of cordless clippers from my toolbox and handed it to Leah. “Here, get rid of that unsanitary mess and flush it down the toilet.”

“No way, I’m not touching that, you do it!” She quipped back to me.

I slapped Leah’s ass with a hard thwack, grabbed her clit and pulled her to the floor. “Do not disobey me again!”

“Yes master” she replied.

“Now eat her pussy, but stop if she’s about to cum”

As Leah went down on the sub, I placed the clippers at her temple and turned them on. She leaned her head into them, as if she wanted me to shave it. I never intended to actually do it, this was supposed to scare her. Instead of being scared, she yelled some muffled words through her improvised gag that I’m pretty sure were “Do it, pussy!”. I buzzed off a small patch above her ear as her eyes closed and she smiled, then I stopped.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? No, this is your problem.” I put down the clippers and rubbed her swollen clit.

With a loud moan, the large plug popped out of the sub’s ass and the water shot out like a firehose, into the floor drain below

And cut!

The sub was actually quite pleasant once the cameras stopped, but she still refused to tell me her name. Setting up the next scene required her cooperation and patience, and she was happy to oblige- once she had showered thoroughly. In this setup, her hair was tied into ten ponytails, and each was pulled tight through a clamp attached to a horizontal bar on the wall above her. Her right hand was tied behind her, and her left hand was duct taped around the pair of cordless clippers. Every two minutes, a random clamp would disengage. As long as she remained held in place by her hair, she would be painfully tormented. The only way to escape was to either wait 20 minutes, or use the clippers to cut off whichever ponytails were still clamped to the bar. The knowledge I gained during the three years I spent getting almost halfway through a four-year electrical engineering degree really came in handy when building this one.

Scene Two

As soon as the cameras started rolling, she went back to being bratty.

“Ugh, this seems boring, twenty minutes” She sneered at me when I explained the rules “Can you bring you boy toy over to eat my pussy again? It’s a lot better at it than you are!”

“Cassie!” I called, going back to referring to Leah by her stage name “Show the nice lady what you’ve brought for her!”

“Yes sir!” She responded cheerfully, walking in front of the cameras naked except for a pair of high heels. She displayed the leather whip in her hand to the sub. “It’s my favorite whip, sir!”

“And what is the most lashes you have taken from it?” I asked her

“18, sir” she responded quickly and dutifully, handing me the whip.

I swung it at the sub, using the touch I had perfected over the years. Soft enough that any marks it left would be gone in a week or less, hard enough to hurt like a motherfucker. The whip struck her belly just under the ribs. “One!” I yelled.

I aimed the next stroke at her left nipple. I missed by a couple inches. As soon as the whip struck her chest, she yelled “Two!” before I could. The next strike I yelled out “Three” with the whip in mid stroke, and scored a direct hit on her right areola. She recoiled, but smiled. As we yelled “Four” in unison, I swung underhanded and struck her pussy. The first magnet disengaged, freeing a ponytail on the side of her head. Five, Six, Seven, Eight. she called the numbers out with me and barely flinched. Another ponytail dropped. Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. She stuck her tongue out at me as a third ponytail was freed. As I whipped her a 19th time and a fourth ponytail was saved, she yawned again, taking the strike without any noticeable reaction.

“The famous Cassie Catastrophe could only take 18 strikes from that little thing? Pathetic!”.

There was no point whipping her anymore. Time for phase 2. I busted out a bottle of habanero sauce and spread it on her battered pussy like it was a breakfast taco. Then I rubbed it on each of her nipples. Another ponytail on the side of her head fell free. All three of the ones in the middle still remained held in place. At this point I should mention, I lied when I said the ponytails would be freed in a random order. I wired them so the three in the middle would be the last to fall, and the one in the front would be the final ponytail that the device would release from its grasp. If she wanted to free herself before 20 minutes was up, she’d have to shave off an important enough piece of hair that she’d just need to shave the rest later.

Meanwhile, Leah looked jealous. “I can take more than 18 strikes. I can take 20!” She proudly boasted, handing me the whip as she got on her knees. “Please, master?”

I don’t know whether the sub’s insults had gotten to her, or Leah missed being in the spotlight, but I decided to oblige. Meanwhile, I let the sub writhe, as the sweat rolling down her brows betrayed the deep discomfort concealed by a sarcastic smile. One, two, three, four, five. “Please keep going, master!”

Leah was at 11 strikes and the sub was down to the last three ponytails when I heard the clippers turn on. I really thought she was going to make it through this ordeal with her hair intact. I was correct. Instead of taking the clippers to her hair, she put them against her clit and began to masturbate. Her loud, exaggerated moans drowned out the sound of me whipping Leah.

“I’m gonna make myself cum before either of you do!” She screamed triumphantly as Leah called out her eighteenth strike.

I timed Leah’s 20th strike with the end of the ordeal, and the sub timed her orgasm the same. She fell to the floor in ecstasy with the buzzing clippers between her legs as the circuit holding the last ponytail in place was broken.

And cut!

“Ooh, hot hot hot, get this shit off of me!” Once the cameras stopped, she stopped smiling and sprinted to the station I’d set up in the corner where I hosed her off and applied ointment. “You’re good, that was a good one!” She yelled towards me, using the clippers taped to her hand as a thumbs up while I pressure washed her nether regions.

Scene Three

The next scene started with the sub tied to a bench, lying on her back with her arms and legs completely immobilized. Leah was suspended above her by a series of ties that held her legs spread wide open but left her arms freed. As the scene began, I lowered Leah’s pussy onto the sub’s face. She interrupted the sub’s round of insults about her hairy pussy by using it to smother her. While Leah was letting out moans of pleasure, I attached a metal clamp to one of her nipple piercings. Then I stuck the clamp attached to the other end of the battery to the sub’s bruised labia. Then I turned the battery on. They both shrieked as I pulled Leah up and broke the connection. I raised and lowered Leah a few more times. The sub raised her face to shock Leah’s clit with her tongue. Not to be outdone, Leah squirmed to position her ass cheek against the sub’s nose to shock her back.

I turned off the current and lowered Leah again, forcing her pussy and ass over the sub’s adept tongue. At random intervals, I turned the knob on the battery to give both of them an unexpected shock. I stuck a magic wand vibrator between the sub’s legs and turned it on the maximum setting, checking her ropes to make sure there was no way she could maneuver it out.

I raised Leah up again and proclaimed, using her stage name “Since Cassie has been such a loyal slave to me, she and only she will be allowed to cum during this ordeal!”

The sub predictably chimed in “I’ll cum if I want!” before I lowered Leah back on top of her face. She held the sub by her long, luxurious hair and gyrated until she let out a loud orgasm and let go. It only took a few more minutes of random shocks and a magic wand between her legs before the sub was on the verge of cumming as well.

“I said only Cassie may cum!” I reminded the sub sternly. Starting to moan, she laughed and shouted “Or what? You’ll shock me? Oh nooooo!” She closed her eyes, bit her lip and then let out a loud, exaggerated series of moans. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Leah was holding something. “Not exactly” I replied with a villainous chuckle.

The object in Leah’s hand made a familiar buzzing noise as she ran it directly down the center of the sub’s scalp. A chunk of light brown hair with subtle blonde highlights fell to the floor. The sub was shocked when she saw what had happened. We actually did it. We were actually shaving her fucking head. Leah made another pass with the clippers. As Leah mowed away more of the sub’s perfect and expensive hair, the restrained girl beneath her began to quiver and cry out “Oh yes!” By the time Leah had reduced all the hair on the top of her scalp to stubble, the sub had finished her second orgasm.

“I said you may not cum!” I shouted again at her sternly. I expected some sarcastic remark daring Leah to shave the rest of her head, but instead what I got was “Yes master, I promise I won’t cum again.”

I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say at this latest turn, but Leah said it for me. “But sir, she already did cum again.”

“That’s true, and she needs to be punished” I conceded as I handed Leah shaving cream and an ornate straight razor. “Now really shave her!”

When we were planning this part of the shoot, and Leah convinced me to let her do the shaving, I had planned to have her use use shaving cream and a disposable razor, but Leah was very insistent on using an old-timey straight razor. The one thing she regretted about her own shearing was that a disposable razor seemed cheap for such an impactful scene. She’d never actually used one before though, and I wasn’t about to let her forfeit our payday by permanently scarring the sub’s scalp. Eventually, I agreed to let her use the straight razor if she practiced on someone first, and showed me she could do the job without drawing any blood. She told me she had plenty of simps DMing on Instagram who would happily volunteer. I thought it seemed like a bad idea letting some creepy dude from the internet know where she lived, but it’s her house. A few hours later, the doorbell rang. A petite young Latina with curly hair was at the door. Leah butchered that poor girl’s scalp. She left with a head covered in band-aids and patchy stubble. They hooked up a couple times later though, so she must not have been too mad. I thought that settled it, but she watched some YouTube videos and picked up some better techniques. The cute, chubby goth girl who rang the doorbell two days later left with nothing on her head but our autographs. She actually wound up going straight to a tattoo parlor and having them permanently inked on the side of her scalp. A few days later, I got home from the gym and there was a girl in the kitchen without a single hair or piece of clothing on her body, casually making herself a snack in the kitchen. I’m told she had been a redhead an hour prior. I’d already allowed Leah to use the straight razor in the shoot; the last girl was just for fun. I really need to get an Instagram.

Anyway, back to the present. Leah spread the foam over the buzzed crown of the sub’s scalp, and began scraping away with one hand while rubbing her own clit with the other. I mixed in a couple random shocks for fun. As Leah rendered the top of the sub’s head perfectly smooth, the sub gave her best effort to keep herself from cumming, while at the same reaching her tongue out to lick Leah’s asshole. Leah was just on the verge of finishing when the sub couldn’t hold herself back any longer. When she opened her eyes again, Leah was spreading shaving cream over her right eyebrow. “What did I just say about cumming?”

After Leah scraped the sub’s eyebrow clean, I handed Leah a small set of scissors and she trimmed the sub’s left eyelash as close to the eyelid as she could.

Leah took command “Now what did you say about my pussy, you ugly freak?”

“I’m sorry, mistress, your pussy is beautiful!”

“Damn right! In fact, since you like my pubic hair so much, you can have it” she said with a cackle. With a few swift flicks of her wrist, she used the straight razor to remove the month’s worth of curly stubble from her labia and pubic mounds. Using the sticky, viscous substance that already coated the sub’s face, she stuck the pubic hair to the sub’s chin, giving her a crude beard. Then she shaved her armpits and used that hair to fashion a moustache.

I asked the sub if she wanted to stop there. “No sir, please make me completely bald!” she pled obediently. So I took the scissors and razor from Leah.

And cut! But don’t cut any more for now.

The sub looked far more ridiculous than she would have looked if I had shaved her entire head and both eyebrows, like I had done to Leah in our last show. Of course, all of her hair would all have to come off as soon as we were done, but the circus freak look suited her newfound humility. I untied the sub first so she could go wash all the pussy juice off her face, but the puddle under her sex was much more substantial. “Thank you!” She said to me. I told her she didn’t have to do the whole master/slave thing while the cameras were off, to which she replied “I know”.

The final scene

The final scene began with the sub strapped to the same bench, but face down. The bench had been tilted up on one side so her ass was in the air. A vacuum pump was attached to a cup over her vulva, causing it to rapidly engorge. I fastened Leah in a different tie, securing a rope from the ceiling around her chest and shoulders and tying her knees to her chest so that her ass and pussy faced down towards the sub.

I held the sub’s head up by what remained of her hair and explained the rules. “This time, I will leave this punishment up to chance. I have in my hand a 20-sided die. When I roll a 1-10, I will step on this pedal…”

I stepped on a pedal on the floor and she winced slightly. I continued. “… which will pull the trigger on the pellet gun pointed at your ass. If I roll 11-19…”

I lit a candle and handed it to Leah, and she knew what to do with it. I twisted the sub’s head so she could get a glimpse of Leah swinging above her with a lit candle sticking out of her pussy as the hot wax started to drip. I continued “… if I roll 11-19, I will give my assistant another candle. This will keep going until she can’t hold any more, and that vacuum will keep making your pussy more and more engorged. If you can last until then, I’ll give you a hair cut. You can stop at any time, but if you do, I will command you not to cut or cover your hair for a month. Do you understand?”

“Yes master!” she replied without hesitation. Of course I had no authority to actually make sure she kept her absurd haircut once she left this building, but everything I had learned about this girl told me she’d actually follow through in the unlikely event she failed.

“Oh and one last thing!” I added. “If I roll a natural 20…” I removed the candle from Leah’s pussy and dripped some wax on the sub’s bare scalp before putting it out. “… then we start over!”

I rolled the dice. 3. The pellet gun fired at her ass, hitting a slightly different spot. 6. Another shot from the pellet gun. She let out an “ooh!” as this shot was a bullseye. 15. I handed Leah a lit candle and she re-inserted it into her pussy, getting most of it inside. 10, 5, 16. After 2 more shots, I gave Leah a candle which she used the first one to light, then shoved into her asshole, swinging acrobatically and showering the sub’s back side with hot wax. 14. She stuck a second lit candle in her ass. When we rehearsed this, Leah’s personal best was 3 lit candles in the ass and 2 in the pussy before they fell out. 10. This pellet must have hit in a particularly sensitive spot as the sub uncharacteristically cried out in pain.

“Give up?” I asked. “No sir!” she shouted back.

11. Leah stuck a second candle in her pussy, careful not to knock the first one out. 18. She slowly slid a third candle in her ass. 4. 6. 10. Three more shots from the pellet gun as hot wax rained on the sub from the fast-burning candles. I rolled again and paused, the silence only broken by the sound of the vacuum pump. “20!” I pulled the candles out of Leah and dripped all five of them on the sub’s scalp before blowing them out.

I started over with new candles. This time, she took four shots from the pellet gun and felt the wax from three candles before another natural 20 forced us back to square one. Leah had spent days practicing her maneuvers in this tie, and it showed. Barely a drop of wax had been wasted on the floor.

We tried again. 12. 18. 13. 17. 15. Just like that, 5 candles were dripping on the sub again. After two more shots from the pellet gun, I rolled a 15. Leah had to be extra careful this time, singing her fingertips a bit as she managed to fit a third lit candle inside her cunt without knocking the first two out. 19. She held the candle in her hand this time as she swung back and forth. 6. 1. 5. 17. I handed Leah another candle. There were now eight candles dripping hot wax on the sub’s backside and into her remaining hair.

“Happy Chanukah!” I yelled out. The sub’s dour grimace was interrupted by brief laughter.

I rolled a 14. Leah attempted to insert the candle in her right hand into her asshole but fumbled the other three almost immediately, causing them to fall on the sub’s back. She released the grip of her pelvic muscles and let the candles fall out of her vagina.

I lowered Leah and untied her. As she fastened a menacing strap on around her waist and slathered it with lubricant, I turned off the vacuum and pulled the cup off of the sub’s pussy. It was swollen to the size of a grapefruit. I gave it a hard slap and it jiggled like Jello.

I asked the sub “Now, should I tell my assistant to fuck you in the ass or the pussy?”

“Please” she replied, catching her breath “Please tell her to fuck me in the ass”

“Fuck her in the pussy!” I instructed Leah. She had difficulty fitting such a large dildo in such a swollen hole, but once she had gotten it in, she grabbed a handful of the sub’s hair with each hand and pulled hard as she thrust forcefully.

I produced a pair of clippers with a #2 guard and turned them on. “As promised, I’ll give you a haircut… it looks like she’s using some of it though.”

I plunged the clippers into the hair that hung around the side of her head, stuffing the severed strands in her mouth. Next, I went around the back and the other side, until the only hair left longer than a fraction of an inch was the two chunks Leah was using as handles. I stuffed the last of the hair into her mouth and taped it shut. Then I took the guard off the clippers and carved a crude “JS” into the stubble on one side and “CC” on the other.

“If you cum without permission, you’re keeping this hairstyle for the next month. Understand?”

She nodded her head and said some muffled words that I can only assume were “Yes sir”.

I told Leah to switch to the other hole, and the lubricated dildo slid in with little resistance. I penetrated the sub’s pussy with a large dildo on a stick, as Leah provided some extra lubrication by dripping her own fluids on to it. “No cumming!” I reminded the sub. Leah fucked her with more force, pulling her last vestiges of hair so hard she ripped some of it out. When I finally allowed the sub to cum, it was as if my words electrified her.

And cut!

We untied the sub and helped her up. Her hair was a mess. Smooth on top, stubble on the sides, and two thin wisps of long hair. She looked like a mugshot of a Florida woman who had been arrested for riding an alligator through a Wal-Mart naked while on mushrooms. Her body was bruised from the whip, her back red from the hot wax and her pussy swollen and dripping. She smiled victoriously as she waddled back to her dressing room. Whoever that was, she was an absolute machine.

Half an hour later, Brian knocked on the door of my dressing room, which was also Leah’s dressing room since it was a small building.

“That was fantastic!” He exclaimed to me. “I just spoke with the client. Absolutely thrilled with your performance! If you have a minute, she’d like to say hello.”

“She?” I replied, a bit shocked. I had assumed the client was a man, probably Brian himself.

The sub waddled into the room, clad in a bathrobe. Her head had been shaven smooth, as had her other eyebrow, and her remaining eyelash had been cut off to make them match. That was quick. She reached out for a handshake.

“Alicia LaJoie Huntley. Nice to meet you!” she announced. “My husband and I are huge fans of yours. This shoot was his birthday present. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched that last show you two did together. It’s my all time fave… well… second favorite now.”

“Wow, you really had me fooled.” I said back to her, shocked “To be honest, I kinda assumed Mr. Hart here was the client”.

She laughed. “Mr. Hart? Ha! His name is Brian Stevens, he’s an actor. He’s going to be playing Amos Hart in the upcoming production of Chicago at the Huntley Center for the Performing Arts. Of course I can get you tickets if you’re interested”.

6 Months Later

Tonight was the first night of my new job. A shell corporation called ALH Film Holdings LLC had bought the rights to all the old studio’s intellectual property, as well as leasing a new studio and creating a fancy new website. They offered me a lucrative contract to both star and direct, and I couldn’t sign it quick enough. Tonight would be the first time I had dominated Leah, or Cassie as she is so well known, in the new studio. Even though I was back on my feet, I was still living with her. she liked having me around, and it was the cheapest rent in LA. I stopped by the condo to grab a few things before heading to the studio. When I walked in, Leah was sitting on the couch naked and spread eagle, using one hand to masturbate while the other hand played with her hair, which had grown out into a chin length bob. She had on headphones and didn’t hear me walk in.

“Hey, whatcha watchin’?” I asked as I walked into her frame of view. She was embarrassed at first, but it was nothing I hadn’t seen a hundred times.

“Oh, it’s just some old video.” She turned her laptop around to show me the scene where I was shaving her head as she begged me to stop. “Couldn’t help myself. I’m just so excited about tonight. I just finished boxing up all my hair products and stuffing the box in the back of my closet, it was so cathartic.”

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