Don’t mess with daddy Jenkins Brown

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*snip* *snip*
Jenkins looks up from his client to see his darling, brown wife; he knew his daughter was involved.
The Browns were a respectable group in their small city neighborhood.
Coming from a long line of hairdressers and barbers, Jenkins Brown was destined to cut hair.
Either his wife or his sons, but one member absolutely refused to get a cut from him.
Keley, his daughter, was a staunch adversary in the fight of her
But the girl had a flare for mischief.
A few heists there, a few missing bills from her mother’s purse, the girl had to be stopped.
Jenkins was a softie though, he always turned a blind eye to things he shouldn’t had.
“Keley”,Jenkins told his daughter at the police station,”What did you do now”
“Nothing, can I go home now”
Jenkins did not believe her but said that they would when the release forms were signed.
As they drove, his wife gave a long lecture to the annoyed girl.
Keley rolled her eyes; that pissed off Jenkins a bit.
“Girl, I best take you to the shop if you don’t straighten up”
Keley laughed,”You wouldn’t, you’re too much of a softie”
That broke the camel’s back.
The car swerved and headed for the shop, Keley thought he was just scaring her but soon learned he was dead serious.
The pole soon came into view, the girl apologized profusely to save herself but the car had already came to a stop at the entrance.
Jenkins’ wife watched as he opened the door and drug their daughter into the Snip & Clips.
“Daddy! I’m sorry! Please!”pleaded the poor teen.
With burly strength, Jenkins plopped his daughter into the leather chair.
“Stay”,he softly ordered as had held down her shoulders and pumped up the chair.
Tears flooded the girl’s eyes as a paper strip was tightened around her dark neck and a dark blue cape swished onto her torso.
“What are you…”stuttered the girl as her father cut her off with a,”You’ll see”
Jenkins undid her headband and teased up her natural curls.
Placing the cloth on the trolley, Jenkins grabbed his clippers.
“No! Daddy! Please don’t!”sobbed the child.
Jenkins did not care, she insulted his wife as a mother and it’s his duty to rectify it.
He pushed back Keley’s hairline and as she sobbed loudly, the first strip of curls fell onto the checkered floor.
It wasn’t a precise pass, only going half way in but one of many passes that slowly but surely left an impression on the girl.
Jenkins did not stop til all of Keley’s hair was buzzed off.
She was expecting him to be done with her but Jenkins was far from finished.
Mixing together the cream, Keley realized she was wrong about her so called softie father.
Jenkins lathered her scalp as white as could be, put a hot towel on her head, and did it again for the smoothest shave of his career.
With firm hands, he whittled the ivory blanket off Keley’s scalp, revealing a smooth head underneath.
She had no more tears left to cry and so just sat there pitifully as her head was wiped clean.
Another hot towel later, Keley’s scalp had no trace of hair on it which pleased Jenkins.
After he undid her cape and neck cloth, Jenkins tied her head wrap around her dome.
“Now go apologize to your mom or do you want me to take your eyebrows as well”,he joked.
Keley said she would go apologize and moped out of the shop.
Jenkins looked at the piles of kinked curls and said to himself,”I got what I wanted”

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