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I am at it again girls and boys.

I am recovering from surgery and had to cut my hair very very short and shaved in some spots. As a result, I decided to get rid of some of my excess items in my garage salon. I had a portable shampoo sink, a couple of portable hair dryers, lots of rollers in various styles and sizes, and a bunch of perm rods, some still in the package.

So I posted them on Offer Up and craigs list (not a good idea), and a couple of other marketplace sites in and around San Diego. Even told a few of my hairdresser friends about the items and had them ask around. After s few weeks and only a couple of inquiries I got a message from someone who wanted to come over and take a look at them. We talked about my predicament and why I was getting rid of them and she and her friend wanted to come by the following day.

That next morning I got everything out so they could see them and even hooked up the sink to show them it worked. When they arrived it was the girl that called and two friends. I was a little nervous at first but the first girl explained that they all live in a house in San Diego and wanted to get these items set up in their garage so they could do each other’s hair and some of their friends also. They told me that they were all transgendered and so were a lot of their friends and had get-togethers once a week or more and shared hair and makeup tips, talking about the community and what was going on around town.

One of the girls sat down in the chair and leaned her head back in the shampoo sink and asked how it works. I showed the other how it was hooked up to the sink faucet and how to connect the drain hose. I turned on the water and check the temperature and let them feel it and the pressure it put out. I grabbed a bottle of shampoo from my permanent shampoo sink in the salon and asked her if she wanted a demonstration. She said yes, so I wet her hair and applied the shampoo and lathered her up. The other two were watching and both said “Im next” at the same time.

She was moaning and sighing as I shampooed her so I asked her if she was enjoying it. She said this is the best shampoo I have ever had, I am coming back this weekend. I began to rinse her hair and the next one was getting ready for her shampoo. I thought they were kidding. I sat her up and wrapped her in a towel and she sat in another chair. I told her that I wanted to set her hair in these rollers after I got the other two girls shampooed. I said they all could get their hair set and go home in the rollers and keep them.

The next one sat down and leaned back and I wet her hair. As I shampooed her the third one came behind me and put her hands on my shoulders and said, “when your hair grows back can I put it in rollers for you?” I told her they could come back anytime and I would be happy to do their hair for them and that they could return the favor.

I rinsed the second girl and then shampooed the third one. I sat each one of them up and a chair and set their hair in magnetic rollers with roller clips. I used a black cotton net over the rollers and then found three silky scarves to place over them.

I sat down and asked if they wanted the dryer and sink and they said yes. I helped them put them in their car and we went back inside. One of the girls found my wigs and sat me down and tried a few of them on me. When she found one she liked the second girl started to do my make-up while the third did my nails. The first one told me that when I am feeling better and am up to traveling they were going to come to get me and take me out to a couple of places for girls like us. Then we can go back to their house and have a good old fashion slumber party with rollers and nightgowns.

I went back inside my house as they left and a few minutes later there was a knock on my door. I first girl I shampooed was standing there and gave me a big hug and then kissed me. She said I hope we get to be good friends.

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