Dreams Can Come True

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I have always loved short hair on women. I can trace it back to first grade when Evelyn walked into class one morning. Her normally long blonde hair had been cut to her shoulders. Very short for those days. I wondered what went through her mind as it was being cut, and I thought it looked great.

Over the years I began to think women with short hair looked incredible. And they seemed to have an attitude of confidence about them. I found I also liked that attitude a lot.

Most of the women I dated also had short hair. When I met Angie her hair was a bit on the long side for me. She was not my usual type. But when I met her, I just knew I had to get to know her better.

We did get to know each other better and we eventually married. She knew all about my desire for her to get a short haircut. But other than a few short trims of her long shoulder length bob, I just had to sit and fantasize about what she would look like, and how stunning she would be with it short.

Every month she would go to get it trimmed. And every month I would wish for something to be different. Shorter different. It never was. My hopes died the moment she walked in the door with the same just below the shoulders bob.

Other than this, our lives were great. We were a well matched pair and loved each other unconditionally.

My fantasies continued. In my mind, I cut her hair into many different short styles. And I kept coming back to one that really turned me on. I must have given Angie this haircut well over 100 times in my dreams.

I saw myself taking the scissors and clippers to her hair. Her light brown hair falling to the floor and how great she looked when it was finished. All while patting myself on the back at what a good job I had done.

I dropped hints every once in a while about maybe going shorter. Angie would just look at me and say, “Grant, I know you want me to get it cut. But I would never feel comfortable in a short style. I like my hair, and I want to feel feminine. Short hair wouldn’t let me feel very feminine at all.”

So every month I hoped for the best, knowing it would never come true. And it didn’t.

We were never able to have children. It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying. So we doted on our dog instead.

Heidi is our golden retriever. There is a fair amount of maintenance to a golden. At first, we would take her to a groomer for trims every few months. But costs kept rising and finally we decided we should get a grooming table for her and do it ourselves.

We set the grooming table right next to our little workout gym in our basement.

We used the gym daily. I loved to watch Angie on the treadmill or using the weight machine. Her 5’9” 130 pound body was a wonder to behold. She kept herself in good shape and pushed me to do the same. If only her hair were shorter.

Heidi took to her grooming table like a champ. She would jump right up on the table and she seemed to love the attention and pampering that went with it.

Our first attempts were pretty lame. Heidi never cared, but we were a bit embarrassed at the outcome. Over time, we learned how to handle the clippers better and what tools did the best job.

I bought Heidi and me the best clippers I could find. Oster 76, and some heads to do the job. I also got some plastic guides that would go over the 000 head. Hope springs eternal that they might someday be used on someone other than Heidi.

I also was very meticulous about cleaning the clippers and scissors after each use. As soon as we were done with Heidi I sprayed them liberally with disinfectant and oiled them well. I wanted to be ready, just in case.

I also bought a pair of fairly expensive scissors. They came in a combination deal. Buy the scissors and then a pair of thinning shears were half price. Angie wondered why I spent so much money on them and why we would ever need thinning shears. I gave her an excuse that the deal was too good to pass up.

But what I was hoping for was to maybe one day use them on Angie. She had thick light brown hair down to her shoulders, and if I ever got the chance, I wanted to do it right.

Angie and I would usually trim Heidi jointly. Of course, I would sneak in a comment about how great Heidi looked with it cut short and that maybe Angie should follow suit.

Angie would just look at me with a familiar and decidedly negative look. So again, that never happened. However, my fantasies continued.

I watched haircuts on YouTube. I mentally trained myself on how to cut the style I thought looked best. I thought I could do the style I had been fantasizing about giving Angie. But my haircutting skills remained limited to Heidi.

I continued honing those skills that were probably never going to be used where I wanted to use them so badly. I was getting pretty good, if Heidi was any indication.

As I said, Angie knew about my obsession. I guess it is really a fetish. She tolerated it as long as it didn’t come between us and make it an obstacle in our relationship. I knew where that line was and carefully steered clear of it.

But it didn’t stop me from looking at women with short hair and appreciating the style of the woman wearing it. Angie knew that I would look. She also knew I would never ever betray her.

It made for a sound home life.

Spring arrived early, and one warm day we took Heidi to the lake for a swim. A lot of people were there with their dogs. One gal had her own golden on a long leash. Her dog and Heidi immediately became best of friends and became totally entangled with each other.

The dogs didn’t care. They were jumping on each other and playing and making the entire leash thing a mess. The more they played, the more the leashes got tangled and the tighter the knot between them got to be.

The other dog’s owner tried to get her dog to sit. Angie tried to do the same, but the dogs were having too much fun. I stood back as I would just make things worse. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

When I stood back I noticed the dog owner’s hair. It was exactly what I fantasized Angie should have as a style. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. It’s a good thing I had sunglasses on or my eyes would definitely give me away. That’s what I hoped anyway.

Finally, after what seemed to be forever for the girls, but only a moment for me, they got the dogs to simmer down and untied.

She introduced herself as Lisa and her dog was Pepper. Angie took care of the introductions on our end. I just looked at Lisa’s hair and smiled a greeting. Angie looked at me and I could tell she knew what I was thinking.

We finally decided to just let the dogs have their fun in the lake and beach and we found an empty picnic table to sit down and relax.

The girls chatted about this and that. I chimed in as necessary. In between looking at the dogs to keep them in range, I looked at Lisa’s hair. Perfect. It was exactly what I had in mind for Angie.

The girls kept talking and I decided to take a long walk along the beach to herd the dogs back to us.

Finally, I got both dogs back. We put the leashes back on them and by this time both dogs were spent. They laid down beneath the table.

The three of us humans continued to chat for a bit, finished and got up to go on home.

On the drive home, Angie told me Lisa took her dog to that lake frequently. We took Heidi there a lot too. I said I didn’t remember ever seeing them there before. What I didn’t say was I would have remembered Lisa. Maybe not Pepper, but definitely Lisa.

Angie said Lisa was finally at a point with Pepper that she felt comfortable taking her to the dog beach and letting Pepper meet other dogs. She said no other dog ever got along with her like Heidi.

Our conversation kind of ended there and we were off onto other subjects.

Over the next few weeks we took Heidi to the lake and we would see Lisa and Pepper a couple of times. We would sit and chat and that’s about it. I noticed Lisa’s hair was growing a bit.

One Saturday we decided to take Heidi to the lake. It was getting hotter as the spring weather got nicer, and Heidi needed a break from the heat. On this trip we happened to run into Lisa again. That was happening more and more frequently. She had had a trim of her hair. I thought it looked great. Indications were she liked the style and was planning on keeping it for a while.

This trend continued for weeks. We would head to the lake, and as luck would have it, Lisa and Pepper would be on the beach either before us or right after we arrived.

The dogs played, the people talked, and I usually went off after the dogs to bring them back. After a long chat, we would head our separate ways.

One Saturday we drove home with nothing in particular to talk about. I mentioned we ought to give Heidi a trim as well. Angie said we could but that it would have to be quick as we had a party to go to that afternoon.

I didn’t see a problem. We could easily trim Heidi and go to the party as planned.

We got home and Angie took Heidi to the basement where we had her grooming table setup.

As usual, Heidi jumped right up and couldn’t wait for the grooming to begin.

I used the clippers, and thinking it was getting hotter out, I decided to use a shorter guide than usual. I proceeded to cut a lot of Heidi’s fur off. Angie mentioned that she thought this was a pretty aggressive trim. I agreed, but said the summer was warming up and she would probably be more comfortable with it shorter. Angie somewhat surprisingly, agreed.

The afternoon was going by fast now. Angie looked at her watch and said we had to move to get to the party on time. This was something of an office party for the two of us. We needed to be there.

We left a mess of Heidi’s fur on the floor. Intending to come back later to clean it up.

The party was your typical summer afternoon party. Burgers and chips and beer. I was the driver, so I limited myself to just one beer. Angie seemed to be having a good time chatting with the other women.

We left the party early and drove home.

On entering the house, Heidi greeted us as usual.  Her new short summer trim was an immediate reminder of what we had left behind in the basement. We groaned about it and went downstairs to begin the cleaning process.

After we had cleaned up Heidi’s mess, Angie said, “You really like Lisa’s haircut don’t you?”

I stopped dead in my tracks. What was I supposed to say? Thinking fast I decided to be honest. I learned a long time ago I am a terrible liar.

“Yeah, I do. I think she looks very attractive with that style. She is a very confident woman and she really pulls that cut off well.”

“Do you ever think of me with mine cut like hers?” Again, time to be honest. “I do. Actually, I do all the time. You’d look fantastic.”

“You mean that?” Man, where were these questions coming from? Angie had never talked about this subject this way before. “Yeah, I really do.”

She just got a slight smile on her face. Coming closer to me she grabbed my face and said, “What would you do if I ever decided I wanted one of those styles? For you to cut it.”

Hold on there, Grant. Is this a minefield or an honest question?

I decided it was an honest question. Angie wasn’t one to tease and trap.

“Angie, in my mind I have given you the same haircut Lisa has at least a hundred times over the last couple of years. So I would do it in a heartbeat, if you gave the go ahead.”

And then I prayed she wouldn’t get mad and start a fight.

“Do you think you could do it, and do it well? I don’t want to have you cut it and I would have to do something even more drastic because it didn’t come out right.”

Again, hoping honesty was the best policy. I said, “I do. We’ve been doing Heidi’s trims for a while and I think I’m pretty good with the clippers and scissors. And like I said, I’ve given you that cut so many times in my fantasies. So yeah, I think I can do a pretty good job.”

Smiling wide now she pulled me closer. She put one of her hands inside my shorts, grabbed my now growing cock, and said. “So how would you do it? I want details mister.”

Boing. My cock was really growing now.

Smiling myself I said. “First of all, what did you think that chair has been doing down here all this time? Angie, I put that here just in case we ever got into a situation like this. I would have you take your clothes off so you don’t get that wonderful, thick light brown hair of yours on your clothes when I cut it off. Then I’d have you sit in that chair. Then I would take the clippers and a comb and slowly take you shorter and shorter. In the end you would have a cut pretty close to Lisa’s.”

Shocking me to my core. Afterall, I still thought this was just foreplay talking here. Angie released my cock and started taking her clothes off. “Alright, I want it cut, I want you to cut it. And I want it done now.”

Holy Crap, she’s serious! I stood there motionless.

“Well, my clothes are coming off Grant. And I see some excitement on your part too. Do you need some help getting ready? I don’t think I should be the only naked one here.”

Playing along I said, “I might need a little help here getting my clothes off.”

Angie was only too happy to oblige. First my shirt, then my belt buckle.

“It seems there’s an abnormally large object in there that is making it a little difficult to get you naked.” There sure was. I had an erection for the books going on now and getting my shorts off over it was becoming a problem.

We finally got my clothes off to match Angie’s nakedness. We had completed our usual morning ritual earlier. Before we left the house for the lake we had shaved each other’s nether parts well. Angie’s trim body looked wonderful and I hoped I presented myself well enough to her.

I was shaking all over from nervousness and excitement.

Angie giggled and looked at my member. “My what a big prick you have.” Then she grabbed it and said, “You better hurry, because I am really getting wet too.”

Time to get started before she changed her mind.

“Sit there” I commanded. Angie released my cock and took a seat in the chair. Just like my fantasies.

I picked up a comb and the Osters. I had a #2 head on them but didn’t want to use the #2 just yet. At least all alone.

Using the comb I decided a clipper over comb approach would be best to start. One of the videos I had watched showed the instructor saying to always keep a longer head on the clippers just in case you slipped. You could recover from a #2 but not from the #000. The way I was shaking, this was probably good advice.

Still not believing my fantasies were coming true. I started in front of her left ear. Using the comb, I lifted her hair from the bottom and ran the Osters from right to left across the comb. The clippers clicked as they went over the comb.

I gasped softly. At least eight inches of Angie’s hair was now gone. Fallen to her naked shoulder. Luckily, Angie didn’t hear my gasp.

If anything, by now my prick was even larger than when Angie had first grabbed it and told me to start. I don’t believe I had ever seen or felt it this large either. She looked at it now and her eyes widened. Giggling again, she said, “Grant, I’ve never seen you this large. Maybe I should call you Granite Grant.”

I stayed silent. I was concentrating too much, but I liked what Angie was saying.

I lifted another piece of hair and cut across the comb again. More hair was coming off. But I wanted to take my time. This was a slow process being my first haircut. Plus I wanted to savor every second. I didn’t know if this was a one-time thing or not. If it was, I wanted to remember every bit of it.

Angie now looked at her lap where some light brown hair lay. Some of the second cutting of her hair had fallen there. And she knew this was now real. No foreplay anymore. She went silent too.

I continued cutting, slowly lifting and cutting right to left across the comb. More and more of what used to be Anglie’s hair was falling to her shoulder, lap and floor.

After a while, Angie’s left ear was visible for the first time ever. I continued to lift and cut, lift and cut. Going higher and higher up her head. I wasn’t as nervous as I was when I started. But my member was still huge and Angie kept looking at it with wide eyes. It was leaking from my excitement.

Suddenly, she grabbed my cock and gave it a kiss. I pulled back. “Angie, I love what you’re doing, but if you don’t stop, we’re gonna have some problems here. Let’s wait a bit.” She released her very firm and very nice grip.

I finished what I wanted to do on her left side and moved towards the back of her head. Starting at the bottom, I lifted and cut her hair as I had on the left side. I went very high up her head. I was so intent on what I was doing I was not fully aware of anything else going on.

My member had a large pile of hair on it. It was sticking because I was leaking and Angie’s hair was sticking to it. I could see she was excited just looking at me.

For my part, I was cutting in the back. My prick had been poking her in her ribs and now her back. Where it had poked her it left a little of what had been leaking behind and some hair stuck to it. She giggled again.

I thought the back was short enough to move to the right side now.

Lift and cut, lift and cut. That’s what I kept telling myself. Not too short. Not yet. Just get it to where I could assess what I had done and how well I did it.

I finished on the right side. To someone who didn’t know better, they would think it looked awful. And thankfully, we didn’t have any mirrors in the basement. Even though we had a home gym there we had never put a mirror in.

Angie couldn’t see what it looked like. A very good thing as I think she would have freaked out and started screaming.

I stood back. Angie took her eyes off my throbbing member and looked up at me. Questions in her eyes.

“I’m going to start shaping the final look. I think it’s coming out better than I had hoped.”

“I hope so too. If it doesn’t, I’m starting to think of how I can get Mary Anne to fix it.” Mary Anne was a neighbor and also Angie’s good friend and regular stylist. Her shop was downtown in a rather upscale area. I had thought about what she would say when she saw what I had done. Fingers crossed.

I now took the Osters in my hand and ensuring the #2 head was still attached, I started on Angie’s left side. No more comb, I needed to cut closer now.

Angie was getting talkative now. Probably like she would have with Mary Anne.

“So Granite Grant, what did you think of all those times we saw Lisa at the lake? Did you think they were all accidental?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it at all. I thought they were coincidental. Why?”

“We set those dog meetings up every week. We didn’t just happen to meet. Lisa and I arranged it.”

So I had been set up.

“Those Oakley sunglasses of yours are not as opaque as you think they are. Lisa and I have been talking while you go get the dogs. She noticed you looking at her, and so have I.”

Uh oh. What kind of trouble was I in?

“Don’t worry, we kind of laughed about it and I told her I was sure that you liked her haircut. And I told her you would love to see me with that haircut too. Then, after a few of those coincidental meetings she asked who groomed Heidi. I told her the clipper work was mostly you. In fact all of Heidi was mostly you.”

“Lisa gave you a big compliment by the way.”

I decided I needed to get into this conversation as well. I slowed the haircut in progress to match the conversation.

“Really, what did she say?”

“She said I would look really good with that style. We talked about it a lot. I said I wasn’t so sure and then she said that if and when I decided to get that style that I ought to have you do the honors. It took her a long time convincing me it was the right thing to do. First just getting it cut like hers. Then having you do it. That took a lot more persuasion. So here we are.”

I almost dropped the clippers. That was a surprise so far out of left field that it came from space. And what could I say except. “Well, I am eternally grateful to her for pushing you over the edge like this.”

Getting back to the haircut. Starting in front of Angie’s left ear I slowly pushed the clippers up. More hair fell. These pieces were at least an inch long. Most likely more. Angie’s scalp became visible as the #2 is a quarter of an inch cutter.

Also, Angie might not have realized that she wouldn’t have sideburns. I did, but unless Angie had taken a close look at Lisa’s hair, it might be a surprise.

I started another path up just behind the first. More hair fell and by now I realized a lot of it was sticking to me. And on Angie where I had leaked on her body. Angie’s eyes took another look at it and started to giggle again. I will love that sound until the day I die.

“What’s so funny?” “You haven’t had hair on your balls or around your penis in years. I take good care of you every day. It just looks foreign to me to see hair down there.” I looked and had to agree. I also looked at her pubic area and the parts where I had poked her. Lots of hair was sticking there too.

“In case you haven’t noticed, you have hair down there too. And I know I took care of that this morning too.” Angie looked at herself and kept giggling. I think it was a nervous giggle to break the tension she had to be feeling.

“Keep still. If you giggle and wiggle too much we might have a problem.” Her giggling ceased. But she kept smiling.

How long would she smile once she saw the finished product? I figured since she asked specifically for the same haircut Lisa had, that she had to know just how much was being cut.

I continued.

The left side was looking pretty good by now. I moved to the back and pushed Angie’s head down so I could do a good job back there. She now saw exactly how much hair had been cut. The pile was huge and growing.

“I had no idea I had that much hair. I always thought of it as a lob and not that long. That’s a huge pile of my hair.” What could I say? I decided nothing was the best reply.

Angie’s neck has always been long and graceful. But her hair covered it completely. Hiding it from the world. Her trim body and long neck were beautiful without all her hair covering it up and hiding it. Now, I was in awe of how gorgeous she was. I had wanted to expose it for the longest time. It was now on full display. And I wasn’t done yet.

Finishing up in back, I moved her head up and moved over to the right side. I made sure it was exactly the same as the left.

I stood back and examined my handiwork. I must say it looked pretty good. Not finished by any means but I was happy with the progress.

I put my clippers down and exchanged them for scissors.

For this style, the top had to be very short. I guess you could say extremely short. I started on the top.

Using the comb, I took some hair from Angie’s crown between the fingers of my left hand, with the scissors in my right hand, I slowly cut across them. Leaving about 2 two inches behind. What was cut off quickly found its way to Angie’s lap. Those pieces were about eight inches long.

It was Angie who gasped this time. Not quietly like I had, but a big intake of air.

“O my gosh. I forgot for a second how short this was going to be. That’s a lot of hair.”

“It is, and it’s going to get a little shorter, Ang. How are you doing?”

“I’m doing OK. I just keep praying your skills as a stylist are as good as Lisa and I thought they were. I hope I didn’t let my emotions take over too much and get me in trouble.”

“Angie, I have given you this haircut at least a hundred times in my fantasies. Right now, it is coming along as planned. But I need to keep going.”

She let out a big sigh of relief, or was it resignation? She nodded, and I went back to work.

I took another bit of hair between my fingers and cut away. I did this all across her head. Leaving her with just over two inches of hair.

She looked great and honestly, I could stop here with just a little touch up and she’d look good. But my fantasy and Lisa’s hair were still quite a bit shorter. I pressed on.

Coming back to Angie’s crown and using my comb to lift it, I took her hair between my fingers. Resting my hand on her head, over an inch protruded above my fingers. I point cut across my fingers leaving behind maybe an inch of Angie’s hair. I did this all across her head.

Angie has thick hair and while it would do anything I or she asked of it, her hair needed some extra work. I was sure Lisa’s hair was the same.

In my study of Lisa’s haircut, I figured she had to have the stylist thin it out some to get it to lie down as desired.

I reached for my thinning shears.

Angie looked at me again. Fear now in her eyes. I knew she figured how short her hair now was. She could feel my hands on her head and she also knew how Lisa looked. But I don’t think she ever anticipated the thinning shears.

But I had bought them for just this eventuality.

I never really expected this day to happen. But, like a Boy Scout I wanted to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunity if it should ever arise.

Opportunity had knocked. I opened the door.

“Your hair is pretty thick Ang. I need to thin it out a little bit to get it to lie down or stand up or whatever you want to do with it. It’s coming out exactly as I hoped and this will make it look perfect.

I put the shears into her hair and closed them. I could hear the rasping sound of the blades cutting hair. I did this several times along the path I had selected. I removed them and a large tuft of hair was stuck in the blades. It soon fell to Angie’s lap. It was expected but it still surprised me.

If it surprised me, it shocked the living hell out of Angie when it plopped down on her lap. She shrieked.

“Grant! What are you doing? Are you leaving me with anything?”

“Angie, I know that’s a shock to see but really, it isn’t that much hair and it is doing exactly what I wanted it to do. I need to do it a few more times.”

I’m not sure how well that calmed her. She seemed to relax though.

And the thinning shears were performing as hoped. Her hair was laying down nicely now. I made a few more passes all across her head. Angie and this cut were made for each other.

The top was finished. It was no more than an inch long. Extremely short but the look I had created was perfect for her head, hair, and my fantasy.

Now I had to finish the sides and back.

I had left the sides and back as a #2 quarter of an inch. Lisa’s was probably a #1. I decided to push the limit here.

I put the 000 cutter head on the clippers. Then I put the plastic sixteenth of an inch guide on and flicked the switch.

Taking a deep breath I pushed them up Angie’s head in front of her left ear. They cut her hair as expected. Leaving only a sixteenth of an inch behind. Since there were no mirrors, Angie couldn’t see what had happened.

But I could. It was super short. Her scalp easily showed through. It was a striking look and I loved it. But would Angie once she saw it?

I had to finish the rest of the sides and back. Blending the sides with the top.

“So do I look like Lisa now?” Uh, “Yeah, you do. Better, because you were already a hammer anyway. I think it’s coming out just as I had hoped. Angie, you look fabulous.”

She seemed satisfied with that. I finished cutting around her right ear and sideburn and turned the clippers off.

I stood back to survey my work. It did look stunning. I never imagined in real life that Angie would ever have cut her hair like this. And never in my wildest did I think that I would have been the one to do it.

I ruffled what was left of her hair.

Truthfully, there wasn’t much to ruffle. And it did lay perfectly.

I removed the plastic guard and turned the clippers on. I used them to outline the remnants of her sideburns and along her neck. I would have preferred to use a trimmer but how could I ever sneak a purchase of them and claim they were for Heidi? I had to do without.

I was as happy as I have ever been.

I didn’t have any product in the basement. So I just hand combed it from her left to right side. I loved it.

Now, what would happen once she got upstairs and saw herself in the bathroom mirror?

“Angie, it’s all done. I have always thought you were beautiful. I think you’re a superstar.” Taking a breath I said, “Go on upstairs and see what you think. I’ll clean up down here.”

She gave my still very erect cock a shake, stood up and ran upstairs.

A few seconds later I heard a primal scream from our bathroom. I knew I was in deep crap. My erection was history.

I quickly finished cleaning and brushed myself off and went upstairs naked. Wondering what kind of reception I’d get.

I went to our bedroom, thinking of where I might sleep tonight, or if I was still married. I poked my head into the bathroom.

Angie stood there looking at herself with her hands touching her hair. She was concentrating so much she didn’t see me at first.

Then she looked at me and ran at me.

I thought she was going to hit me; and I put my arms up to protect myself from the onslaught of blows I was sure were coming.

I needn’t have worried. Angie rushed at me and pushed me onto our bed.

“So this is the haircut you like so much is it? You wanted me to look like this, right? Most guys don’t have their hair this short! Let me tell you something Grant. I need you to make love to me right now or I’ll kill you.”

I immediately got rock hard again. We quickly brushed the stray hairs from our bodies and our lovemaking was fast and somewhat violent. I never expected this reaction from her.

This was also the first time I had felt her hair. At least in a sensual way. It felt incredible. It was so short my fingers never actually went through Angie’s hair. They sort of glided over it. I had never been so turned on.

And Angie loved the way I was feeling her hair, her ears and neck too.

About an hour later, we went down to gather our clothes and make sure the basement was cleaned up.

Once we got upstairs we quickly went back to the bedroom and repeated our earlier session. But a lot more slowly this time. We took our time enjoying each other’s bodies in ways we probably had never done before.

I had to ask. “So, I take it you like this cut? When I heard you scream I thought you hated it. That you hated me for cutting it.”

“I really do like it. Grant, that scream was both surprise and sheer joy at how good I think I look. You really did an amazing job for the first time on a person with those clippers and scissors.”

She hesitated and giggled again. “It was the first time, right?”

“Oh, yeah. I had been preparing for this day for a long time but never thought it would ever happen. I am just so glad you like it.”

“Actually, I never thought I would. Lisa convinced me that I should give it a try. Once she had me convinced, she said I ought to let you do it. That took even more time. I didn’t think you could do it. The more we talked, the more she thought you had been giving me a haircut for a while. Heidi was just practice. I guess she was right. In a lot of ways.”

I hesitated a second before answering. “Yeah, I have been fantasizing and day dreaming about this for as long as I can remember. I came across this style a couple of years ago and it seemed timeless. The type of look that you could wear as long as you wanted. I hope I’m right.”

“Right now I think you are. It feels so incredibly sexy and it just drove me over the edge when you were playing with it and feeling my head and neck. I just can’t describe how intense that feeling is. I couldn’t believe the size of your prick while you were cutting it. Where has that been all these years?”

I smiled, “I had no idea I could be so turned on. In fact, just talking about it now is turning me on again.”

“Hold on there Granite. I think we need a shower.”

And we made it to the shower. I slowly gave her a shampoo and she just smiled at me. My cock was growing again.

“Oh my God Grant. What is going on here? You have never recovered and gotten hard this fast ever.” “I just love how great you look.”

Standing in the shower with the water slowly running down our bodies, I cradled her head to my chest. I held her close with my left hand and gently rubbed my right hand over her hair. I was as contented as I have ever been.

She started playing with my chest hairs. “Your chest hairs are longer than any hair on my head. I need to take care of that.”

And she grabbed a razor and shaved me clean. Neck to thighs. This was an assertive side of Angie that I rarely saw. I was only too happy to comply.

My cock was ready for more. We jumped out of the shower, dried each other off and with that we threw each other on the bed and surprised ourselves yet again. We had never done a triple in our lives. Now, it just seemed so natural.

Sunday morning arrived. Once we finished breakfast Angie said she had an errand to run.

She came home a half hour later and went to our bedroom.

“Grant, I need you back here.”

She was naked again. And she had a plastic bottle in her hand. It said Nair on it.

“Take your clothes off and lay down.” I did as ordered.

She then opened the bottle of Nair and poured the contents on my legs. She smoothed the lotion on my legs and started a timer.

Ding! The timer went off and she started the shower.

“Get in here with me.” Man, she was acting like a Drill Instructor giving me orders.

She grabbed a small wash cloth and removed the Nair and the hair from my legs. Once we were done we left the shower. My legs felt really weird. I could feel every little sensory input.

Now it was time for bed again. We hurried to the bed and continued our activities of Saturday evening all over again.

A few days later, Angie met her stylist friend at the store. Mary Anne was shocked beyond words for a while. Angie told me later that she wanted to know who cut it, she wondered if the stylist was looking for a job. She was ready to hire someone who could cut really short hair and do it as well as Angie’s haircut. Angie vacillated. She didn’t know if she ought to tell Mary Anne that it was me or not.

She decided not to tell her it was me. Which was good. I am not ready to cut someone else’s hair.

At the lake the next weekend Lisa just “happened” to be there with Pepper. She immediately saw Angie’s new do. The two of them embraced and Lisa walked over to me, gave me a hug and said, “I knew you could do it. One of these days I might just ask you to cut mine.”

I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. I’m pretty sure my erections don’t know which woman is mine.

In three weeks Angie’s hair was beginning to get just a bit long. She invited me down to the basement, “Just to help with a new workout routine.”

I followed wondering what kind of routine she had planned. I found out quickly what the routine was.

She immediately took off her clothes again. I was only too happy to join her.

I cut it exactly the same as the first time. She either didn’t notice or doesn’t care that hers is just a bit shorter than Lisa’s.

At work, Angie’s boss noticed a new assertiveness that she hadn’t exhibited before. In a couple of months she got a promotion. Manager of marketing for a new product line. I have chalked it down to confidence. Confidence in her new appearance and how to carry off such a short haircut.

One day she came home a bit late from work. She was a platinum blonde! Angie had never colored her hair at all. This was a very pleasant surprise.

“What brought this on?” “I saw Mary Anne last week and we talked. She said I might try experimenting with color. It being so short she said if I didn’t like it, all I had to do was wait a couple of weeks and it would get cut off anyway.”

Then she looked at my pants. “I think you like it.” “I do.” And we went back to our bedroom

We have established a new routine. Every three weeks we head to the basement dog grooming area. We both get ready and the cutting commences.

The after haircut sex is always as good as that first day.

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