Drunken mistakes

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“Hey honey, can you help me load the truck up tonight so we can leave early in the morning?” Leah asked her wife Jenny in preparation of their fishing trip to the Florida keys.

“Sure thing let me just throw my hair in a bun real quick”

Jenny brushed out her brunette hair while watching Leah start to load coolers in the truck. Jennie’s wavy hair typically fell to her bra strap, her bangs kept right above her eyebrows. Her hair complimented her body nicely, ending right below her boobs making them pop.

She threw her hair up and helped Leah load rods into the truck. The couple had always loved fishing, especially in the keys where the water was crystal clear. They always made it a point to go on a trip down every couple months.

“I was thinking when we get down there, we can grab breakfast and then hit the bridges to catch some dinner” Jenny said as lightly kissed Leah.

“That works for me, did we already pack sunscreen? It’s gonna be in the 90’s down there”

“Already in the truck babe”

The two finish loading everything up, and went inside their house to rest up for the three hour drive the next morning.

“Hey before you go to bed can you braid my hair? I want to wake up and not have to style it, sleeping in braids always leaves my hair nice and wavy” Leah asked while standing in the doorway in nothing but her bra and panties.

Jenny patted on the bed right in front of her motioning her lover to sit right in front of her.

Leah sat down and pushed her hair behind her shoulders. Jenny lifted her hair up and slyly Unclipped her wife’s bra causing it to fall off.

“You little ass hole” she said in response giggling.

Jenny ran her fingers through her hair and sectioned it in half. She started on her left side with Dutch braids.

“Gosh I really don’t understand how you can deal with this much hair”

“It doesn’t bother me too much, just when it’s hot out it can be a bit much”

“Why don’t you start wearing your hair up? You always leave it down”

Leah rolled her eyes “duh it’s because I look hotter with my hair down, you know I like the attention”

She sure did get a lot of attention, it’s not everyday that you see a woman with a body straight out of a playboy magazine have such long and thick hair. Leah does whatever she can to maintain its length. She’s had the same hair for most of her life.

Leah stood around 5’2 with a goddess like build. Even though she was married, she sure loved getting catcalled and stared at.

Jenny continued braiding her hair, pulling it as tight as she can just to force moans out of her wife.

After Leah’s hair was braided they kissed eachother goodnight and went to bed.

The couple woke up early, locked the house and hopped in their truck. Jenny always drove while Leah would either be fixing her makeup or scrolling through instagram.

It was a quiet car ride down, thirty minutes away and Leah started taking her braids out. Just as always her hair resulted in perfect waves running down to her waist.

“Oh yea by the way don’t be mad” Jenny said with a sinister smile.

“What did you do”

“Well you know how I packed our clothes for the weekend? I only packed your bikinis so looks like you’ll be getting that attention you’re always after”

“Don’t lie you just wanted to see me almost naked the whole trip” Leah said grinning back at her.

“You’re not wrong about that, by the way I packed tons of beer and water in the cooler”

“Perfect babe, you’re the best” Leah said as she kissed her.

The two finally made it and grabbed breakfast to take to the bridge. They almost always fished from the bridges down there. It was the best place for them to day drink and catch fish, occasionally both girls would flash cars driving over the bridge.

After getting to the bridge and walking all of their gear and cooler to their spot they cracked a few beers while enjoying breakfast.

Time flew by as they drank, the bite was slow although they caught a few snapper for dinner.

They would take turns applying sunblock and tanning lotion to eachother, if they were gonna be sitting in the sun all day they might as well tan too.

“I don’t know why we always come down here on the hottest days babe” Leah said while whipping sweat out of her eyes.

“You’re the one that picks what days we go, that’s on you”

The wind picked up blowing Leah’s hair everywhere, except it wasn’t cool refreshing gusts. Instead it was 99 degree wind beating on them all day.

“Honey you seriously need to start throwing your hair up, it’s going to get so knoted”

“Oh my gosh it’s not that big of a deal, it’s the heat that’s getting me. I’m sure the drinking isn’t helping either” leah said as she finished off yet another beer.

“Are you already drunk? I thought you only had a couple”

“Not yet I’m just a little tipsey”

“Babe you’re a hot mess. Before you get too fucked up why don’t you drive down to the store and get a case of water and some ice?” Jenny said pointing towards the cooler with melted ice.

“Sounds like a plan, I’ll be back in twenty” leah began to walk away, mesmerizing her wife with her ass and thighs bouncing away.

Leah hopped in the truck and drove five minutes down the road to the local drug store. She tossed a case of water and two bags of ice into the cart.

Jenny should know better than to trust Leah shopping alone, especially when she’s been drinking. She will take forever in any store.

Leah could never pass a sale, no matter what was on sale she felt she needed to buy it. That was definitely escalated when she’s been drinking.

She walked down the clearance isle and began searching for any bargains. Most of the stuff there were only a dollar off so she didn’t feel the need to go crazy.

Except for the only two items marked 50% off; a set of hair clippers complete with guards and scissors, and a pack of hair ties.

Her compulsive shopping tendencies made her toss both into the cart. The only thoughts in her head were ‘oh this will keep my hair from blowing everywhere’ her drunken fog was impairing her judgement heavily, but who in the store would stop her?

She rang everything up, payed and hopped back into the truck. She fumbled around the glove box and pulled out her brush, brushing it out she pulled a hair tie out of the bag and tied her hair back into a luscious ponytail.

No one knew the last time she wore her hair in a ponytail, but nonetheless she still looked smoking hot. After checking her hair out in the mirror, she drove back to the bridge parkinglot.

Leah hopped out, grabbed her bag of snacks and clippers and left the water and ice in the truck so she could come back with a wagon so she wouldn’t have to carry all that weight.

She started walking down the bridge, bag in hand, flaunting all the guys as she walked past, her perfect blonde ponytail swaying back and forth, and her booty jiggling with each step she took.

It didn’t take long before Jenny saw Leah walking down the bridge. She couldn’t beleive her eyes when she saw her wife with her hair up, even in just a ponytail.

“I don’t believe it” Jenny said as her hot piece of ass wife walked up.

“Sooo baby you love me right?” She said as she held the bag behind her back.

Immediately Jenny questioned what she was hiding.

“Just answer” Leah said drunkenly giggling.

“If I answer will you tell me what you have in the bag?”

“Maybeee” Leah said stammering her words a little.

“Yes honey I love you, now what the fuck is in the bag?” Jenny asked as Leah tossed the bag into her lap.

Jenny opened the bag and saw the clippers, she looked up at Leah with one eyebrow raised.

“You’re joking right?”

Leah practically jumped into Jenny’s lap and flung her ponytail back towards her, all while giggling and cracking open another beer.

Jenny rolled her eyes and pulled the clippers out of the box. She grabbed the first guard she could get her hands on and slapped it on the clippers. Jenny’s eyes practically bulged out of her head when she read ‘1’ on the guard.

She set it aside and pulled the pair of scissors out in one hand and grabbed her ponytail with the other.

“No going back now” Jenny said as she held the scissors up to the base of the ponytail. She knew she had to do it before Leah put anymore thought into what was going on.

Jenny closed the blades, only cutting a small section of the ponytail.


Jenny started to saw through her ponytail cutting it as close to the base as possible, leaving it tied in the hair tie so she could save it.

Within a few more cuts Leah’s prized hair came clean off. It seemed like Leah could care less. All she was focused on was drinking beer and eating her snacks.

Without hesitation Jenny flicked the clippers on and held them to Leah’s nape and started buzzing a path straight through the middle. The strong wind blew all the severed hair away, leaving a trail of pristine blonde clippings all across the bridge.

Jenny made another pass, she just realized how short she was buzzing her wife’s hair but that didn’t stop her.

After slamming a few more beers, Leah had passed out in her wife’s arms. Jenny continued pass after pass, littering the fishing bridge with shorn blonde tresses. The gusting wind ever so gently blowing her hair through the wind.

Jenny realized Leah was sound asleep after rendering most her her head buzzed in a peach like layer.

“Keep her hair out of her face huh? This will show her…” she whispered to herself in between giggles.

Jenny popped the number one guard off and began making passes rendering her lover bald.

As she finished running the half-off clippers through the rest of her hair, she slipped Leah into a chair and let her sleep.

Hours had passed until Leah woke up. Sitting right in front of her was Jenny. Jenny was seated across from her holding Leah’s beloved ex-ponytail.

Leah’s eyes bulged and instantly drew her hands up to her scalp. Her stomach dropped as she felt her skin replaced what was once her beautiful mane.

“Sleep good honey?” Jenny chuckled, still taunting her with the ponytail in her hand.

Then the realization and memory flooded in as Leah realized she was the one that bought the clippers, she was the one that drunkenly tossed them at her wife and sitting down.

Leah said with tears in her eyes “atleast my hair won’t be getting in the way” as she felt her naked scalp beading sweat from the sun.

“Actually babe you look even more hot than ever. I think I’m gonna make you stay like this for a while”

Thanks for reading:) there may or may not be a part 2 eventually. If you have any ideas I could use in future stories please leave a comment!

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  1. Really fun story. I do so enjoy a drunken decision to cut off one’s hair. It makes for a shocking realization when they finally sober up. I almost hate to admit to it, but I’ve been there, although I never lost that much hair. Nicely written.

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