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My name is Connie, I’m 22 years old and I have always been a bit peculiar about my hair. I don’t ever put color in my hair, I don’t layer it, and I never cut off more than an inch at a time. My hair is light brown and hangs down to my bra strap. Until today I have always gone to the same place to have it washed, trimmed and dried. I walked from my apartment to the salon this morning for my 9 am appointment just like usual, but jenny, the girl who always does my hair, was sick. They said that the appointment was too early for them to give me a timely notification, and I understood this because the salon only opened at 9 and Im always 5 minutes early to appointments. They lost my business when the receptionist did not want me to rebook an appointment with jenny, but rather let John cut it instead. I have nothing against him personally, but I would not let him near my hair because I had seen him cut more hair off of girls in his chair than they desired on multiple occasions and he had even told me how he would like for me to try a shorter style. After several minutes of heated debate with the receptionist, I stormed out the door and began walking down the sidewalk. I don’t even know how far I actually went or how long I was walking, but when my feet started to hurt I found a sidewalk bench that I sat down on.


While I was sitting on the bench I noticed that I had walked all the way to a Chinatown district within the city. It was a very hot day, so I was sweating and if my hair hadn’t been tied up before my appointment it would have been a tangled mess. I saw a door across the street that had a lot of Asian lettering that I of course did not recognize, but it also had these letters

“D&S salon”

As well as a silver pair of scissors painted into the door. I thought that maybe this was some sort of fate and that D&S was probably the names of the owners, and that I did not stop at this bench for any particular reason so I decided to check this place out and see if there was a person here who might be a good stylist. I got up and walked across the street and walked through the door.


The inside of the salon was not what I would have expected. The room inside of the door was just a waiting room with simple padded armchairs that were black with silver studs, the walls were black as well and the ground looked like black marble tiles. There was no desk or other sign of life in this room, but there was a button on the wall to the left next to the door that said “push for service.” There was also another door on the far side of the room that had an Asian symbol painted onto it as well as a keypad with the usual digits 1 – 0.


I nervously walked to the button and pressed it. I heard a chime or a bell ring on the other side, but no other sound. It was pleasantly cool in the waiting room so I decided to sit in one of the chairs for a few minutes to cool off before I went home. After sitting in the chair for a few minutes I heard heels on tile and then the door opened. A relatively young looking Asian woman walked out the door, she was very attractive and she looked like she was in her 30s at most. Her appearance was a bit shocking because she was dressed in silver knee length helled boots, a black dress that looked like it was made of latex that went down to her knees and covered her chest up to her neck, and even though it covered her breasts, there was no doubt that this was a very shapely woman, and an odd necklace that was more like a wire cage that covered her neck and up to the base of her head. Her hair was held back in a tight bun that had silver sticks stuck into it, and there was not a hair that was out of place including her neck which usually looks messy when a girl wears her hair up. Her makeup was very bright with blue eye shadow that complimented her eyes very well and dark red lips.


“Hello there,” she said briskly, “I am Amiko and this is my salon, what can we do to you today.” I thought that this was a bit odd because she said “to you,” but I was still a little bit blunted and my throat was very dry so very little sound came from my mouth when I tried to answer. “Speak up and tell me what you want,” said Amiko, “I don’t have all day to stand here chatting with you because I do have appointments later.” This woman was so brisk, it was both intimidating and intruiging at the same time.

“Hi,” I said, “Im Connie and I was hoping for a quick trim.”

“Haircuts are $75 and you pay before we begin. Do you want to continue?”

“Yes,” I meekly replied because this woman intruiged me so much I wanted to try having her trim my hair for me even though this was going to be $10 more than my usual salon had charged.

“How do you wish to pay, I accept cash or credit cards, but no checks,” said Amiko.

I didn’t say anything, but rather gave her my credit card. “Very good, now wait here while I complete your transaction,” said Amiko as she took my card and went back into the room she had walked out of originally. I realized that I hadn’t even moved from the chair I was sitting in and that my heart was racing even though I hadn’t moved. I continued to just sit for a few minutes when Amiko walked back into the room with a silver pad in her hand. She didn’t even say anything, but just walked to me and handed it to me. The pad had my credit card, a pen, a receipt that was for $75 which required a signature, and another piece of paper that had a lot printed on it. I picked up the pen and signed the dotted line on the receipt, put my credit card back in my purse, and handed it back. “Thank you, but the waver needs signing too,” said Amiko, “that’s just a waver that says you walked in and asked for our services.” I signed the line at the bottom of the page and dated it. She took that back too as she walked back into the room again. She emerged a few seconds later and walked towards the other door on the far wall from where I was sitting. “Come on now,” she said as she typed a code into the pad. I stood up and walked over to where she was standing as she opened the door revealing a hallway that was dimly lit. “Last door on the right,” she said as she indicated the hallway with her hand while holding the door open with the other. There were several doors on the right side of the hallway as well as one door at the end of the hall, and I walked down the hall to the last door and opened it to walk in.


The room was relatively small but still felt spacious enough, especially for a single salon room. The room was still very much in the dark theme that the salon seemed to have. The walls were painted a dark red, and the black tile continued. There was a large and very old fashioned looking, but recently refurbished barber chair that was black leather with chrome metal rails on the armrests, footrest and lever on the side of the chair. There was a counter behind the chair that was also black and looked like it had a sink in it as well. I didn’t know what to think, but I was almost terrified to enter because it looked very imposing. “Hurry in there and sit down,” said Amiko. I jumped a little and hurridly walked into the room and gingerly sat in the barber chair. Amiko stood in the doorway and said, “stay still now, someone will be in soon to make you more comfortable.” She closed the door and I heard what sounded like a knock on the door at the end of the hall, and then hushed whispers in a language that I did not know. I could hardly do anything but sit and stare at the door. After a moment the door opened and 2 girls walked in.


These girls looked as though they could have been twins, each of them was dressed in small black latex dresses that went from the base of their necks to their mid thigh and no shoes on their feet. Their hair was very short, ending at their chins in the front and angling upwards in the back. “Hi,” said the one on the left. “We’ll make you comfy now,” said the one on the right with a slight smile on her face. They didn’t say anything else as they walked over to me and went behind the chair.

After a few seconds of hearing foreign whispering between the 2 of them, a V shaped black leather strap was passed over the top of my head and stopped on my stomach. “What the….” I said as I started to move my hands to put the strap back over my head, but I quickly felt a pair of hands grab each of my wrists and quickly move them to the armrests. The girls both instantly put one of their feet onto my forearm pinning my arms down so they didn’t have to keep holding with their hands, I started to openly struggle but they pulled up pieces of leather that were seamlessly attatched to the armrests. These pieces of leather were meant to go together because they each had a piece of Velcro that matched the other piece. They fastened the Velcro together very tightly around each of my wrists. Then they each pulled a small leather belt around the first layer of leather and fastened them tightly around my wrists so there was no chance of being able to move my hands. Then the girls removed their feet from my arms and one of them managed to catch my feet as they kicked at the air and pinned them against the footrest as the other girl fastened a thick leather cuff around each of my ankles. One of the girls began to fasten another belt around my thighs and another at my waist while the other pulled a belt around from the back of the chair through an opening on the bottom of the V strap just below my breasts so that the V was loosely ending there and fastened it tight enough to restrict my movement without suffocating me. Then she went back behind the chair and I felt the 2 straps of the V that were going over my shoulders begin to tighten until I couldn’t move my torso at all. Then I felt something moving up the back of the chair against my back up to the base of my neck. “her head,” said the girl behind me as the girl in front of me placed her hands against my cheeks and pulled my head back until I was looking up at her face. Once my head was in this position, the girl behind me pulled a leather strap around the base of my neck and fastened it behind me so that I couldn’t hardly move my head, but it wasn’t so tight that I couldn’t breathe. The girls didn’t say another word as they walked out of the room.


“HEY!!” I screamed as the door shut, “Let me out of here, this isn’t what I wanted,” but they were gone and there was no reply. For several minutes I struggled with the straps, but it was no use and I couldn’t move anything. There was no sound other than me struggling for the next few minutes, until I heard the sound of heels against the tile. The door was opened by Amiko who stood in the doorway for a few seconds with a snakelike smile on her face.


“Amiko,” I said, “you have to let me out of here, this is creepy and if you don’t release me I’ll sue you.” She didn’t say anything, but rather just walked behind me to the counter. “Well,” she said, “You signed my waver and you paid for my sevices. You are going to get what you paid for.” I heard her heels against the floor again as she walked back in front of me with something small in her hands. “Open up,” she said as she put her left hand on my chin and pulled my mouth open. She pushed the object into my mouth, “Don’t worry, its very clean,” she said. It felt kinda big in my mouth and there was a small tube that went out of my mouth from the object. She held her right hand over my mouth to keep the object there as she brought the tube to her lips and blew. The object in my mouth began to swell until it forced my mouth to open and filled all the space. I could hardly make any noise with this thing in my mouth as Amiko pinched the tube right near my lips and pulled the tube apart right outside of my lips and put a cap over the piece of tube coming from my mouth. “Now that’s better. Its much simpler with someone once they have my inflatable gag in their mouth.”


Amiko walked behind the chair again and I heard the sounds of a drawer opening and closing. I didn’t even know what to do or think as I felt a towel being wrapped around my shoulders from the back. Then Amiko walked back in front of me with a big folded cape that looked like the same material as her black dress in her hands. She quickly pulled her hands apart letting the cape unfold. She leaned forward pushing the cape over me in front of her until I felt it against my neck in the front and hanging down behind her. She walked behind me again and pulled the two ends of it together and pulled it very tightly in the back and snapped it together with several studs. I felt trapped under the heavy latex material that took away my form entirely in the chair and fell all the way down to my ankles in the front. The cape rustled again as she pulled it behind the lever on the right side of the chair.


“Now, let’s go ahead and get started,” she said as she undid my bun. I felt my brown locks come undone in her hands and fall down the back of the chair. I felt her nails against the back of my head as she began to stroke through my hair with her fingers. She continued to do this for a short while as she kept saying how beautiful she thought my hair was. I felt my eyes begin to water as I didn’t want anything to happen to my hair, but I knew that I was helpless to move or stop her from doing as she wished. She turned the lever on the side of the chair so that the handle aimed away from the chair instead of towards my feet. I felt myself begin to rotate towards the counter and saw myself in the big mirror, but it looked so odd seeing nothing by my head and hair above a sea of black latex that was the cape around my neck. After several more strokes with her fingers, she pulled all of my hair together in the back and put it together in a ponytail. She fastened it tightly with a band several inches from the back of my head, and walked back to the counter and picked up a very large pair or shears and returned behind me. She smiled again in the mirror as she began opening and closing the blades slowly. She then put them near my ears and closed them very sharply which made me shiver. “Here we go,” she said drawing out the last syllable in a seductive manner.


Amiko turned the chair back around so I was no longer facing the mirror. She pulled up the ponytail in her hand and put the opened scissors above it. She started chuckling softly as she began to manipulate the blades open and shut. I heard my hair scrunching and felt it being severed as strands began to fall out from the ponytail and around my face about an inch above my shoulders. She continued shearing away until all of the hair had been cut and my ponytail was hanging in her hand. She held the severed hair in front of me and shook it in and out so that some of the strands were brushing against my face as I began to cry. “You shouldn’t be sad,” said Amiko with a hint of laughter in her voice.


She pulled the lever on the side away from the chair and pulled the chair backwards until my neck was sitting in the rim of the sink. She then turned on the water faucet and held her hands in the water stream for a few moments before she began to spray the water into my hair. She worked the faucet around my hair with a very gentle touch and even used her hands to keep water out of my ears. She then moved her hands back into the cabinet under the sink for a moment before bringing them back to my head and began lathering my hair with shampoo for several minutes. The head massage felt extremely good and I actually started to forget that this woman had just sheared my beautiful hair off and that the gag was still in my mouth. After a few minutes of rubbing my scalp, she rinsed out the shampoo and got a handful of conditioner and began to rub it through my hair. Her hands were very gentle and I think I was beginning to fall asleep with my head in the sink because this was one of the best washes I ever had. After rinsing out the conditioner, she roughly toweled what was left of my hair and leaned me back up. She pumped the handle several more times and I felt myself begin to jerk upwards with each stroke of the leaver.


She began to comb through my hair and before saying anything she combed out a lock on my right temple, grabbed it with her fingers, and with a quick, “snip, snip, snip,” I felt the hair being cut. I could feel based on how close to where her fingers were to my scalp that she was scissoring my hair to be very short. She quickly pulled up the next lock and snipped it off. She continued snipping through my locks around the back of my head and behind me as well before finishing at the left temple. Once she cut the last locks there, I expected her to start snipping away on top of my head, but she didn’t. I heard her place the comb and scissors back onto the counter before picking up something else. After a click I heard a very loud whirring which turned out to be a hairdryer. She quickly dried my hair. “We cant have wet hair now can we my dear, because now we can start your final cut.”

I didn’t understand what she meant because she had already cut so much of my hair off. I heard more rummaging on the counter behind me. Amiko firmy grabbed the top of my head with her left hand and bent it towards my left shoulder after turning on a device in her right hand. This device started up with an unfamiliar sound that I didn’t recognize. “”MMMM hmhm, I love the sound of my clippers,” said Amiko as she began to push them up the right side of my head. I felt more locks of hair begin to fall down to the cape with each stroke of the clippers. Amiko pulled the hair on top of my head forwards so that I was looking down as she clippered the back of my head and sent more locks falling down. The strands of light brown hair looked foreign against the black cape and I saw drops of tears fall into the hair on the cape. She them pushed my head back towards my right shoulder and finished clipping the hair on that side too. After she turned off the clippers, she grabbed a smaller set and fired them up. They made a different sound that was more of a buzz than a whir. She began flicking them around the edges of my hairline in an odd motion. “If you keep still im not going to shave your hair off, im just tapering your edges,” said Amiko as she continued around my hairline all the way to the left side.

After she powered down the clippers, she began spraying the top of my hair with a squirt bottle. The hair felt much longer than I would have thought as she ran her fingers through it so it would all get wet. After she finished she combed it all forwards until eventually all of it was hanging over my face and even covered my eyes. She combed up a section in the very front and after several quick snips, I saw more brown locks falling down to the cape. She continued snipping the locks off towards the back of my head, and after she reached the back, she cut the hair around the edges next to where she had clippered it off. Then she combed up a lock in the middle of my head at the front and combed it up between her fingers, “snip, snip, snip, snip, snip,” as I saw tiny little pieces of hair falling in front of my eyes. She continued picking up locks and snipping them to her desire all over the top of my head.


“There we are,” she said, “That’s soooo much better.” She rubbed her hands over my hair for a little while longer and snipped some more hair when she wanted, before picking up a fur brush and the blow drier and began to dry my hair and blow the little cut locks away from my scalp. After several minutes Amiko Shut off the dryer and set it back down on the counter. She then began running her hands through my hair again but I could tell she was putting some kind of product into my hair so that it spiked up. Amiko came back in front of me and did a final few strokes of her fingers through the very front. She gave another subdued smile and leaned in as she kissed me on the forehead, and placed her hands on my shoulders and turned me back around to face the mirror.


My eyes opened wide at the shock of how short my hair was and I felt tears begin to start again because the sides of my hair were a half inch at most and the top was roughly an inch long and spiked up in a layered pattern. I tried to ask her why she had done this to me, but I couldn’t make a sound because the gag was still inflated in my mouth. Amiko had a knowing smirk on her face as she watched my reactions unfolding. After a few moments I felt the tears begin to stop, both because I had been crying so much during the whole haircut and because I started to realize that this haircut really did suit me very well. The style was very short and severe but it was still very feminine. “I knew you would like this haircut,” Amiko said as she began to unplug the gag in my mouth. It began to shrink and Amiko pulled it out of my mouth and turned back and placed it in the sink, then she picked up a small glass, filled it with water, and held it up to my lips and tipped it in. My mouth was extremely dry and the water felt amazing against my tongue and cheeks. “Time to finish you up, pet” said Amiko as she went back behind me again to unfasten the cape. She unfastened it and let it fall away from the back of my neck so that it was resting on my shoulders. Then she went to a different device that was sitting on the counter and opened a door at the front and pulled out a black towel that was letting off steam. She unfolded it and wrapped it around the back of my neck. It felt like it might burn me for a second, but it started to feel good. While the towel sat she picked up a small mug and pulled a brush out of it, she put it in front of a small device that looked like a dispenser underneath the towel steamer. A white fluid came out of the dispenser into the cup and when she thought there was enough, she placed mug on the counter again and turned to my face with the brush in her right hand. As she began to lightly brush my forehead and cheeks with the brush she said, “Human hair does make the softest brush, don’t you agree?” I had to agree that this was even softer than my own makeup brushes. Amiko put the brush into the mug and got some of the white lather onto it, and after removing the towel she brushed the lather onto my neck and picked up a single bladed razor from the counter. “Don’t even flinch my pet, I’m very skilled with this, but I would hate to cut you,” said Amiko before she started scraping the lather off of my neck. After she finished she removed the cape and hung it on a hook on the wall and picked up a hand mirror to show me the back. The cut was extremely well performed and it blended together very well all the way from the hairline up to the top. She then turned me back around to face the door again. She put some talc powder onto a duster brush of some sort and brushed my hairline with it.


“Thank you Amiko,” I said as she began to undo the straps and belts that restrained me to the chair, “it looks much better than I would have expected.” “You will call me Mistress Amiko from now on, my pet,” she said as she began to unfasten the straps and belts that restrained me to the barber chair. “Yes Mistress Amiko,” I said meekly as she undid the last of the restraints. “Go on now,” She said after I was released indicating the door with her hand. She gave me a silver card as I stood up from the chair. I took the card and walked through the door and out into the waiting room again. “Now you will call me again after 8 weeks at the most and make an appointment for a haircut, but next time you will have me do your makeup too,” said Mistress Amiko as I walked to the front door. “Yes Mistess Amiko,” I said as I began to open the door and walked out onto the sidewalk.

I turned back to look at the door again and realized that I finally understood what the D&S actually meant, and it certainly wasn’t the names of the owners.

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