Earls Victim

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My freshmen year of highschool was getting off to a slow start, I was starting school in a new town and didn’t know anyone and felt very out of place.  I was smaller than most of the guys my age and my virginity was still well intact unfortunately.   To be honest I wasn’t even sure if I had been through puberty and if so it wasn’t very climactic.

I did find some excitement in my quest to find a new barbershop, I loved getting haircuts.  I approached the center of town on Saturday morning expecting to stumble across a town barbershop just like any other other city had.

Immediately I noticed there was indeed a standard barbershop with spinning pole out front and glass windows.  I peered in from the street to see one chair with a young boy caped up in it getting a crew cut . An old barber in a white tunic holding the boys small chin running the clippers up the side of his small head.  I gasped at the sight thinking that was not the haircut I wanted but entered anyway. A bell rang when I opened the door and stepped in and I immediately noticed there were several people waiting in the reception area in front of me, two young boys and a young girl who obviously was the least excited of the three.   The barber looked up and called out” sit down it won’t be too long, just gonna trim up these youngins and then we can chop that mop up. ” Even though my hair was a little shaggy I was taken back that this barber was already thinking about chopping it up.

Something told me against my better judgement to sit down so I did, even though I already wanted to run from this barber.

The young man in the chair was brushed off and the maroon silk cape was whisked off of him.  He climbed out of the chair and stepped into a pile of hair that use to be his.  The barber grabbed a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, pulled one out and lit it.  With his free hand he use the cape to swipe away the hairs left in the chair and called out ,” hop up young lady”.

The little girl reluctantly stood up and slowly walked over to the big red chair, she climbed into it and was engulfed by the big huge leather seat.  He fastly spun her around to face the mirror and swung the cape out infront of her. It settled slowly over the small child and fear set in her eyes. The two young boys who must of been her brothers giggled with excitement until the barber quipped at them that they would be next.

He left the cigarette hanging in his mouth while he pumped the chair up into the air, ” let’s go above the ears today honey” he said. He pulled a comb from his pocket and started to run it through her shoulder length hair.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I was planning my escape, there was no way this asshole was gonna trap me in that chair after seeing his display of insensitivity . His scissors opened and shut next to her ears just about to start cutting when the door swung open and the mother of the 3 children said ” Earl I’m so sorry but we have to go now, I have to get the kids home so I can make another appointment on other side of town. I’ll get them back over here tomorrow. ”

The young girls eyes shot open in relief and the chair was lowered. The barber undid the cape and ripped it off of her almost as if angered by the interruption.  She climbed out of the chair and followed her brothers out the door.

I was almost relieved for the kids until I realized I was the only one left in the shop with that barber and his empty chair.

He looked at me,smirked and said” hop up in the chair I’ll be right with you.” I started to stammer out an excuse about leaving when he replied ” nonsense , you ain’t leavin my shop with that mess of a haircut” . He patted the back of the chair repeated the demand.

I rose slowly and walked over to what felt like a firing squad about to happen.  He spun the big chair to face me and as I sat back slowly he pulled my shoulders in to the the back of the chair. ” don’t go anywhere Ill be back. ” he said as he went to back of shop. I sat there thinking about how this was not like my past barbershop experiences that involved friendly talk and current hair trends. This guy was out for blood and I was a new victim.  I started to panic and raised the courage to jump and run when he reappeared suddenly and had the cape out in the air in front of me pulling it back tightly around my neck. He spun the chair to face the mirror and manipulated the chair higher into the air with the pump pedal. Up up up it went and higher and higher I rose until he was satisfied that I was terrifyingly high in the air.

” This looks like some beauty shop bullshit of a haircut here young man, I’ll get it straightened out.”

” Well actually if you don’t mind sir, I would just like a light trim” I said with little confidence, as if I knew I had no chance.

He laughed and started to comb it out, it looked like about 3 or 4 inches of length combed straight and I like to keep it at about no less than 2. My last barber knew this and only scissor trimmed my hair.
Next he pulled shears from his pocket and snapped them open and shut a few times as if to warn me , here it comes.

Then suddenly he fingered my bangs all the way to my scalp and snipped them clean to his fingers. I gasped as he lopped all the length off the top of my head, working around the sides doing the same.

” Getting rid of this bulk is the hard part, the clippers are gonna really tighten things up” he said as he snipped furiously. He could see I was not happy, and I could see he was very happy. I started to squirm a little when I saw him walk infront of me and pick up his clippers. ” just wait a minute this is fine I think I’ll pay and be on my way sir” I said nervously.

” Not so fast young lady, this haircut is just getting going. ”

Now I was frightened and knew I had no say as to what was about to happen.  He walked back behind me and pumped the chair up another notch.  He placed his palm on my forehead and pulled my head back so I was staring at the ceiling.

I jumped when I heard the clippers turn on next to my ear, he placed them on my scalp above my forehead and ran them over what was left of my bangs to the back of my head. Several straight passes from front to back and then let my head go from his grip.

” looking better already” he said

Then he gripped my chin with his fingers and tilted my head sideways and ran the clippers up my side. The chair was spun around vigorously and the same repeated on opposite side. At this point it appeared

I was getting a number 2 all over.  I couldn’t believe I let this happen.

He seemed very pleased with his progress as he lined  up my neck and sideburns.  I sat there in the big red chair like a helpless little child almost on brink of tears.

Finally it was over, I was brushed off and he lowered the chair. The barber ripped the maroon cape off of me and said” 2 weeks be back young man ” he pushed me up out of the chair .  I walked out of the shop feeling like I had been castrated, I turned around and looked back in the window and he was already comfy in his barberchair lighting up a smoke. Just then a mother with her young son in tow passed by me and went in the shop. ” this young man needs a discipline cut Earl” she belted out.

Earl grinned as he got up out of the chair, he spun it to face the new victim, and said ” hop up young man”

Needless to say I felt sorry for the kid.

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