Edie Adams cut and curl salon

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Does anyone else remember Edie Adams Cut and Curl Beauty Salons? They had the most amazing Velvet Set perms there. I was in El Toro one day picking up supplies and saw this salon in a small shopping center and remembered their newspaper ads for a Velvet set perm and decided to check it out. I walked into the salon and was greeted by a very sweet girl who asked if she could help me. I said that I would like a body wave and had heard about their perms and would like to make an appointment. She said that someone could take me now if I had the time. I told her that  would be great. She had me sit down and relax for a minute. I began to take in all the sights and smells of this salon which was great. Another girl came walking up to me and introduced herself and asked if I was the person who wanted a perm. I told her that I wanted a body wave and had heard about their Velvet set perms and wanted to try it out. She had the most amazing beret cut with the curls on one side and her make up was perfect. She had me stand up and wanted to look at my hair. I had it in a ponytail and turned around to take it out. She reached up and said I got it and took my hair down and began to touch it to see what condition it was in. She said it looks like you take very good care of your hair, it is very soft. I told her thank you and asked what do you think? She said she would be happy to perm it and give me some soft curls.

She had me come back to her shampoo chair where she had me put on a brown robe and wrapped me in a cape and towel. She had me sit down and leaned me back into the sink. She turned on the water and wet my hair. She then applied the shampoo and lathered me up. We talked as she shampooed. She asked me if I had a perm before and I told her yes a few. She then asked me what else I have had done. I told her that I had worked in another salon and had my hair colored, frosted, permed and many many shampoo sets. She asked me if I still like setting my hair and I told her that I set it as often as I can. That is why I wanted a body wave to help hold my sets and curls. She asked me if she could set my hair after the perm to loosen it up and she wanted to see the results. I told her please do. She then rinsed my hair and applied some pre perm conditioner.

When she took me back to her chair and got out her perm rods and curlers and went to work. One of the other girls came over and asked if she could help wind up the rods. The first girl told her to work on the back as she rolled the top and sides. They began to comb and section my hair and picked out the rods. They wound the top first then the sides as the other girl wound the back of my hair. They used the larger gray rods and even double wrapped some areas. I asked them as they double wrapped some sections why they did not use rollers instead of rods there? The one girl looked at me and said “Wow you know your stuff. I just like the curl this wrap provides. Have you ever had a roller perm before?” I told her yes most of them have been roller perms. The first girl told the other that I still set my own hair and that I was going to get a roller set after the perm. It took a while for them to finish winding in the rods but when they finished I felt like I had 10 pound on my head but loved it. They wrapped my head with the cotton strip to keep the perm solution from running down and wrapped an extra towel around me.

They started to apply the perm solution very carefully making sure to saturated every rod. I was impressed by their attention to detail. The solution did not smell bad at all. Not like regular perm solution. It kind of smelled like lavender and was light purple in color. When all my rods were saturated she placed a plastic cap over my rods and sat me under the dryer as this was a heat activated perm. I sat and blotted the solution that began to run down but it wasn’t much. They kept checking on me and brought me water and crackers. After a while they came over to do a curl check and told me just a few minutes more. Then came the time to go back to the sink. She leaned me back and began to rinse the solution from my hair which took a few minutes but I was not complaining. It did feel good. She had the neutralizer mixed up and began to blot the foamy mixture to my hair over all the rods. When she finished my hair was completely covered with foam. She let it soak in for a while then they both began to remove the rods. When they all were removed she began to work the rest of the neutralizer in like a shampoo. Then it was rinse time again.

They had me get up and go back to  the chair where I got to see the first results on my wet hair. I could not believe the curls. I was excited. Now it was time to get set. She got out her cart and sectioned my hair. She asked my what size rollers I usually used. I told her the bigger blue ones and the beige. She combed and sectioned and rolled them into my hair as I handed her the clips. She did an amazing job rolling my hair. She told me to come back once a week so she could do this again. I sat under the dryer for a while and when it was time I went back  to her chair for the comb out. The style was great and I had tons of loose curls.

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