Ella part 1

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Ella is a tall, lanky, and thin girl with long, straight, flaxen hair. She lives a normal teenage life, until she notices her hair starts to fall out by the time she is only seventeen. Bald spots appear on her head, starting small, but growing larger. At first, she is still able to hide them by combing her hair a certain way, but it is getting increasingly difficult.

Together with her mother, Ella visits many doctors. Finally, one doctor tells her that she has a disorder that makes her immune system attack her own hair follicles. Sadly, there is no cure. Ella spends a long time crying about it.

Soon, Ella has to start wearing wigs. She hates it, because she loves doing sports, but she can’t do any of them without risking her wig falling off. Within a year, her hair is reduced to only a few stringy locks on her head. Even her eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair have become patchy. Ella wears fake lashes and draws in her eyebrows meticulously. Her self-confidence is destroyed and she has become increasingly shy.

One day, Ella has had enough, and she decides to rid herself of these pathetic bits of hair. She shaves her head. With only a couple of passes with a razor, all the hair on her head is gone. While she is at it, she shaves off the remainder of her eyebrows, and body hair as well. Finally, she takes some nail scissors and cuts the last bits of her eyelashes. Afterwards, Ella feels liberated.

Ella feels brave and decides that she wants to ditch the wig, the make-up, and the falsies for prom night. In the months leading up to that, the bits of hair she shaved do not grow back. Ella is left with a smooth, hairless head and body.

To prom, Ella wears a soft blue dress with lace. She puts on a little make-up, but doesn’t draw on her brows, or use false lashes. Some of her fellow students tease Ella at first, but that stops when she explains herself. All of her classmates want to feel her bald head and one cute guy asks if her whole body is that smooth.

Ella ends up having a lot of fun at her prom and hooks up with the cute guy that night. Her confidence is finally restored.

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