Elle et Lui

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Note: This story contains strong language and sexual themes and content. Reader discretion is advised.


Devlin had been living with his girlfriend Melodie for almost a year when he learned about her secret.

The two had met in Ottawa while they were both on vacation. Devlin was from Brampton, near Toronto, while Melodie was born and raised in Trois-Rivieres, in Quebec. They had hit it off, and after some initial getting-to-know-you rigmarole, they ended up having a wild night of sex. Devlin was on the stocky side, with thick auburn hair and green eyes, while Melodie was shapely and had a mane of brown hair that fell to her mid back. During sex, Melodie liked to be on top, straddling Devlin and moving up and down with her hips. While caressing her round breasts, Devlin brushed a lock of hair that had fallen forward out of the way, and it grazed Melodie’s nipple. Melodie moaned loudly and closed her eyes, biting her lower lip. Even though Devlin didn’t know it, it would be a preview of coming attractions.

After hooking up in Ottawa, the two went back to their respective homes. Corresponding on social media, they kept in touch. They had a good thing going; their conversations ranged from casual catching up to deep emotional chats to cheeky sexting. After a few months of this, they decided they wanted to take their relationship to the next level. Devlin’s marketing firm had an office in Trois-Rivieres, where Melodie worked as a hairstylist. He put in for a transfer, and within a couple of weeks, he was on his way to Quebec to live with his girlfriend.

Now, Devlin had always been decent but not fluent by any means. Melodie had nearly perfect English, and French was her native tongue. Devlin really liked living in TR, as some of the locals called it. His office wasn’t too far from their apartment in Trois-Rivieres Ouest, and Melodie’s hair salon was a few blocks away. Until recently, she had worked at a cheap salon in one of the malls off Blvd. Des Recollets. Melodie had saved up enough money for a down payment on a small salon of her own, called Coiffure Melodie, Elle et Lui. “Coiffure” meant hairstyle in French, or, in this case, “salon.” “Elle et Lui” meant her and him, meaning that Melodie cut women’s and men’s hair though more the former than the latter.

Devlin didn’t know much about hair cutting at all; his areas of expertise were confined to hockey, marketing, and 1980s films. He became somewhat interested in what Melodie did for work, and Devlin visited her at work on occasion. That’s when he started to notice things about her that he hadn’t before.

One afternoon, Devlin parked his car outside the salon and entered the building. It was a small establishment, with only two chairs, a hair washing station, and a back room; the waiting area was a solitary chair. Melodie looked up when Devlin came in, and she smiled and waved.

“Hey Dev! Just take a seat, I’m almost done.” Melodie spoke in English, as Devlin was still learning French. Melodie was finishing up with a customer, a middle aged woman with graying hair having it trimmed and styled. Devlin seated himself in the waiting chair as Melodie completed the haircut and style and the woman paid and left. Melodie and Devlin gave each other knowing looks, and as soon as the woman left in her car, the couple embraced and kissed passionately. Devlin’s hands found Melodie’s curvy butt and Melodie ran her fingers through Devlin’s thick auburn locks.

“I’ve missed you, Mel.” Devlin said softly.

“Same, Dev.” They kissed again. Melodie looked her lover in the eyes and said: “I have an appointment in a few minutes. I’d like you to stay for this one.”

Devlin nodded, but he was puzzled.

“Sure, babe, that’d be fine.” Melodie smiled and hurried back to the hairstyling chair and began to sweep up the small clippings of hair from the previous client. After a couple minutes, the door to the salon swung open. Devlin glanced at the doorway and saw a woman, around his age and with long brown hair, step into the salon. The woman looked around slightly nervously until she saw Melodie.

Salut! T’es Josianne, ouais?” Melodie said brightly. (Hi! You’re Josianne, right?)

Ouais, c’est moi!” (Yep, that’s me!)

“Awesome! I’m so glad you could come by today.” Melodie continued in French. Devlin could keep up listening to conversation, even if he still struggled to respond. Josianne walked to the chair and lowered herself onto the seat. Her sleek brown hair, lighter than Melodie’s, hung down to the woman’s lower back, almost a meter long from scalp to tip. Devlin watched in mild interest as the two women conversed in French, exchanging ideas and concepts, until Melodie threw a cape around Josianne and fastened it in place.

Devlin was half paying attention when Melodie started to bring her hand to various locations along the length of Josianne’s hair. The client finally nodded when Melodie’s hand was at a point at the middle of her back. Melodie took a hair tie from the counter in front of her chair and began to tie off about a foot of Josianne’s hair. The client looked nervous but excited as Melodie grabbed a pair of scissors, snipped them a few times playfully, then announced: “Ready?”

The client nodded, and Melodie looked directly at Devlin as if for him to watch as well. Devlin put down his phone and saw Melodie open the scissors, insert them into place above the hair tie, and close the blades. There was a loud crunching sound as the scissors cut a shallow gash into Josianne’s ponytail. The client grinned as Melodie worked the scissors, cutting off more hair. Devlin was impressed by the fight the ponytail was putting up before the hair was finally cut after almost a minute of effort.

Melodie held up the shorn hair in triumph, and she held it for both Josianne and Devlin to see.
“Wow, that’s amazing.” Devlin said in English, smiling at his girlfriend. Melodie blushed and returned the smile, though Devlin thought nothing of it. Melodie tossed the ponytail onto the counter and mussed Josianne’s hair. The client looked happy with the haircut so far, so Melodie continued by trimming less than an inch off the ends and giving the hair some layers. Devlin was unsure of the technical aspects of cutting hair, though he did make sure to watch some of it. It was interesting, of course, but he was out of his depth when it came to the precise technique of it all.

After finishing the haircut, Melodie threw the cape off her client. Josianne ran her hands through her shortened but still long hair. After exchanging some phrases in French, Josianne paid for the service and left the salon. Melodie quickly swept up the tiny clippings of hair and disposed of them in a waste bin. Walking back to her station, Melodie picked up the brown ponytail of hair, almost a foot long, and began to play with it in her hands.

“Check this out, Dev,” Melodie said, presenting the hair to him. Devlin frowned a little, not because he was weirded out by it but because he had never seen that much cut hair in one place before.

“Shit, babe, that’s a lot of hair.”

“I know, right? It’s pretty fucking cool, eh?”

“Sure.” Devlin didn’t really know what to say, so he agreed. Melodie smiled and brought the hair with her as she went into her back room. After a few minutes, she returned without the hair and tidied up the salon. There were two more haircuts that day, two men who got trims for their already short hair, before Devlin took Melodie home. Devlin didn’t think much of Josianne’s haircut and the resulting ponytail that Melodie had shown him. He assumed that she had thrown it away with the rest of the hair she had cut.

The next day, Devlin went into work as usual. He took the car and drove the short distance to the office, which was just off Boulevard Jean-XIII. Melodie had the day off, so she would likely be at home unless she decided to take the bus to the malls on Boulevard Des Forges or something. Devlin usually spent most of the day at the office, but that day he decided to swing by home for lunch and see how Melodie was doing. He drove home and opened the apartment door slowly, looking around to see if Melodie was in the main room. He heard some noises from the bedroom, so Devlin made his way to the bedroom and peered inside.

Melodie was laying on the bed, completely naked, with her long brown hair loose and falling all over her shoulders. With one hand massaging her clitoris, and the other holding what looked like a cut ponytail draped across her left breast, Melodie was masturbating vigorously and looked ready to orgasm. As she saw Devlin, Melodie jumped a little and exhaled quickly, putting the ponytail on the bed, and looking at him.

“Dev? What the fuck are you doing here?” Melodie asked, out of breath. Devlin furrowed his eyebrows.
“I came home for lunch to spend some time with you. Sorry, I didn’t think to call. I guess you were busy.”

Melodie looked down a little sheepishly at her naked body, and then down at the ponytail. Devlin didn’t care at all that Melodie masturbated; hell, he did too, and he didn’t want to shame her. Early in their relationship, they had told each other about their masutrbation habits and fantasies, some of which they had already applied. Devlin didn’t remember hearing about jerking off with shorn ponytails before, though.
“Oh, okay. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to greet you.”

“It’s nothing, Mel! You’re completely fine. I can leave if you want.”

“No, stay!” Melodie almost shouted. She was clearly still turned on, and as Devlin approached the bed, Melodie slipped a finger back into her vaginal area, using what looked like natural lubricant. Melodie began to moan again as Devlin sat next to her. He would usually run his finger along her abdomen and all the way up to her breasts, kissing her skin as he went; this usually drove her wild. Today, however, Melodie reached over and grabbed the ponytail. She proffered it to Devlin, who looked at it in confusion.

“What should I do with it?” He asked softly.

“Run it over my body, slowly.”

Devlin took the tail and held it by the top section. It was a little unnerving to be holding someone’s hair, but the texture was pleasant against his skin and it smelled faintly of strawberry-scented shampoo. Cautiously, Devlin draped the ponytail over Melodie’s skin, dragging the silky hair over her stomach. Melodie moaned with pleasure, the intensity increasing when the hair reached her right breast. Melodie cried out, grabbed the sheets tightly and yelled: “Fuck yes!”

Devlin, encouraged by this, raised the ponytail higher in the end, letting the ends of the hair tickle Melodie’s nipple teasingly. Melodie nearly screamed in pleasure as her fingers worked her clitoris like clockwork. She climaxed loudly and forcefully as Devlin continued to play with the ponytail. After about a minute, Melodie slowed down, easing off of the climax. Devlin sat on the bed, the ponytail hanging limply in his hand. In the moment, Devlin went on instinct, using the ponytail in a way he had never imagined. Melodie thanked her boyfriend, then went to the bathroom to wash up.

Devlin went to the kitchen to prepare lunch. His hands were shaking slightly as he pulled out a loaf of bread and meat and cheese. His thoughts flew back to what had just happened in the bedroom. Devlin wasn’t a prude, or a novice, but he wasn’t expecting a ponytail of human hair to be in the mix. It wasn’t unwelcome, but Devlin didn’t know about this when he had been dating Melodie earlier. He wanted to chat with her about it more for sure.

Melodie came out of the bathroom wrapped in a plain white towel. Her long brown hair was still dry, and as it swayed down her back, Devlin thought back to the ponytail he had used on his girlfriend.

“Could you make me a sandwich please, Dev?” Melodie seated herself on one of the stools at the kitchen counter. Devlin started the process, slathering the bread in mustard. He paused, still looking down at the plate.

“So, Mel, I want to talk about earlier.”

Melodie looked at her boyfriend, her mouth half open.

“Sure, that would be fine. What do you want to talk about?”

Devlin gave her a confused look. “How about the fact that you fudded yourself while I rubbed you with fucking human hair.”

Melodie looked taken aback. “Well when you put it like that…”
“I didn’t mean it like that,” Devlin amended apologetically. “I mean, is this a regular thing for you? When would this come up? I know you’re a hairstylist but goddamn, I didn’t know about this.”

Melodie opened her mouth, then closed it, and began again.

“First off, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. It was kind of a hard thing to bring up, you know? But now that you know, I should probably explain.” Melodie took a deep breath, then continued.

“Ever since I was a girl, I was always fascinated by haircuts. It was for both men and women, but mostly women. I was, and am, straight, but I was turned on by the idea and the sight of long hair being cut shorter. It was never with my own hair, just with other people. When I got older, I started masturbating to videos of people getting their long hair chopped off. This continued for a long time, and after high school I wanted to go to beauty college instead of CEGEP. It was fucking amazing, Devlin. I got to cut and watch the cutting of some amazing hair.”

Melodie closed her eyes, her hand snaking down to her vagina. Devlin, despite himself, grinned. Melodie was 100% sex positive, and he supported her in it.

“Well, graduating was the easy part. I worked at a couple salons in Trois-Rivieres for a few years. By the time I left that cheap salon of Des Recollets, I was ready for my own place. Coiffure Melodie is my dream, Dev, and I love working there. I am happy when I am there, and there are some benefits too.”

“Like collecting ponytails from your clients?” Devlin asked, half-jokingly. Melodie shrugged.

“They don’t want it, usually. Sometimes they take them home as souvenirs or whatever, but hair is waste to them once it is cut. It’s not hurting anyone, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun for me.”

“I still don’t get it, Mel. What about hair is sexy?” Melodie blew out her breath in frustration.

“Devlin, it’s a fetish of mine; you wouldn’t understand, and you don’t need to. You once told me you like girls with tattoos; well, I like haircuts and ponytails I can fuck myself with. We all have our things.”

Devlin stared at his girlfriend and admitted the point.

“I suppose so.”

“Good. I don’t want to hurt you, Dev. I was going to bring it up tonight actually, but calise, you scared the shit out of me when you came home. If you don’t want to use my ponytails during sex, that’s fine, but I’ll keep using them myself at least.” There was a long pause. Devlin wasn’t scared by Melodie’s hair fetish, but he was unsure of how to go about it. How would it spice things up for them? It definitely could, but he would have to rely on her for most of it.

“What do you want me to do?” Devlin asked tentatively. Melodie looked him in the eyes and smiled.

“I want you to be a part of my hair fetish, Dev. You don’t have to have one yourself; but if you’re willing, I want you to play along.”

Devlin nodded, ready for whatever would come. Melodie hugged and kissed her boyfriend, then took a huge bite out of her sandwich.

Over the next few weeks, Melodie introduced her boyfriend to the wonderful world of a hair fetish. This began with a browsing of her video playlists on YouTube and other sites. There were plenty of clips of long hair being chopped off, most of the time with the hair being saved for later for an undisclosed purpose. Then, Melodie unveiled her small but growing, pun unintended, collection of ponytails.

Sex had, honestly, never been better for Devlin and Melodie. He found that he didn’t using her small collection of human hair braids and ponytails during sex; on the contrary, Devlin was invigorated by the addition of hair. He used ponytails to great effect, rubbing them on Melodie’s skin, dropping them on her chest, or sometimes even edging along her clitoris. Melodie went absolutely wild, and she would ride Devlin like there was no tomorrow. One favorite of theirs was when Melodie deep throated Devlin, and he would swish a loose ponytail across the crack of her ass. Suffice it to say, they had a good time.

One day, Devlin and Melodie hatched a plan to fulfil their desires in a spectacular way. One of Melodie’s longtime clients, a young mother named Marie-Eve, planned on cutting her hair fairly short. The client had waist length blonde hair that she wanted to cut to her neck. Excited for this haircut, Melodie and Devlin planned what would happen. The appointment was scheduled for 17:00, an hour before closing time. Making sure the lights were dimmed and the windows were covered by the blinds, Devlin, who would witness the haircut, would wait until Marie-Eve left and lock the doors, and the couple would be left alone.

The day came quickly, and Melodie and Devlin had some quick but passionate morning sex in anticipation. Melodie, completely nude and her hair falling down her breasts and back, rode her boyfriend hard, while Devlin ran his fingers through her thick brown mane. After finishing and cuddling for a while, they showered, dressed, and ate breakfast. Devlin went to work for a half day before leaving early to go to Salon Melodie. When he got there, Melodie was waiting for Marie-Eve to arrive.

“Well, babe, it’s coming.” Melodie smiled with anticipation.

“I am so fucking excited, Dev. I can’t wait.” Devlin rubbed his girlfriend’s shoulders, trying to relax her before the big moment. This wasn’t her first time doing a chop, but it was the longest ponytail she would cut, and the danger of having sex in a fairly public location was thrilling. After waiting for about 10 minutes, the door opened and a woman stepped inside the salon.

Bonjour, Melodie! Ca va?” (Hi, Melodie! How’s it hanging?) Melodie turned to see Marie-Eve standing in the doorway, her blonde hair flowing loosely to her waist. She beamed at her prospective client.

Marie-Eve, bonjour! Ca fait trop longtemps, tabernak!” (Marie-Eve, hi! It’s been a fucking long time!)

They did bises to each other, a custom Devlin still didn’t understand. Marie-Eve’s hair was gorgeous, long and straight with natural dark blonde highlights. The length of her hair was stupendous, all the way to the top of her curvy butt. Devlin was starting to notice hair more often, and he had come to appreciate it more after using real ponytails to help his girlfriend get off. After exchanging some pleasantries, the client was seated and Melodie threw a black cape around her shoulders.

Having planned the haircut beforehand, Melodie wasted no time in tying off Marie-Ev’s gorgeous honey blonde hair into one long ponytail tied off at shoulder level. In all, the tail was almost two feet long and very silky. Devlin knew it would make a great toy. Making sure everything was secure, Melodie picked up a pair of scissors and snipped them close to Marie-Eve’s hair. The client laughed, and Melodie began to cut. Devlin had taken out his phone and he recorded the chopping, as Melodie had already asked her client’s permission. Within a minute, the scissors crunched through the hair and the ponytail was cut. Melodie held the tail aloft like a trophy, smiling into the camera as she threw it on the counter. Marie-Eve squealed with delight as she saw the ponytail laying on the counter, severed.

Devlin stopped the recording and Melodie carried on with the haircut. The whole process took less than twenty minutes, and Devlin waited until it was all done and Marie-Eve paid and left before he closed the blinds and locked the door. At only 17:30, the salon was silent and empty except for the couple. They gazed at each other longingly, stepping toward each other slowly.

“Cutting that ponytail was super hot,” Devlin said. Melodie licked her lips.

“And she let us keep it. Now, it’s our turn.” Melodie whispered. The two met near the chair where the haircut had happened, and they were all over each other. Shirt, pants, boxers, bra, and panties flew in every direction. Devlin was already rock hard, so he directed Melodie to seat herself on the chair, kissing her passionately as he did so. Melodie settled into the seat, the cold leather touching her bare ass and legs. Sitting in a salon chair while naked turned her on so much, to the point where she was panting as Devlin knelt on the ground and started to lick her abdomen.

“Did you like that, Melodie?” Devlin asked seductively as he reached for the long, thick ponytail on the counter. Melodie’s head rolled back and she closed her eyes in ecstasy. “Yes, Devlin, I did.” Her response was barely a whisper.

Devlin grasped the ponytail in one hand and used the other to fondle his girlfriend’s breasts. Melodie moaned as the ponytail caressed her skin, like other times before. But the combination of the salon, her boyfriend, and the hair made Melodie so fucking hot. She slipped a few fingers into her vagina and started to work on her clitoris. The moans turned into screams while Devlin swished the ponytail over Melodie’s boobs.

“Yes, Devlin, I cut off all that hair. It’s all mine!” Devlin grinned broadly, enjoying seeing his girlfriend enjoying herself. They continued for what seemed like an eternity, Devlin using the ponytail as a toy, teasing Melodie while she screamed in pleasure, until she grasped Devlin’s dick and stroked it hard. It was Devlin’s turn to moan, the touch of his girlfriend’s fingers like dynamite. Together, the couple enjoyed each other in the isolation of Salon Melodie. Devlin was grateful that he had learned about Melodie’s secret.

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  1. What I really like best about your story, is that it’s a different take on hair fetishes. Just like Melodie said … we all have our own distinct likes, and dislikes. And even more to the point, different things excite us sexually. Thank you for writing, and posting, this thought provoking story. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future.

  2. Ah yes, these video’s are wonderful and indeed the cut off hair is used as waste. That’s such a pity, as I think pleasuring oneself with shorn hair would be delightful as Melodie experiences. I envy her!
    Take e.g. a look at https://ladies-haircut.sellfy.store/ for lots of haircuts for a tiny price. Loads of long hair shorn from beauty to waste, different barberettes an a barber.

    You put me on the wrong leg with the long blond hair. I thought it was to become a threesome, would be lovely for Melodie. Maybe you can work this out in a segual?
    Any way, I love this story!

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