Emily curiosity got her

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Emily curiosity got her


Author: Tygrus Gustav


It had been a quiet morning, Emily sat on her kitchen looking at the warm day, sipping on a mug of lovely coffee, she was ready for a relaxing day off after she had finished her breakfast when something picked her interest outside.


She remembered that the large house down the street, a few houses away from her window, had been undergoing renovation.

she even heard machinery working during the night last night as they seemed to be finishing up real soon.


To her surprise, once she finally looked, she could see all machinery and debris had been cleaned, she saw a bright shiny neon sign.


Your new Style Barber Salon…


“This is quite interesting,” she thought as she fiddled the ends of her long brown hair “Maybe I should check it out today”


She smiled as she put on a black skirt and her favorite blue shirt, she slipped her heeled blue boots and grabbed her purse, and smiled as she walked out the door.


She walked happily down the road to the big entrance of the house, everything had been refurbished, the walkway to the door was made of black marble, the doors had a lovely designed crystal, and a few lamps on the floor that lit it up elegantly, however, they also prevented anyone from peeking inside, if you wanted to see… you would have to go inside.


She smiled as she approached the large crystal doors, however, there was a sign on it that said “Closed”, She sighed and frowned.


“Oh well, guess I’ll have to return on my next free day,” she said aloud as she began to turn around to return home.


However, as soon as she did so, the doors slid open, retracting into the walls, and lamps on the floor lit up, showing a path into the salon.


Curiosity got the better of her and she walked in, as soon as she set foot inside, the doors closed behind her, and the floor began moving, taking her deep into the house.

She yelped a bit as the floor moved quite fast, soon, however, she came to a stop, and the room lit up entirely, she was surrounded by mirrors, and a lone chair sat on the black floor.


It was a barber chair, however not one she had ever seen before, it had multiple tubes at the back, as well as a large black speaker it also appeared to have hands at the footrest…


She inspected the device a little bit more, she saw a large green box attached to the back that’s where the metal tubes attached she got close to inspect it, and then suddenly it began to move.


“Good day client! Welcome to Your new style automated station! please sit down so that we may begin” the sound came from the speaker attached to the top of the green box behind the chair, suddenly the metal tubes began to move, and Emily saw that they had hands, she yelped as the metal hands grabbed her wrists gently, but strongly and dragged her into the open chair, she was so surprised she couldn’t say a thing.


The hands then wrapped themselves around her wrists and kept her seat as another set of hands with scissors began cutting away at her clothes.


“What are you doing!” she yelled as she saw her self completely naked, she felt quite embarrassed, however, she also felt a slight tingle of excitement…


“How could you expect the deluxe ultra treatment wearing such clothing! the reception should have informed you, but worry not! I am here to assist you on everything, you just have to sit down and relax!” said the voice of the chair as the machine sprung to life, however, this did something quite interesting, she was flipped! her butt was up in the air while her hands grabbed the footrest…


Suddenly more hands then grabbed ankles as well as a metal belt that was fixed at her waist.


“Hey Wait, Wait I am not sure about this,” she said but the machine continued its work, soon she had a blue short cape draped around her waist…


“Nonsense! you shall get the very best experience we have to offer to such a lovely dame! relax and enjoy it!”


“You haven’t even asked what I wan… mrggh” she tried to say as a rather large dildo was inserted into her mouth and she saw more hands moving towards her, two, in particular, looked strange, as they had clippers attached to them…


“Fret not! you have been selected to receive the very best! you will be pleased!” the barber chair said as both clipper hands reached her, one went straight to her head, running right down at the middle of her forehead, she was so surprised she couldn’t react, but also, because the other set of clippers was working on her pubic area, and the tingling sensation she was getting was overwhelming.


The clippers worked fast, as the hair on her head was reduced to mere stubble as the clippers moved over and over again all around, she struggled against her bonds to no avail…


She, however, did not register it as the clippers down below were vibrating in ways she had never felt, she moaned loudly as the clippers lingered down there, however, what she did feel, was a hot towel as it was wrapped all around her head, he chair was making recorded small talk, Emily couldn’t hear it over the towel, but she did yelp as another hot towel was applied to her pubic area and butt, she struggled and moaned as she tried to get free of the hands that were holding her down, to no avail, after a few moments she decided her fate was sealed and she might as well enjoy it, she even began to enjoy the object on her mouth, the clippers did a very good job at getting her relaxed that’s for sure.

A few minutes later, both towels were removed, she opened her eyes as she saw another arm, now wearing a cream covered brush as it approached her pubis.


“Oh god!!” she thought as the brush began lathering her pubis with rotating movements, she felt the same on top of her head, a warm leather was being spread all over her sensitive scalp, she let out another moan, as she couldn’t move and the pleasure was building up, the rotating brushes moving slowly and sensually both on her scalp and her pubis made her feel in heaven.


A few moments later the brushes stopped, and two more arms rose, she felt her binds tighten as razors began working on both her head and down there, the gliding of the razors, however, was so delicate she could feel she was being caressed, not shaved… the razor on her head glided effortlessly down the middle of her head, as it expertly shaved down from her forehead to her neck…


Then she felt another pass and then another, she was being shaved bald, and she was loving it (she at first blamed it on the pubic shave though) she also felt the hands at her ankles pulling her legs apart, so that the machine could have full access to her, she thought about it for a second and found the thought of being trapped helpless and being shaved…


Quite sensual…


She felt a hand on her chin and her head being moved at the will of the machine as the razor glided through, around her ears, down her sideburns around her nape and temples, all around the top of her head.


She expected the razor to at least tug a little, as the stubble should have offered some resistance, but the razor was so sharp, it did not matter soon both blades had finished their job, she was completely hairless both on top and down below.


“Did I not tell you, madam, you would enjoy the deluxe experience! We shall continue with the deluxe finish as well as a little something extra” Emily did hear as the machine rose a wand…


And it began vibrating right on contact with her private areas, she gasped as the machine began applying a special cream on her head, it burned a little bit for a few moments but then it became soothing… as the machine massaged her scalp thoroughly.


She was brought to the point of climax as the machine applied another hot towel to her head, her scream muffled by it once she reached an orgasm.


The machine felt this and the wand retracted itself, the hands released their hold and the band at her waist as the warm towel was used to clean up her head.


“And worry not mam! the cream treatment will make sure none of that pesky hair returns! you can return for extra insurance but I am quite sure you won’t have to deal with such a bother no more!” the machine announced.


“Mmm?!” she tried to protest as the machine came to life again.


“AH I almost forgot the shiny finish!” the machine announced.


“Mmmm…” she wanted to say when she noticed a jar with blue shoe polish appeared in front of her.


She realized her shoes had not been removed, as the machine expertly began applying the blue polish all over her head and face!… she closed her eyes.

As she also felt the machine wrapping another hot towel around her buttocks, she tried to speak but was muffled and afraid the machine would get the polish on her mouth, so she endured as the hands working on her head suddenly began applying a cream to her scalp, the towel on her buttocks was removed and she felt a hot liquid being poured over.


A towel was used on her scalp and face to make the polish shine, as a soft buffer was running all around her buttcheeks, she endured this process for a couple of minutes, once the machine was done, and it proudly announced so, she was freed, the dildo on her mouth retracted.


She stood up in front of the mirror,  her denuded head and face shining with the same blue hue of her boots… and her buttcheeks shining as well.


She couldn’t help but chuckle…


However as the floor began to move once again… she was brought to another room, this one offered her a new outfit, a lovely blue dress, silk underwear and a wig, apparently made from her hair, with a note in lovely calligraphy that read “In case you ever feel the need”


She smiled, as she put on her wig… and walked out smiling… she hoped she could return one day, as she felt fresh and quite satisfied with the treatment…

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