Emily is Sheared Nice and Short For The First Time

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Stylist Jackie was tapping her foot impatiently, waiting at her station in The Tangles Salon for Emily to arrive.  Already 15 minutes late for her scheduled 2pm appointment, Emily was one of Jackie’s regulars, and usually on time.  The bell tinkled as the main salon door opened and in walked Emily, accompanied by a tall and handsome man.


After checking in at the front desk, both were led by the receptionist back to Jackie’s station.  Emily, looking a bit red in the face and out of breathe, set her purse down on the counter and quickly sat down in the salon chair, her long blonde ponytail swinging.


Emily wore a nice blue dress that came down to mid-thigh and she elegantly crossed her legs.  “Sorry I’m late, Jackie, the traffic was really bad,” Emily commented.  “I was wondering about you….you are always on time,” joked Jackie.


The man, who introduced himself as Emily’s husband Tom, stood beside her chair looking rather pleased with himself.  Jackie, uncomfortable with how close Tom was standing in her work area, asked him if he would like to take a seat out in the waiting room.


“No, I plan on staying right here to watch things unfold,” exclaimed Tom.  He promply sat down in the lone chair off to the side that Jackie had occupied while waiting for them, close enough for him to keep an eye on things.


Moving right along, Jackie undid the ponytail band and let Emily’s gorgeous mid-back length silky blonde locks spill down the back of the chair.


Emily was a very pretty young woman in her late 20’s whom had been coming to Tangles Salon for several years and Jackie had gotten to know her well.  Emily’s luscious blonde hair was by far her greatest asset and Jackie always enjoyed her visits, having the opportunity to maintain it for her.


“So today we are trimming off the usual split ends as discussed over the phone?” Jackie asked, as she began to comb through the prestine hair.


“Well actually, Emily has decided to let you cut her hair short today, haven’t you dear?” Tom butted in, watching his wife intently.  Emily meekly nodded her head in agreement and looked at her reflection in the mirror.


Jackie sensed that Emily would rather just have her usual trim, but was agreeing with Tom to keep peace.  Jackie replied, “Of course, I recommend several options.  I could cut it to shoulder length, or if you want to go further, a bob would look wonderful with your pretty face.”


Tom cut in again and said rather loudly, “No, she wants it cut really short today, isn’t that right honey?”  Tom and Jackie both stared at Emily, waiting for her to respond.  EmiIy nodded once more and swallowed before saying, “Cut it how Tom wants.”  She stroked her locks with a trembling hand.


Jackie was stunned, she certainly didn’t want to chop off Emily’s beautiful mane, but as her long time stylist, her hands were tied.  As long as Emily consented to the haircut, she was resigned to follow orders.  “How short are we talking about here?” Jackie asked, unsure of Tom’s intentions.


Tom jumped up and walked over beside Emily once again.  He tugged at a blonde lock and explained, “We are finally getting rid of the ponytail look.  I’m getting tired of the long hair clogging up the drains at home.  Indeed, I have just the style in mind for her.


We want the sides and back to be clipped off very short, say half an inch at most.  Then take the top down to about 2 inches.  Be sure to blend it nicely,”  Tom added as he gazed down at his young slender wife sitting mutely in the chair.  Emily fidgeted in the chair as she listened to Tom instruct Jackie on how short her hair was to be cut.


Jackie, surprised that Emily hadn’t contested her husband, didn’t want to make a fuss in front of her client and acknowledged that it would be quite a change indeed.  With summer coming, a short cut would keep Emily nice and cool.  As soon as Tom took his seat again, Jackie grabbed a cape and tied it around Emily’s slender neck, letting the hair fall down again.


Not wanted to startle Emily right away, Jackie decided to cut the hair in stages.  She selected a pair of scissors and a comb from the counter and stood behind her client.


Starting at the top in the front, she combed out a blonde lock and severed it several inches from the scalp.  After dropping it to slide down the cape, another lock was combed out and sliced off.


Emily nervously watched in the mirror as Jackie slowly continued to comb and cut off her pretty blonde hair.  Schnick!  Schnick!  Schnick!


Very soon, the long silky blonde hair had been reduced to a few inches all around.  Emily was left with a messy pixie cut, exposing her neck and ears.  Tom was watching intently from his vantage point as his wife’s hair was sheared down to size.


Throughout the process, Emily occasionally glanced nervously at her husband, who smiled in return.  Emily looked about ready to start crying any minute, Jackie deduced.  Well I gave her a chance to back out and she didn’t, thought Jackie.


Jackie wasting no time, grabbed the Wahl clippers off the counter, and stepped up behind the chair.  The loud buzz caused Emily to jump in the chair, but Jackie put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.  “Put your head down, please,” said Jackie.  Emily obeyed by dropping her head forward, submitting to the hungry clippers.


Jackie ran the clippers up the back of Emily’s head, reducing the hair to barely half an inch.  Continuing with the same attachment, Jackie tackled the sides, buzzing through what remained.  Emily’s pale scalp was prominently showing as the light blonde hair was sheared away.


After putting down the clippers and picking up the scissors and comb once again, Jackie set about snipping the top hair to a uniform 2 inches, combing and cutting a little at a time.


Judging by Emily’s face in the mirror, Jackie realized that her client was becoming more concerned by the minute.  After seeing a few tears run down Emily’s cheek, Jackie wanted to pause and console her but she was unsure how Tom would react.


As the cutting continued, Jackie sorta felt for bad for her.  She wished that she had not agreed to give Emily such a drastic haircut while her husband was watching every snip intently.  Tom was smiling as his wife’s hair was being snipped away; the haircut that he had always envisioned was taking shape.


Emily sat watching helplessly as Jackie raised the clippers again to blend in the top and sides.  After several minutes of clipping, the machine fell silent.  Jackie took a brush and began cleaning off loose slivers of hair from Emily’s head.  She finally stepped back to observe her work.


In a second, Tom was back at Emily’s side, petting her head and exclaiming “Wow, you look terrific, just as I told you!  It looks really tidy now.  All of that blonde hair sheared away in no time at all.”


Emily just stared forward and didn’t respond.  She reached a trembling hand up to stroke what was left of her blonde hair, now reduced to a short boy’s cut.  Emily’s beautiful prestine hair, once her crowning glory, had gone to waste.


Great hanks of her blonde mane were littering the cape and the floor all around the chair.  The hair that she had lovingly groomed for years was now lying in lifeless clumps.  Emily’s hand continued to explore her forehead, ears and neck, now free of hair for the first time.  Why did I ever agree to have it cut so drastically short, Emily wondered.


Tom was practically beside himself, inspecting every inch of the new hairstyle.  “Let’s add some gel to the top, and that should just about do it,” stated Tom, smiling and feeling very pleased with his wife’s new look.  “I think we are going to keep it nice and short for a long time.”


Emily just sat still and blankly stared forward unsure of what to say.

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