Emily’s Headshave

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As they pulled into the parking lot of Kate’s shop, JD said “if you have the title with you, I would like to get it from you”. 
Once they were all out car, Emily took the title to Samurai out of her purse. 
As she set it down the hood of Kate’s car, Emily said “I don’t think I have a pen”. 
Kate quickly found one in her purse, and handed it to Emily. 
They weren’t even out the car five minutes, and Emily was already sweating. 
As signed away her interest in the Samurai, she “dam, it is hot out here”. 
Once had it signed, she handed the pen back to Kate. After she did that, JD pulled out his money clip. Emily surprised to see how much JD was carrying on him. Kate put her pen back in her purse, as JD handed Emily $ 200.
Once he handed her the money, he grabbed the title off the hood of the car.
As he began to walk away with the title, Emily said “when can I get my phone and personal belongings out of it”. 
JD turned around, and then said “my friend should be dropping it off at the cabin with in the hour”.
JD laughed, and then said “by the time Kate is done cutting your hair, it should be here”. 
Kate looked over at Emily, and then said “let’s go in the shop before you get dyrated”. 
As they made their way towards the building, Kate said “do you think you could borrow some clothes from your cousin”. 
Emily’s cousin, Khloe, lived fairly close to Kate’s barber shop.
As Kate opened the door, Emily said “I have no way to call her”. 
Once they were both in the shop, Kate said “I have her number. I can call her for you”. 
Kate’s daughter was best friends with Khloe. 
Emily took a seat in one of the waiting area chairs, as Kate called Khloe. 
When Khloe answered her phone, she said “hello”.
 As Kate walked towards her vanity, she said “did the girls already pick you up”. 
Khloe laughed, and then said “no”.
 She took a brief pause, and then said “Jessica is driving”.
 With out even thinking about it, Kate said “that girl will be late to her own funeral”. 
Once Kate said that, they both started laughing.
Once they were done laughing, Kate said “could you put together a bag of your sister’s old clothes”. 
Khloe thought that was odd request, so she said “why”. 
With out even thinking about it, Kate said “Emily is going to need some dry clothes”. 
Khloe’s sister and Emily were the same size.
Kate put the phone on speaker phone, and then said “she sweat though the stuff she has on”. 
With out even thinking about it, Khloe said “why didn’t she just call Mary”. 
Kate laughed, and then said “she left her phone in the Samurai, when she left it to get help”. 
Right after she said that, she signalled for Emily to take a seat in barber chair.
As Emily walked over to the chair, Khloe said “where should I bring the clothes”. 
Emily was about to sit down in Kate’s chair, when Kate said “just bring them by my shop”.
 She took a brief pause, and then she said “I’m going to be giving Emily a summer cut”. 
Khloe thought Emily should cut atleast 2 feet of lenght off her hair, so she said “good”. 
After Khloe said that, she ended the call.


As Kate reached for a piece of tissue paper, Emily said “I don’t appreciate you telling my cousin that I sweat though my clothes”.


As a piece of tissue paper was stretched underneath her neck, Kate said “you need some clothes, honey”.


Once the piece of tissue part was tightly secured to her neck, Emily said “when you said you were going to call, I assumed you were calling Mary”.


Emily heard the cape rustle, as Kate said “why would I have Mary’s number”.


The cape was being shaken, when Emily said “I don’t know”.


As Kate walked over to her station to grap a cigarette, she said “just be glad your getting some different clothes”.


She was picking up the pack of Marlboro lights 100’s, as Emily said “I don’t like to see Khloe, because she is always teasing me about my weight”.


 Kate pulled one out of the pack, as she said “there are a lot of woman in this area that are way bigger than you”.


She began to raise it to lips, when Kate said “most of your extra weight is beasts and booty. Men like that”.


When the cigarette in touching her lips, Emily said “guys just one thing from me”.


She lit the cigarette, as Emily said “I wish I could just met one guy that would love me for who I’m”.


 After she exhaled the first hit of her cigarette, Kate said “same here”.


Emily laughted, and then said “you have awesome man”.


Once Kate heard that, she quickly walked in front of the chair Emily was sitting in.
When they had eye to eye contact, Emily said “when he wants me around“.


Right after she said that, she took a hit of cigarette.


After Kate exhaled the hit, she said “I have been sleeping on sofa for 3 weeks, because he booted me out”.


Kim put the cigarette between her lips, and picked up her clippers.


She began to clean them up, as Emily said “I heard you hide a motorcycle from him”.


 When Kim finished cleaning the clippers, she put her cigarette out in wash basin.
As the clippers came alive, Kate said “I did”.


The clippers got positioned right in front of Emily’s face, when Kate said “I wish I have never done that”.


Kate put her hand under her chin, as Emily said “if you didn’t hid the bike from him, it would have been fine”.


Right after she said that, she ran the clippers right down the center of her head.


Kate was making her second pass, as she said “maybe”.


When she started her third pass a cross the top of Emily’s head, Emily said “I see your not hiding it, anymore”.


 There were a few moments of silence, the clippers were making the only sound in the room. Mid way though his final pass on the top of her head, when Kate said “nope”.


The top of her head was reduced to just stubble, when Emily said “Is it even a good idea to store a motorcycle in a space like this”.


When she completed the fifth pass, Kate said “it is perfectly safe to have the bike parked along the back wall of the shop”.


Kate relocated herself, as she tilted Emily’s head to the left. As she began working on the right side of her head, Kate said “it isn’t a bomb”.


At this point, the chair was positioned in away that Emily could see the motorcycle clearly.


 Emily’s ear got pulled forward, as she said “what kind of bike is it”.


 Kate peeled the area behind her ear, as Kate said “883 sport”.


As Kate continued to work on that side of her head, Emily said “I take it’s a Harley”.


She made another pass on that side, as Kate said “Yes, it is a Harley”.
The final pass on the that side of her head was made, as Emily said “how long did it take to save up to buy it”.


As he began making a pass up her nape, Kate said “about 6 months”.


Kim started second pass up her nape, as she said  “when I decided I was going to get it, I started putting back $100 a day for it”.


Her peeling continued, as she said “you mean a $100 a week”.
Kate laughed, and then said “a day”. She took a brief pause, and then said “that bike cost way more than $2,400”.


Right after she said that, Kim started running the clippers up the left side of her head. Her head was forcefully pushed, when he started on final side.


 As she continued to work, Kate said “on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m here from 5am to 9pm.  ”.


 When Kate started working on the final side of her head, Emily said “those must be long days for you”.


There were a few moments of silence, and Kate then he pushed her ear forward.


 She worked around that area, as Kate said “I normally do 30 to 40 cuts a day on Tuesday or Thursday”.


As he released her ear, she said “Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I here 3pm to 9pm”.


With out even thinking about it, Kate said  “I normally only get 12 to 15 cuts on those days ”.


 Kate turned off the clippers, as she said “Saturdays are 7am to 5pm”.


 Just before she got them hung up, Kate said “that topically 20 to 25 cuts”.


Kate turned the chair, so Emily could see herself in the mirror. As Emily looked at herself, Kate said “plus, I’m here 1pm to 5pm on Sundays”.


 Right after she said that, she began filling a cup with water in the wash basin. Topically, Kim would use her box shaved on cut like this. However, she just wanted to get Kate done. She knew regular customer would be showing up with twenty to thirty minutes.


Once the cup was full, she added some soap. Once the soap was added, she began to mix it. When she was satisfied with mixture, she began applying it Kate’s head with a brush.


As Kate painted it on, she said “I earned that bike”.


Kate continued to lather Emily’s head, Emily said “doesn’t sound like you have much time to ride it”.


She made quick and gentle strokes with the brush, as she said “no”.


A thick coat of shaving soap was getting applied, as Kate said “my biggest fear is that, I will fall asleep well riding”.


 Emily was trying to enjoy the experience, when Kate said “their have been a few times, when I fell asleep behind the wheel trying to make it back to friend’s house”.


At this point, Emily’s head was covered in a thick layer of white shaving lather. Kate was making her way to the hot towel dispenser, when Emily said “is JD going to let you move back in the cabin”.


As Kate pulled one out of the dispenser, she said “I sure how so. It would obviously be safer. I also miss him very much”.


She held it in her hand, as Emily said “you guys have been together forever. It will work it self out”.


When she thought Kate could tolerate the hotness, she wrapped it around her head.


Kate applied pressure to Emily’s head, as Kate said “I think he has a think for Jessica, and I fear he is just keeping me around till she turns 18 years old”.


 As Kate began to give Emily a little massage, Emily said “your daughter’s friend Jessica”.


Kate laughed, and then said “yup”.


 Kim removed the towel from Kate’s head, as she said “what makes you think that”.


She tossed it in the bin, as she said “he got her a car”.


As Kate got another towel for Emily’s head, Kate said “I’m sure you saw her driving that Blue BMW around”.


Kate was wrapping the towel around her head, when Emily said “I hear each month the employee of the month gets to use the car”.


 Kate didn’t get a little massage with the second towel. Once it was secured, Kim walked to the counter.


She began preparing her razor, as she said “I’m wondering what she does to be the employee of the month every month”.


Kate was putting a new blade in the razor, as Emily said “the employee of the month car usage is only for people on the sales floor. I think that is very unfair”.


 She took a brief pause, and then she said “the press workers and shipping personal work some much harder than the floor people”.


Right after Emily said that, she removed the towel. Emily’s head got wiped clean with a different towel, and then she began applying another layer of lather.


With out really thinking about it, Kate said “hopefully, that will change at some point”.


 Kate placed it right at the middle of Emily’s forehead, and the gently began shaving her.
When Kate finished shaving, she reclined her back. The wasbasins, were right behind the chairs. Kate guided her back so her neck rested in the sink, as Kate said “it going to feel amazing”.

Emily heard the water turn on, as she said “I heard that from some of friends that went all the way”.

The water ran for a moment before she felt the lukewarm water on her scalp. Once Kate got her scalp wet,  she turned off the water.

Soon after the water turned off, Emily could feel Kate’s hands massaging in shampoo. Right after Kate started massaging in the shampoo, I front door of the shop opened.

Just as Emily was going to shut her eyes, Mary said “I got a change of clothes for Emily”. Emily was enjoying the sensation, as Kate said thanks for bring them over”. At this point, Emily had no complaints with the service she was receiving.

The massaging stopped soon after Kate said “I could take you right now, if you want a haircut”. The water came back on, as Mary said “that would be great”.

Emily could almost feel the water washing away the suds down the drain. She was very much enjoying this aspect of the visit. Her friends and Kate were correct, it did feel amazing.

As the conditioner aspect of the wash began, Mary said “when did you get back into town”.

Kate began massaging product on her freshly shorned scalp, as Emily said “I crossed the boarder border probably two hours ago”.

Emily could truly feel Kate working her magic, as she said “the Samurai broke down. I happened to see see Kate and JD at gas station”.

The final rinse began, as Mary said “where did you get it towed to”. With out even thinking about it, Emily said “I sold it to JD”.

Kate grabbed a towel, as Mary was looking at her phone. Once the towel was wrapped around her head, Emily sat up in the barber chair.

Once Kate removed the towel from Emily’s head, she said “I think we are done for, today”. Right after Kate said that, Mary looked up from her phone. She was completely shocked when she saw her cousin sitting there completely bald.

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