Emily’s new love

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Emily is a young girl of 22 passionate about singing and music. She has a slim build, 170 cm tall with light skin and eyes and a thick mane of brown hair that reaches down to her butt. Emily has been studying music since she was a child and with her also her best friend Sophy. Sophy, unlike Emlily, is a shorter girl with dark eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. The two girls spent a lot of time together and although Emily didn’t know it, Sophy was secretly in love with her friend. Unfortunately Sohy was very shy and knew that Emily liked boys and had never declared herself until then but dreamed of the right time to do it and confide to her friend her true feelings for her. One day they had an important music competition and the two girls promised each other that if they both passed the exam they would go to celebrate together. The exam was passed by both girls and overjoyed they decided to go to Sophy’s house to have dinner and celebrate the result. The evening was perfect for Sophy who could celebrate with the girl she loved and perhaps be able to declare herself by overcoming her shyness that made her suffer. Emily looked stunning in a gorgeous ruby ​​dress and with her hair in a half braid on top of her head that hung from the nape of her neck down to her back and her eyes were so on display and they looked like two magnets for Sophy she couldn’t take her eyes off she. After dinner and with a few glasses of finished wine they sat on the sofa to remember the previous months with all the exercises and efforts they had made to pass this exam and while Emily laughed Sophy understood that this was the right occasion to declare herself to her friend . Sophy came over and hugged Emily looking into her eyes and stroking her head, he kissed her cheek and whispered to her friend “tonight you look really beautiful” and Emily only had time to look at her friend as the latter gave her a kiss on the lips. The kiss seemed endless for Emily who didn’t expect anything like it but was so wrapped up in the moment that she kissed him back and pulled her tighter and tighter on Sophy. Sophy was finally able to kiss her love but she wanted it all so she got up from the sofa and led Emily into the bedroom. Once on the bed, the girls began to undress and exchange effusions while continuing to kiss Emily slowly descended from her lips to Sophy’s legs and began to lick her pussy. Sophy was feeling a wonderful sensation and grabbed Emily’s long hair and pulled it strongly towards her causing a feeling of pleasure and further enjoyment for Emily as well. The more Emily accelerated, the more SOphy ​​pulled her hair and enjoyed it and in that moment out of the corner of his eye he saw a pair of scissors that were on the bedside table and decided to take them to make the moment even more exciting. Sophy grabbed the scissors and placed them at the base of Emily’s head and continuing to pull at her hair she began to cut her hair. The sound of the scissors filled the room and Emily didn’t understand what was happening to her but she didn’t care because the pleasure was at its peak and she didn’t resist as Sophy continued to cut her hair. After a few minutes the cut was over and at the same time Sophy came releasing her juices in Emily’s face who stopped exhausted and it was then that Sophy slipped her fingers between her legs and returned the pleasure to her love. The following morning Emily was woken up by Sophy who had brought her breakfast in bed and they both smiled as they looked at each other. At that point Emily turned around and saw her cut hair on the bedside table and quickly placing a hand on the back of her neck she discovered that what she had heard the previous night had been true and not a dream. Though she loved her long hair Emily was happy with what had happened and understood that she too reciprocated Sophy’s feelings. After breakfast the girls went out for a walk and passing a salon Emily decided to go in to fix her hair after the cut. Emily decided to get a bob with bangs and was delighted with how she felt and looked. As she left, she confided to Sophy that she would like to keep this length of hair for a while before growing it back. The two girls became engaged and while Emily discovered she was in love with Sophy, Sophy had managed to conquer the woman she had always loved.

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