Emma’s Embracement – Part 2

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This is part 2 of Emma’s Embracement, if you need to read part 1 please do, Enjoy!.


After years of shared experiences, Emma and Lily’s love remained unwavering and strong. They had grown together, both individually and as a couple, embracing the ups and downs that life brought their way.

One day, Emma noticed that her body had undergone changes. Over time, she had gained some weight, and her figure had become curvier. At first, she felt a twinge of insecurity, worrying about how it might affect her relationship with Lily, she asked insecure ”Do you think im getting fat?”. However, her fears quickly dissipated when Lily expressed her unwavering love and support.
Lily took Emma’s by the hand and put her in front of the bathroom mirrorm, she kissed Emma on her back, this quickly turned to Emma being stripped naked from her clothes, Lily stroked Emma over her full body and touching every curve, recognizing the beauty in Emma’s every curve, reassured her that their love was not bound by physical appearance. She cherished Emma for who she was—the essence of her spirit, her kindness, and their deep connection. Lily’s love was unconditional, extending far beyond societal expectations or changes in outward appearance.


You know Emm, the last view months you have been worrieng about your body so much, what happend with the ”i dont care what anyone thinks way”?

i dont know, i just want to feel beautifull again, like i used to do”

Lily gave a big sigh, after she took a chair from the bedroom she made Emma sit on it ”Come on sit down you… oh and take out your ponytail” after being told, she did so and the took the elestic out and her (again) long hair cascaded free around her head.


you want to feel beauty again?” she gave Emma a long kiss, and said ”you will always be beautifull to me my love,” after that she turned the clippers on she tried to hide behind her back and plunged it into her hairline and her once again soft long mane came down like snow.

Lily’s hands danced skillfully across Emma’s head, gently guiding the clippers through her soft locks. As strands of hair fell to the floor, a sense of liberation washed over Emma, she also gave a little tear. It was a moment of trust, as Emma allowed Lily to reshape her appearance, and Lily reveled in the thrill of wielding the clippers. finally once more Emma’s was bald again, not one single hair on her head, lily sat down on Emma’s lap and kissed her full and passionatly on her lips, she also touched Emma’s doubble chin, ”now you are beautifull once more, my god you are so sexy, please never change again and keep it this way, all of it your hair and body alike, my love”


suddenly Lily took the clippers and turned them on again, she took the clippers to her own hairline en pushed it back ”no what are you doi…” but it was already too late, a handfull of Lily’s tresses fell down to the floor leaving a bald white pach of stubble in its way, ”finally, do you know how long i wanted to do this again, now finish me”

they swapped places, Emma’s hands moved tentatively at first, but soon gained confidence as she glided the clippers through Lily’s hair. Locks of hair fell gracefully onto the towel-covered floor, forming a mosaic of their shared journey. Laughter intertwined with the sound of the clippers, filling the room with a sense of liberation and joy.

With each pass, Lily’s appearance transformed, revealing a new side of her personality. The act of shaving her head became a symbol of trust, vulnerability, and a willingness to embrace change. Emma’s determination and care ensured that Lily’s new look would be a testament to their love once again, just as Lily’s haircut had been for Emma.


As the last strand of hair hit the floor, the clippers fell silent. Emma gazed at her handiwork, a mixture of pride and awe spreading across her face. Lily, running her hands over her newly shaved head, felt a sense of liberation and renewal. The bathroom mirror reflected their shared triumph, their unbreakable bond standing strong. she got up and turned to the mirror, Emma with her big curves held Lily from behind, ”you are beautifull, kiss me now!” lily turned around and they made love like never before.


Leaving the bathroom, Lily and Emma embarked eachother and fell on the bed, on a new chapter of their lives, their souls and body forever transformed by their daring haircuts. With their hearts full of gratitude and memories to cherish, they ventured out into the world, ready to face whatever challenges and excitement awaited them.


*1 year later*


still bald as a cueball and Lily also gained a view pound extra, maybe for Emma or maybe just to embrace her new self.  Emma and Lily embraced their bodies and celebrated the beauty of self-acceptance. They reveled in the joy of sharing meals and exploring new culinary delights, finding pleasure in the simple act of savoring life’s flavors together.

Lily’s love for Emma remained steadfast, reminding her that their bond transcended physical attributes. Their love was built on a foundation of mutual understanding, respect, and the deep connection they shared. Lily’s affection for Emma only grew stronger, rooted in the appreciation of her entire being.

As time passed, Emma and Lily continued to navigate life’s joys and challenges side by side. They celebrated each other’s growth(in every sence of the word), both individually and as a couple. Their love was a testament to the power of acceptance, reminding themselves and others that beauty is found in embracing all aspects of oneself.
Emma’s physical appearance did not define her or their love. Instead, it served as a reminder of the journey they had taken together—a journey of self-love, acceptance, and the unwavering commitment they had for one another..

The end

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