Emma’s experience.

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Hiya folks! Jill here. I’m feeling really fueled right now, so I’m making as many stories as possible. The story is going to be a short one and primarily focus on the haircut. This one is pretty kinky, so watch out for that. Onto the story!


Emma’s eyes slowly peeled open. She couldn’t see anything – it was too dark. She felt cold. Emma knew she was naked, because she could feel the chair she was sitting on, and the ropes tied to her wrists. Wait a second. Ropes? Where was she? Suddenly, a light turned on above her. It only illuminated her and about a foot outward in every direction. Emma examined herself. She was in a big leather chair; her arms were tied to the armrests, and her legs were tied to the leg rest. She was completely naked, her nipples hard from the cold. Suddenly, she heard footsteps and something rolling.

Emma heard the rolling stop just to her left. She turned her head and saw a small cart which held a spray bottle, a hair brush, scissors, clippers, and hair ties. Then, there was pulling at the back of her head.  Someone was behind her, messing with her hair. The soft noise of something being ran through her hair ended, and her faded-brown hair extended over her shoulders. Her hair was something she was proud of; it’s length, thickness, and curls made it very unique. She always kept it long, always to her lower back; except for her junior high years when she cut it short to be emo. Once she grew it back out, she felt whole again. Her hair was now being rubbed on her by two sleeved and gloved arms. The hands grabbed her hair, and pulling it behind the chair, began to brush it out. The soft rubbing of her hair against the brush almost made her forget she was in a dimly lit room with a stranger, tied to a chair butt-ass naked.

“Who are you? Where am I”

No response.

The person just kept on brushing. Then, they threw her hair over each of shoulders, it covering her voluptuous boobs. The hands caressed and squeezed her breasts, and that combined with the hair rubbing against them made Emma moan a little. The person then grabbed a lock of Emma’s hair, stretched it out, and cut it near the head. Emma almost screamed, but was too groggy to do anything other than sit in horror. The person placed the lock on the cart, and grabbed the clippers. Emma started to squirm, but it was pointless. The figure turned on the clippers, bent her head forward, and drove them through Emma’s head, straight from the back. Emma’s exposed sex was covered with hair, and there was a streak of almost bald running through the left side of her head. The figure then made another pass forehead-to-neck, and her hair fell to the floor. Pass after pass was made, with a massive pile of her forming behind Emma. Her hair was gone and on the floor. The figure disappeared with the cart into the shadows once more, and Emma fell sleep against her will. She woke up, alone in an alley, sitting up straight with a single lock in her lap.


The End

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