Entering The Facility

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As I walked into the Facility, with nothing but the clothing on my back, per their orders, I had a moment of doubt. Do I really want to be remade into a tool of service? To become a living fuckdoll? I had dreamt of such a fate as a child. But, faced with the reality of my darkest and most twisted dreams coming true, I almost bailed. Before I could, the Orderlies grabbed me. They took my clothing, including my underwear and shoes, and tossed it all in an incinerator. They made me watch it burn. Then they dragged me, still naked, to a white room for processing.

“Look at this pretty blonde hair, grown all the way down to her breasts, and that fluffy bush showing that she’s a natural blonde,” said the cruelest of the Orderlies, a giant of a man with a bald head and no brows, “I bet that this streetmeat will cry as we get her ready for the Doctors.”

They strapped me spread-eagle to a black barbershop chair. Before I realized what was happening, the cruelest Orderly ran clippers down the center of my head. I screamed as the first swath of blonde hair fell.

He laughed as he ran a finger down the shaved stripe. “Told you. I bet that she’s wet though. Be patient, bitch. Once we’re done delousing you, we’ll give you a good fuck.”

The Orderly wasn’t wrong. As he buzzed the rest of my head, I got wetter and wetter. It would have been a mistake to leave the Facility, I thought, as my arousal grew to a fever pitch. This is where I belong. My head felt light, but the locks of hair clinging to my skin felt heavy until he brushed them away to join the pile on the floor. Then he buzzed off my eyebrows and bush. Once he finished with the clippers, he lathered up my entire body and shaved me smooth with a straight razor. He unstrapped me and pushed me into a shallow blue pool and then pulled me up within seconds. I would later learn that it was a brand of flea dip commonly used on animals, not people. My skin stung with the burning chemicals until the Orderlies hosed me off against a wall with a high-pressure but very cold hose.

“Let’s show this whore what she looks like now,” said one of the other Orderlies, laughing when they finally turned off the hose.

The Orderlies dragged me over to a mirror to show me my new reflection, bald and tinted blue from the flea dip, which made me cry, because, damn, I looked like a hideous alien creature. I was no longer a beautiful woman. They, however, didn’t mind. All five of them took their turns with me before they brought me to the Doctors to begin my transformation.

A year later, I was being displayed for sale at the Facility’s annual sale, nude except for the rings in my DDD implants and the barcode tattoo on my left asshcheek. By then, the blue tint of my skin had faded, and my hair had grown to my chin. You could almost call me beautiful again, except for the almost comedic dimensions of my cosmetic enhancements.

One of the Orderlies shaped my hair into a very cute Louise Brooks bob before the sale. As she did it, she whispered, “Don’t you wish that we could shave you bald again, #23456A?” I purred in response.

One of the buyers seemed particularly interested in me, a tall blonde in a oversized white fur coat. When she finally won my auction, she told the Orderlies, “I hate that bob though. Shave her bald before you ship her to me. No, wait, that’s too much maintenance.”

The Orderly smiled. “We offer electrolysis services, madam.”

“Yes!” said the woman, smiling, “Perfect.”

Oh, I thought, so wet, this is everything that I ever wanted.

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