Erin’s Long Hair

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Everyone knows how lucky Len is to have Erin as his wife. You would say that Erin is a 10/10 chic. Her tall and slim body is perfected by her smooth and fair skin. Her beautiful sparkling eyes matched her cute facial features perfectly. But the one thing that stands her out the most in a crowd is definitely her magnificent blonde locks. Erin’s silky and shiny Pantene hair is all one length and reached down to the bottom of her butt. Some say that Len married her because of her pleasant, loving and fun personality but Len has a long hair fetish all these while had adored Erin’s hair since high school when they first met and dated.

The couple lived together happily and cared for each other’s needs. Erin knew how much Len loved her blonde tresses and she allowed him to brush her hair every morning before she goes to work and every night after her bath. In every brushing session, Erin would sit on a chair beside their bed and Len would sit on the bed behind her and brush out her long silky hair. Both of them looked forward to the brushing sessions because not only was it sexually pleasant but also those were the times when they talked to each other about the day’s work and share romantic moments together. The daily ritual would be 100 strokes every morning and another 100 every night. Len’s friends have always admired his luck for being given the honour of handling his wife’s hair. This was all, of course before Tina and Nina came along.

One day.

“It”s that time again!” Len exclaimed one night.

“For what?“ Erin looked at him with a confused look.

Len pulled out a pair of salon scissors in his right hand and a comb in his other hand from behind his back.

“Time for your six monthly trim!” said Len with a grin in his face.

Erin smiled at Len and said, “To the kitchen!”

Erin went and sat at a kitchen stool. Erin’s hair was in a braid at that time and Len proceeded to undo her braid. The braid came loose and her hair came cascading down her back in wavy patterns as a result of the braid. Len placed the comb on Erin’s right side of her middle parting and combed her hair down all the way to her butt. Len continued to brush and comb her hair until it shone and hung straight down her back. The ends of her hair are uneven with the longest strands reaching the middle of her thigh while the shortest ones reached the base of her butt.

Erin then turned towards Len and said, “Honey, can you trim it to waist length this time” I’ve had butt-length hair for a long time and I just want it slightly shorter this time. Is that all right, dear”“

“Are you sure about that, sweetie” That’s almost 1 foot of hair to cut off!” said Len in a worried tone.

“I’ve just got a new job as a clerk at this bank next to the office I used to work in 2 years ago. I want a more manageable style but at the same time keep it long,” said Erin.

“Okay, I’ll see what I can do”, Len said reluctantly.

“My! What a gorgeous lock of silk to chop off!” Len thought as he stared at his wife’s hair cascading below her butt. “It could be the last time she ever wears her hair this long and she might want shorter cuts next time!”

Len went and took his camera and took a photo of Erin’s hair from the back. Len then drove the comb down her tresses the last time and then reached for the scissors.

“This is going to hurt me more than her,” he thought as he raised the scissors to her hair.

Wanting to save as much of the hair as possible, he positioned the scissors horizontally just above her butt and opened the blades. Len fixed his eyes on the 6 inches of hair that hung below the scissors at that point and slowly closed the blades.


Six inches of golden hair fell to the ground at the mercy of the steel blades. Erin was tingling with excitement as her first strands fell to the floor. Len took a snap shot of the first cut.


Another batch of hair was cut off. Len took another photo and saw that he was one third of the way through and he was about to cut the longest locks. Len raised the scissors to the level where he had last cut and closed his eyes before the cut!


Twelve inches of silk fell to the floor. In its place was a nice straight blunt cut. Len took another photo and then proceeded to finish off his work.

*Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk!*

The last of the ends were cut off. Len took the photo of Erin’s now nicely trimmed waist length hair.

“Hmmm, that didn’t look too bad after all!” Len said.

Erin’s silky hair was now blunt cut straight across the top of her butt. It was very beautifully trimmed and Len was astonished at how much the hair was now thicker and more glorious! Erin leaned her head forward and her blonde tresses flowed over her shoulders and framed her pretty face. Her front portion of her hair seemed slightly longer than her hair at the back. It was this way since it was trimmed across her back straight across. Erin drew her fingers through her hair and examined the ends of her hair. She then looked at herself in a mirror and smiled at herself.

“I like this cut! My hair looks thicker and the ends look healthier. Oh, thank you honey!” said Erin as she stood up and kissed Len at the lips.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go now. I’ve got a dinner to go to with my new found office colleague. Bye!” said Erin again.

Len was so surprised that he didn’t say anything but just stared at Erin as she raced down the corridor. Her straight silky hair bounced up and down softly at her butt as she moved. Len now realized that he had fallen in love with his wife’s new hair style! Little did he know that that would be the last time in a long time that he would see his wife’s long hair down to her waist.

At Tina’s.

“Hey, thanks for inviting me to your house Tina. It’s a pleasure to have you inviting me for dinner on my first day at work!” said Erin to Tina.

“It’s alright. Make yourself at home!” said Tina. “I don’t think you’ve met my younger sister here. Her name’s Nina and she’s just 2 years younger than me!”

“Nice to meet you, Nina. I’m Erin.” said Erin.

“Nice to meet you too, Erin.” said Nina as she stared admiringly at Erin’s beautiful blonde hair. Nina herself has straight black mid-back length hair while Tina has jet black straight hair flowing down to her knees but she had it in a bun so as to conceal its length.

“You did cut your hair like I told you to. But, I’m afraid it’s not short enough.” said Tina to Erin as she looked at her hair.

“Isn’t it short enough?“ Erin said in a confused look.

“No, it will have to go all the way above the shoulders,” Tina said with a gleam in her eyes.

“What! I can’t cut my hair off that short! Not my lovely long hair!” Erin exclaimed.

“That’s what the regulations say. First time employees must have their hair cut above the shoulders.” Tina replied.

“I can’t believe this!” said Erin.

“Boss told me just then that you had better cut off that hair by tomorrow or else you’re going to lose your job.” said Tina.

“Oh no!” said Erin with a shocked look. “I can’t lose my job! If my husband finds out, he’ll get mad at me! We owe the landlord a lot of money!”

“Tell you what. Let me cut your hair. I’ve been trained as a hairdresser before and I have the equipment here with me. Is that alright with you?“ Tina said with an evil look in her eyes.

“Whatever you say.” said Erin in a low tone as she stroked her golden hair. “If losing this lock of hair is what it takes to keep my job then so be it!”

Tina then led Erin upstairs to her room. Inside it was a saloon chair and all the other equipment on the counter in front of it. It seems as if Tina had prepared it all in advance. Nina flowed behind the two of them, also eager to join them.

“Sit down, Erin.” said Tina.

With a heavy heart, Erin sat down on the chair as Tina caped her. She looked at the mirror in front of her and saw the “longhaired Erin”. She knew that in a few minutes, she’s going to be the “shorthaired Erin”. Tina gathered Erin’s hair into a loose ponytail and then reached for the scissors.

“Are you ready?” said Tina.

“I’m not but go ahead anyway.” Erin said in a trembling voice.

As Tina raised the scissors to the base of Erin’s ponytail, Erin closed her eyes and grabbed on to the sides of the saloon chair.

“I never thought that this moment would come for me to cut off my hair!” Erin thought. “This must be a dream!”

Tina raised the scissors to neck level and opened the blades. Tina smiled recklessly as she rejoiced in her heart at her chance of fulfilling her haircutting fetish. She closed the blades.


Tina must have sharpened the blades till it was as sharp as a razor because the blades cut through the ponytail as if it was a thin sheet of paper. Tina held the beautiful lock of silky blonde hair in her hands and waved it in front of Erin’s face before dropping it to her lap.

Erin opened her eyes when she felt the ponytail on her lap. She saw her ponytail on her lap and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I actually got it cut off!”

She could feel all that weigh off her head and the ends of her hair tingling her neck. She looked up into the mirror and saw her roughly bobbed hair.

“Oh my goodness, is that really me?“ she exclaimed.

Her blonde hair now hung in a rough bob. The bob was an angled bob with the front reaching below her chin while the back reached the top of her neck. She picked up her glorious lock of golden silky hair now lay limp and held it up to where it was before.

“There’s no turning back now, my dear Erin.” said Tina from behind as she took the ponytail away from her and put it on the counter in front.

Tears now flowed freely from Erin’s eyes as she looked at her prized long hair in front of her. Five years of work was over in a matter of seconds. She wiped them away and braced herself like a real woman.

“We need to tidy that up a bit,” said Tina. “Sit still!”

Tina then took another pair of scissors and tidied up the bob. She drew the scissors down parallel to the ends of the hair and trimmed off about one inch all the way. Erin’s “bangs” now just reached her chin. Tina then grabbed the electric clippers and switched it on.


“Oh my gosh! Are you going to shave me?“ Erin exclaimed.

“I can if you want me to,” she replied.

“No! No! It’s bad enough already!” Erin said with fear in her voice.

“In that case I’ll just finish up the nape” said Tina.

The Tina-Nina duo has actually lured countless women to the “seat of torment” which is the saloon chair. They took turns cutting other women’s hair as their fetish and this time she just watched Tina doing all the work. Nina tingled with excitement as her favourite part comes; the shaving of nape and cutting of bangs.


The clipper buzzed off Erin’s hair up till ear length at her nape. Tina then switched it off and finished up her work by trimming the hair so that it is now a well-made bob with the fronts longer than the back.

“I think we missed an essential part,” Nina chipped in. “Bangs.”

“What” I’ve never had bangs before” Erin said as she turned and looked at Nina a little suspiciously to why she was so interested with her hairstyle.

“I think bangs would look good on you. You have beautiful eyes and bangs will focus attention on your eyes,” said Tina encouragingly.

“Hmmm, I don’t know but perhaps you’re right.” Erin said with uncertainty in her tone.

“I’ll cut it halfway up the forehead then!” said Tina.

“No! That’s too short. Make it eyebrow length.” said Erin.

Tina then combed Erin’s bangs and placed it behind her ears. She then sectioned off her bangs in front and clipped the rest of her hair with clips. Tina then combed Erin’s long bangs vertically down till it was straight and then picked up her scissors. She raised the scissors to eyebrow level and began cutting away the bangs.


Five inches of blonde hair fell to her lap.

*Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk!*

Erin’s bangs are now reduced to eyebrow level. Soft blonde bangs hung over her forehead and touched her brows. Erin opened her eyes (she had closed them when Tina started cutting) and looked at her reflection.

“Oh my gosh! This is all too much! I can’t put it in words. How is Len supposed to react to all these?“ she exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, he’ll get used to it!” said Tina as she tried to suppress her giggles.

“Hahahaha” laughed Tina and Nina in unison.

“What’s so funny”“ Erin asked with a bewilded look on her face.

“I can’t believe you fell for it all!” Tina said in between her laughs.

“Fell for what?“ said Erin, even more confused.

“You actually believed what I said about having to cut your hair? Hahahahaha! I can’t believe you fell for that! I was making that up!” Tina exclaimed with tears building up in her eyes from the laughter.

Slowly, Erin realized the truth and how she had been tricked into cutting her hair. Rage started to build up within her and she finally exploded.

“I can’t believe you tricked me into this! Damn you all! I’m going home. From now on, you and I have no whatsoever relationship anymore!” said Erin as she stormed out of the door weeping. Both Tina and Nina are still laughing their lungs out.

Erin ran all the way home with her cut ponytail in her hands, crying.

“How could they do this to me? I thought they were my friends!“ Erin thought as she kicked herself for being deceived by them.

At home.

“What!!!” Len shouted with anger. “How dare they trick you into cutting off your hair!”

Len went into his room, took his car keys and then stormed out to the garage.

“Where are you going?“ asked Erin.

“Come with me. I’m going to teach those bitches a lesson.” said Len. “Hair for hair!”

Erin entered the car and they both sped towards Tina’s house.

At Tina’s.

Len stormed into Tina’s house through the door that was left open by Erin before and rushed upstairs. Tina and Nina are still celebrating their victory over the loss Erin’s long hair. When Len and Erin reached their room, both of them froze. That was the time they need. In a split second, Len lunged forward and grabbed Tina. Nina tried to pull them apart but was stopped by Erin. Tina was no match for Len’s immense natural and adrenaline strength and gave in after a few struggles. Len then locked her arms firmly behind her back while Erin and Nina continued to fight. Nina and Erin’s strengths were roughly equal and they struggled on the floor hitting each other for some time. Finally, Erin grabbed a hairbrush and knocked her unconscious.

Len then tied Tina down to the “seat of torment” with some rope Erin found in the kitchen downstairs. Len took another chair and tied Nina down to it as well. A splash of cold water to Nina’s face was all it took to wake her up from unconsciousness.

“Now the tables are turned and both of you are at our mercy.” Len said with a vengeful grin on his face.

“Tina, you will pay dearly for your treachery! Nina, you will pay for your involvement as well.” said Erin as she looked at the sisters.

“Forgive us for this! We promise not to do it anymore! Please let us go!” Tina said with guilt in her tone.

“This will not do!” said Len.

Len then took some tape from the store and taped both Tina and Nina’s mouths to keep them silent.

“It has been said “an eye for an eye”. Today we have a situation where we will not only have “hair for hair” but “twice the hair for hair”!” said Len.

Tina and Nina then realized what their fate was. Tina looked at Len with a look of helplessness and her mumbling suggested mercy. But alas, nothing will stop Len from getting back at them for taking away his wife’s precious golden locks.

“Erin my dear, just sit back and watch as I slowly but surely hack away at their hair until nothing is left to hack at!” said Len to Erin.

“We will start with Nina because I want you, Tina, to witness the cutting of your very own sister’s hair because of what you did to Erin.” Len said to Tina.

At this, Nina screamed a muffle through the tape and struggled to try to free herself.

Len held her down and said, “If you move again I’m afraid I will have to shave you completely, so be a nice girl and stay still.”

For fear of being shaved, Nina stayed still and struggled no more.

“Good girl,” said Len.

Len then combed Nina’s one length black hair and gathered it behind her back. It hung straight down, reaching the middle of her back.

“My, what a lovely lock of long hair you have. But not for long!” said Len with a grin in his face. “I’ll be back with a surprise.”

Len rushed downstairs and returned with a butcher’s cleaver in his hand. He brandished the blade in front of Nina and placed it on the counter in front. He then gathered Nina’s hair into a ponytail but left the front portion of her hair in front as “long bangs”. He then went for the meat cleaver.

“Let’s do this with style, shall we?“ said Len with an evil smile.

Both Tina and Nina could hardly believe their eyes as Len grabbed Nina’s pony with one hand and sawed away at the base of the lovely ponytail with the cleaver!

*Ssshhhrrrrriiiiikkkk! Ssssshhhhrriiikkkk! Ssssshhhrriiikkk!*

It took about half a minute to saw through the ponytail with the relatively blunt cleavers. Nina’s hair now hung chin length with the rough edges tingling her neck and the sides of her face. Len brushed away the long bangs and used the cut ponytail to tickle Nina’s face and then lay it on her lap. Tears welled up in Nina’s eyes as she gave in to the fate of her hair.

“Now that the bulk has been removed, we can proceed to trim your hair to get rid of the split ends,” said Len gleefully.

Len took the trimming scissors and leveled it to nose length and began to cut off the ragged ends of Nina’s black hair but leaving the bangs. He worked all the way around her head to the other side. Then, he took the clippers and buzzed off Nina’s nape up till nose level.

“Now for the bangs!” said Len.

Len clipped Nina’s hair away so that only the bangs were left. It was a sight to see indeed where Nina’s bangs were so long that they reached below her breast but the rest of her hair was cut to nose length! Len combed the thin curtain of bangs until it veiled her face completely.

“Poor Nina! She can’t see!” said Len.

“Bring it to forehead length!” Erin said from behind.


Len then brought the scissors to the middle of Nina’s forehead and sliced away at the black curtain of hair. One and a half feet of hair tumbled down to the floor.

*Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk!*

More hair fell as Len continued to cut Nina’s bangs. Now, her bangs fell short of even touching her forehead. Tears flowed freely from Nina’s eyes as she cried.

“This was intended to be a torture to Tina, not you, Nina! She must watch her own sister suffer so that she can learn her lesson from this.” said Len.

Len’s attention shifted to Tina. Tina looked away in fear.

“Why so afraid and surprised” Do you think I will let you go like that without you losing anything” It’s your turn for a trim,” Len said as he faced Tina. “Trying to hide your hair in that bun” Soon you won’t need to! Hahahahaha!”

Len proceeded to undo Tina’s bun. Her extremely long, straight black hair cascaded freely down her back and touched the floor!

“My! What long hair you have. It’s about knee length I should say. You dare ask me to have my hair cut! What a hypocrite! Of course, this is the last time you will ever have hair this long!” shouted Erin at Tina. “Let the cutting begin!”

Len brushed Tina’s hair down her back until it shone. Len then took a pair of scissors and held it at waist level.

*Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk!*

Two feet of long black hair fell to the ground as the blades sliced into the beautiful jet black hair. Len gathered the hair that had fallen to the ground and placed it on Tina’s lap.

“Let’s see if we can make “Mount Hair” here on your lap!” said Len. “This isn’t enough! We need more to pile up the mountain!”

Len combed the hair through again. It was so much easier to do so now since the comb need not travel down to the floor anymore. At that point, Len thought how long he will have to wait before having the opportunity again to comb his wife’s hair down to the waist again. After shaking his head back into reality again, Len grabbed the scissors and held it to the middle of Tina’s back.


Eight inches of black silk fell to the floor.

*Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk!*

Tina’s hair is now reduced to mid-back length. This was more neatly cut than the previous one and Len then took the trouble to trim it straight across more neatly. He then grabbed a handful of hair from her mid-back locks and tickled Tina’s face with it.

“Now we shall do exactly what we did to your sister except there won’t be a cleaver now!” said Len.

Len then sectioned off Tina’s bangs from the rest of her hair and combed it forward across her face. Len combed the long bangs down so it now hung vertically straight down Tina’s face. He then combed back the rest of Tina’s hair behind her back.

“Bring it to shoulder length!” exclaimed Erin from behind, who was obviously enjoying every bit of it.

Tina started to cry at the thought of her hair being cut shorter and shorter. But Len ignored her and continued to work through her hair. He raised the scissor blades to shoulder length and recklessly sliced through the nicely trimmed mid-back length hair.

*Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk!*

Masses of black hair tumbled down to the floor. Erin picked them up and added them to Mount Hair on Tina’s lap. Somehow or rather, cut hair expands and occupies more space with air in between than uncut hair. The pile of hair on Tina’s lap now reached her chin.

Len then combed Tina’s hair down so that some sections now hung on either sides of her face and some on her back.

“Chin length now!” said Len.

More tears welled up in Tina’s eyes when she heard this. Len ignore her weeping. He grabbed the scissors and hacked away at Tina’s hair at chin length. He continued to work around her head until all of her hair other than her bangs is all one length to the chin.

“My, too bad you can see yourself too clearly!” said Len. “Those bangs need to be chopped away!”

Hurriedly, Len sliced away at Tina’s bangs at chin length. Now all of Tina’s black silky hair lay limply on either side of her face with her long bangs veiling her eyes. Len then slowly cut Tina’s bangs strand by strand across her face at eyebrow level. Slowly, the long bangs were removed and reduced to bangs straight across the eyebrow. More hair added to the pile on her lap.

“The good news is that I won’t be cutting off any more of your bangs. The bad news is that I have to bring the rest of your hair to eyebrow level as well.” Len said in a deliberate monotone voice.

Len brought the scissors to eyebrow level and hacked away at the rest of Tina’s hair.

*Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk!*

The chin length hair is shortened to a rough bowl cut in a matter of seconds. The clippers buzzed to life again as Len shaved Tina’s temples and napes. The black hair that was once knee length was now reduced to a bowl cut. Tears continued to flow as Tina looked at her new haircut. She could hardly recognize herself in the bowl cut.

“Now for the best part!” said Len. “You see, I’ve saved the best for you, my dear Erin!”

Len handed the clippers over to Erin as she walked up to Tina. Tina closed her eyes as she surrendered her fate to Erin.

“You like to shave don’t you” Now the tables have been turned and I will shave you! Time for my revenge!” said Erin. “Time for Tina the longhaired to become Tina the bald!”

Erin fixed the number 000 guard on the clipper and held it just an inch away from Tina’s forehead and let the buzzing noise merge into Tina’s soul. Then, without a warning, Erin drove the clipper blades up down the middle of Tina’s head! Tina’s bowl cut now has a bald streak down the middle! Erin continued to run the clipper blades over Tina’s head until she was completely bald. Nina just looked at disbelieve at her sister’s fate.

“I think you forgot this, Erin.” Len said as he passed a bottle of permanent hair removal cream to her.

At that, Tina struggled to free herself. Len quickly grabbed her shoulders and restrained her to the seat of torment. Erin then applied the cream on Tina’s head until her whole head was covered with the cream.

“I hope both of you learnt your lesson today.” Len said.

He then showed Nina the bottle of permanent hair remover and said, “Next time it will be you!”

“I’m sure both of you can figure out a way to free yourselves,” said Erin as both Erin and Len left Tina and Nina behind in the room.

Erin’s ordeal was over and now laid the painful and time consuming task of growing her hair to its glorious splendor it once was.

Six years later.

“Honey, its time!” said Erin.

“Time for?” said Len.

“Remember what you said six years ago about trimming my hair now after it has grown beyond butt length?” answered Erin excitedly.

“You know when I saw you with that short bob cut years ago, I had almost lost hope but today, you have reminded me of how I used to care for your hair before that incident.” said Len.

So they both went to the kitchen and Len had Erin sit down on the kitchen stool. Before combing her hair, Len produced a six years old photograph. It was the photo of Erin after her hair was trimmed to waist length before the incident.

“You want it cut to that length again?” asked Len.

“Yes, please” Erin answered in her sweet voice.

Len began to comb down Erin’s hair. Her beautiful silky blonde hair had grown to thigh length in the course of six years. The longest strands reached knee length. Len continued combing it until it had a golden shine.

“My! This was the longest it ever got! Let me measure it first!” exclaimed Len. Erin simply smiled.

Len returned with a measuring tape and measured Erin’s hair from the top of her head to the tip of the longest strand.

“Wow, that’s four feet!” Len exclaimed. “Last time it was only three and a half feet!”

“Hey, are you going to trim or not?” Erin said impatiently. “I’ve got something else after the trim for you to do.”

“Here goes!” said Len as he picked up the trimming scissors.

Len raised the scissors to waist length but did not hesitate this time. He now realized that trimming is just as fun as brushing and combing. In no time at all, Erin’s golden tresses hung beautifully straight across her waistline. Len ran the comb down the silken tresses and just loved the sight of the hair bouncing of Erin’s butt.

“Thank you, honey. Now that you’re done, can you do me a favour”“ said Erin.

“What is it you want, dear?“ asked Len, who was still engrossed with his wife’s hair.

“I want to have bangs. Can you cut my bangs, please?” pleaded Erin.

Len hesitated for a moment and then looked at Erin’s pretty face. After a while, he realized that Erin’s facial features would brighten up a lot more if she had bangs.

“Alright!” Len agreed.

Len placed the comb about halfway between her front hairline and the top of her head and combed her hair down. Len then sectioned off the hair in front so the long bangs now lay across her face. He then combed back the rest of the hair, leaving only the bangs veiling her face. Len combed the long bangs down the full length one last time. The comb flowed down the soft hair all the way down to her vagina.

“I’m just going to make thin bangs so as to not lose too much of the volume of your hair.” explained Len.

“Go!” said Erin.

Len raised the scissors to just eyelid level and hesitated.

“The deal is that after this, I’m going to have to trim your bangs every month or so. Deal?” said Len.

“That sounds like fun! Deal then!” answered Erin excitedly.


Two and a half feet of silky blonde hair fell to Erin’s lap.


Another long lock fell to Erin’s hand as she waited to catch it.


Half of the long bangs are gone, leaving golden tresses touching the eyelids. Len stopped there and placed the scissors on the other side of the bangs.

*Schiccckkkk! Schiccckkkk!*

About half an inch wide of long bangs remained hanging from Erin’s forehead. Len moved the scissors into the last lock and closed the shears.


The last piece of golden hair missed Erin’s lap and fell to the floor. Len picked up the last lock and placed it in Erin’s hands.

“Keep this in remembrance that you used to not have bangs!” Len said excitedly as he looked at Erin’s bangs that now span straight across at eyelid level.

Erin looked so much prettier with the bangs as her eyes sparkled even more and her facial features were amplified. Erin then got up and hugged and kissed Len. Len with the comb still in his hands, combed down Erin’s long blonde hair down her back once, twice, three times, four times”..

The end.

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