Evelyn’s Makeover

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Evelyn is a beautiful woman who at 77 looks like she is 55. She wears her long hair to her ankles braided, full waterfall look or a French Braid sides to a fall of hair down to her ankles. Evelyns hair is pure white and very smooth, silky hair, Evelyn herself is a busty woman who stands 5’6” and is very well dressed as well with nice Jewelry as an accent. Sometimes she wear hair clips that are diamond studded and many with her initial E in them. To say Evelyn is a well manicured and meticulous woman, who for 77 is very alluring.

One Sunday after church we all gathered for breakfast in the hall.Evelyn sat next to me and I said, “Evelyn your hair is so beautiful and long.” Evelyn said “Thank You OC.” We ate breakfast and Evelyn asked “Do you like a woman with long hair, say like mine is to the ankles?” I replied, “Yes I do and marvel at how long your hair is and how much care goes into that length of hair Evelyn.” Evelyn then asked me. “OC you do hair, do you think I would look good in a short Pixie Cut, I have had this long mane of hair for 47 years now and maybe it is time for a change?” I was stunned, Evelyn wanted me to tell her if she would look good in a Pixie Cut, for years I have asked myself what would Evelyn look like in a short Pixie Cut, and always said she would look great in one, but; I never asked her if she would cut her hair , now I had to think a minute. “Evelyn, why do you want to now cut your hair short?” Evelyn replied; “ Had this style for 47 years and want to know from the stylist would I look good in a Short Pixie Cut? I am tired of all this hair and it is time for a change OC or?” Ok Evelyn I have often thought about you in a Pixie Cut and always said you would look stunning in short hair as you do long hair, maybe even more with short hair. Evelyn replied; “Thank you OC, so when do you want to cut it short for me.?” “Well Evelyn do you want to leave and cut it short now so you can come back tonight wih a nice Short Pixie Cut or wait till later?” “Lets go to your shop and do it now OC, like you say come back with a short Pixie Cut and be the conversation for the night.

I got up and left with Evelyn right on my bumper to the house. I opened the door and we went downstairs to the salon. I opened the door for Evelyn to enter and she walked in and said; ”OH GOD I HOPE I AM DOING THE RIGHT THING, OMG, OMG.” Evelyn look at the salon chair, scissors, clipper, cape etc.. I pulled out a book of Pixie Cuts and sat on the sofa, I knew what 3” style I was going to cut for Evelyn but; I wanted her to see it first and look at the Pixie Cut as well. We looked over the book, then Evelyn asked what one would you say would look best on me OC?” I showed her the 3” Pixie Cut and she said wow that is short but; I think it is the best one for me also. I then asked Evelyn; “So Evelyn do you want your hair brushed, then braided to keep or loose and unbraided for the cut?”. Evelyn was looking at herself in the mirrors stroking her long mane, then turn to me and said in a braid please. I pulled out the brush and combed the ankle length locks, for the last time, Then divided the mane into 3 separate spires, then braided the hair to the ankles. What a sight to behold, a braid to the ankles, soon to be cut off short.

I caped Evelyn up, put a tissue around her neck, fastened the cape, then looked at Evelyn and asked;” Are you ready for this ?” Evelyn nodded a yes. I pulled the braid with my left hand, held the scissors in my right hand, opened and closed the scissors into the braid, schinking sounds were all that was heard. Evelyn yelled; “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, WE ARE ACTUALLY CUTTING MY LONG HAIR OFF SHORT” Evelyn watched as each cut brought a severed spire of hair, then the releasing of the loose hair from the braid. Evelyn screamed;”OH GOD MAKE ME LOOK BETTER WITH THIS SHORT STYLE, I HOPE I WILL LOVE THIS STYLE SHORT, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OC MY BRAID IS BEING CUT OFF, WOW, I HAVE NOT SEEN MY HAIR THIS SHORT EVER OC, OH MY GOD.”

I put my hand on Evelyn’s shoulder and smiled as I cut another Spire loose. With Each Cutting, Evelyn screamed with delight. Finally the braids was loose and free as the last ends were free at nape length. I gave the braid to Evelyn who screamed saying; “MY long beautiful hair wow, oh wow, look at it OC, such a mass of hair in a braid no longer flowing to my ankles.” I watched as Evelyn stroked the long mane of hair then shed a tear., placing the braid on the counter in front of her.

Evelyn then said, “ready for the 3” buzzing now OC.’ I nodded, put the 21/2” attachment on the clippers as Evelyn watched with eyes wide open now..I had a ½ “ blade, so he hair would be 3” all over. I turned on the clippers as Evelyn jumped at the sound saying; “H MY GOD OC IS THIS FOR REAL? AM I DREAMING OCZ? WOW.” “Ready Evelyn?” Evelyn responded with; “READY AS I EVER WILL BE LETS DO THIS SHORT 3” PIXIE CUT OC.” I brought the clipper to the nape of the neck then pushed upward to the crown. Hair was falling like rain on the floor. Evelyn was just staring at the path of newly cropped hair smiling as I cut. I then went to the right side behind the ear and up as more hair raied to the floor and cape. Evelyn was silent, watching intensely as a metamorphas was taking place on her head. Up theear and over it to the temples. Evelyn watched then said; “OC I AM BEGINNING TO LIKE HIS SHORT CUT AS SHE REACHED UP TO TOUCH THE NEW CROPPED HAIR. THIS WILL BE SO MUCH EASIER TO MAINTAIN OC, THANK YOU OC, THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS.” Evelyn was touching and shaking the 3”cut, no more long hair for me OC,NOPE.

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