Every Inch Matters

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The hysterectomy had taken its toll on me and after a few years, sex with my husband was virtually non-existent. The most remarkable thing was that even at 50 years old, he was soooo understanding. I love him dearly and the fact that he made it sound like it was no big deal was even crazier. Not a cheater – just a great guy! Wild that as a female that doesn’t “put out” – one who’s hit middle age, gained a few pounds and with a shorter hairstyle, well I consider myself incredibly lucky! My husband was a hottie! Sex years ago was good, but now it just isn’t enjoyable. I felt so bad, guilty, the range of emotions of being a bad wife – I was a mess.

The visit to Dr. Kline came at the suggestion of a friend who had experienced the same issue in her mid 50’s. Several visits, a few meds and lubricants started to make it feel, well – different. Early one morning after Jim left for work I found myself still in bed late morning watching a porn youtube site on TV. Long story short, I had a mild orgasm for the first time in years, my trusty vibrator “Slim Jim” (my husband’s name for it) could still do the trick!

Over the next few months we were actually intimate again, the meds really made a world of difference. No more dryness, sthe soreness subsided and Jim couldn’t have been happier. And for me – I loved it! Thinking I could kick it up a notch, I began to grow my hair somewhat, which I thought would make my guy happy. Although he never said a word about my shorter cuts, always the gentleman, a comment one evening in bed, made me think otherwise.”Your hair’s getting longer, babe” Jim rubbed my neck as he had done years ago when our sex life was normal. I had always worn it short and after his comment, decided that night to cut it, after all, I loved the stacked bob I had worn for years. Jim had actually trimmed my hairline between visits to the salon and he seemed to really enjoy doing so, and I mean in a sexual way. When he cleaned up my neckline, he would always paw at me somewhat, and my look of “you know I love you but…. – was always my response.

I visited the salon a few days later and that night was crazy. The meds now working magic, Jim with years of literally zero sex, was now at the top of his game. “Babe, I love rubbing your neck, you went back shorter” Jim said as he ran his cock deep inside, almost to make up for years of nothing. Damn it felt so good. His firm grip on my nape, his hard member deep inside me – I was in heaven. Rolling over he came in from behind with a vengeance, stroking my breast with one hand, the other on my nape. The comments didn’t stop until one late night, 3 bottles of vino, he whispered that he loved me back short, it was like having his old flame back. “You like it short babe, tell me it makes you hard baby” I remember the words he said just before he exploded inside me.”It makes me hard baby, I want you to go shorter here” rubbing my neckline and panting like a damn animal! I knew he didn’t mind my shorter style, but what happened next was insane!

I stopped in my normal salon for a trim, but today I would go much shorter. I sat in the chair as Mark clippered my neck tighter at my insistence. Jim was on a work trip  for a few days so his first look at my new cut was on FaceTime that evening. “Whatcha think babe” as I rotated the phone for a clean nape shot. Just so you all know, in college we routinely had phone se, which at the time was insanely hot for ust both. Damn freaks! That night I watched my husband of 30 years stroke his cock in his hotel room, the first time in god knows forever. In turn, I grabbed “Slim Jim” and well, you all know the rest of the story. The goodnights followed. A text the next morning: Morning babe, I cancelled the rest of my appointments for the next few days, I’ll be home late tonight” the text read. What the hell, home from his annual weekend with guys? No quail hunting the next day? It ended with this: Oh and by the way, your hair had me hard all night, shorter is indeed a great look for ya – cant wait to see where you go next” heart emoji…..

That was it. After years of what I thought, or I knew was me being a terrible wife, I rolled the dice. From Salon Alure to City Barbershop, it was done. Though a bit longer bangs, I left with a tapered nape down to the skin, over the ears – damn short! I felt the back as I walked out of the smoky shop and after a few touches, I felt a slight tingle down below – so fucking CRAZY!

“Where are you babe, I’m home” the text read as I sipped a glass of wine with Tina. “Babe, I thought you were not home until midnight, I’m at Vino Marco with Tina  – want to say Hi” I asked, the 2 were buddies from high school. Facetime with Tina and I took the phone to say I would be home after this glass.

The text from Jim:Babe, it looked like you got your hair cut shorter. Do tell. : I’ll never tell.

All I can say is this. I came home,  Jim had a few beers and was in bed. My clothes came off, I could still feel the small hairs on my neck from this afternoon’s barbershop visit. I crawled in bed and immediately had his limp cock in my mouth. A few minutes to “get it up” was all it took.

I spread his muscular thighs and took both of his hands and placed them on my nape. I told him not to talk, just enjoy. As I type this now and my hand on the bible, his cock gained an inch in length! He slowly rubbed right where the berber had sheared me to skin – well maybe just a slight stubble. I endured a throat fucking from hell – all brought on by my own doings. Later after my mouth was abused to no end, I was on top riding my guy, back facing him. The light from his cell lit up the dark bedroom and that was it. His first look at my new shorn nape! It was insane! Within a few seconds I was on my back, legs pinned around his neck. Over the next 10 minutes or so he thrust his cock into me like never before. All this time rubbing my nape harder and harder, telling me my shaved neck was so fucking sexy! He tried grabbing what hair was left but couldn’t even snag a folicle.

“There’s nothing there babe, the nice barber took me down to skin” I said.

“God it felt so good when he ran those shears up my neck – I so fucking cant wait to get back in thta chair and have him take me down to skin” I said as he continued to push deeper in my pussy.

I swear I could feel his cock in my stomach! That man fucked me soooo hard – until we both exploded, by far the best ever!

Jim: “Babe you gave me an inch – glad I could give it right back”

And after several months, Jim keeps me faded tight, damn near bald back there. He’s upgraded his clippers and has become quite the barber.


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