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Explore your desires.


That’s what I read next to ‘tell me even your darkest fantasies’. And so I did. No alias used, my real name and e-mail address, the whole story.


Had to wait about a fortnight for her to answer. Thinking all the time this was too bizarre, even for her as a professional  sex worker. But though I didn’t expect it anymore, she answered ‘Yes, I will happily oblige. But please note. An initial session with me, is always one- way touch massage. Sure I can add some hair things to it, but those will probably not fulfil your desire to the max. After that we can talk about how taking this thing further. Is that okay with you?”


I immediately answered her e-mail, saying I understood and it would be indeed better to have some connection first and get the feel of one and other.


Our first meeting.


I rang the doorbell. The door was opened by remote control and I entered a small hallway with steep stairs. ‘Come on up.’ Spoke a friendly voice.


She welcomed me with an quite formal handshake and offered me  a cup of tea.

‘Let’s have a little chat first’. We sat and she asked me specifics about my desire, said the concept was not unfamiliar to her, but she confessed never having engaged in such a matter. Which did not mean that she was happy to serve, in fact she actually would very much like to do so.


I explained to her, this thing was on my mind for decades now. I was willing to take the red pill now. Like it’s now or never. Maybe getting me of the hook of this fetish, that in fact turned addictive in the end.


‘Just two more questions. Is it really your desire or more like a fantasy. Make sure of that. A desire is like a wish and can come true. If it’s merely a fantasy, it better stay a fantasy not ruin it becoming reality.’


I knew what she meant by that. Told her it was a fantasy for too long, but now I was longing for it to become manifest. A desire.


‘Okay. As I told you today I want to get to know more intimately by giving you a tantric massage. I am the only one doing the touching, agreed?’ I nodded to confirm.

‘Any parts of your body you explicitly do not want to be touched, or other maybe more kinky, not traditional massage things you do not fancy?’


I had some idea what she meant with the more kinky stuff, this actually made me curious. I had my share of tantric – or so called – massages over the years. To open up without expectations is best.

‘Never engaged such a thing and what I did not experienced before, I welcome.’


‘Tea finished?’

She led the way through a long corridor and let me enter a seemingly dark room. Only candles were illuminating the space that was filled with a sweet oriental smell. With a soft voice, she asked me to undress  lay down on the matrass on the floor. With a single move she unbuttoned her dress, which slid of her beautiful body. Nothing underneath but her satin skin.


‘Just lay on your belly and relax.’

Sitting behind me, most likely kneeled, she gently spread my legs. First touch was softly between those. A simple caress, which turned me on. I responded with a deep intake of bright and a sigh.

She then rested her hands on my back. Keeping them rested for couple of minutes, while I sensed her breathing. Starting to massage me with warm oil. Very gently, not forgetting a single spot. Making me shiver at first, then relax, until she moved her fingers nearly inside of me. Causing my body to lift a little as getting an electric shock.


Wow, this was truly the best tantric massage ever. She left not a quarter of an inch of my body untouched, both outside and … in. I felt ecstatic, in deep space.


I wished that would never, never end. As I lost any idea of time the minutes past by and I reckoned time was nearly up, as she stopped massaging and stretched her beautiful body to lay on my back, fully covering it. Not moving.


After a while I felt her fingers going towards to the base of my neck. She played with my hair, holding a little strand between her fingers at first and then began taking all of my hair backwards like making a ponytail, over and over again.

‘You can make a small tail you know, that’s how lengthy it is.’ She twisted the hairs around her fingers and pulled then backwards.

‘Can I have it?’


Excitement took my breath, asking what she meant with those words.

‘Can I have you tail, keep it like a little trophy and remind me what you’re coming back for in a few weeks’ time.’


So this was her idea of an introduction. I sighed ‘okay’ which immediately was followed by the crunchy sound of scissors, slowly but firmly cutting the tail she still had in her hand.


It felt colder in my neck. She held the cut hair in front of my eyes. ‘That wasn’t so harsh, was it. Much better without this.’


She moved her body forward, face next to mine and helped me to sit on my knees.

‘I guess nobody would even notice your tail gone … except for … it looks somehow weird like a twenties bob style, cause the sides are longer than the back now.’

‘We haven’t got much time left for this session. Wanna go to hair salon after this or want me to do a quick fix?’


I replied ‘8 p.m. all salons are closed.’


‘Well up to me then, can’t have walking the streets like this. Don’t be afraid it’s just an inch or so. Leaving plenty keeping your ears covered.’


She combed the hair on the side as straight down as she could, used the comb as a guideline and with just one snip she cut the right side. Judging from what I saw falling in my lap, this was not an inch. More like two! She moved over to repeat this on the left-hand side.


I on purpose did not look what fell. She leaned backwards, held her hand before her mouth and shook her head. She giggled ‘Sorry it is not precisely even. If you comb it backwards, behind your ears a little, sort of speak nobody will notice. Except you and me of course. You still trust me? It’s so much easier to cut with your ears as a guide …. Sure more than an inch in that case I’m afraid.’


I hesitated …. ‘maybe not today’.


‘Okay, bye for now. By the way, I have to say that if there’s a guy in town that really needs a big chop, it’s you …. Girlie. See you next week’ Making scissor like moves with her fingers.



The follow-up


A week later we met again. She welcomed me in plain clothes, French summerlike dress and offered me a cup of tea. ‘I hardly recognized you, seems your hair grew a month in a week’s time.’

She smiled and ran her fingers through my hair. Pointy fingernails downward, slightly scratching the skin underneath.

‘Have you thought thoroughly about how far you wanna take this? Boundaries I should consider? Think of those before we start. How far are you desiring to take this. If we start as a role play, then in a blink of an eye forget it’s a game and go for real, I may get too enthusiastic. Take you where you didn’t count on going. Hair wise that is.’


I answered that I understood her question clearly, but at this present moment could not answer that. It would all depend on her sensual skills she would use to persuade me. So as I looked at it now, anything would be possible.


‘I think you losing that tail, was a good start. Want more? Just come and sit in front of me. Give it an extra thought please. Once there, now way back. You might have regrets afterwards.’


Well at this age, I guess it’s better to regret something I have done, than to regret something I haven’t done. It ‘ll grow back, at least I hope so.


‘So only fake cutting, a little off like half an inch or so, OR you agree on just seeing where we’ll end up? Tell me your boundaries, at least for today.’


I could hardly move my tongue and my throat was running dry as I replied ‘no boundaries, just take me there’.


‘This is not like our introduction session today. Reading your online stories I got really into it. Perhaps more than I thought on forehand or way more you yourself can imagine. Look, I’m happy to comply with you wishes, desire …. But please mind that in case we’ll go ALL the way, it will take a year or so for it to grow to some length. Even two years to get back to the lengthy locks you have today.’


I took a deep breath. ‘Yes, you’re probably right. No idea how I will deal with that. Big chance I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight. But then again, I either learned a lesson or be proud I finally did it.’


‘Ready then?’


What else could I do than just that. I felt hypnotized .

She took position on her knees, in front of me. Reached for a comb and combed the hair on top of my head all the way to the front. Like giant bangs, quite some length, reaching to the tip of my nose. Couldn’t see a thing except for my own hair.

She continued with the same practice as she did at the back of my neck. Holding my bangs in a point like tail. Carefully and slowly cutting about an inch. This was like a relief, until …..


‘Just testing the shears honey. Let’s make the next cut count for real.’

Again combing my bangs perfectly 180 degrees down, putting the shears at the left side of my face just above my glasses, making a tiny cut.  While moving closer, very close to me as our bodies touched, she moved the shears higher up my forehead – about half way – and decisively cut from left to right. Five, maybe even six inches of hair landing in between us. Half of it sticking to our oily skin,  above our waist, her breasts and the other half ending as an itchy ribbon to our connecting legs.

By now I was totally …. Hard to describe the feeling, amazed, in chock, overpowered, horny?


‘Wanna back out? Still time to go to the salon around the corner and have them fix this. They still can do something with it as it is now. They’ll have no problem with it and neither do I.’

‘Or do I … To be honest, I am getting really carried away with this hair play. Makes me all wet.’

Leading my hand down to feel the warm moist below.


She whispered close to my ear ‘Surrender to me, and your dreams, desire will come true.’

Her eyes pierced mine, then she took my breath French kissing me full force.

This lasted minutes and minutes, I wished it never ended.

Looking me in the eyes again ‘So that’s a yes I presume.’


‘Come sit like this.’ With both a gentle but swift move she came sitting on my lap and made me enter her. ‘Move slowly … not much, that’s your job. I’ve got mine.’

She had picked up the scissors and held them above my left ear. One straight cut made a giant pile of hair come down, leaving my ear naked. Within a dozen seconds the right side was treated the same.


A big smile came on her face, almost like laughing at my face. I must have looked rather ridiculous. With het slim fingers she carefully picked the loose hairs that were still hanging on my ears and face.

‘Let’s keep the sides like that for now. Deal with them later, depending on how short we’re going to do the top.’

We, as I experienced this moment there was no WE, she had taken full control and I let her. Even if I wanted to resist, I gave myself hardly any chance in doing so.

She lifted her body up, making me slip out half out of her, pushed my head firmly to her bosom and began touching the hair on top of my head like examining it.

‘I wonder. I wonder what’s best. You don’t look like the type that’s spending a lot of time or effort styling your hair. So let’s start with taking three maybe four inches off.  What do you think?’


Although she put the question, she actually did not want or wait for an answer. While I nearly suffocated between het warm breasts, she held some hair up. Expecting her to cut above the comb she used to hold it up, proved false. It was significantly beneath the comb she closed the shears. Feeling the strand fall down it sure felt more than four inches. She continued moving the hair up, then stopped.

‘This isn’t working for me. Your hair is too thin for it to stick to the comb. I’ll use my fingers to measure.’

She looked at me as if asking for some kind of permission.

‘Let’s make it two fingers ….’

Her hands were beautiful, her fingers were long and slender. So two fingers meant less than 2 inches off. Soon to find out the word Off is not what she bared in mind. Her flat hand glided it’s way on my head, followed by turning her hand ninety degrees and pushing two attached fingers to my scalp, scissoring every hair above that two fingers!

‘Way better cutting this way. Still some length. Can always go shorter in the end. When I’ve finished the top, I will blend the sides into it. Maybe use clippers for that.’

This was past being a game, I was in serious trouble. Time to abandon ship, see a proper barber?

She held still for moment, not making a move. As if she read my mind and offering me one last chance to call it a day.


‘Let me see if there’s an easier way to reach the top of your head, more relaxed for both of us. Turn around, now lay back’. She carefully guided me to lay down, head on her womb. This felt very loving but also trapped, as she tangled her legs around me like an octopus securing her trapped prey from fleeing. Wiggled a bit to find her balance and squeezed her strong legs to lock me in.

‘So, that’s better. You comfy too?’

Proceeding to cut the hair on top, using her two finger guide. OMG I was robbed of a lot of hair that for sure. Really taking her time, now and then stop to brush the hairs from my face and shoulders. I felt quite ecstatic, her decisiveness to do what SHE wanted to do and at the same time treat me with loving care. Heaven.


‘Turn around. Take a taste of me …. while I do the back.’

Not in my wildest imagination I would have thought of bring such an element into our hair play.

As I wrote the alphabet with my tongue, she moaned, at times held her breath. Cutting the back of my head like she did the top, also taking chunks from where the sides had maintained length after the first cutting.


‘Sit up please and let me see.’ She thoroughly inspected the work she’d done.

‘Much better, yet not satisfying.’

Starting all over again at my crown, cutting the hair on top. This time without any measuring. Only pushing locks up with the blades of her shears, which she held close to my skin before closing them.

As short as can be using merely scissors.

Must have been more than twenty minutes and the result was all my hair was down except for half an inch all over.


‘Hmm, guess I made quite mess of it. Even if you’d let it grow now, it will look like you’re a punk rocker for months and months. I’m afraid no pro can help you with that.’

Touching my hair, sorry my head almost hairless, then putting her tongue in my mouth. Kissing me vigorously, at the same time speaking to me like she was underwater.

‘How about MY desire. Now I fucked up your hair, I wanna fuck all of you before making you decent.’


She reached for a strap-on. This scared me, never had such an experience. I complied and bend over.

Slowly she entered me, followed by moving gently back and forward.

Then there was a click and I heard something buzzing. As she took the clippers to my forehead, she paused. Same time she ran them right down the middle she thrusted fully into me. Being painful and orgasmic the same time.


‘I told you I might get out of control.’ Switching every minute or so, from running the clippers over my head to all her attention doing me doggy style.


I began crying. Sorrow, pain, joy. All of it I guess.

She took of her strap and asked me to lay in her lap. With soft hand and sweet strokes, she used the clippers to get what was left at the same length. Going from one end of head to the other. Over and over again till not a tiny hair was falling.


We laid down facing each other. Tenderly she caressed my head.

‘Don’t worry, you’re completely bald. It feels very soft and actually I think it looks good on you’.


‘Sorry, I’d let myself go … did warn you.’

‘How do you feel right now. Any regrets?’


My only regret was that it was over. That day was my birthday. I hate my birthdays. Today was different. Best present ever doing this. So I asked her ‘maybe a reprise in 365 days?’


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