Family Haircut Day

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Tara arrived on the doorstep of Danielle’s house and rang the doorbell. Danielle came to the door. 


“dani!” exclaimed Tara


They hugged tightly then they went inside. As they walked into the living room, they were almost knocked down by Danielle’s two brothers, who were running through the house.


“don’t mind those losers” said Danielle 


“It’s ok,” replied Tara with a slight grin. You see, Tara secretly liked Dani’s older brother but she had never told anyone except her mum. 


The 2 girls went up to Danielle’s room to hang out. For some strange reason, Tara had noticed that the brothers had stopped running around. She didn’t think anything of it. About 20 minutes rolled while they chatted about boys and looked through magazines. They decided to go downstairs to get some food. 


“I’ll meet you in the kitchen Tara. I have to go to the bathroom” said Danielle. 


“Can I just wait here for you?” replied Tara, sitting on her bed. 


“It’s OK. My mum doesn’t bite” said Danielle, followed by a giggle. 


Tara agreed and hopped off the bed. She walked down the stairs and toward the kitchen when she heard a peculiar sound. It was a muffled buzzing sound. Almost humming through the hallway. As she got to the doorway of the kitchen, she saw Danielle’s oldest brother sitting in a barber chair. The chair was right in the middle of the kitchen floor. And Danielle’s mother was the barber. Tara was shocked and surprised at this sight as the barber chair was spun around so the boy was facing her. He was being shaved bald! Half of his scruffy mop was reduced to stubble. They made eye contact and the boy smiled at her. Tara started blushing and was overwhelmed by the tsunami of emotions that just hit her. She wanted to run back upstairs but before she could, Danielle’s mother looked up and saw Tara standing in the doorway like a statue. 


“Oh hello tara. Wow! Your hair has gotten quite long and untidy, young lady. Your mum won’t mind me giving you a haircut. Don’t be shy, missy. You’re next” 


Tara couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was taking time to process what Danielle’s mum had just said when the brother jumped out of the chair. Tara didn’t even have time to speak before Danielle’s mum flicked the cape out and sternly asked her to get in the chair. Being quite timid, Tara obeyed as she thought she would get in trouble for some strange reason. 


The color drained from Tara’s face as she walked to the barber chair. She knew the older boy was watching her which made her even more anxious. She made eye contact with Danielle’s mum as she stepped onto the footrest. The mum gave a welcoming grin. Tara turned around and sat down in the chair. She was guided by a hand on her shoulder as she sat down. How was she going to cut my hair? Does she have scissors? 


Tara’s mind was racing while a tissue was placed around her neck then the large black barber cape with white pinstripes. Tara said hesitantly, “I think it’s a bit tight” 


“you’ll be ok honey. We don’t want any tiny hairs getting on your clothes” replied Danielle’s mum as she pumped up the chair with the side lever. She combed out Tara’s hair and tied it into a ponytail very close to her scalp. 


Suddenly that same humming that Tara had heard earlier had started up again. She felt a tug on her hair then a weird shearing sensation. Daniell’s mum pushed the clippers into Tara’s ponytail with force and sheared off about 2 feet of luscious brown hair. Tara wasn’t exactly upset because was beginning to hate her long hair anyway. She thought she was just getting a bob. Meanwhile, Danielle’s mum sheared off the final strands of Tara’s ponytail and let it drop lifelessly to the floor. You could almost hear the thump it made as all that hair landed. A second later, Danielle came into the kitchen.


She giggled slightly at the sight of timid Tara in her mum’s barber chair and said “oh yeah i forgot to tell you, it’s family haircut day today”. Danielle’s mum smiled at her daughter. Neither of them knew what Danielle’s mum was about to do next. 


She adjusted the clippers and ensured she had the correct blade on, then Danielle’s mum combed through Tara’s fringe and followed with the clippers, straight down the middle. Tara’s eyes widened in absolute shock as she made eye contact with her friend. They both looked at each other as if to say, ‘is this really happening?’ Danielle’s mum, without hesitation, shaved another path down Tara’s head. Leaving nothing but bald skin behind. Daniell’s mum had attached the #000000 guard. This was the shortest guard that Wahl made. It was like a foil shaver. 


Before long, the top of Tara’s head was completely bald. Dani and her brother were giggling because she looked like an old man who was balding. As Danielle’s mum pushed the clippers into Tara’s right sideburn, she said “don’t laugh Danielle, you’re up next” Dani suddenly stopped giggling but her brother didn’t. He was now giggling at his sister.


 Danielle’s mum worked around Tara’s ear shaving everything off the right side of her head. She shaved from her neck to her crown so efficiently like she was mowing a lawn. Tara’s shorn tresses fell into her lap and piled up as each pass of clippers went by. She still couldn’t believe that she was getting her head shaved. She was trying to blame her friend for doing this to her but it wasn’t really her fault. Even if it was, Dani would be getting shaved next anyway. Besides, she enjoyed the feeling of the clippers. It tickled and the vibration was exhilarating. 


Danielle’s mum moved around to the left side and shaved off her sideburn with little resistance. She shaved around the ear once again with absolute precision then she went over Tara’s whole head once more with the clippers.


After a few minutes, the humming stopped. For Tara, it was finally over. Danielle’s mum held up a small mirror in front of her. Tara didn’t recognise the person looking at her. She looked so different bald. Almost like she was looking at someone else.She could see a reflection in her head from the light. Danielle’s mum then removed the cape and neck tissue and brushed her neck. 


“Go and have a seat next to Josh, honey while I take care of Danielle’s hair” said Danielle’s mum.


Tara stood up looking at the ground. She didn’t have the courage to look at Dani or her brother. She walked to the bench that Josh was sitting at and he stared at her head as Tara sat down. He lifted his hand and rubbed her shiny bald head.  


“Wow. no stubble?!” he said as he moved his hand over Tara’s head


Surprisingly, Tara enjoyed this feeling and smiled when he did this. She was shocked at how much she liked feeling bald. She didn’t like the look of it though.


When Tara looked up, she saw Dani stepping up into the barber chair with her mum holding the cape and a fresh neck tissue. As Dani sait down and placed her hands on the leather armrest, her mum tied the tissue and flicked the cape over her. She clipped the cape and Dani said, “mum it’s a bit tight”


“Oh quiet now young lady” replied her mum


Tara took notice of this and thought I guess she only clips the cape tight for shaves. She then smiled at Dani, knowing that she’d be getting the same fate as herself. .


Once again the buzzing hum of the clippers echoed through the kitchen. Danielle jumped when they were turned on. Her mum combed back the bangs of Danielle’s blonde bob and plunged the whirring clippers into her daughter’s forehead. She pushed the clippers all the way over the top of Dani’s head and down to her nape, leaving a 2 inch wide bald path down the middle of her head. Dani;s mouth was agape in shock and Tara smiled in excitement. 

Danielle’s mum brought the clippers back to her daughter’s hairline and made another 2 inch path over the top and meeting at the back. She evened out the top by shaving a strip down the other side and then she combed out the loose hairs. Danielle was now completely bald in the middle of her head, all the way to the back. All that remained was the remnants of her lovely blonde bob on the sides of her head. 


“Do you like it honey? I think it looks cute” said Danielle’s mum


“MUM!!” shouted Dani in anger


Tara and Dani’s mum and brother were all giggling at her now. She was so embarrassed. She looked down in sadness and saw her blonde bangs laying there in her lap. She almost teared up but held it together.


“It’s ok darling. I’ll clean you up” said Danielle’s mum


Danielle’s mum placed the clippers on her daughter’s left cheek and pushed them up into her sideburn. Dani winced from this sensation as her sideburns were sensitive. Suddenly the clippers began to tickle on her head. She enjoyed this feeling and it started to make her giggle. This caused everyone to giggle again, but not at Dani’s expense. It was contagious.


Danielle’s mum shaved around her ear and finished up the back section. She then spun the chair around so the remaining hair was now facing Tara and Dani’s brother. Her mum started behind the ear and worked her way towards her sideburn. Dani’s mum knew she would wince again and was waiting for it. She positioned herself more in front of her daughter as she placed the clippers on her daughter’s cheek. Dani looked up at her mother with a timid face then her mum pushed the clippers into her right sideburn. Once again she winced and closed her eyes tightly from the sensitivity. She opened her eyes to see her mum grinning at her. She grabbed her daughter’s chin gently and clipped the last hair on the right of Dani’s head. She then ran the clippers all over to clean her up, all while guiding her head by her chin.


When she was finished, Danielle’s mum flicked the clippers off and placed them on the kitchen bench. By now. Danielle wasn’t so sad that she was bald. She enjoyed the experience. Especially the sideburns. Her mum gave her a mirror so she could see her new haircut. Dani looked so different as a baldy. She looked like her brother. Dani lifted her hand and felt her head and couldn’t believe how bald it was. It felt like she’d never had hair before. It was really strange.


After the cape and tissue was removed, Dani got out of the chair and walked over to Tara. They both were still in shock that Dani’s mum just shaved them bald. Then Dani said, “Sorry I forgot it was family haircut day. That hasn’t happened before though” 


As Danielle’s mum was sweeping up all the hair, she looked up and saw her newly bald children and couldn’t tell them apart. They were both wearing their sports uniforms. She laughed when she said this to them and Both Dani and her brother got very embarrassed. Tara just laughed too and rubbed her friend’s coconut head.

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